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File contributed by: Susan McCall 
February 16, 2013, 6:18 pm


Source: This Is A Photograph Of The Portrait Which Is In 
Toronto Canada

The date of the photo is unknown.  However Dr John Shortt 
lived from 1783 to 1875.

Port Hope Guide Newspaper February 20, 1875 
Another Veteran Departed. (From the Forest Express, Feb 13) 
Dr. John Shortt, Deputy Inspector General of Army Hospitals, 
departed this life on the 22nd January, at Rathmines Dublin 
at the advanced age of 92 years. The deceased held the 
position of Principal Medical officer in three successive 
Regiments, vis, the 47th Regiment, during the seiges of 
Tarnia in 1811, and Cadiz 1812, and while Lord Wellington 
led the English Armies in Spain and Portugal. After a brief 
period on half pay, he was gazetted to the 79th or Cameron 
Highlanders on the eve of its departure for Canada in 1825 
and as Surgeon of that corps returned two years in Toronto 
in 1830. He afterwards, for family reasons, exchanged to the 
24th Regiment, and in 1833 was promoted to the rank of 
Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals. Of the relative rank 
of Colonel of a Regiment. Having served thirty years in 
active service he retired on full pay, and after a few years 
spent in Toronto and Kingston returned to end his days in 
his native land. The late Dr. Shortt was father to the late 
Rev. Jonathan Shortt, D.D., of Port Hope, Mr. Thomas S. 
Shortt, for many years in the Bank of Upper Canada, and now 
in Forest, and of Mr. Samuel Muckleston, of Kingston. He had 
the happiness of seeing the fourth generation of his family 
before he passed away to the better land. His family has 
given no less than five officers to the British Army, and 
one of his brothers, Lieutenant Thomas S. Shortt, was killed 
at San Sebastian while leading a "forlorn hope."