Tyrone - Irish Constabulary with native county of Tyrone  Jan 1853-Nov 1853

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Key s=single; m=married. E.R.= East Riding etc.	Lab = Laborer  C=Catholic P=Protestant
*Note men are often listed as single when they joined, but married later.

SERVICE  NAME                AGE  APPT.     NATIVE CO.          RELG.  MARITAL STATUS     NATIVE CO.          TRADE        STATIONED
NO.				                  DATE 				                  & MARRIAGE DATE     OF WIFE
16704    JOHNSTON, Andw      19   15-Jan    Londonderry/Tyrone  P      S                                      Labr
17605    HADDOCK, John       18   15-Jan    Kings/Tyrone        P      S                                      Coachman
16706    WATSON, James       20   15-Jan    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Clare
16707    MACKEY, Joseph      23   15-Jan    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Galway; ? 15/4/55;  Donegal 1/7/56
16745    HAWKSHAW, William   24   14-Feb    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Limerick
16746    EWENS, James        19   14-Feb    Tyrone              P      S                                      Shoemaker    Antrim; Londonderry 15/3/55
16834    TREANOR, John       20   16-Feb    Tyrone/Armagh       C      S                                      Labr         Limerick; City 1/7/67; County 1/5/68
16891    O'NEILL, Arthur     21   14-Mar    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         -
16893    KING, Samuel        20   14-Mar    Tyrone              P      S 22/8/74          Dowm                Labr         Queens
16894    BROWN, Andrew       19   14-Mar    Tyrone              P      S                                      Coppersmith  Cork City
16909    HUNTER, Matthew     21   17-Mar    Tyrone/Fermanagh    P      S 8/9/68           Kerry               Labr         Tipperary SR; Cork W 16/10/68;
16956    SMITH, Thos         20   12-Apr    Tyrone              P      S                                      Gardr?       Tipperary N; Tipperary N 27/10/54
16957    KERR,  Joseph       18   12-Apr    Tyrone              P      S 20/6/65          Cork                Labr         Cork W; Reserve 20/6/54; Antrim 16/6/55
16958    McGORLICK, Jas      21   12-Apr    Tyrone              C      S 30/7/63          Cavan               Labr         Cavan; Meath 1/12/65; Drogheda; Meath;
                                                                                                                           Fermanagh 12/9/69
16959    McCARNEY, Fras      19   12-Apr    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         -
17049    REID, Daniel        21   13-May    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         Kildare
17117    IRWIN, Robt         19   20-Apr    Tyrone/Roscommon    P      S 21/2/71          Roscommon           Clerk        Roscommon; Belfast 1/2/71
17136    CAMPBELL, Pat       20   09-Jun    Tyrone/Antrim       C      S                                      Labr         Limerick City
17139    WALKER, Geo         20   13-Jun    Tyrone              P      S 4/2/60           Tipperary N         Labr         Tipperary N; Galway WR
17140    BROWN, Robt         18   13-Jun    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Cavan;
17142    CRAWFORD, Jas       20   13-Jun    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Dublin; Kildare 8/10/53; Wicklow
17166    KENNEDY, Robt       20   14-Jun    Tyrone/Monaghan     P      S                                      Labr         Louth
17233    STEEL, Samuel       20   09-Jul    Tyrone                                                            Labr         Meath; Carlow 1/4/59; Tyrone10/12/65
17235    McHUGH, Fras        19   09-Jul    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         Fermanagh; Depot 1/4/56; Londonderry 5/6/57
17312    IRVINE, Wm          20   14-Jul    Tyrone              Pr                                            Labr         Westmeath
17313    STEPHENS, Wm        18   14-Jul    Tyrone              P      S 22/1/59          Antrim/Lomdonderry  Labr         Queens; Tipperary NR 1/2/75
17391    COUSINS, Henry      21   11-Aug    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Reserve; Down 1/12/53; Wexford 1/12/62
17392    GILMORE, Jno        22   11-Aug    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Louth
17393    CLARKE, Danl        19   11-Aug    Tyrone              P      S 30/7/62          Down                Labr         Louth; Down 1/11/57; Cavan 1/11/62
17394    M'COLGAN, Jno       19   11-Aug    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         Westmeath
17404    McHOY, Berd         21   11-Aug    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         Antrim
17488    O'BRIENS, Patt      22   18-Aug    Tyrone              C      S 8/1/61           Leitrim             Labr         Cavan; Fermanagh 1/8/61
17489    SHILLINGTON, Jas    19   18-Aug    Tyrone              Pres   S                                      Weaver       Rosccommon
17521    YEOMAN, Jno         19   15-Sep    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Resigned  13/2/54
17522    GIBSON, Jas         20   15-Sep    Tyrone              P      S                                      Weaver       Kings
17524    BOOTH, Jno          21   15-Sep    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Monaghan
17525    BLACK, Jas          19   15-Sep    Tyrone              Ps     S                                      Labr         Longford
17553    RAMSAY, Wm          18   15-Sep    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Galway
17578    HOLDEN, Jno         18   16-Sep    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Meath
17647    DENNIS, James       20   14-Oct    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Donegal 1/5/54; Belfast
17648    ROBINSON, John      19   14-Oct    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Resigned 4/3/54
17649    GOODWIN, Patr       20   14-Oct    Tyrone              C      S 11/6/66          Longford            Labr         Longford; Roscommon 1/5/66
17650    McGIRR, Owen        20   14-Oct    Tyrone              C      S                                      Shoemaker    Reserve; Kildare 1/12/84
17651    WILSON, Thos        20   14-Oct    Tyrone              P      S                                      Labr         Kings
17652    ROULSTON, Joseph    21   14-Oct    Tyrone              P      S                                      Shoemaker    Discharged 18/10/53
17704    McMAHON, Hugh       21   17-Oct    Tyrone/Dublin       C      S                                      Labr         Tipperary N
17775    MILLIN, Geo         20   12-Nov    Mayo/Tyrone         P      S 2/8/60             Cork              Labr         Cork City; Tipperary N 1/3/61; Waterford 1/7/65
                                                                C      6/9/1979           Waterford
17776    LONG, William       23   14-Nov    Tyrone              Pres   S                                      Labr         Reserve; Donegal
17777    ARTHUR, James       18   14-Nov    Tyrone              P      S 4/3/70           Armagh              Labr         Dublin; Reserve 28/3/57; Tyrone25/12/57
17778    DORIS, Arthur       18   14-Nov    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         Dublin; Reserve ; Antrim 8/6/57; Antrim Co 11/8/59
17779    McMONAGLE, John     19   14-Nov    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         Westmeath; Reserve 8/5/58; Donegal 20/10/58; Donegal Co
17780    DUROSS, James       19   14-Nov    Tyrone              C      S                                      Labr         Sligo

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 ARTHUR, James
 BLACK, James
 BOOTH, John
 BROWN, Andrew
 BROWN, Robert
 CAMPBELL, Patrick
 CLARKE, Daniel
 DENNIS, James
 DORIS, Arthur
 DUROSS, James
 EWENS, James
 GIBSON, James
 GOODWIN, Patrick
 HAWKSHAW, William
 HUNTER, Matthew
 IRVINE, William
 IRWIN, Robert
 KENNEDY, Robert
 KERR,  Joseph
 KING, Samuel
 LONG, William
 MACKEY, Joseph
 McCARNEY, Frasier
 McGIRR, Owen
 McHOY, Bernard
 McHUGH, Frasier
 McMAHON, Hugh
 MILLIN, George
 O'BRIENS, Patrick
 O'NEILL, Arthur
 RAMSAY, William
 REID, Daniel
 SMITH, Thomas
 STEEL, Samuel
 STEPHENS, William
 WALKER, George
 WATSON, James
 WILSON, Thomas