Tyrone - Irish Constabulary with native county of TYRONE 1847

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File contributed by:  Richard Leonard & Margaret Armstrong


Key s=single; m=married. E.R.= East Riding etc.	Lab = Laborer  C=Catholic P=Protestant
Note men are often listed as single when they joined, but married later.

*Dates in Ireland are Day/Month/Year

NO.                                DATE       CO.             & MARRIAGE DATE   OF WIFE
8483     McCALLON, Mich       20   10-Jul     Tyrone    C                                     Labr      Armagh
8514     McVICKER, Peter      19   15-Feb     Tyrone    C                                     Labr      Cavan, Reserve 5/6/52, Louth 
                                                                                                        18/6/5, Reserve, Down 1/8/56
8542     YOUNG, Robt          20   16-Aug     Tyrone    C                                     Labr      Cavan, Louth
8543     BUCHANNAN, Robt      21   14-Sep     Tyrone    C                                     Labr      Cavan
8561     KERR, Terence        20   15-Dec     Tyrone    C     5/5/1866          Cavan         Labr      Cavan, Antrim 1/11/66
8600     STEWART, Scott       21   24-Jun     Tyrone    P                                               Clare, Down
8728     TARBITT, John        24   20-May     Tyrone    C                                     Farmer    Depot, Cork E
8785     CALHOUN, Jas         20   24-Jul     Tyrone    P     12/04/1860        Link          Labr      Depot, Cork E
8786     CALHOUN, Wm          22   24-Jul     Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Depot, Cork E
8795     ROBINSON, Saml       20   14-Sep     Tyrone    P                                     Farmer    Cork E, Donegal 1/4/55
8844     CAMPBELL, Arch       21   12-Jan     Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Reserve, Cork W 1/4/47
8845     McCONNELL, Sam       21   12-Jan     Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Reserve, Cork W 1/4/47, Armagh 
8883     NIXON, Jno           19   19-Apr     Tyrone    P     9/2/1861          Cork W        Labr      Depot, Cork W 1/8/47, Limerick
8905     BROWNE, Geo          19   26-May     Tyrone    P, C                                  Labr      Depot, Cork W 1/10/47
8970     McDONAGH, Phil       19   25-May     Tyrone    C                                               Reserve, Donegal 7/9/47
8986     DALY, Pat            24   26-Jul     Tyrone    C     30/6/1866         Clare                   Depot, Monaghan 1/10/47, Reserve 
                                                                                                        1/448, Down 1/9/48,Clare, Kildare 
                                                                                                        1/11/66, Antrim 1/3/70, Belfast 1/7/71
9033     QUINN, Edwd          20   29-Dec     Tyrone    C                                     Labr      Depot, Dublin 17/7/48
9116     MAXWELL, Thos        21   11-Jan     Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Reserve, Galway Town, Galway W
9177     McENTAGGERT, Thos    20   5-Jun      Tyrone    C                                     Mason     Depot, Galway W
9183     HACKET, Jno          19   14-Jun     Tyrone    C                                     Labr      Depot, Galway W
9197     POTTER, Robt         19   12-Aug     Tyrone    P                                               Reserve, Galway W
9203     BRANDON, Jno         20   14-Sep     Tyrone    P     22/10/1857        Galway                  Depot, Galway w, Depot, Longford
9304     NUGENT, Wm           20   12-Jan     Tyrone    C                                               Reserve, Kildare 1/4/47
9332     TRAYNOR, Pat         21   20-Sep     Tyrone    C     25/1/1860         Meath         Labr      Kildare
9367     DORAN, Terence       24   30-Mar     Tyrone    C                                               Reserve, Kilkenny 1/7/47, Fermanagh 
9388     CAMPBELL, Hugh       19   31-Aug     Tyrone    C                                               Depot, Kilkenny 6/1/48
9444     McCELLAND, Sam       19   20-Oct     Tyrone    P                                     Farmer    Kings/Offaly
9547     JOHNSTON, Jno        19   3-May      Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Limerick, Reserve 29/1/52, Antrim 
                                                                                                        11/9/57, Belfast  1/9/65
9552     KENT,  John          20   15-May     Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Limerick
9582     BALLANCE, Jno        21   14-Jun     Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Limerick
9583     PARK, Geo            20   14-Jun     Tyrone    P                                     Labr      Limerick
9601     CATHERS, Robt        21   20-Jul     Tyrone    P     20/12/1854        Limerick      Labr      Limerick, Clare 1/7/55
9631     MALLON, Peter        23   20-Oct     Tyrone    C                                     Labr      Limerick
9659     REID, Andw           19   2-Dec      Tyrone    P                                               Tipperary S, Limerick, Tipperary S, 
                                                                                                        Tipperary N
9837     BARR, Wm             18   26-May     Tyrone    P                                               Mayo
9976     McCORMICK, Andw      23   27-Mar     Tyrone    P     21/11/1853        Monaghan      Labr      Monaghan
10373    NETHERY, Wm          19   10-Apr     Tyrone    P     Single                          Labr      Tipperary S., Pensioned 01/03/1870 
                                                                                                        Service 22yrs 10 months
10386	 WRIGHT, George	      20   20-May     Tyrone   P			                          Labor     Tipp. S., Londonderry

Sorted: First Namnes spell out to aid in searching     
BALLANCE, John         
BARR, William              
BRANDON, John           
BROWNE, George           
BUCHANNAN, Robert      
CALHOUN, James          
CALHOUN, William           
CAMPBELL, Archibald     
CAMPBELL, Hugh        
CATHERS, Robert            
DALY, Patrick         
DORAN, Terence            
HACKET, John           
JOHNSTON, John         
KENT,  John           
KERR, Terence         
MALLON, Peter           
MAXWELL, Thomas         
McCALLON, Michael        
McCELLAND, Samuel        
McCONNELL, Samuel     
McCORMICK, Andrew   
McDONAGH, Phillip        
McENTAGGERT, Thomas      
McVICKER, Peter     
NETHERY, William
NIXON, John            
NUGENT, William            
PARK, George             
POTTER, Robert          
QUINN, Edward           
REID, Andrew            
ROBINSON, Samuel        
STEWART, Scott        
TARBITT, John        
TRAYNOR, Patrick    
WRIGHT, George
YOUNG, Robert           

Source: FHL# 856059