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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & M. Taylor

Owner Name			           		Owner Residence-1873-75
Oakley, Rev. Wm. H.					xxxx				England
O'Brien, James 						Prospect			Strabane
O'Brien, James Vance				12 Leister-road, West	Rathmines, Dublin
Ogilby, Claud						Altnachree Castle	Donemana
Ogilby, James						xxxx				Dungiven
O'Kane, Francis						Leat				Dunamanagh
O'Kane, Patrick						Leat				Dunamanagh
O'Neill, Bernard					Killymenagh 		Stewartstown
O'Neill, Francis					Killywoolaghan		Stewartstown
O'Neill, Fras. [Reps. Of]			Mount Pleasant		Strabane
O'Neill, Hugh						xxxx				Dungannon
O'Neill, James						Annagher			Coalisland
O'Neill, Jane						Killywoolaghan		Stewartstown
O'Neill, John						xxxx				Cookstown
O'Neill, Joseph						Annaghmore			Coalisland
O'Neill, Joseph B.					Aghareany			Donaghmore
O'Neill, Lord						Shane's Castle		county Antrim
Orr, Jacob						    Moygashel			Dungannon
Orr, James						    Corranarry			Omagh
Orr, John						    xxxx				Omagh
Orr, Robert						    Brookend			Stewartstown
Orr, R. Moore 						xxxx				Londonderry
Orr, William O.						Crevanaghor			Omagh
Orr, William [Reps. Of]				xxxx				Londonderry
Osborne, George					    Derrynaseer			Dromore

Park, Rev. Robert					The Manse			Ballymoney, co. Antrim
Park, Rev. William					xxxx				Belfast
Parker, Thos. [Reps. Of]			Stragulin			Strabane
Patrick, Joseph						Lislalafferty, Ardstraw-bridge	Newtownstewart
Patrick, Robert						Magheracoltan, Ardstraw-bridge	Newtownstewart
Patrick, William N.					Lislalafferty, Ardstraw-bridge	Newtownstewart
Patrick, Wm. [Reps. Of]				xxxx				xxxx
Patterson, Alexander				Carnamoney			Draperstown
Patterson, Andrew					Letfern				Seskinore
Patterson, John						Letfern				Seskinore
Patterson, Joseph					xxxx				Moy
Patton, John						Birnagha			Newtownstewart
Paul, William						xxxx				Cookstown
Peebles, Hans						xxxx				xxxx
Peebles, Mrs. 						xxxx				Dublin
Peebles, William					xxxx				xxxx
Percival, John M.					xxxx				xxxx
Percival, Capt. Philip				xxxx				London
Percival, Philip					xxxx				Sligo
Pike, Richard						Farlough			Dungannon
Pollock, John						Bunowen				Dunamanagh
Pomeroy, John A.					xxxx				Lisbellaw
Portal, James						xxxx				xxxx
Porter, Francis						Derry				Kilskerry
Porter, James						Brocklis, Arstraw-bridge	Newtownstewart
Porter, James						Prospect			Strabane
Porter, Rev.John G. [Reps. Of]		xxxx				xxxx
Porter, John G. V.					Belleisle			Lisbellaw
Porter, Mrs. Margaret Anne			Crosh House			Newtownstewart
Porter, Rev. Thomas H.				Ballymully Glebe	Cookstown
Porter, William						Aghadarragh			Dromore, Cookstown
Porter, William John				xxxx				Cookstown
Porter, William J.					Prospect			Strabane
Posten, Jane						xxxx				Kilkatten, Derry
Posten, Robert						xxxx				Kilkatten, co. Derry
Powerscourt, Viscount			    xxxx				Enniskerry, co. Wicklow
Presbyterian Church, Comm. Of		xxxx				Carland
Presbyterian Church, Comm. Of		Newmills			Coalisland
Preston, Col. Richard				xxxx				xxxx
Pringle, Alexander					Bessbrook			Newry
Purden, James						Glentown			Strabane
Purden, Susan						Glentown			Strabane
Purden, William				     	Glentown			Strabane

Quin, Hugh [Reps. Of]				Creggan				Cookstown
Quin, Michael						Boughderg			Draperstown
Quin, Peter						    xxxx				Loughnrickland, co. Down
Quinn, Bernard						Killymenagh 		Stewartstown
Quinn, Daniel						xxxx				Coalisland
Quinn, James. Junior				Glencoppagagh		Plumb-bridge
Quinn, John						    Clogherny			Plumb-bridge
Quinn, Patrick						xxxx				Cookstown
Quinn, St.John						Ballymurphy			Stewartstown
Quinn, Thomas						xxxx				Kilbeggan

Railway Co.; Belfast and Northern Counties	xxxx		Belfast
Railway Co.; Enniskellen, Bundoran & Sligo	xxxx		xxxx
Railway Co.; Finn Valley				xxxx			xxxx
Railway Co.; Irish Northwestern			xxxx			xxxx
Railway Co.; Londonderry & Enniskillen	xxxx			xxxx
Railway Co.; Portadown, Dungannon &		 	----				 ----
    Omagh Junction					Offices				Dungannon
Railway Co.; Ulster					xxxx				Belfast
Ramsay, Frances						xxxx				Newtownstewart
Ramsay, James						xxxx				xxxx
Ramsay, Mary E.						xxxx				xxxx
Ramsay, Samuel						xxxx				xxxx
Ranfurly, Earl of					xxxx				Dungannon
Rankin, John						xxxx				xxxx
Rankin, Miss						xxxx				Enniskillen
Ray, Joseph						   Killycurry			Dunamanagh
Rea, John						Carnkenny, Ardstraw-bridge	Newtonstewart
Read, Thomas						xxxx				Strabane
Reid, Alexander						xxxx				xxxx
Reynolds, Ellen						xxxx				Dungannon
Richardson, Benjamin				Killgonlan			Coagh
Richardson, Henry M.				Rossfad				Ballycassidy
Richardson, Jas. Greer				Trewmount			Moy
Richardson, J. J.					xxxx				Lurgan
Richardson, John					Corrainy			Dungannon
Richardson, Marcus					xxxx				Portrush, co. Antrim
Riddal, Robert [Reps. Of]			xxxx				Armagh
Richie, James						xxxx				xxxx
Robb, James						    Killen				Newtownstewart
Robb, James						    Lislaird			Castlederg
Robinson, Dr. Alex. H.				xxxx				Fintona
Robinson, James						xxxx				Fintona
Robinson, John B.					Derrymeen			Dungannon
Robinson, Rev. J. K. [Reps. Of]		xxxx				xxxx
Robinson, Richard					Kinego				Dungannon
Robinson, Robert					Garvagh				Donaghmore
Robinson, Thomas					Drumhorrick			Dungannon
Robson, Charles A.					Eary				Stewartstown
Rocks, Edward						Stangmore			Dungannon
Roddy, Catherine					Glenagoorlan Glebe	Dunamanagh
Roddy, Felix						Laghey				Moy
Roddy, James						Bunowen				Dunamanagh
Rodgers, Andrew [Reps. Of]			xxxx				Omagh
Rodgers, John						Curraghamalkin		Drumquin
Rodgers, William					Cavanacaw			Omagh
Rogers, xxxx						Glassmullagh		Omagh
Rogers, John [Reps. Of]				Glenock				Newtownstewart
Rogers, Robert [Reps. Of]			xxxx				Liverpool
Rooney, George						xxxx				xxxx
Rooney, Samuel						xxxx				xxxx
Roper, Edward						xxxx				xxxx
Ross, Dr.						    xxxx				xxxx
Roulston, Rev. John					Doneagheady			Strabane
Russell, James						Killeen				Newtownstewart
Russell, J. F.						xxxx				Dublin
Russell, Robert						xxxx				xxxx
Ruth, James						Glenagoorlan Glebe		Dunamanagh
Ruth, Samuel						Taboe Glebe			Dunamanagh
Rutherford, Anne					xxxx				Cookstown
Rutledge, Charles					Garvtagh			Castlederg
Rutledge, Henry						Aughanhoo			Killen
Rutledge, Robert					Garvetagh			Castlederg
Rutledge, William					Garvetagh			Castlederg
Rynd, W. R., Rynd, M'Kay and 		 		  ----		 		----
Rynd, Rev. H. N. 					xxxx				xxxx

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A 
Summary for each Province & For All Ireland Presented to 
both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen [Out of