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Nenagh Guardian - 14 Jun 1880
On Thursday night, a woman named Margaret Scarlett, wife of 
a soldier, but, better known by her maiden name of Britt, a 
servant of Mr. Dowd, of Brosna Mills House, was found lying 
on her face and hands in her bedroom about 11 o'clock. Mr. 
Dowd, on seeing that his premises were secure before 
retiring, heard moans from the woman's bedroom, and on 
sending his daughter to ascertain the cause, found the poor 
creature lying on the floor, apparently in a fit of swoon. 
Medical assistance was at once send for but none was 
available until 12 o'clock the next day, owing to some 
misconception as to the law requiring attendances on 
domestic servants under the Medical Charities Act. The woman 
died about that time, and the facts having been communicated 
to John Corcoran, Esq., Coroner of the King's County, an 
inquest was held, when after the examination of witnesses, a 
verdict was returned that Margaret Scarlett died of 
apoplexy, supervening upon epilepsy. Dr. J.L. Somers was the 
medical witness.