Inquest: Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1850

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


A return of inquests taken by Thomas O'Meara, one of the 
Coroners for the County Tipperary, starting on the 12th 
February 1850 and ending on the 26th of June 1851?. (I think 
this is a misprint and should be June 1850.)

Feb. 23rd on Philip Ryan at Templemore, Dr. Forsyeth. Died 
by the visitation of God.

Mar. 5th on William Kearney, at Lackinaderry, Barony of 
Eliogarty, Verdict-Death from destitution. Dr. Quinlan.

March 10th on John Cahill, at Ballingarry, Slievardagh,. 
Verdict-Death by the visitation of God. Dr. Fennelly.

March 15th on Mary Shea of Holycross, Eliogarty. 
Verdict-Death from a fall of a car. Dr. Quinlan.

March 17th on Michael Deady, at Lismolin, Slievardagh. 
Verdict-Death from exposure to the cold. Dr. Going.

March 23rd. on Bridget Delahunty, at Derrylughta, Barony of 
Ikerrin. Verdict-Manslaughter by John Feelehy. Dr. Quinlan.

March 29th on Nancy Ryan, Cleakile, Barony of Eliogarty, 
Verdict-Death from effusion of the brain. Dr. Quinlan.

April 7th. on Francis Toohey, Curragloss, Barony of 
Kilnemanagh. Verdict-Death from destitution. Dr. Pinchin.

April 9th on James Pront, held at Ballynure, Barony of 
Slievardagh. Verdict-Death caused by the falling of a wall. 
Dr. Quinlan.

April 12th. on Thomas Toohy, Held at Springfield, Barony of 
North Kilnemanagh. Verdict-Death caused by the effusion of 
the brain and chest. Dr. Pinchin.

April 13th on Michael Guilfoyle, at Birmingham, Barony of 
Slievardagh. Verdict-Death caused from chronic dysentery 
while in Thurles Workhouse. Drs Calcut and Quinlan.

April 22nd on Thomas Shanahan, at Knockalough, Barony of 
North Kilnemanagh. Verdict-Wilful murder. Dr. Quinlan.

April 23rd. on a male child, held at Cloneyharp, South 
Kilnemanagh. Verdict-strangulation by persons unknown. Dr. 

April 25th on Anty Pout,(Prout)? held at Manserhill, Barony 
of Slievardagh. Verdict-Accidentally burned. Dr. Quinlan.

April 25th on Anty Cormack, held at Boulick, Barony of 
Slievardagh. Verdict-Burned by an idiot aged 10 years. Dr. 

April 26th on James Dwyer, held at Thurles. Verdict-Died 
from disease of the heart. Dr. Quinlan.

May 1st. on John Cain, Thurles. Accidentally falling of a 
loft. Dr. Quinlan.

May 10th on Eliza Gleeson, Brittas, Eliogarty, 
Verdict-exhaustion, Annasarka. Dr. Quinlan.

May 14th on Patrick Treacy, Sugarlough, Ikerrin. 
Verdict-Died from disease of the heart. Dr. Powell.

May 15th on William McGrath, Modeshill, Slievardagh. 
Verdict-Death from suffocation, whilst in a stream.

May 27th on Thomas Callanan, Barnane, Ikerrin. Verdict-Death 
by accidentally falling in of a bank. Dr. Forsayeth.

May 27th, James Ryan, James Kennedy, and John Moore, all of 
Barnane, Verdict-Same as above.

May 17th on a new born infant, female, at Templemore. Death 
from concealment of the birth of the said child by its 
mother, Ellen Nesbitt. Dr. Forsayeth.

June 5th on Patrick Cantwell, at Fairyhill, Slievardagh, 
Verdict-Death caused by falling in of a coal pit.

June 20th on George Davis, held at Templemore, Eliogarty. 
Verdict-Homocide. Dr. Forsayeth.

June 20th on Bridget Mara, at Templemore, Eliogarty. 
Verdict-Irritation of the bowel by eating soda bread and raw 
cabbage. Dr. Quinlan.

Total of Inquests £48.0.0
Milage                £7.7.0.
Thomas O'Meara, Bouladuff House, June 26th

From originals held at Tipperary Library.