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Fifty-three miles from Belfast.
One of the most flourishing towns in Co. Tyrone.
Chief industry is Linen.
It also has a large trade in Agricultural Produce.
Market days every Tuesday and Saturday.
Population, 3,531


Telegraph and Money Order Office and Savings Bank, James 
street (Head Office). Open daily (Sundays and Good Friday 
and Christmas Day excepted) for transaction of postal 
business from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.; for issue and payment of 
money orders and for savings bank purposes, 8 a.m. till 8 
p.m.; for issue of postal orders, 8 a.m. til! 8 p.m.; for 
payment of postal orders, 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.; for telegraph 
business, 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Sundays, for postal and 
Telegraphic business, from 8 a.m. till 10 a.m. Mrs. W. J. 
Glasgow, postmistress


Presbyterian - 
First Presbyterian Church, James Street - Rev. Thomas Glass, 
B.A., minister
Second Presbyterian Church, Loy Street - Rev. Alex. Simms, 
B.A., minister
Third Presbyterian Church, Molesworth St. - Rev. John 
Entrican, B.A., minister Morning service each Sabbath at 12 
noon; united evening service at 7 p.m. United Prayer Meeting 
on Wednesday evening at 8 p.m., on premises where the Sunday 
evening service for month is held
Ballygoney Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. J. Wright, B.A., 
Claggan Presbyterian Church - Rev. George Bell Shaw, minister
Orritor Presbyterian Church - Rev. Kennedy Adams, B.A., minister
Sandholes Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. W. Aiken, minister
Church of Ireland - 
Derryloran Parish Church - Rev. F. M. Moeran, M.A., rector; 
Rev. J. M. Jennins, B.A., curate
Morning service each Sunday at 11-30 a.m.; evening service at 7 p.m.
Ardtrea Parish Church - Rev. C. L. Garnett, A.M., rector
Desertcreat Parish Church - Rev. J. Richey, A.M., rector
Kildress Parish Church - Rev. J. M. Young, A.B., rector
Lissan Parish Church - Rev. C. A. B. Millington, B.A., rector
Roman Catholic - 
Parish of Derryloran and Desertcreat - Very Rev. Canon Rice, 
P.P.; Rev. F. Mackin, C.C.; Rev. John McLaughlin
Parish of Kildress - Rev. J. O'Callaghan P.P.; Rev. M. 
McCullagh, C.C.; Rev. P. McPharland, C.C.
Parish of Lissan - Rev. B. O'Connor, P.P.
Methodist Church, Loy street - Rev. J. R. Clinton, minister
Independent Church, Donaghy - Rev. J. Gray
Reformed Presbyterian Meeting-house, Grange - Supplied by 
Presbytery Gospel Hall, Moneymore road
Salvation Army Hall, Coagh Street


Hugh Adair, W. Anderson, Robert Burgess. M.D.; Right Hon. 
Earl Castlestuart D.L.; R. duff, Stewart Devlin, John Doris, 
S. E. Ekin, John Glasgow, T. Greer, T. MacGregor Greer, 
Robert Hassard, Colonel H. Irvine, William Leeper, Major Wm. 
Lenox-Conyngham, Captain E. L. B. Lowry, D.L.; S. R. Magill, 
H. Alfred Mann, J. B. Gunning-Moore, D.L.; Captain Moore 
Murphy, Patrick McKenna, John McNally, B. Quinn, James H. 
Staples, D.L.; Captain Francis Welch, R.M. Petty Sessions 
are held in the Courthouse, Chapel street, on the second and 
fourth Friday of each month, at 11 a.m. - John W. Fleming, 
clerk; William Park, summons server

Royal Irish Constabulary Barrack, Loy street - J. R. 
Kingston, district inspector; James Finn, head constable; 
ex-officio inspector of weights and measures, Sergeant 
Fadden; inspector under the Food and Drugs Act, Constable 
Hayes; inspector of explosives, Constable Hayes


Academy, Cookstown - J. Rutledge, B.A., principal; J. 
O'Rourke and J. Collins, assistants
Ladies' School, Chapel Street - The Misses Houston, 
principals; Miss Stratton, Miss Boyle, Miss Hastie, Miss 
Small, and Miss Mackenzie, assistants Cookstown N.S., Coagh 
Street (Male and Female) - John Thompson, B.A., principal; 
Mrs. Christie, assistant; Miss Thomson, second assistant
Derryloran N.S., Chapel Street (Male) - H. Wright, 
principal; T. J. Aitchison, assistant
Derryloran N.S., Chapel Street (Female) - Glenn, principal; 
Miss Goodwin, assistant
Gortalowry N.S., Chapel Hill - Miss Conlon, principal
Loy N.S., Chapel Street (Male) - Wm. Rice, principal; John 
McGarvey, assistant
Loy N.S., Chapel Street (Female) - Sisters of Mercy, 
Oldtown N.S., Waterloo Terrace (Male) - George Ramsay, 
principal; Robert Ebbitt, assistant
Oldtown N.S., Waterloo Terrace (Female) -  Miss Lappin, 
principal; Miss Farrell, assistant


Belfast Banking Company, Ltd. (Branch), James St. - J. G. 
Donaldson, manager
Cookstown Joint Stock Company, Limited, James Street - 
R. Cousley, manager
Cookstown Loan Company, Ltd., Market Yard - Miss L. F. 
McCormick, manageress
Hibernian Bank, Limited (Branch), James Street - William 
Foley, manager
Ulster Bank, Limited (Branch), William St. - S. R. Magill, 


Midland Railway (Northern Counties Committee) Terminus, 
Molesworth Street - Samuel Bryson, stationmaster
Great Northern Railway Company (Ireland) Terminus, 
Molesworth Street - Geo. R. Lavery, stationmaster
Surveyor of Taxes Office, Molesworth Street  - E. G. Walker, 
surveyor; residence, Fairyburn, Cookstown
Excise Office, Molesworth Street - S. Henry, officer
Stamp Office, James Street - Mrs. Dinsmore, distributor
Marriage Registry Office, James St - Joseph Stewart, registrar; 
James Montgomery, deputy registrar
Cookstown Gas and Light Company, Ltd. - Works in Union 
Street - William Millar, manager; John W. Fleming, 
secretary. Board of Directors meets in Gas Co.'s Office on 
second Tuesday of each month. Tickets for tar, coke, and 
other residuals to be had from McVey Bros., Molesworth 
Cookstown Lime Company, Ltd. - Works off Old Coagh Rd. - 
William Millar, manager; John W. Fleming, secretary. Tickets 
to be had from McVey Bros., Molesworth street
Coroner for the Baronies of Dungannon - John Malone, solicitor
Commissioners for Taking Affidavits - J. D. Anderson and Wm. 
J. Harbison, both of William street Markets, Tuesday and 
Saturday - Manager, H. Alfred Mann, J.P., agent; clerk, W. 
J. Lavery


Adair, Thomas, & Co., flax and tow spinners, Greenvale
Adair, Thomas, & Son, bleachers and finishers, Greenvale
Adair, John (of Thomas Adair & Son), Glenavon
Adair, H., J.P., C.Clr., Glenavon
Adair, John, R.D.C.
Adams, Rev. Kennedy, B.A., Orritor
Allen, E. M., & Son, publicans, auctioneers, valuators, and house furnishers, 
William street and The Imperial Hotel and Hall, Molesworth street
Allen, James, farmer, Millburn street
Allen, J., grocer and flesher, Oldtown street and Molesworth street
Anderson, D., & Son, grocers, provision dealers, and agricultural seed 
merchants, William street
Anderson, James D. (of D. Anderson & Son), Oldtown street
Anderson's Saddlery, James street
Anderson, John, millinery and boot and shoe warehouse, William street
Atcheson, David J., Molesworth street
Atcheson, Thomas, teacher, Chapel street
Ballentine, William, Loy street
Bannigan, J. & J., grocers and publicans, Oldtown street
Baxter, Joseph, grocer and egg merchant, Coagh street
Bear, George R., auctioneer and property salesman, Molesworth street
Bell, Robert, woollen draper and merchant tailor, Oldtown street
Bell, Henry J., linotype operator, Strifehill
Blair, David, boot and shoe maker, James street
Boyle, Joseph, painter, Chapel street
Brennen, A. M., assistant surveyor, Burn rd
Brown, R. J., blacksmith, Oldtown street
Brown, William, farmer, Loy
Browne, Robert, merchant tailor, William st
Browne, William, Molesworth road
Bryson, Samuel, stationmaster, Midland Railway
Burnett, Jas., builder and contractor, James street
Burns, James, baker, Chapel street
Campbell, M., confectioner, James street
Carnaghan, M., clothes dealer and pawnbroker, William street
Carroll, Thomas, creamery inspector
Castlestuart, the Right Hon. the Earl of, D.L., Drum Manor 
Charles, A., watchmaker, jeweller, and photographer, James 
Charles, Richard, china, delph, and leather merchant, 
James street 
Clinton, Rev. J. R., B.A., Methodist Manse, Loy 
Cluff, R., J.P., Kildress
Cluff, Miss, Magheraglass
Coffey, Thomas, publican, James street
Collins, Mrs., Chapel street
Conlon, Patrick, saddler, Oldtown street
Conn, Wm., blacksmith, Lismoney
Cooper, Mrs., Killymoon street
Crane, Richard, labourer, Union street
Dr. R. Crossett, M.D., Elm terrace, Loy st
Crothers, J. T., Tirnaskea
Dalgarno, A., commission agent, Union st
Dalgarno, Son, & Co., restaurateurs, billposters, and 
advertising contractors, Union street
Devlin, Augustine (of Stewart, Devlin, & Co.)
Devlin, Fred., agent Prudential Assurance Co., Loy street
Devlin, F. P. (of J. Devlin & Sons), William street
Devlin, J., & Sons, grocers, agricultural seed merchants, 
and publicans, William street
Devlin, James, publican, Union street
Devlin, John, publican, William street
Devlin, Joseph W., publican, Molesworth st
Devlin, Patrick (of S. Devlin & Co.), Union street
Devlin, R. A., publican, James street
Devlin, Stewart, J.P. (of S. Devlin & Co.), Union street
Devlin, Stewart, & Co., butter and egg merchants and commission agents, Union st
Dickson, M., woollen draper, &c., Molesworth street
Dinsmore, Misses, music teachers, James st
Doey, T., & Son, boot and shoe makers, William street
Donaghy, Bernard, labourer, Oldtown st
Donaldson, J. G., manager Belfast Bank
Branch and insurance agent, James st
Donnelly, Hugh, flesher, Molesworth street
Donnelly, James, builder, Molesworth road
Donnelly, Mary, Greyhound Hotel, Union street
Donnelly, S., boot and shoe merchant, William street
Doris, John, publican and auctioneer, James street
Dougal, James, N.S. teacher, Toberlane
Dunseith & Co., merchant tailors, William street
Dunseith, James and William (of Dunseith & Co.)
Early, John, grocer, William street
Eastwood, Charles, dressmaking establishment, hardware and boot merchant, 
William street
Ekin, T. A., cashier Belfast Bank, Molesworth road
Elder, John, smith, Oldtown street
Entrican, Rev. J., B.A., Molesworth street
Faulkner, John, grocer, china and delph merchant, William street
Ferguson, Miss, Burn road
Ferguson, R. A., The Royal Hotel, Coagh street
Ferguson, S. A., grocer, Oldtown street
Field, S., draper, milliner, and dressmaker, William street
Flanagan, John, grocer, boot and shoe merchant, Church street
Fleming, Miss, Molesworth road
Fleming, J. W., C.P.S., James st.; office, Oldtown street
Foley, William, manager Hibernian Bank, James street
Foot, Walter, accountant Hibernian Bank, Molesworth road
Forrest, John, builder and contractor, Loy street
Forsythe, William, tea merchant, Church st
Freeburn, John, pensioner, Loy street
Gage, T. R. Bailie, Tirnaskea
Gardner, W. (of Drapersfield Weaving Factory), Drapersfield
Garvin, Robert S., dentist, Molesworth rd
Gaussen, Mrs., Mount view
Geddes, Joseph, woollen draper, &c., James street
Gibson, Thomas, cashier (T. Adair & Son), South End cottage, Killymoon street
Gillespie, John, M.D., Oldtown street
Glasgow, Henry L. (of J. & H. L. Glasgow), Loy street
Glasgow, J. & H. L., booksellers, stationers, printers, newsagents, and 
seedsmen, William street
Glasgow, John, J.P. (of J. & H. L. Glasgow), William street
Glasgow, R. J.. postmistress, James street
Glasgow, W. J., assistant clerk of union office, school attendance officer, and 
rate collector, James street
Glass, Rev. Thomas, B.A., The Manse, James street
Glenn, W. S., commercial traveller, Drum road
Glenn, Mrs., N.S. teacher, Drum road
Gourley, James, blacksmith, Burn road
Gourley, Miss, Molesworth street
Graves, Charles H. P. D., M.D., M.Ch., Gortaliagh
Greer, Fred, J.P., Lissan
Greer, T., J.P., Lissan
Gunning, John, & Son, linen manufacturers and finishers, Milburn Works
Hagan, Joseph & James, horseshoers, James street
Hamilton, A., watchmaker and jeweller, William street
Hamilton, H., timber merchant, Chapel st
Hamilton. Herbert J., watchmaker and jeweller, James street
Hamilton, Joseph, timber merchant, Union street
Hamilton, Robert, carpenter, Church street
Hamilton, Robert, boot and shoe merchant, William street
Hamilton, Samuel, baker, Oldtown street
Harbison, T. J. S., solicitor, James street
Harbison, W. J., grocer, baker, publican, and agricultural seed merchant, James 
Harkness, J. J. (manager S. E. Weir & Co.), Oldtown street
Harris, J. P., solicitor, Stewartstown office, James street
Henderson, Mrs., linen manufacturer, Rock lodge
Henry, Isaac H., pharmaceutical chemist and grocer, William street
Hogg, Daniel, builder, Tyresson
Hopper, Mrs., Molesworth street
Hopper, John D. (of W. J. Hopper & Bros.)
Hopper, W. J., & Bros., woollen drapers, merchant tailors, milliners, 
dressmakers, &c., James street
Houston, Misses, Ladies' School, Chapel st
Howard, James, grocer, Loy street
Hughes, Peter, dealer, Union street
Hull, Miss, Molesworth road
Hull, T., foreman Hopper Bros., James st.
Johnston, Richard, grocer, Oldtown street
Johnston, Thomas H., publican, Oldtown st
Johnston, W. C., grocer, James street
Johnston, William, Oldtown street
Kerr, John, grocer, &c., Killymoon street
Kerr, Nurse, registered midwife, Chapel st
Knight, W. J. R., M.D., M.Ch., L.M., Oldtown street
Lamont, W. S., Oldtown street
Lavery, George R., stationmaster G.N. Railway, Molesworth road
Lavery, W. J., clerk of markets, Waterloo terrace
Lennox, A., draper, William street
Lennox & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, James street
Leeper, William, J.P., Wellbrook
Lewis, A. P., grocer and baker, Millburn street
Lewis, Samuel A. (manager J. Gunning & Sons), Prospect house
Lewis, Thomas J., flesher, William street
Liddle, E., & Son, ironmongers, sawmill owners, timber, hardware, vegetable, and 
agricultural seed merchants, James street
Liddle, James C. (of E. Liddle & Son), James street
MacCormac, Mrs., Molesworth road
Mackenzie, The Misses, Chapel street
Magill, S. Rankin, manager Ulster Bank Branch, William street
Malone, A., grocer and publican, William st
Malone, B., publican, Loy street
Malone, E, J., solicitor, James street; res., Church street
Malone, John, solicitor and coroner, James street
Malone, Robert, grocer, baker, and publican, William street
Mann, H. A., J.P., clerk P.L. union, Elm terrace
Manson, W. & M., grocers, butter and egg merchants, Molesworth street
Mark, John, Oldtown street
Mason, Richard and James (of W. & M. Mason)
Mayne, John, cabinetmaker and Temperance hotel, Molesworth street
Meikle, J., Coffey's yard, James street
Meharg, James, Molesworth road
Millar, William, manager gas works and town surveyor, Union street
Mills, T., wholesale tinsmith, Oldtown st
Mills, C., painter, Oldtown street
Moeran, Rev. F. M., The Rectory
Montgomery, J., Ulster Coach Factory, Coagh street
Monson, J. W., clerk of income tax, Loy street
Moore, J. B. Gunning, J.P., D.L., Coolnafranky
Morgan, W., grocer, confectioner, and publican, James street
Morgan, W., tailor, James street
Morrison, A., draper and cycle agent, James street and Molesworth street
Morton, A., boot and shoe merchant, Molesworth street
Moutray, M. S. T., Killymoon
Muldoon, M., grocer, Chapel street
Mulgrew, John, mail car driver
Mulholland, R. H., & Brothers, merchant tailors, William street
Mullan, James, Stewart Arms Hotel, tobacconist and auctioneer, James street, 
Molesworth street, and Union street
Mullan, James, solicitor : office, Molesworth street; residence, Loy street
Munnis, William A., Greenvale
Munnis, John W., Greenvale
Murphy, Captain Moore, J.P., Gortreagh house
Murray, Thomas, blacksmith, Coffey's yard
McAdoo, Herbert N., draper and boot merchant, Oldtown street
McAdoo, Hugh W., draper, William street
McAleer, Michael, grocer, Chapel street
McCann, J., grocer and agent for American Oil Co., Oldtown street
McCausland, Miss, The Cafe, James street
McClay, W., woollen draper and milliner, William street
McClelland, Alex. T., journalist, Burn road
McCleland, Mrs., The Cafe, James street
McClelland, Sloane, baker, grocer, and restaurateur, William street
McClelland, T., printer, bookseller, stationer, William street
McCollum, A. J., grocer, baker, and agricultural seed merchant, James street
McConnell, S., boot and shoe merchant, William street
McCooke, J. & J., builders, James street
McCormack, John, grocer and provision merchant, William street
McCormick, Misses, The Cottage
McCormick, George, mechanic, Oldtown st.
McCulloch, Hugh, sanitary and relieving officer, Chapel street
McCutcheon, William, master Union Workhouse, Maloon
McElderry, James, baker, Union street
McGready, I., grocer and baker, Oldtown street
McGucken, James, publican and carowner, Oldtown street and Molesworth street
McGuone, Dan, dealer, Loy street
McKay, Thomas, grocer and agricultural seed merchant, Molesworth street
McKay, Thomas, jun., Molesworth street
McKeown, Samuel, carpenter and contractor, Burn road
McKenna, James, hairdresser, William st.
McKinney, Samuel, pharmaceutical chemist, grocer, &c., Oldtown street
McMahon, Joseph, flesher, William street
McNally, John, J.P., builder, sawmill owner and timber merchant, Molesworth road
McNally, Michael, builder, Chapel street
McNaney, J., hardware merchant, boot and shoe warehouse, William street
McVeigh, James, grocer, James street
McVey, Andrew, of McVey Bros.
McVey Bros., grocers and ironmongers, Molesworth street
McVey, William, of McVey Bros.
Newell, Joseph, flesher, William street
O'Connell. T., insurance agent, James st.
O'Kane, Sarah, publican
O'Neill, Arthur, agent for the Prudential Assurance Co., Church street
O'Neill, Mrs., Loy street
Patterson, Mrs., Molesworth road
Parke, Wm., summons server, Union st.
Patteson, Miss, James street
Poe, Colonel William H., Slaghtfreeden
Porter, W., Molesworth road
Porter, W. McDonald, cabinetmaker, undertaker, and upholsterer, James street
Purdy Bros., hardware merchants and fancy goods dealers, William street
Quin, John, grocer, Church street
Quin, H., publican, Coagh street and Molesworth street
Quin, Michael, publican, James street
Ramsey, George, J.P., Claggan
Ramsey, George, N.S. teacher, Mountain view
Raphael, George J., James street
Raphael, Henry N., solicitor, James street
Rice, Very Rev. Canon, P.P., The Presbytery
Rice, William, N.S. teacher, Loy street
Richardson, A. W., draper, Molesworth st.
Robinson, Robert, enginedriver, Union st.
Rutherford, William, J.P., farmer and mill owner, Derrycrummy
Rutherford, D., mason, Millburn street
Russell, J., assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., Burn road
Russell, Mrs., boarding-house
Rutledge, J. B.A., Academy, Loy street
Scott, W. J., plumber, &c., Union street
Scott, L., servants' registry office, Oldtown street
Shaw, John, restaurateur, James street
Shaw, Samuel, shoemaker, Coach street
Sheridan, John, hotel boots, Burn road
Simms, Rev. Alex., B.A., Loy street
Sinclair, William, labourer, Coagh street
Sisters of Mercy, The Convent, Chapel st.
Small, B. J., grocer and publican, William street
Smart, John, carpenter. William street
Stanton, Mrs. J., Millview
Staples, Lady, Lissan house
Staples, J. H., D.L., J.P., Lissan house
Steenson, R., cabinetmaker and undertaker, Oldtown street
Stewart, Joseph, grocer and agricultural seed merchant, James street
Stewart, Mrs., Killymoon street
Taylor, F. W., grocer and provision merchant, William street
Thompson Bros., grocers and provision merchants
Thompson, Joseph, of Thompson Bros., grocers
Thompson, J., B.A., N.S. teacher, Rock cottage
Thompson, William, carowner and boarding house
Tierney, Patrick, carowner, William street
Todd, George, James street
Todd, John, ironmonger and hardware merchant, James street
Tubman, M. M., tobacconist, stationer, and newsagent, James street
Turkington, D., cycle agent, Oldtown st.
Turkington, S., chemist. Molesworth street - D. J. Aitchison
Twigg, J. B. & R. H., solicitors, office, James street; res., Molesworth road
Venables & Byers, solicitors, Molesworth st.
Venables, W. J., of Venables & Byers, Church street
Warnock, W. H., house painter, &c., Benview
Waterpower Linen Co., linen manufacturers
Weir, Silas E., & Co., woollen drapers, milliners, dressmakers, and merchant 
tailors, James street
Weir, James, labourer, Church street
Whan, Mrs., boarding-house, Burn road
Windsor, William J., tailor, Orritor street
Wray, Mrs., Molesworth road
Wright, Hamilton, N.S. teacher, Drum road
Young, Rev. J. M., A.B., Kildress rectory


Adams, Joseph, Tattykeel
Alexander, S. E., grocer, Corhoney
Allen, James, Millburn street
Allen, Robert, Tulnacross
Allen, Thomas J., Ballinasollus
Anderson, David George, Cranfield
Anderson, James, Drumgarrol
Anderson, John, Cranfield
Anderson, Samuel, Ballymenagh
Anderson, Samuel, Cranfield
Anderson, William, Ballymenagh
Artt, William John, Tullygare
Artt, John, Ballysudden
Ballentine, William, Loy street
Barnes, John, Glenarney and Tamnaskenny
Barrett, James, jun., Ballygroogan
Baxter, Henry, Upper Drumnacross
Bayne, John, Gortnagross
Bayne, Robert, Cleggan
Bayne, Thomas, Gortreagh
Beattie, Samuel A., Kilcronagh
Bell, Bryce, Drumgarrel
Berkley, William F., R.D.C., Gallanagh
Best, John, Knockaconny
Best, Robert, Tullagh
Black, John K., Corvanaghan
Black, Joseph, Corvanaghan
Black, Joseph, Slaghtfreeden
Black, Richard, Corkhill
Black, Robert, Drum
Black, Thomas J., Legnacash
Black, T. J., R.D.C., Derrinleagh
Blackstock, James, Gortreagh
Blair, John, Clare
Bloomer, Francis, Tirnaskea
Bloomer, James, Moveagh
Bloomer, George, Moveagh
Bole, John, Legnacash
Bradford, Henry, Derrinleagh
Breen, Patrick, Tintagh
Brown, Henry, Drum
Brown, Robert, Cleggan
Brown, Robert, tailor, Cleggan
Burnside, William, Moveagh
Cargin, Patrick, Tintagh
Casey, James, Ballybriest
Charleton, Thomas, Derrygonigan
Cluff, Richard, J.P., Kildress
Cochrane, William, Newbuildings
Collins, John, Ballygroogan
Compton, James, Ballysudden
Conlon, Patrick, Tullynure
Connolly, John, Gortreagh
Corr, Joseph, Tullynure
Cotton, James, Drumard
Crawford, William John, Knockaleery
Crawford, William, Clare
Crawford, Andrew, Dirnan
Crilly, Thomas, J.P., Tullynure
Crooks, William John, Dunman
Crooks, T. J., grocer, Letterann
Crossen, Robert, Glenarney
Dale, Robert Thomas, Mobuoy
Dale, Samuel, Ballinasollus
Dickson, George, Unagh
Donnelly, Peter, Ballygroogan
Donnelly, Bernard, Drumnacross
Dougal, Robert, Toberlane
Eagleson, David, Orritor
Eagleson, James, Kildress
Eccles, William, Kildress
Espie, Samuel, Drumcraw
Faulkner, George, Maloon
Faulkner, James, Killyman
Faulkner, John, Glenarney
Faulkner, William, Coolkeighan
Faulkner, William, Cleggan
Ferguson, John, jun., Maloon
Ferguson, John, sen., Maloon
Ferguson, Thomas, Ballyreagh
Ferson, William, Lower Drumnacross
Fleming, George, Annaghtiege
Fleming, William D., Knockaconny
Fullerton, Orr, Drumnacross
Gibson, George, Tattykeel
Gibson, Andrew, Drum
Glasgow, Allen, grocer, Drumnamalta
Glasgow, James, Ballinasollus
Glasgow, James A., Killycurragh
Glasgow, John, Killycurragh
Glasgow, John, grocer, Killycurragh
Glasgow, Samuel J., Killycurragh
Glasgow, Thomas J., Drumnaglough
Glenn, Samuel, Drumshambo
Gourley, William, Unagh
Green, Joseph, Drumgarrell
Greer, William, Tamlaght
Hagan, James, Tullynure
Hagan, Thomas, Annagh
Hagan, William, Annaghananam
Hamilton, Thomas, Ballygroogan
Harkness, Alex., Drumnacross
Harkness, John, Drummullan
Harkness, Thomas, Drumard
Harkness, Thomas, Lismoney
Harkness, William, Terresan
Harris, Robert, Ballyreagh
Harris, Andrew, Cloghog
Hayes, Robert, Kildress
Heaney, John, jun., Tintagh
Heaney, Patrick, Tintagh
Henry, Silas W., Killycurragh
Henry, Thomas J., Montober
Henry, William James, corn and grass-seed merchant, Cloghog
Henry, William, Killycurragh
Hewitt, Charles, Tamnaskenny
Hogg, John, Kirktown
Hogg, Samuel, Kirktown
Hopper, James, Drumshambo
Hopper, James, Tulnacross
Hopper, Robert B., Drumshambo
Howard, Thomas, Tullywiggan
Higgins, William John, Tullynure
Huey, David, Clare
Huey, William, Clare
Hutcheson, Robert, Cleggan
Irvine, Robert John, Knockaleery
Kane, James, Toberlane
Kane, Michael, jun., Tintagh
Kells, W. J., Lismoney
Kerrigan, Bernard, Dirnan
Kidd, James, Drumcraw
Kidd, Samuel, Newbuildings
Kilpatrick, William, Killycurragh
Lagan, Neal, Tulnacross
Lagan, John, Knockaleery
Lewis, Robert, Coolreaghs
Liggett, Robert, Ballygroogan
Little, Archibald, Craigs
Little, James, Knockaleery
Little, James, Gortreagh
Loughran, James, R.D.C., Kinnagillen
Loughran, J., Killygarvin
Loughran, Patrick, Keenaghan
Loughran, Robert, Gortin
Lowry, John, Drumshambo
Lynn, Michael, Drummullan
Lytle, William, Drumearn
Mason, James, Derrycrummy
Mason, Robert, Derrycrummy
Mellon, Bernard, Mabuoy
Mellon, Peter, Lawrence, Dirnan
Milliken, Robert, Ballygroogan
Milliken, John, Gortalowry
Mitchell, John, Ballynagilly
Mitchell, John, Claggan
Moffatt, Archibald, Ballygroogan
Moffatt, George, Ballyreagh
Moffatt, James, Ballygroogan
Moffatt, Joseph, Ballysudden
Moffatt, William, Ballygroogan
Moffatt, William, Ballysudden
Mooney, John, Kilcronagh
Muldoon, Hugh, Gallanagh
Muldoon, J., Gortreagh
Mulholland, Joseph, Glenarney
Mulholland, Robert, Upper Drumnacross
Mullan, Daniel, Clare
Mullan, James, Clare
Mullan, William, Clare
McAlister, Benjamin, Lower Drumnacross
McAlister, Joseph, Gortreagh
McAllister, Dawson, Kildress
McCabe, John, Tirnaskea
McCluskey, John, Cluntydoon
McConnell, John, Gortreagh
McCormick, Peter, Tulnacross
McCormick, Robert, Ballyreagh
McCracken, James, R.D.C., Killeenan
McCrory, M., R.D.C., Ballinasollus
McCullagh, Thomas, Drumard, Lissan
McCullagh, William John, Drumard
McDonald, P., R.D.C., Gortreagh
McDonald, Daniel, Gortreagh
McElkennan, William, Moveagh
McFarland, James, Doons
McFarland, John, rate collector, Tulnacross
McGeagh, Henry, Coolreaghs
McGeagh, William, Orritor Craigs
McClone, Patrick, Gortreagh
McGurk, Bernard, Drumshambo
McGurk, Edward, Kildress Hotel
McGurk, Francis, Tulnacross
McGurk, John, Tulnacross
McGurk, Neal, Tulnacross
McGurk, Rose, Tulnacross
McGurk, Kate, Gortreagh
McHugh, James, Killucan
McKay, Henry, Knockinroe
McKenna, Patrick, J.P., Crieve
McKenzie, John, Newbuildings
McKenzie, Robert, Cranfield
McKernan, Patrick C., publican, Orritor
McKernon, Charles, Drumshambo
McNamee, John, Knockaleery
McVey, M., Knockacourt
McWatters, Robert, Upper Drumnacross
Norris, John, Drumshambo
Purvis, Samuel, corn and grass-seed merchant, Cloghog
Quinn, Bernard, J.P., Beaghmore
Reid, James, Tirnaskea
Reid, John, Gortreagh
Reid, Samuel J., Aughlish
Rodgers, Peter, Ballybriest
Rutherford, George, Gallanagh
Sandford, James, Moveagh
Seaton, J., Coolreaghs
Sharkey, Neal, Killucan
Sinclair, Alex., Knockaconny
Sinclair, William, Knockaconny
Small, John, Moveagh
Smith, Andrew W., Drumearn
Smith, James, Lismoney
Steel, James, Clare
Steel, Thomas J., Clare
Stewart, James, Derrygonigan
Stewart, John, Kilcronagh
Stewart, Robert, Toberlane
Thorn, Francis, Tiermacshane
Thorn, John, Orritor
Thorn, John, Tiermacshane
Thorn, William, Tiermacshane
Tracey, Michael, Drumshambo
Trimble, George, Keenaghan
Turkington, William, Moveagh
Warnock, Samuel, Ballyreagh
Warnock, Thomas, Drum
Warnock, Thomas, Aughlish
Warnock, William, Aughlish
Weir, William, Derrygennard
Weir, John, Derrygennard
Wright, Robert, Drumgarrel
Young, Samuel, Derrygonigan

Note: "Mc" names transcribed from "M'" for ease in search