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A return of inquests held by several coroners of the
counties and cities of Ireland for each month during the
year 1841. giving name, date of inquest, where held, and
finding of each inquiry.

Note: "VISITATION FROM GOD" was a death where the cause was

BARNER John, on the 6th May, at Beagh, perished on the night
of the 5th inst, from fatigue and cold.

BARNHILL, Mary, on the 28th Dec, at Newtown Stewart, that
the deceased died a natural death, in a coach, travelling
from Derry to Newtown Stewart, but the jury are of the
opinion it was hastened by her removal from the asylum,
being then in a very weak state.

BARNS, Robert, on the 26th Nov, in Omagh Gaol, natural death
in Omagh Gaol.

CAVANAGH, James, on the 9th Jan, at Greenlaw, perished in
the storm on the night of the 7th inst.

COULTER, Mary, on the 2nd Feb, at Aughadarra, died from a
gun shot wound discharged accidentally, by Samuel SPROUTT
and his nephew, a child of two years.

DEERY, Bridget, on the 20th Feb, at Larnagar, killed by the
house in which she slept falling in on her.

DEERY, Jane, on the 22nd Aug, at Gibnascale and Strabane,
died on the 21st inst from disease of the head, and NOT from
the abuse inflicted by Sally DEAN.

EAGAR, Abraham, on the 7th Feb, at Largybeg, died from a
ruptured blood vessel.

ELLIS, Francis, on the 28th April, at Dromore, accidental

EWINGS, George, on the 18th Dec, at Omagh Gaol, died from
the effects of an epileptic fit.

GILES, Hamilton, on the 7th Sept, at Killydroy, from
injuries inflicted on him by Robert MONTEITH, James
McELDUFF, John McCALLIN, and Bryan CAMPBELL, of Roscary,
aided and assisted by Scott MONTEITH and James DOORISH.

GORDON, Jane, on the 22nd June, at Tallyard, died from
apoplexy, by the visitation of God.

HAGNEY, John, on the 24th, at Fintena, died by visitation of

HAMILTON, John, on the 10th Nov, at Killeter, died in
consequence of an injury inflicted on his head by Bernard

HAMILTON, John, on the 18th July, at Ballyness, found
drowned in the river.

HAMILTON, Samuel, on the 1st May, at Dromore, killed by a
bin of potatoes falling on him.

JERDAN, James, on the 29th Sept, at Dolbin, died on the 28th
inst, from inflammation of the bowels, supposed to have been
poisoned by saltpetre.

JOHNSTON, Robert, on the 23rd April, at Ardbaoran, suicide
by cutting his throat in a fit of insanity.

McCORMICK, James, on the 14th Aug, at Kilkleen, died from
the effects of a dose of poison, being in a state of

McCRERY, Catherine, on the 3rd Jan, at Omagh, threw herself
into the river at Omagh, and drowned.

McDERMOTT, John, on the 23rd Aug, at Lisanedin, drowned
accidentally in the river, while endeavouring to save hay
from the flood.

McGILLEY, Patrick, on the 29th Dec, at Cloghfin, died from
fatigue and cold.

McGINLEY, Margaret, Mary and Sarah, at Tievenny, all died
from accidental burning.

McGlinn, James, on the 15th Dec, at Omagh Gaol, by
visitation of God.

McLaughlin, William, on the 11th May, at Carnory, died from
the effects of intemperance and neglect of medical aid, and
from violence inflicted by Thomas McEHILL.

McNAMARA, Mary, on the 27th Sept, at Strabane, that she was
found drowned in the canal at Strabane on the 26th inst,
supposed to have been thrown in by Samuel DONNOLLY.

McQUADE, Ann, on the 11th Dec, at Drumquin, died from the
cold, from fatigue, and want of food.

McSWINE, James, on the 2nd Oct, at Newtown Stewart, that he
died from fever, and NOT from the blow of a stone by McIRIE.

McWILLIAMS, Nancy, on the 23rd Nov, at Brook-Street, found
dead in her bed.

O'NEILL, Catherine, on the 21st April, at Strabane, violence
inflicted on her by her daughter on the 15th inst, she
lingered until the 19th.

OLIVER, Ann Eliza, on the 17th May, at Derrycreevy, drowned

PICKINGTON, William, on the 14th Feb, at Grange, found
drowned, supposed in a fit of epilepsy.

STEEN, Joseph, on the 22nd April, at Leakinore, died from

TULLERTON, Andrew, on the 21st Oct, at Lesanelly?, died from
a ruptured blood vessel.

WEST, Anne Jane, on the 26th March, at Gortmore, died by

WILSON, Andrew, on the 9th Oct, at Rathwarren, accidentally

*sorted by Last Name

(Spellings as per book. NOTE: "MC" names transcribed from
"M'" for ease in searching)

The British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland.