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Photo No.0
Holycross Abbey

Photo No.1
Ruins of former Abbey

Photo No.2
Very Rev Peter Canon Ryan, Late P. P. Diocese of Galloway,
Scotland. Native of Cragg, Ballinahinch, Co Tipperary. Died

Photo No.3
Jerry Ryan of Newtown Holycross, died 4/4/1984, at the age
of 75. His wife Mary Ryan, died 10/14/1989, at the age of

Photo No.4
Katherine Stakelum (nee Ryan Cleary) of Glenreich, died
4/27/1980, at the age of 92. Erected by her daughter Meave.

Photo No.5
Ellen Ryan of Lisnacandcue, Beakstown, died 2/11/1992, at
the age of 66. Her husband Patsy, died 11/17/1993, at the
age of 72.

Photo No.6
Thomas Ryan of Gaile, died 3/7/1979, at the age of 63. His
wife Susan (nee Shepard), died 2/20/2000, at the age of 74.

Photo No.7
Ellen Ryan of The Dispensary, Holycross, died 1/15/1993, at
the age of 83.

Photo No.8
Pierce Ryan of The Hill Cormackstown, died 2/7/1985, at the
age of 79. His wife Mary (nee Poll), died 7/19/2002, at the
age of 92. Their daughter Mary, died 3/6/2004, at the age of
60. (Interred in Carrigaline, Cork)

Photo No.9
Denis Ryan of Beakstown, died 11/18/1976.

Photo No.10
Father Jack Ryan, O.M.I. of Killenyarda, Holycross, born
1/14/1924. Ordained Priest, in Piltown, Co Kilkenny on
6/29/1949. Died 7/17/1988.

Photo No.11
Michael Ryan of Killenyarda, died 10/3/1964, at the age of
36. His aunt Annie Ryan, died 2/2/1969, at the age of 64.
His father John Ryan (1st Batt. 2nd Tipp. Brig. Old I.R.A.),
died 5/22/1976 at the age of 76. His mother Catherine Ryan,
died 8/7/1984, at the age of 84.

Photo No.12
Nora Ryan (nee Coleman), died 4/10/1974, at the age of 48.
Her brother John Coleman, died 12/24/1993, at the age of 60.

Photo No.13
Margaret Ryan (nee Spillane) of Glenbane Lower, died
8/3/1986, at the age of 45.

Photo No.14
Johanna Ryan (nee Mullaney) of Cormackstown, died 5/20/1983,
at the age of 92. Her son John, died 7/16/1985. Erected by
Michael Ryan (Mullaney)

Photo No.15
Ned Ryan of The Lodge, Cormackstown, died 4/10/1966, at the
age of 84. His nephew Michael Ryan (Mullaney), died
9/19/1993, at the age of 68. Erected by Michael Ryan

Photo No.16
William Ryan of Castle Cloneyharp, Clonoulty, died
6/12/1969, at the age of 75. His wife Ellen (nee O'Grady),
died 12/10/1993, at the age of 85.

Photo No.17
Michael Ryan of Cormackstown, died 12/15/1967. His wife Bea,
died 12/21/1985, at the age of 77. Erected by his wife

Photo No.18
Mary Doyle (nee Ryan), died 4/29/1994, at the age of 70. Her
husband James (Jimmy) Doyle, died 3/16/1996, at the age of
66. An infant daughter Their grandson Paul, died 12/27/1999,
at the age of 17.

Photo No.19
William Ryan of Beakstown, died 6/10/1969. His wife Johanna,
died 2/4/1984. (left side) Johanna Ryan of Beakstown, died
1/4/1970. (right side)

Photo No.20
Conor F. Ryan of Clogher, Gooldscross, died 5/22/1965. His
wife Annie M., died 1/15/1975.

Photo No.21
James Ryan of Killenyarda, died 3/20/1977, at the age of 81.
His wife Mary Ryan (nee Dunne), died 10/10/1988, at the age
of 82.

Photo No.22
Julia Ryan of Clohane, died 6/6/1966, at the age of 88. Her
sister Lizzie Patterson, died 8/4/1983. Her great grandson,
Patrick Wade, Jr, died 9/7/1984 in infancy.

Photo No.23
Denis Ryan of Garranmore, Clonoulty, died 1/7/1974, at the
age of 75. His wife Mary (nee Comerford), died 7/3/1999, at
the age of 87.

Photo No.24
James Ryan of Cormackstown, died 1/7/1975, at the age of 76.
His wife Margaret, died 4/30/1981, at the age of 82. Erected
by their son Martin.

Photo No.25
Daniel Ryan of Rathcannon, died 2/28/1981, at  the age of
77. His wife Johanna (nee Spillane), died 9/27/1985, at the
age of 83.

Photo No.26
William Ryan of The Green, Holycross. Formerly of Ballagh,
Clonoulty, died 6/30/2001, at the age of 82.

Photo No.27
Tommy Ryan of Boher Na Mona, Thurles, died 5/29/1992, at the
age of 79.

Photo No.28
Paddy Ryan of Crossogue, Ballycahill, died 12/11/1998, at
the age of 79.

Photo No.29
Sarah Ryan of Galbertstown, Holycross, died 4/23/1984, age
81. Her son Michael Ryan, died 7/1/1988, age 59.

Photo No.30
Anne Ryan of Clonkelly, Dundrum, died 1/7/1982.

Photo No.31
Breda Ryan (nee Dwan) of Slatefield, Cashel, died 8/7/1982.

Photo No.32
John Ryan of Deerpark, Dundrum, died 12/6/1985, age 79. His
wife Kathleen, died 5/10/1999, age 78.

Photo No.33
Mary Ryan of Grance, died 8/18/1973, age 75. Her daughter
Josie, died 11/29/1937, age 14. Her husband William, died
4/20/1977, age 84.

Photo No.34
Jeremiah Ryan, died 6/29/1840. Erected by his son,
Archbishop P.J. Ryan of St. Louis, Missouri, USA John Ryan,
died 4/21/1889 of Cloneyharp, age 71.

Photo No.35
John Ryan, died 4/23/1915, age 71. His wife Mary, died
12/3/1924, age 75. Their daughter Delia Bourke, died
12/28/1950, age 66. Her husband Richard, died ? (looks like

Photo No.36
Martin Ryan of Abbey House, Holycross, died 2/19/1953. His
wife Mary, died 10/26/1954. Their daughter Johanna Teresa
Weller, died 5/30/2000, age 83.

Photo No.37
In Loving Memory of Peter Maher Beakstown Who died 8th June
1978 aged 73 years His wife Jane died 11th October 1983 Aged
76 Years.

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