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File contributed by: C. Hunt & M. Taylor


Owner Name                          Owner Residence-1873-75
Ingham, C. D.			 Charles-st.		Dublin
Iniskella, Michael		 xxxx			xxxx
Inman, Anne			 Carribeg		xxxx
Ireland, R. S. [Reps. Of]	 Stephen's-green	Dublin
Irvine, Capt. Edward T.		 St. Aidan's		Ferns
Irwin, James			 Commons		Killurin
Jackman, John			 Elleslie		Wexford
Jackson, John			 xxxx			xxxx
Jacob, Charles [Reps. Of]	 Grovetown		co., Wexford
Jacob, Ebenezer  [Reps. Of]	 Rathdowney		Tagoat
Jacob, Ellen			 Pembroke-st.		Dublin
Jacob, Mrs.			 Rathdowney		Tagoat
James, Rev.John  [Reps. Of]	 xxxx			xxxx
Jameson, Andrew  [Reps. Of]	 xxxx			xxxx
Jeffares, Danby			 xxxx			xxxx
Jeffares, Joe			 xxxx			New Ross
Jeffares, Joseph [Reps. Of]	 xxxx			New Ross
Jefferes, Jane			 Lannagh		Kilmoor
Jefferes, John  [Reps. Of]	 Cribstown		Wexford
Jeffers, Jane			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Jeffers, John			 Bridgetown		Wexford
Jeffers, William		 Rockville		Dundrum
Jenkins, A. E.			 xxxx			xxxx
Jervis, Sir  H. C. J. W., bart.	 xxxx			xxxx
Johns, Magdallen		 Selsker		Wexford
Johnson, Andrew			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Johnson, Arthur C.		 Ballycanew		xxxx
Johnson, Mary			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Johnson, Samuel			 Brookville		Wexford
Johnson, William		 Common			Killurin
Johnson, William		 Common			Killurin
Johnson, [not shown]		 xxxx			xxxx
Johnson, Rev. Mr.		 Ballinastragh		Gorey
Joint, Charles			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Jones, Frederick		 Coole			xxxx
Jones, H.   [Reps. Of]		 Ballybreen		co., Wexford
Jones, John H.			 xxxx			Near Waterford
Jones, Thomas			 xxxx			New Ross
Jones, William			 Commons		Murrintown
Jordan, Charles B.		 Eden Park		Kingstown
Kavanagh, Arthur MacMorrough	 Borris House		Borris
Kavanagh, D. E. & M.		 Ballinacoolagh		New Ross
Kavanagh, Rev. James		 Commons		Killurin
Kavanagh, Rev. Michl.		 St. Peter's College	co., Wexford
Kean, John			 Commons		Bridgetown
Keane, Hon. John M. A.		 Castletown		Tagoat
Keane, John M.			 Loftus Acre		Bannkiw
Keane, Margaret			 Commons		Killurin
Keane, Patrick			 Commons		Murrintown
Kearney, Charles		 xxxx			xxxx
Kearney, William  E.		 National Bank		Killarney
Kearns, John			 Commons		Murrintown
Kearns, John			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Kearns, William			 Commons		Murrintown
Keating, Francis		 Commons		Killurin
Keating, Nicholas		 Kilmiston		xxxx
Keefe, Laurence			 Commons		Killurin
Keefe, Michael			 Commons		Killurin
Keefe, Michael			 Commons		Killurin
Keeffe, Anastatia		 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Keeffe, James			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Keeffe, Mary			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Keeffe, Philip			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Keegan, Richard			 Craan			xxxx
Keegan, Thomas			 Commons		Killurin
Keegan, W.  [Reps. Of]		 xxxx			London
Keelin, John			 Commons		Killurin
Keelin, Margaret		 Commons		Killurin
Keely, Denis			 Commons		Killurin
Kehoe, Peter			 Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Kehoe, Thomas			 Coolbay		Fooksmills
Kehoe, Thomas A.		 xxxx			xxxx
Kelly, James			 Ballygrangers		Kilmorfe
Kelly, John			 Commons		Murrintown
Kelly, John			 Commons		Murrintown
Kelly, Laurence			 Commons		Killurin
Kelly, Mary			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Kelly, Mary Anne		 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Kelly, Mat.			 Garrynisk		Oylegate
Kelly, Peter			 Commons		Murrintown
Kempston, Mrs. [Agent is:]	 Wm. Dowsley		New Ross
Kennedy, Francis		 Ruane			New Ross
Kennedy, William		 Geganstown		co., Kildare
Kensella, John			 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Kensellagh, Michael		 Commons		co.,  Wexford
Keyes, Patrick			 Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Kidd, William			 xxxx			xxxx
Kiely, Nicholas			 xxxx			xxxx
Kiely, Patrick			 xxxx			xxxx
Kilmaine, Right Hon. Lord	 The Neale, Ballinrobe	county Mayo
Kincella, John			 Ballyveak		Oylegate
King, Alexander N.		 Wexford		xxxx
King, Capt. 			 xxxx			xxxx
King, John			 xxxx			xxxx
King, and Leigh			 Mount Henry		Wexford
King,  Pierce			 xxxx			xxxx
King, Rev. Richard		 Killurin		Wexford
King,  Samuel			 Mountpleasant		Waterford
King, Thomas			 Ballinclash		Castle ellis
Kinsella, Andrew		 Ballyconlore		xxxx
Kinsella, Martin		 Ballyconlore		xxxx
Kinselagh, Patrick		 Commons		Killurin
Kirk, William M.		 Ramsfort		xxxx
Kirkham, Mrs.			 xxxx			xxxx
Knox, Samuel W.			 xxxx			xxxx
Kyle, William H.		 xxxx			xxxx
Labertouche, Abel		 Fleet-street		Dublin
Lambert, Luke			 Commons		Killurun
Lambert, Luke			 Commons		Killurun
Lambert, Michael		 Forth Commons		Murrintown
Lambert, Nicholas		 Main-street		Wexford
Larkin, Edward			 Commons		Killurun
Lawles, Philip			 xxxx			Dublin
Leared, Richard			 Commons		Killurun
Leary, Andrew			 Commons		Killurun
Leary, Anne			 Commons		Killurun
Leary, John			 Ballinabeg		Castle Ellis
Leary, John			 xxxx			xxxx
Leary, Martin			 Commons		Killurun
Leary, Thomas			 John-street		Wexford
Leckey, John J.			 Ballinabeg		xxxx
Leech, George			 xxxx			xxxx
Leeson, Robert  [Reps. Of]	 xxxx			xxxx
Le Hunte, George		 Atramount		xxxx
Leigh, Francis			 Sion			Kyle
Leigh, F. A.			 Rosegarland		Fooksmills
Lennon, Patrick			 Commons		Murrintown
Lennon, Patrick			 Forth Commons		co., Wexford
Leslie,  C. J. [Agent is:]	 W. Breen, Slade	Fethard
Leslie, Eliza			 Wellington-road	Dublin
Lett, Benjamin			 Ballyvergin		Adamstown
Lett, Edwd. J. [Reps. Of]	 Millpark-road		Enniscorthy
Lett, George			 Hollfort		Enniscorthy
Lett, George C.			 Dame-street		Dublin
Lett, Nicholas			 Bridgetown		xxxx
Lett, Nicholas  [Reps. Of]	 xxxx			Dublin
Lett, William			 Tinnacross		Enniscorthy
Lett, William			 Tomgarrow		xxxx
Lewis, Edward			 Violetstown		xxxx
Little, Simon			 Cullentra		Wexford
Local Government Board		 Custom House		Dublin

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland. A 
Summary for each Province & For All Ireland Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen [Out of