Inquest: Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1841

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy



1st Boherbee Honora Ryan Apoplexy.

2nd Ballygurten. Judith McCarthy. Falling into a deep dyke 
of water.

4th Killusty. Betty Cummins. From exhaustion and cold.

5th Large Wood. Daniel Moore Inclemency of weather.

5th Kilrush. Edmond McGrath. Disease of the heart.

6th Tipperary. Judith Sinnott. Consumption.

7th Littleton Churchyard. Lydia Carter. Disease of the 

8th Mealiffe Churchyard. Bridget Hayes. Visitation of God.

13th. Carrick on Suir. Male Infant. Found dead in the Suir.

18th. Garrykennedy. Margaret Watson. Apoplexy.

20th. Faraa?. Lawrence Kickham. From a blow given to him by 
Edmond Horan, aided and assisted by John Reilly.

21st The Bulls Glen. Honoria Cahill. Accident with a horse 
and car driven by James Whittaker.

22nd. Knockane. Honora Fogarty. Clothes catching fire.

27th . Cranehust. John Donohoe. Mortal wound inflicted by 
either a gun or pistol shot by some person or persons 

28th. Barn. William Spearman. Died after receiving a kick in 
the stomach from a mare.


Date. Place. On whom held. Finding of each Inquiry.

1st. Lisheen Derley. Daniel Keogh. Injuries received in a 
row or fight with John and Richard Sadlier, of Bonarea.

5th. Grange. Mary Lonergan. Falling down the stairs.

5th. Barracks of Cahir. John Sullivan. Being exposed to the 
inclemency of the weather, and from being removed from house 
to house.

7th. Derrygrath. Mary Heffernan. Visitation of God.

9th. Carrick on Suir. William Proctor. Hung himself while 
labouring under a fit of temporary derangement.

9th. Clocully. Eliza Maher. Visitation of God.

11th. Roscrea. William M'Ally. Visitation of God.

11th. Clonmel Gaol. James Gleeson. Disease of the chest, 
accelerated by the bad accommodation afforded in the 
Bridewells of Nenagh and Templemore, no blame attached to 
the officers of the Clonmel Gaol.

13th. Donnybrook. Deveane Smith. Esq. Fall from a horse.

14th. Dromphilip. Laurence Hart. Visitation of God.

17th. New Grove. Judith Daniel. Suffocated. (Accident).

18th. Glankeen. Mary Quinan. Found drowned.

19th. Clonmel Gaol. Patrick Regan. Died from gun shot wound, 
fired by the police while in the discharge of their duty.

19th. Ballyhane. Edmond Kelly. Drinking ardent spirits.

21st. Garryard. Austin Fitzgerald. Killed by the falling of 
a wall.

21st. Garryard. Catherine Fitzgerald. Killed by the falling 
of a wall.

24th. Redwood. Michael Billane. Died from a wound inflicted 
by Patrick McGrath with a mallet.

24th Lismolin. Timothy Kelly. Blows from stones and 
pitchforks inflicted by John Dwyer, Snr., and Joseph Dwyer, 
aided and assisted by James Dwyer and several others.


Date Place On whom held. Findings.

2nd. Cordangan Lands Mary Dwyer. Died of fever, the jury 
being of the opinion that the conduct of her husband John 
Dwyer, was very unnatural and cruel towards the deceased.

4th. Carrick-on-Suir. James Kirwan. Poisoned by Laudanum by 

8th. Shower. Margaret Burke. Accidentally burned.

8th. Parkstown William Fanning. Visitation of God.

9th. Grenanstown. A male child. Strangled by person or 
persons unknown.

12th. Graigue. Catherine Farrell. Visitation of God.

14th Kilfeacle. A male child. Strangled by person or persons 

15th Killaloan. A male child. Found drowned.

17th. Gurtshane. James Shinners. Clothes having caught fire.

22nd. Kilfitmone. John Sheppard. Clothes taking fire.

24th. Ballycandoge. Andrew Bradley. Visitation of God.

26th. Ballycandoge. Philip Brennan. Visitation of God.

27th Clonmel Lunatic Asylum. John Dunn. Died from having 
swallowed tincture of opium in the asylum, which was not 
kept in a proper place or strict attention paid by John 
Murphy, the keeper of the ward.

28th Thurles. Michael Hickey. In consequence of a blow of 
mettles, inflicted by John Butler.

29th. Portrue. Elinor Egan. Apoplexy.

30th. Tipperary. A male infant. Born Dead.


Date Place On whom held. Findings.

8th. Urra. Patrick Hayes. Killed by person or persons 

10th. Curraghmore. Timothy Tierney. Wounds inflicted by a 
stone, by Denis Needham, aided and abetted by James and 
William Needham, arising from a dispute about grass.

10th. Curraghmore. John Gleeson. Wounds inflicted by a 
stone, by James Needham, aided and abetted by Denis and 
William Needham, arising from a dispute about grass.

15th Mullinahone. Thomas Oldis. Apoplexy, caused by drink.

16th. Templekelly. Patrick McNamara. Injuries received when 
blasting a rock.

16th. Tomulough. Terence Sweeney. Apoplexy.

18th Silvermines. Robert Shaw. 20th Reg. Injuries received 
by a water wheel.

20th Fethard. Edward Regan. Accidental Death.

21st. Knockakelly. John Conway. Visitation of God.

23rd. Camass. Wm. and Ed. Gorman. Natural Causes. (Infants).

24th. Ballylanigan. John Fennelly. Burnt in a Lime Kiln.

25th Nenagh. A Male child. From injuries inflicted by John 
Gleeson and Bridget Murphy, on the mother, which caused a 
premature delivery.

25th. Gaol of Nenagh. William Collins. Died of fever.

26th. Roscrea. Francis Bennett. Suffocation.

29th. Templetorhy? Rebecca Porter. Visitation of God.

29th. Clarianna. Patrick Connors. Bursting of a diseased 

30th Ballygibbon. Elizabeth Holding. Accidentally drowned.


Date. Place. On whom held. Findings.

1st. Tubberehena. Michael Purcell. Accidentally drowned.

4th. Kilvemnon. John Doran. Drinking whiskey to excess.

7th. Boher. George Brown. Visitation of God.

11th. Toomevara. Denis Treacy. Visitation of God.

15th. Fethard. Female Infant. In consequence of injuries she 
sustained, and being exposed to the inclemency of the 
weather by a person or persons unknown.

17th. Clonmel. Bridget Meehan. Died from being severely 

19th Uskane. Robert Hall. Esq. Killed by a wound inflicted 
on the left side of the neck with a bullet by some person 

27th. Behemore. Patrick Dillon. Accidentally killed by a 
kick from a horse.


Date Place. On whom held. Findings.

1st. Corrageen. James Corbett. Found drowned in a bog hole.

2nd. Johnstown. Mary Larkin. Found drowned.

7th. Priorstown. Mary Power. Visitation of God.

11th. Moorstown Walsh. Daniel Carthy. Drowned in a pond.

11th. Annefield. John Brien. Injuries of the head and 

12th. Boulea. Ellen Cumming. Clothes taking fire.

13th. Old Castle. Patrick Maher. Disease of the lungs.

13th. Camlin. John Delaney. Drowned in a bog hole.

14th. Ballogh. James Dalton. Clothes taking fire.

14th. White Church. Ellen Hickey. Poison in senna tea.

15th. Clonmel Gaol. William Connery. Diseased liver and 

16th. Lackamore. James Ryan. Caught in a wheel (Copper 

24th. Lackamore. Patrick Finn. Killed by a quarry bank 
falling on him.

24th. Craig. Martin Tyrrell. Disease of the heart.

24th. Clogherally. William Kirwan. Falling into a pool of 

26th. Thurles. Henry Bryan. Inflammation of the bowels and 

26th. Barnagore. Elinor Ryan. Bursting of a blood vessel of 
the lungs.

27th. Nenagh. Margaret Galvan. Accidentally suffocated in 

28th. Fethard. Ellen Farrell. A wound from which she was 
blooded having opened afresh, her parents not being able to 
stop it themselves, and neglected to use the necessary means 
to do so, and refused to follow the doctor's prescription.


Date Place On whom held. Finding of each Inquiry.

1st. Kilclooney Mary Hackett. Visitation of God.

2nd. Cardery. Thomas Moroney. Died from over use of liquors.

2nd. Toomevara. Patrick Toohey. Killed from a stone having 
fallen on him in a quarry.

3rd. Drishane. William Kilfoy. Kicked by a horse in the 

5th. Cashel. James Mulcahy. Injuries inflicted on him by a 
stone by John and William Gooley and John Shunny.

8th. Springfort. Mary Malone. Visitation of God.

8th. Garrett's Mills. Jeremiah Tierney. Suffocation.

10th. Dundrum. Judy Dwyer. Visitation of God.

10th. Cashel. Mary Lonergan. Flung herself out of a window 
whilst in a state of temporary derangement.

12th. Lisduff. Michael Brennan. Injuries received from a 
fall from a horse.

13th. Cashel. Thomas Wall. Injuries inflicted on him by some 
persons unknown.

14th Bansha. Michael Scully. A gun-shot wound received on 
the 12th July, from a policeman, whose name is unknown, that 
Sub-Constable Slattery fired in the direction where deceased 
was found dead, but the jury could not say if the shot took 
effect, that Constable Clear gave orders to fire, but could 
not say whether he was justified or not.

15th. Roscrea. Honora Haverty. Visitation of God.

16th. Gurtdrum. Daniel Ryan. Visitation of God.

20th. Drish Mills. Anne McEnerny. Accidentally caught 
between the pit and the head wheel of a factory mill.

21st. Mardyke. James Hogan. Accidentally killed by the 
pushing pole at the Mardyke colliery.

29th. Nenagh. Catherine Grummel. Visitation of God.

31st. Fethard. Patrick Smith. Fall from a horse.

31st. Thurles. Mary Whitney. Disease of the heart.

31st. Glenough. Patrick Heffernan. Disease of the lungs.


Date Place On whom held. Finding of each Inquiry.

1st. Loughmore. Child. Found in a dyke by some persons 
unknown, aided and assisted by Mary Ryan and Nelly Halloran.

2nd. M'Creery? Charles Collins. Accidental death by a cart 

4th. Kyleanna. Patrick Carty. Blow of a shears, inflicted by 
John Carty.

7th. Patrick's Well. James Hogan. Falling into a quarry.

8th. Keilnasera.? James Brislane. Bank of a quarry falling 
on him.

13th. Croankill.? Andrew Tierney. Injuries inflicted on him 
by a pig.

14th. Graystown. William Maher. By hanging himself.

16th. Lisnamrock. John Hackett. Falling into a coal pit, 
where he drowned.

26th. Nenagh. Catherine Kennedy. Injuries received from a 
fall in the street.


2nd . Clonmel. John Dillon. Fall from a cart.

2nd. Ballynahow. William Hayes. In consequence of a blow 
from a loaded butt, inflicted by Patrick Ryan, and of a blow 
of a stone given by Thomas McCarthy, aided by Martin Jones 
and others.

3rd. Nenagh. Elizabeth Brien. Apoplexy.

4th. Bunnicum. Anne Reddan. Clothes taking fire.

8th. Cashel. Mary Carey. Accidental death from a fall from a 

9th. Woodroof. Laurence Carthy. Weakness and exposure to the 
night air.

14th. Roscrea Gaol. John Sweeny. Visitation of God.

17th. Templekelly. Michael Maher. Fall from scaffolding.

19th. Nenagh. Timothy Slattery. Suffocated while in the act 
of eating.

20th. Marlow. Peggy Gooley. Burst blood vessel.

20th. Lagginstown. Darby Blake. From injuries received in 
his own house, which caused his death.

21st. Maynard O'Killoran. Charles Cambie, Esq. From a kick 
and fall from a horse.

22nd. Borrisoleigh. Remains of a child. Still-Born and 
remains found in a coffin where it was buried about 10 
months previous.

25th. Court House-Tipperary. Female child. Born alive, but 
neglect on the part of the mother, Judy Hogan, in not 
reporting its illness and death, the day after its birth, 
supposed to have died of convulsions.

25th. Bonlegala. James McLoughlin. Visitation of God.

29th. Kilenacarriga. Michael Hally. Suffocation, from having 
drunk a quantity of ardent spirits.

30th. Court-House, Clonmel. Female Infant. Wilful murder, 
against persons unknown, infant having been put in the river 
Suir, whilst living.


1st. Doronamona. Catherine Brien. Strangled herself while 
labouring under a temporary fit of insanity.

5th. Tipperary. Catherine Cooney. Paralysis of one side of 
the body, and obstruction of the circulation of the brain, 
and disease of the liver and the stomach.

7th. Ballymoylan, or Corbally. James Glynn. Accidentally 
killed by a bank at the slate quarries having fallen on him.

7th. Glangool. John Lalor. By a gun or pistol shot wound, 
inflicted by a person unknown, on the 12th day of July last, 
at Glangool, on the high road.

11th. Boulontlea. Bridget Carroll. Accidentally killed by a 
horse walking on her.

15th. Nenagh. Patrick Guinane. Injuries to his spine, having 
fallen from a roof of a house.

16th. Nenagh. Judith Brien. Visitation of God.

19th. Fertiana. Margaret Houlahan. Found dead, from the 
inclemency of the night.

28th. Roscrea. Mary Abbey. Being exposed to the cold in the 
street by the mother, or some persons unknown.

29th. Clonmel. Patrick Kehoe. Accidentally burnt.

29th. Caher. Thomas Connell. Visitation of God.

29th. Caher. William Mahony. From having received a fracture 
on the head and other wounds, by persons unknown.

31st. Boherbee. Bridget Hayes. Visitation of God.


1st. Corbally. Griffith Robinson. Injuries received, but the 
cause or by whom, unknown.

2nd. Ballydruchid. Mary McMahon. Found dead.

8th. Carrick-on-Suir. James Hayden. Death from a kick from a 

8th. Glanculloe. James Gleeson. Visitation of God.

11th. Cashel. Mary Ryan. Accidental death from a wheel of a 
carriage going over her head.

12th. Liscrea. Thomas Connors. Disease of the heart and 

18th. Upper Hill. William Kinshella. Kick from a foal.

25th. Roscrea. John O'Neill. Clothes taking fire.

25th Clonmel. John Steward. Throwing himself into the river 


1st. Portroe. John O'Grady. Burnt by falling into an ash 

3rd. Loughoma. Mary Canny. Killed by part of her house 
falling on her.

3rd. Loughoma. Patrick Canny. Killed by part of her house 
falling on him.

4th. Lislowran. Michael Fennelly. Murdered by person or 
persons unknown.

4th. Carrick-on-Suir. Thomas Brien. Found drowned.

6th. Leugh. Timothy Dwyer. Disease of the liver.

8th. Cloneyharp. Thomas Britt. Blows inflicted on his head 
by a person or persons unknown, in a riot, at which John 
Ryan (Con), William Ryan, and several other persons were 

9th. Ballynonty. Bridget Blake. From a wound received in the 
leg from a gun, which was accidentally thrown down by 
William Hynes, on a flag in the kitchen, which caused it to 

9th. Knockmohue. James Bourk. Fall from a car.

10th. Castletown. Patrick Fennelly. Accidentally drowned.

16th. Killerkohan. Patrick Lynch. Fall from a horse.

17th. Thurles. Michael Ryan. Blow of a stone on his head, 
inflicted by Martin Williams, William Dwyer being present.

20th. Thurles. Judy Dwyer. Clothes caught fire.

23rd. Barracks of Ardfinnan. Edmond Ryan. Found drowned in 
Cloculla, with marks of violence on his head.

25th. Thurles. Mary Hogan. Inflammation of her bowels and 

27th. Monroe West. Maurice Neale. Visitation of God.

29th. Glaubawn.? Ally Britt. Found drowned in a well.

30th. Clonoulty Churchyard. James Ryan. Blow of a stick, 
accidentally given whilst hurling by Edmund Ryan (Torn); 
homicide, found to be excusable.

From originals held at Tipperary Library.