Inquest: Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1868

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


A Return Of Inquests Held By Thomas O'Meara Coroner For Part 
Of The North And The South Riding Of County Tipperary, 
Commencing On 11/3/1868 And Ending 23/6/1868.

1. 11/3/1868 on Johana Harrison, at Grange, Parish of 
Corbally, Ikerrin. Dr. Powel. Accidental burning. Reported 
by Constabulary.

2. 22/3/1868 on Mary Carew, at Ballypatrick, Parish of Inch, 
Eliogarty, Dr. Hanly. Accidental burning. Reported by 

3. 26/3/1868 on Mary Neile, at Blackstairs, Parish of Toem, 
Kilnemanagh. No Doctor. Death from an inward pain. Reported 
by Constabulary.

3A. 27/3/1868. on William Egar, at Roscrea, Ikerrin. No 
Doctor, No need for an inquest. Reported by Constabulary.

4. 39/3/1868 on James Meara, at Killenaule, Slievardagh, Dr. 
Morris. Death from Chronic Bronchitis.Reported by 

5. 6/4/1868 on Michael Ryan at Cownbeg, parish of 
Upperchurch. Kilnemanagh. Dr. Quinlan. Death from brain 
disease. Reported by Constabulary.

6. 20/4/1868 on Mary Meara, at Ballybeg, Parish of 
Littleton. Eliogarty. Dr. Hanly. Death from Colic. Reported 
by Constabulary.

6a. 23/4/1868 on John Ryan at Roscrea, Ikerrin. Dr. powell. 
No need for a inquest. Reported by Constable Rielly.

7. 25/4/1868 on Timothy Dwyer, at Refadda, Parish Toem, 
Kilnemanagh. Dr. Webb. Death from apoplexy. Reported by 
Constable Bourke.

7a 26/4/1868 on Rev. Philip Fitzgerald, at Ballingarry, 
Slievardagh, Dr. Hanly. No need for an inquest. Constable 

8. 8/6/1868 on William Kennedy at Graunera, Parish of 
Upperchurch. No Doctor. Death from apoplexy (Likely). 
Constable Quinn.

9. 23/6/1868 on Anne Short, at Templemore, Eliogarty. Dr. 
Forsayeth. Death from disease of the heart. Reported by 

This is the correct return of inquests held by me since last 
assizes. Thomas O'Meara Coroner. Bouladuff house, Thurles, 

Michael Meagher Coroner.  Coroners Reports March 6th to July 
2nd 1868

1. 6/3/1868 on Martin Donnelly, at Tombricane, Borrisokane, 
Lower Ormond. Dr. McGarvey. Verdict-Vomiting of blood. 
Reported by Constable Aubray.

2. 13/4/1868 on a male infant, name unknown, at Croghan, 
Parish of Lockeen, Barony of Lower Ormond. Verdict- Murder 
by person or persons unknown. Reported by Constable McGarry.

3. 18/4/1868 on Honora McGrath, at Knockinglass, 
Ballymackey, Upper Ormond. Dr. Cashel. Verdict-Death by 
being killed by the running away of a horse and car. 
Reported by Constable Sullivan.

4. 23/4/1868 on Michael Ryan, at Curreeney, Parish of 
Templederry, Upper Ormond. Dr. McKeogh. 
Verdict-Manslaughter, by William Gleeson.Reported by 
Constable McArdle.

5. 21/5/1868 on Patrick Costello, at Behamore, Parish of 
Motherenny, Lower Ormond. Dr. Walsh. Verdict-Accidentally 
burned. Reported by Constable Quinn.

6. 8/6/1868 on Thomas Regan, at Cloneska, Eglish, Lower 
Ormond. Dr. McLoughnan. Verdict-Accidentally drowned. 
Reported by Constable Byrne.

7. 9/6/1868 on James Ryan of Rossareemore, Parish of 
Kilvilane, Owney and Arra, Dr. Dwyer. Verdict-Cut his own 
throat while labouring under temporary insanity. Reported by 
Constable Cruise.

8. 22/6/1868. on Catherine Hayes, at Nenagh Workhouse, 
Parish of Nenagh, Upper Ormond. Dr. Quinn. Verdict-Effusion 
on the lungs. Reported by Constable Loughnane.

9. 1/7/1868 on Ellen O'Meara, at Portroe, Castletownarra, 
Owney and Arra, Dr. Cashel. Verdict-Rupture of an anurism. 
Reported by Constable Wall.

The above is the correct return of of inquests held by me 
since the date of my last furnished account of the 3rd. 
March 1868
Michael Meagher, Coroner.
July 2nd. 1868

From originals held at Tipperary Library.