Headstones: St. Mary's Church, Carrick, Finea, Mullingar
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Contributed to the IGP Archives by Judi W. jxnfan@bellatlantic.net
Transcribed by: Joyce Tunstead


The Bog Wood used in many items at this Church dates back about
5,000 years, and is said to have come from Co.Offaly.  Father
Frank, the current Parish Priest at St.Mary’s, had the stones
around the Church carved and placed as seen in the following
photos.  During summertime, Mass is sometimes served out of doors
at the Stone Altar.

Photo No.1 
View of St.Mary’s Church

Photo No.2 
The Belfry at St.Mary’s.

Photo No.3 
Inside St.Mary’s Church - A view of the Altar.

Photo No.4 
A Stained Glass Window

Photo No.5 
Another Stained Glass Window

Photo No.6 
Prayer Candles

Photo No.7 
Reading Desk made from Bog Wood

Photo No.8 
The Font on a Bog Wood Stand

Photo No.9 
A Cross made from Bog Wood

Photo No.10 
Bog Wood

Photo No.11 
Seat made from Bog Wood

Photo No.12 
A Plaque made from Bog Wood, which reads - You | are my |
beloved; | My favour rests | on you.

Photo No.13 
Carrick Rock The Inscription reads - This limestone rock
was formed through | volcanic activity.  It was laid down in
layers | of decayed marine life over many millions | of years.
It was subject to much erosion | during the various Ice Ages and
reached | its present shape about 10,000 years ago. It is thought
that this rock may have been | used by troops as a lookout post
during the | Cromwellian Wars of the 1640’s. Mass was celebrated
on this rock during | the Penal Times. The Bell tower on top of
the rock was | erected in 1832 to celebrate the granting | of
Catholic Emancipation. "In God is my safety and glory, the rock |
of my strength."  (Ps. 62.7)

Photo No.14
Limestone column. The Inscription reads - This Limestone
column, quarried from 330 | million year old Carrick rock, is
dedicated | to all who lived in this place from the | earliest
times, who sensed the presence | of the sacred around them and
carried the | relationship with each other, with the | universe
and with all created things into | Christianity. | It was the
bonding of the circle | of creation with the Cross of Redemption.
| We are their descendants. | A precious inheritance of faith,
goodness | and learning has been entrusted to us | to take care
of and to hand on. | We remember the homes, the families, the |
schools, the teachers and pupils.  These | are the foundation
stones of our parish. | We can trace education to | the
monasteries in Drumloman and on | Church Island in the 6th
century. | We remember the hedge schools which | replaced the
Bardic Schools after 1641 | and the National Schools | which came
into existence in 1831. | Carrick N.S. No 1 1834 - 1938 Carrick
N.S. No 2 1938 - 1977 Ballynarry N.S. No 1 1832 - 1940 Ballynarry
N.S. No 2 1940 - 1977 Moynagh N.S. 1843 - 1914 Clonoose N.S. 1887
- 1977 Ballynarry Central School 1977 Lavagh Classical School
1829 - 1880 "Consider the rock you were hewn from" | Isaiah 51.1.

Photo No.15
Altar in Stone, where outdoor Mass is sometimes held in

Photo No.16 
Memorial to Little Children. The Inscription reads - Jesus
said: "Let the little children | come to me; do not stop them; |
for it is to such as these that | the Kingdom of God belongs". |
Mark 10.14.

Photo No.17
A Stone Bench from which there is pleasant view.  A place
to sit and reflect. The Inscription on the Plaque reads - "Glory
be to Him whose power, | working in us, can do infinitely | more
than we can ask or imagine" | Ephesians 3.20.

Photo No.18 
Our Lady Statue and Grotto. The Inscription on the Plaque
reads - Statue of Our Lady | Commissioned by | Very Rev. J.
Butler P.P. | Unveiled and Blessed by | Most Rev. J. McNamee D.D.
| 17 August 1952 | Sculptor: | Mr. J. F. Plunkett, Lisnadarragh |
Ave Maria.

Photo No.19 
Celtic Cross in stone. (For the Inscription see No.20)

Photo No.20 
(The Inscription on the Celtic Cross as in No.19) The
Inscription reads - This unfinished Celtic Cross from the
stoneyard | of James Francis Plunkett, Lisnadarragh is in |
memory of those who are buried in unmarked | graves, in this
cemetery and in mass graves in | the parish as a result of the
Great Famine or | the other tragic events throughout our history.
| We remember all our dead who are buried away | from home and
all who have nobody left to pray | for them. | Jesus said: "I
want those you given me to be | with me where I am..." (John
17.24) | Solas na dhFlaitheas Orthu go Leir. | Erected March

Photo No.21 
The old Cross from the church built 1825. The Inscription
reads - This Cross adorned the | gable of | St. Mary’s Church,
Carrick | since it was built | in 1825 until its | Renovation in
2006. | It is preserved | here in memory of all | the children
who left | this world at the very | beginning of their lives |
and to celebrate | their being. | May Christ enfold them | in his

Photo No.22 
Old inscription dated 1825, which reads - This Temple |
erected principally at the | exspence (sic) of Gerald Dace | of
Turbitstown Esq. | and the Parishioners | Rev. Phill O’Reilly
D.D. | 1825.

Photo No.23 
View of Graveyard

Photo No.24
Another view of the Graveyard.