Rental of the Estates of Francis Mathew, Esq. County Tipperary, Ireland
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From the Hibernian Journal dated 13th April 1781.
A rental of such parts of the Estates of Francis Mathew, Esq. as are to be sold or mortgaged by Sir Skeffington Smyth, Bart., Cornelius O'Callaghan
and John Armstrong, Esqrs., the Trustees named in an Act of Parliament, passed in the last session, impowering them to raise a sum of about 70,000l.,
to discharge incumbrances affecting the said Estates.

Part of the Thomastown Estate in the County of Tipperary.

14th June 1703.		Reps of Justin McCARTHY. 	   Cooleagh, Part of Kilfeacle,Ballea,Coologe, Drisley.	   529.	   Lives renewable forever
14th June 1703.		Reps of Justin McCARTHY.	   Cahirville, Pt. of Thomastown, Parkmore, Cnockane.	   1083.   Lives renewable forever
2nd May 1719.		John Lidwell and Geo. GOING.	   Ballysorrell, Killevinoge, Dromardbeg.		   338.	   Lives renewable forever
24th July 1725.		John LLOYD.			   Farranogahill.					   25.	   Lives renewable forever
11th Aug. 1726.		Mark COOLEY.			   Clonmore, Coologeanaffron, and Coologeavedale.	           Lives renewable forever
29th Sept. 1725.	Edmond DOHERTY.		           Rathmore.						   38.	   Lives renewable forever
17th Oct. 1709.		John LIDWELL.			   Dromard.						   434.	   Lives renewable forever
17th Oct. 1709.		Jas. BUTLER, and John LIDWELL.	   Skehanna, Bugganes, and Shankhill.			   206.	   Agreement 31 years.
1763.			Lyons CANE and Ulisses NORTH.	   Gurteen and Derry.					   840.	   Three Lives.
1778.			Timothy RYAN.			   Colohill, Monecannane, Curraghkeale, Fanlane.	   630.	   Three Lives.
May. 1760.		Mark BRIEN.			   Rathmanna and Corbally.				   318.	   31 years.
4th Feb. 1760.		Ignatious BROWN.		   Ballycorrane.					   137.	   31 years.
1780.			Mary WHITE.			   Curraghmore.						   88.	   3 lives.
March 1769.		William KISSANE.		   Knockballymallow, Kilcross.				   332.	   3 Lives.
3rd June 1744.		James ELLARD.			   Pallis, Monckeily, and Ballyhenry.			   226.	   2 lives.
18th May, 1772.	        Reps, of Phil RYAN.		   Gortnacoola and Imonea.				   105.	   41 years.
25th March 1772.	Reps. of Wm. BUNBURY.		   Drishane.						   147.	   3 lives.
1780.			John M'DONALD.			   Clunlusk.						   41.	   3 lives.
8th June 1773.		William LEARY.			   Gortavohir.						   20.	   31 years.
13th Jan. 1772.		Thomas MATHEW.		           Lishune alias Templenchoe.				   125.	   3 lives.
13th Jan. 1772, 	James DOHERTY. 			   Ballydonnagh and Ballytrim.				   112.	   31 years.
May. 1772.		Charles GREEN.			   Ballinliny.						   40.	   31 years.
9th June 1769.		Reps. of Phil RYAN.		   Dangandagan.						   27.	   3 lives.

10th Oct. 1771.		Christiana LAVIT.		   *Curraghnolonbro.					   531.	   31 years renewable forever.
30th Dec. 1779.		Simon Davis. and		   Cooleline. Near Charleville.*			   534.	   Lives renewable forever.
			*Eaton MAUNSEL. 		   Cooldrinagh. A rent charge payable out of those lands in the County Clare.*

20th April, 1744.	Reps of Thomas BUTLER.		   Butler's holding in Thurles.				   3.	   Lives renewable forever.
March 1773.		James GREEN.			   Derrygowna.						   39.	   31 years.
March 1773.		Patrick and James TIERNEY.	   Part of Athlemon.					   97.	   Agreement for 31 years.
March 1773.		Patrick MORRISSY.		   Part of Athlemon.					   59. 	   Agreement for 31 years.
April 1775.		Jn. FITZGERALD and Jn.M'FALL.	   Raheenroe.						   20.	   Three lives.
March 1774.		James WALL.			   Part of Garravecleheen and the Heath.	           58.	   31 years.
March 1774.		Dennis KEARNEY.		           Part of    the Mullanes.				   19.	   3 lives.
March 1774.		William KISSANE.		   Pt. of Mullanes, Lahardan, Ballygimane, Knockanacunna.  540.	   3 lives.
4th May 1762.		William GORMAN and Partners.	   Part Towreen and Farranreigh.			   113.	   31 years.
25th May 1772.		Jas. CAHILL and LOUGHLIN Kirwan.   Part of Towreen.					   37.	   31 years.