Inquest: Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1871

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


A Return Of Inquests Held By Thomas O'Meara, Coroner For The 
Part Of The North And Part Of The South Riding Of County 
Tipperary, Starting March 1st 1871 And Ending June 11th 

1 March 1st. on Michael Bourke, at Templemore, Barony of 
Eliogarty, Dr. Forsayeth, Reported by Head-Constable Flynn. 
Verdict-Found Dead-suffocation.

2. March 9th. on Denis Ryan, at Thurles, Barony of 
Eliogarty, Dr. Russell. Reported by Head-Constable Reilly. 
Verdict-Excessive use of Alcoholic stimulants.

3. March 19th on Morgan Carey, at Clareen, Parish of 
Ballycahill, North Kilnemanagh. Dr. Barry. reported by 
Constable Hanna. Verdict-Accidental by a fall from a car.

4. March 20th. on Michael Sheehan, at Farranreigh, Parish of 
Thurles. Dr. Russell. Reported by Constable O'Connell. 
Verdict-Old Age-Natural causes.

5. March 24th on Bridget Clarke, Leighmeter, Parish of 
Roscrea. Dr. Powel. Reported by Head-Constable Reily. 
Verdict-Heart Disease.

6. March 29th on Thomas Reves, at Roscrea, Ikerrin. Dr. 
Powel. Reported by head-Constable Reily. Verdict-Accidental 
by fall from a turf bank.

7. March 29th. on William Elliot, at Roscrea, Ikerrin. Dr. 
Powel. Reported by Head-Constable Reily, Verdict-Heart 

8. April 26th, on a man unknown, at Roscrea, Ikerrin. Dr. 
Powel. Reported by Head-Constable Reily. Verdict-Bronchitis 
and heart disease.

9.May 10th on Edward Mullally, at Glangoole, Parish of 
Graystown, Slievardagh. Dr. Bourke. Reported by 
Sub-Inspector Scott. Verdict-Heart disease.

10. May 15th. on Peter Leacey, at Corville, Roscrea. Dr. 
Powel. Reported by Head-Constable Reily. Verdict-Apoplexy or 

11. June 1st. on Robert Mansergh, at Gralla, Parish of 
Graystown, Barony of Middlethird. Dr. Morris. reported by 
Constable Morrow. Verdict-Apoplexy.

12.June 11th on Anne Stokes, at Thurles, Eliogarty. Dr. 
Russell. Reported by Head-Constable Lynch. 
Verdict-Accidental Drowning.

12 inquests at 30s each  £18.0.0
136 miles @6d per mile.  £3.8.0.
The above is a correct return of inquests and mileage since last return.
Thomas O'Meara,
Bouladuff House,
Thurles. June 30th. 1871.
Produced and appears to be correct.

A return of inquests held by Michael Meagher, Coroner. 
starting March 20th 1871 and ending June 30th 1871.

1. March 20th 1871. on Thomas Dwan, at Burnwood, Motherenny. 
Lower Ormond.  Dr. Walsh. Reported by Constable Palmer. 
Verdict-Suffocated while under a fit of apoplexy.

2. April 7th. on Timothy Butler, at Lorha, Parish of Lorha, 
Lower Ormond. No Doctor. Reported by Constable Sheehan, 
Lorha. Verdict-Accidentally burned.

3. April 22nd. on John Hines at Nenagh, Lower Ormond. No 
Doctor. Reported by Head-Constable Thompson. 
Verdict-Accidentally drowned.

4. April 28th, on Bridget Liberty, at Nenagh, Lower Ormond. 
Dr. Cahalan. Reported by Head-Constable Thompson. 
Verdict-Drowned herself while labouring under temporary 

4 inquests @ 30s.     £6.0.0
113 miles @ 6d per mile   £2.16.6.

Examined and found correct.
Michael Meagher. Coroner
William Osborne.
June 30th 1871.

From originals held at Tipperary Library.