The Square, Toomevara
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This cemetery is located in the centre of the village of
Toomevara. It was once the site of an Augustinian monastery.

Photo No.0.
Cemetery view

Photo No.1.

Photo No.2.
Unkown Grave

Photo No.3.
Erected by John Dalton
In memory of his father James Dalton of Annameadle
Who died March 15th 1821 aged 63 years.
May he rest in peace Amen.

Photo No.4.
In loving memory of James Delaney
Nenagh and Grennanstown, Toomevara
Born 26th August 1908
Died 12th July 1979
His beloved wife Jane
(nee Gahan, Tullow, Co. Carlow)
Born 9-10-1903
Died 24-1-1995
Sadly missed by your
Son's and Daughters and Families
Sláinte Padraig
Two spirits in the wind.
Dad, Mum, ye shall never be forgotton,
Down to your great grandchildren,
And there after, and friends
We love and miss ye very dearly.
Rest in Peace

Photo No.5.
In loving memory of
Patrick Delaney, Toomevara,
Died 30th Aug. 1961
His wife Eileen
Died 28th March 1969.
Their son Pat
Died 29th Dec. 2006, aged 64 yrs.

Photo No.6.
In loving memory of Jer Devaney
Castlequarter Toomevara
Died 27th Dec. 1980 aged 54.
His mother Nora
Died 4th July 1935.
His father Stephen
Died 20th Feb. 1936.

Photo No.7.
Erected by Michael Devaney Toomevara
In memory of his father Stephen Devaney
Who died 28th July 1874 aged 70 years
And of his mother Judy Devaney
Who died 15th Feb. 1892 aged 90 years.
Also of his sons, Denis died 20th Aug. 1890 aged 27
Stephen died 20th March 1892  aged 26
Michael died 4th Sept. 1897 aged 25
Patrick died 29th Sept. 1902 aged 30.
The above Michael Devaney
Died 28th Jan. 1925 aged 84 years.
Also his wife Mary Devaney
Died 26th Jan. 1917 aged 83 years.
Margaret Ryan died 11th March 1993
Aged 69 years.

Photo No.8.
James Devaney died Jan. 26th 1921
Thomas Devaney died March 1st 1921
(names written in old Irish script)
Erected by their comrades of B Coy
2nd Batt. 1st Brigade IRA in memory of
Capt James and Lieut. Thomas Devaney
Who died for Ireland. (Both bled to death after been shot by Crown Forces.
James died at Killruane near Cloughjordan on Jan. 26th 1921,
Thomas at his home in Pallas,Toomevara on March 1st 1921).

Photo No.9.
In fond remembrance of
Thomas Devaney Pallas
Died October 14th 1865 aged 37 years.
His wife Anastasia Devaney
Died April 9th 1901 aged 74 years
And their daughter Margaret M Darcy Cudville Nenagh
Died June 18th 1897 aged 31 years
Also their son Michael Devaney
Died Dec. 31st Dec. 1922 aged 64 years
And his son Richard who died young.
May they Rest in Peace.
Marianne wife of Michael
Died Jan. 28th 1951 aged 79 years
Their daughter Mary, Died Aug. 26th 1973 aged 74 years.

Photo No.10.
In loving memory of
Annie Hogan Castlequarter
Died 10th July 1990
Her husband John
Died 26th June 1951.

Photo No.11.
In Remembrance
John Lyons, Blean
Died 19th June 1945 aged 74
His wife Margaret,
Died 11th May 1967 aged 74
And their beloved children.
Also their daughter in law
Agnes Lyons (nee Rice)
Died 26th April 1947 aged 25.
John Lyons, husband of Agnes
Died 1st July 2000 aged 86.

Photo No.12.
Here lieth the mortal part of Francis Maher
Son of William and Sarah Maher Toom
Who departed this life October 19th Anno Dom 1774 aged 33 years.
This Tomb was erected by his wife Jane Maher
In memory of him.

Photo No.13.
Erected by Edward Maher
In remembrance of his brother Michael
Who died Nov. 25th 1882 aged 21 years.
Also his father John
Who died April 13th 1907 aged 80 years.

Photo No.14.
In loving memory of
Annie Ryan (nee Boland, Grawn)
Died May 26th 1951 aged 54 yrs.
Her husband Joseph
Died 22nd Sept. 1953 aged 65
Their infant granddaughter 6 - 8 – 1970.
R. I. P
Erected by their loving family
Nancy, Phyllis and Palk.

Photo No.15.
In loving memory of
Martin Ryan Bunacum
Died 5th March 1980, aged 76.
His beloved wife Catherine
Died 5th Dec. 1981 aged 76.
Their son Michael
Died 17th Aug. 1939 aged 10
Their daughter Nancy
Died 20th Aug. 1975 aged 44.
Their son Martin (Sonny)
Died 20th Dec. 1982 aged 49
(interred Hampstead, London).

Photo No.16.
In loving memory of
Michael Ryan Bunacum.
Died 18th March 1965,  aged 59 years.
His wife Mary died 29th May 1987,  aged 72 years.
His father Denis died 15th June 1969,  aged 95 years.
His uncle Joseph died 5th Jan. 1969, aged 90 years.
Also Mary Ryan wife of the above Joseph
Died 23rd Nov. 1968, aged 87 years.
His brother Joseph died 23rd Nov. 1967, aged 60 years.
His sister Bridget Cuddihy
Died 3rd Sept. 1958, aged 43 years.
Erected by their loving family.

Photo No.17.
In loving memory of
Michael Ryan Toomevara
Died 17th Aug. 1939 aged 10 yrs.
His grandparents
Martin and Ann Delaney.
His uncle Paddy,
And aunt Mary Anne.
His uncle John died 30th June 1971.

Photo No.18.
In loving memory of
Martin Toohey
Died 24th Feb. 1922 aged 70 years
And his brother Michael Toohey
Died 13th April 1923 aged 83 years
Also his wife Johanna Toohey
Died 10th Feb. 1933 aged 71 years
Jeremiah Toohey
Died 17th Jan. 1974 aged 74 years
His wife Mary
Died 14th Aug. 1978 aged 82 years

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