Templeshaun Cemetery,  Borrisnafarney, County Tipperary, Ireland
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(Temple  Seacht  Sean)

Templeshaun Cemetery is located in the townland of
Borrisnafarney, almost directly underneath the Devils Bit.
There are only three headstones here, the rest of the graves
are unmarked, or marked with famine stones. Two headstones
face the rising sun, and one faces the setting sun. There
was once a monastery here, no trace of which exists today.
Legend has it that there was a tunnel going from the
monastery under the mountain coming out at Killea near
Templemore. Templeshaun translates as the Church of St.
John. This place is known to the locals by a more ancient
name,  Temple - Seacht - Sean;  this translates as the
Church of the Seven Johns. An old Irish custom is carried
out here. The coffin of the deceased is carried around the
outer wall of the cemetery three times, before being brought
inside for burial. It is referred to in some publications as
Templeshane. Borrisnafarney and Templeshaun are in the
present day parish of Toomavara, old Civil Parish of
Annameadle. In 1836 it was in Civil Parish of Bourney
(Roscrea). Interestingly its postal address for generations
has been Moneygall Co. Offaly.

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Cemetery View

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Cemetery View

Photo No.5.
Erected by MARY LEAMY Cloncannon | In memory of her husband
MICHAEL | Died 20th May 1981 | His brother Hugh | Died 14th
Feb. 1983 | The above MARY LEAMY (nee DELANEY) | Died 31st
Dec. 1990 |

Photo No.6.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo | Erected by TIMOTHY RYAN | In memory
of his brother MARTIN RYAN | Who died Feb. 5th 1807 (slight
possibility its 1867, stone damaged) | Aged 26 years. |
May he Rest in Peace Amen.

Photo No.7.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo | Erected by JOHN HASSETT of Ballaugh
| In memory of his father | JOHN HASSETT | Died September
the 24th 1844 aged 81 years | Also his mother JULIAN KENNEDY
| Died November 18th 1844 aged 66 years | Also his brother
TIMOTHY | Died November 21st 1829 aged 24 years.

And some there be, which have
no memorial... And are become
as though they have never been born...
but these were merciful men and women,
whose righteousness
hath not been forgotten...
Their seed shall remain forever,
and their glory shall not
be blotted out.
Their bodies are buried in peace;
but their name liveth for evermore.

Ecclesiasticus, 44, 9 - 14.

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