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File contributed by: C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name                               Owner Residence-1873-75
McBride, James			  xxxx			xxxx
Macutcheon, William		  Newtownbarry		xxxx
McDermott, William		  66 Great Britain-st.	Dublin
McDonnell, John			  Ballyconlore		xxxx
McGrath, Anthony		  Forth Commons		Murrintown
McGrath, James			  Commons		Killurin
McGrath, John			  Commons		Killurin
McGrath, John			  Cookstown		xxxx
MacKay, Patrick			  Commons		Murrintown
McKenna, Sir J. N.		  Lancaster Gate	London
McLean, Maryanne		  The Rower		New Ross
McLoughlin, Michael		  Commons		Murrintown
McNamee, Patrick		  xxxx			xxxx
McQuillan, Joseph		  Clonard		co., Wexford
Maddock, Edward			  Coolcots		co., Wexford
MaddockJohn			  Hills			co., Wexford
Maher, Mathias A.		  Ballinkeele		Enniscorthy
Mahony, Denis			  Commons		Murrintown
Mahony, Denis			  Forth Commons		Murrintown
Malloney, Ellen			  Commons		Killurin
Manning, Thomas			  Commons		Murrintown
Markham, W. & Burton G.		  Belfast		xxxx
Martin, Arthur			  Harristown		Taghmon
Martin, Captain			  Woolwich		xxxx
Martin, Henry  [Reps. Of]	  Coolstuff		Taghmon
Martin, Josiah			  Coolbrook		Bannow
Mason, Thomas			  xxxx			Enniscorthy
Matchell, William		  Gorey School		xxxx
Maunsell, George W.		  Merrion-sq.		Dublin
Meadows, Joseph			  Cahereen		Wexford
Mearse, James			  xxxx			xxxx
Medlicott, JamesE.		  Dunmurray		Kildare
Merryman, Edward		  Forth Commons		Murrintown
Merryman, Edward		  Commons		Glynn
Merryman, Nicholas		  Commons		Glynn
Merryman, Nicholas		  Forth Commons		Murrintown
Meyler, James E.		  Harristown		Ballymitty
Meyler, Matthew			  Ballyseskin		Kilmore'
Moffatt, James			  Ballyhiland		Enniscorthy
Monck, Viscount			  Charleville Bray	co Wicklow
Moore, Rev. Charles [Agent is:]	  T. Budgeon, 		Ballywillian, New Ross
Moore, John			  Commons		Glynn
Moore, John			  Commons		Wexford
Moore, Laurence			  Commons		Murrintown
Moore, Thomas			  Commons		Wexford
Moran, Rev. Martin		  Blackwater		Post Office
Moran, Patrick			  Commons		Murrintown
Moran, William			  xxxx			Enniscorthy
Morgan, Hon. Mrs. Deane		  Arcandrisk		Wexford
Morris, John			  Winegate, Bray	xxxx
Morris, William			  xxxx			xxxx
Morrison, James			  Ballintore		Ferns
Morrissy, Stephen		  xxxx			xxxx
Morrogh, Leonard & others	  Sleedagh, Murintown	Great Denmark-st, Dublin
Morton, Humphrey & John		  xxxx			xxxx
Morton, John			  Kilmuckridge		xxxx
Motte, Standish R.		  Cambridge-st		London
Mountgarrett, Lord [Agent is:]	  Mr. Cahill		Ballyraggett
Murphy, Anne			  Scurlockbush		Oylegate
Murphy, Arthur McM.		  Gorey			xxxx
Murphy, Bryan  [Reps. Of]	  Roperstown		Oylegate
Murphy, Charles			  Killcullen		Templeshanbo
Murphy, Denis			  Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Murphy, Denis			  Commons		Murrintown
Murphy, Edward			  Tomgarrow		xxxx
Murphy, Ferdinand		  Curranroe		xxxx
Murphy, George			  Tomgarrow		xxxx
Murphy, James			  Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Murphy, James			  Commons		Killurin
Murphy, James			  Commons		Killurin
Murphy, James			  Commons		Murrintown
Murphy, James			  xxxx			xxxx
Murphy, John			  Forth Commons		Murrintown
Murphy, John			  Richfield		Duncormick
Murphy, John			  Roperstown		Oylegate
Murphy, John D.			  xxxx			xxxx
Murphy, Martin			  Killcullen		Templeshanbo
Murphy, Matthew			  Commons		Murrintown
Murphy, Michael			  Forth Commons		Murrintown
Murphy, Michael			  Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Murphy, Nicholas		  Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Murphy, Pat.			  Commons		Glynn
Murphy, Patrick			  xxxx			xxxx
Murphy, Thomas			  Forth Commons		Murrintown
Murphy, Rev. William		  Cushenstown		Ballinabola
Murphy, William			  Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Murry, Ellen			  Commons		Glynn
Muskerry, Lord			  Springfield		co. Limerick
Neille, Daniel			  Commons		Glynn
Neville, Catherine		  Bawnmore		New Ross
Newal, Mary			  xxxx			England
Nunn, Edward Westly		  Isle of Wight		xxxx
Nunn, John			  Silverspring		Ballycosley
Nunn, Rev. Loftus		  Killabeg		Ballcogley
Nunne, Edward W.		  Leamington		xxxx
Nunne, John			  Silverspring		Ballcogley
Nuzum, Catherine		  xxxx			Enniscorthy
O'Connor, Ellen			  xxxx			Dublin
O'Connor, John			  Kevin-street		Dublin
O'Connor, Patrick		  xxxx			Enniscorthy
O'Dell, Thomas			  Selsker		Wexford
O'Donovan, William		  xxxx			xxxx
O'Farrell, Eliza		  xxxx			New Ross
O'Farrell, Michael R.		  28 Lwr Pembroke-st	Dublin
O'Farrell, Tim.			  xxxx			Enniscorthy
Ogle, Charles W.		  Tivoli		co., Wexford
O'Grady, Hon. Jane S.		  Plattenstown		xxxx
O'Kelly, P. DePentheny		  Barrettstown, 	Newbridge,co. Kildare
O'Neill, Mary			  Kilmaoe		Screen
O'Rierdon, John  [Reps. Of]	  Killarney		xxxx
Ormsby, George			  Tomgarrow		xxxx
Ossory, Bishop of		  Kilkenny		xxxx

Note: "Mc" transcribed from "M'" for ease in searching

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland. A 
Summary for each Province & For All Ireland Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen [Out of