Inquest: Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1869/70

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A Return Of Inquests Held By Michael Meagher, Coroner For 
Part Of The North Riding Of County Tipperary, Starting 16th 
August 1869 And Ending 26th Feb. 1870.

1. Aug. 16th, on Catherine Horan, at Knockadegeen, Parish of 
Kilaknave, Upper Ormond. Dr. Cashel. Verdict-Disease of the 
heart. Reported by Constable Doran, Curraneddy.

2. Aug. 20th on Catherine Nevill, at Borrisokane, Lower 
Ormond. Dr. M'Garvey. Verdict-accidently killed by falling 
out of a car. Reported by Head-Constable Lynch, Borrisokane.

3. August 27th. William Ryan, at Lismacrory, Parish of 
Ballingarry. No Doctory. Verdict-Visitation of God. Reported 
by Constable Wallace, Ballingarry.

4. Sept 11th. Isaac Green, Inchadremane, Kilvelane, Barony 
of Owney and Arra, Dr. Dwyer. Verdict-Disease of the heart. 
Reported by Head-Constable Mills.

5. Sept. 18th. on Rody Ryan, at Glencoloo, Kiloscully, Owney 
and Arra. Dr. Cahalan. Verdict-Accidently shot.Reported by 
Constable M'Kenna, Silvermines.

6. Nov. 28th, on William Mackentire, at Roden, Parish of 
Durra. Lower Ormond. Dr. McLoughlin. Verdict-Accidently shot 
by his own gun. Reported by Constable Sheehan, Piloe.

7. Dec. 8th. on John Hingarty, at Ballabeg, Parish of 
Anameadle. Upper Ormond. Dr Cashel. Verdict-Accidently 
killed by falling into a quarry. Reported by Head-Constable 
Rothwell, Toomevara.

8. Dec. 23rd. on Patrick Kennedy, at Curragh Slate Quarries, 
Castletown, Dr.McKeogh. Verdict-Accidently killed by the 
wheel of an engine. Reported by Constable Beatty, Corbally.

9. Dec.24th, on James Guilfoyle, at Borrisokane, Lower 
ormond. No Doctor. Verdict-Visitation of God. Reported by 
Head-Constable Lynch, Borrisokane.

10. Dec. 30th on John Ryan, of Lattara, Upper Ormond. Dr. 
Cashel. Verdict-Visitation of God. Reported by Constable 
O'Connell, of Lattera.

11. Jan 27th, on Mary Boyle, Ballinlogh, Anameadle, Upper 
Ormond. Dr. Cashel. Verdict-Accidently killed by a run away 
horse and car.Reported by Constable Fennell, Gurtagarry.

12.Jan 27th on Bernard Gilligan, (Private in the 80th 
regiment), at Nenagh, Lower ormond. Dr. Churchill. No fee. 
Verdict-Shot himself while labouring under temporary 
insanity.  Reported by Constable Hicks, Nenagh.

13. Jan. 28th on Thomas Small, at Silvermines, Killnore, 
Upper Ormond, Dr. Cashel. Verdict-Apoplexy. Reported by 
Sub-Inspector Rosbotham, Nenagh.

14. Feb 7th on James Bergin, Nenagh, Lower ormond. Dr. 
Cahalan, Verdict-Accidently killed by a car falling on him 
while under the influence of drink. Reported by Constable 
Moor, Nenagh.

15. Feb 17th. on James Nowlan, at Frolick Carney, Cloprior, 
Lower Ormond. Dr. Cashel. Verdict-Apoplexy. Reported by 
Constable Clark, Carny.

16. Feb 22nd and 23rd. James Baskerville, at Monroe, Parish 
of Yoghelanan, Barony of Owney and Arra, Dr. McKeogh. 
Verdict-Killed by a stroke on the head with some heavy sharp 
instrument , inflicted by John Ryan in his own defence.  
Reported by Constable Moloney, Monroe.

16 inquests £24.0.0
Milage 317 miles @ 6d a mile £7.18.6
The above is a correct return of the inquests held by me 
since the date of my last furnished account. July 14th 1869.
Signed. Michael Maher Coroner. Feb 26th 1870

A return of inquests held by Thomas O'Meara, Coroner for 
part of the North riding and part of the South Riding of the 
County Tipperary, starting 19th July 1869 and ending 23rd. 
February 1870. 

1. July 19th on Patrick Dwyer, Foilaclug, Toem, Barony of S. 
Kilnemanagh. Dr. Webb. Verdict-Heart Disease. reported by 
Constable Bourke.

2. August 11th, on Richard Brereton, at Ballypatrick, Inch, 
Barony of Eliogarty, Doctors Quinlan and O'Connell. 
Verdict-Homicide. Reported by Sub. Inspector MCArdle.

3.Aug. 16th. on Michael Egan, at Cremlin, Ratheravogue, 
Barony of Ikerrin. Dr. O'Connell. Verdict-Epilepsy. Reported 
by Constable Cotter. Also Sept 18th. on John Spencer, at 
Roscrea. Parish of Roscrea. Barony of Ikerrin. Dr. Powell. 
Verdict-Not expedient to hold an inquest. Reported by Head 
Constable Reily.

4. Oct. 7th. on Bridget Colaher, at Thurles. Barony of 
Eliogarty. Doctor Russell. Verdict- Accidental burning. 
reported by Sub-Inspector Mularkey.

5.Cotober 28th, on a child unknown, at Roscrea, Barony of 
Ikerrin. Dr. Powell, Verdict-Birth Concealed. Reported by 
Sub-Inspector Holland.

6. Nov. 6th on Matthew Redmond, at Thurles. Drs Murphy and 
Barry. Verdict-Kick from a horse. Reported by Sub-Inspector 

7. Nov.10th on Thomas Connors, at Knockmaroe, Kilcommon. Dr. 
Quinlan. Verdict-Homicide. Reported by Sub. Inspector 

8. Nov. 14th. on Thomas O'Dwyer, at Knockerea, Thurles. Dr. 
Russell. Verdict-Apoplexy. Reported by Sub-Inspector 

9.Nov. 23rd. on Elizabeth Butler, at Rathcannon, Holycross. 
Dr. Barry. Verdict-Accidental by railway. Reported by 
Constable Connell.

10. Nov. 28th. on James Fogarty, at Knockalonga, 
Ballingarry. Dr. Calcutt. Verdict-Accidental by his horse 
and cart. Reported by Sub-Inspector McCarthy.

11. Dec.16th. on William Murrey, at Rossestown, Rahealty. 
Dr. Walsh. Verdict-Congestion of the lungs. Reported by 
Sub-Inspector Mularkey.

12. Dec. 17th on Sarah Clery, at Thurles. Dr. Russell. 
Verdict-Disease of the heart. Reported by Sub-Inspector 

13. Dec. 20th on George Vokes, at Thurles. Dr. Russell. 
Verdict-Bursting of a blood vessel. Reported by 
Sub-Inspector Mularkey.

14. Dec. 30th on Catherine Wall, at Cormackstown, Holycross. 
Dr. Barry. Verdict-Accidental by a horse and cart. Reported 
by Sub-Inspector Mularkey.

15. Dec 15th. on Thomas Ryan, at Curraghkeale, Glanlaca, 
Barony of N. Kilnemanagh. Dr. Quinlan. Verdict-Exposure to 
Cold. Reported by Head Constable Thompson.

16. Jan. 3rd. on Patrick Cormack. at Templemore, Parish of 
Templemore.. Dr. Forsaythe. Verdict-Accidental by horse and 
car. Reported by Head Constable Flynn.

17. Jan. 4th. on Thomas Stephens, Borrisoleigh. Dr. Quinlan. 
Verdict-Suicide by hanging.Reported by Head Constable 

18. Jan' 9th on Sarah Bourke, at Dovea, Inch. Dr. Barry. 
Verdict-Heart Disease. Reported by Constable Murphy.

19. Jan. 12th. on Thedy Ryan, at Drombane, Parish of 
Moyaliffe. Dr. Barry. Verdict-Accidental fall from a horse. 
Reported by Sub-Inspector Mularkey.

20. Jan 23rd. on Margaret Mahoney, Kilcommon. Dr. Quinlan. 
Verdict-Apoplexy. Reported by Constable Courtney.

21. Jan. 21st. on Thomas Dwyer, at Upperchurch. Parish of 
Upperchurch. Dr. Quinlan. Verdict-Disease of the heart. 
Reported by Constable Kavanagh.

22.Feb 12th. on John Casey, at Glangool, Parish of 
Kilcooley. Dr. Bourke. Verdict-Natural causes and old age. 
Reported by Sub-Inspector McCarthy.

23 Feb. 23rd. on Tobias Bourke, at Thurles, Parish of 
Thurles. Drs Russell and Quinlan. Verdict-Effusion into 
pericardium. Reported by Sub-Inspector Mularkey.

Feb. 24th 1870
218 miles@6d per mile £5.9.0.
23 Inquests @30 shillings £34.10.0.
The above is a correct return
Signed Thos. O'Meara.


From originals held at Tipperary Library.