Censubs: Oaths of Allegiance 1775

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


  Harvey Hay, Ballinkele, Esq.
  John Devereux, Enniscorthy, Merchant.
  Patrick Sutton, Enniscorthy, Merchant.
  William Denny,(May be Dunny) Enniscorthy, Apothecary.
  Walter Devereux, Enniscorthy, Farmer.
  Arthur McDonald, Enniscorthy, Apothecary.
  Matthew Stafford, Marlis, Farmer.
  Thomas Devereux, Coalmurray, Farmer.
  Marks Stafford, Templeshannon, Apothecary.
  John Carty, Willton, Farmer.
  William Fitzhenry, Ballymacas, Farmer.
  Denis Carty, Birchgrove, Farmer.
  Michael Brennan, Ballyvadin, Farmer.
  John Wilkin,(May be Wiskin) Enniscorthy, Priest.

  Sworn before Rev. Philip Headen Between July and Dec. 



  Matthew Talbot, Esq. of a considerable Land Property, 
  residing at Castle Talbot, in Co. Wexford.
  Luke Masterson, of a considerable Land Property, residing 
  at Monafad, in Co. Wexford.

  Sworn before me this 20th Day of December, 1775.
  Richard Le-Hunte.

  John Shannon, New Ross, Merchant.
  Edward Kavanagh, New Ross, Surgeon.
  Richard Prendergast, New Ross, Merchant.
  Did take the Oath of Allegiance, on the 26th  Oct. 1775.
  Charles Tottenham.