Directory: Inhabitants of Roscrea - 1823

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Acres, Adam, Esq., Mill Park.

Acres, Thomas, Esq.

Bannan, Rev. Timothy.

Birch, Geo., Esq., Mount Inchia.

Birch, John, Esq., Birch Grove.

Birch, Timothy, Esq.

Birch, William Henry, Esq.,Birch Grove.

Bridge, Mrs., Ashbury.

Buckley,Wm., Esq. Hillsborough

Canter, Joseph, Esq. , Ann Grove.

Chetwyn, Captain, Dungar.

Cockrane, Captain.

Cox, Hopton Butler, Esq., Laurel Hill.

Darby, John, Esq., Leap Castle.

Dudley, Shelton, Esq., Mount Dudley.

Evans, Win., Esq.,Dungar Park.

Freeman, Francis, Esq., Summer Hill.

Goulding, William, Esq., Mall.

Hamilton, Rev. John.

Harding, Henry, Esq., Grange.

Harding, Samuel, Esq.

Harding, Wm., Esq.

Hart, Charles, Esq., Tinderry.

Head, Henry, Esq., Clonlisk.

Hurst, George, Esq.. Fancraft.

Hutchinson, Captain, Timoney Park.

Hutchinson, Wm. Henry, Esq.,Rock Forest.

Jackson, Peter, Esq., Inane.

Kelly, Rev. John.

Kenedy, Rev. O'Kenedy.

L'Estrange, Rev. Thomas, Rector,Glebe House.

Lloyd, Colonel, Gloster.

Lloyd, J., Esq., Lowland House.

Minuet,William, Esq.,Cloughan.

O'Shaunessey, Rev. James, P.P.

Palmer, Sandford, Esq.

Palmer, Thos., Esq., Glanacurragh.

Prettie, Hon. F. A., M.P., Corville.

Sheane, Arthur Thos., Esq.

Smith, Captain, Mount Butler.

Smith, John, Esq., Anneville.

Smith, Joshua, Esq., Drum Hill.

Smith, Patten, Esq., Verdant Hill.

Smith, Wm., Esq., Racket Hall.

Stewart, Rev. Samuel Henry.

Stuart, Lieutenant.

Taylor, General, Mount Eaton.

Yaughan, Wm. P., Esq., Golden Grove.

Wood, Rev. Samuel, Mall.



O'Donnell, Edw. (Gentlemen's Day).

Stewart, Rev. Samuel (Gentlemen's Day), Castle Street.

Wood, Rev. Samuel (Boarding and Day for Ladies) , Mall


Delany, Thomas, Main Street.

Downer, William Henry (and manufacturing chemist), New 
Medical Hall, Main Street.

Powell, Mrs., Main Street.


Cathcart, Rolleston N.

Cox, Samuel, Mall.

Maxwell, Albert, Glenalbert.

Talbot Samuel, Main Street.

Talbot, Leece (Commissioner of Affidavits, Master 
Extraordinary for Chancery, and Receiver of Special Bail), 


Acres, Robert (and miller), Main Street.

Egan, Stephen, Cottage.

Jackson, Edward, Main Street.

Maher, Timothy, Castle Street.

M'Gennis,? , Main Street.

M'Gennis, Win., Main Street.

O'Lery, Elizabeth, Main Street.

Wood, Moses, Castle Street.


Cleary, John, Main Street.

Eggers, Paul (and Printer), Castle Street.

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Brierley, Srimpton, Castle Street.

Curtis, Daniel, Castle Street.

Dann, John, Main Street.

Dann, Jonathan, Main Street.

Dwyer, James, Main Street.

Evans, James, Main Street.

Gilfoil, Daniel, Abbey Street.

Kennedy, William, Main Street.


Birch & Co. (and Distillers).

Egan, Stephen.


M'Donall, John.

Phelan, William, Rosemary St.

Cabinet Maker.

Lynham, Matthew, Main Street.


Higgins, John, Castle Street.

Earthenware Dealers.

Delaney, John, Limerick Street.

Kirwin, Patrick, Rosemary St.

O'Lery, Elizabeth, Main Street.

Lynnan, Matthew, Main Street.


Fawcett, George, Main Street.

M'Gennis, William, Main Street.

Woodlock, John, Main Street.


Cleary, John, Main Street.

Fawcett, George, Main Street.

M'Gennis, William, Main St.

Richardson, Robert, Castle St.

Whitten, Anne, Main Street.

Inns and Hotels.

Brown, William.

Smallman, Isaac (White Hart).

Iron Merchant.

Dudley, Francis, Castle Street.


Comerford, James, Main Street.

Dudley, Francis (and Trimming and Fancy Warehouse), Castle 

Evans, Richard, Main Street.

Tracey, Michael, Rosemary St.

Leather Sellers.

Carroll, Michael, Main Street.

Dann, John, Main Street.

Jackson, William, Main Street.

Smallman, Thomas, Mall.

Tracey, John, Limerick Street.

Linen Drapers.

Fawcett, George, Main Street.

Palmer, Francis, Main Street.

Reynolds, Nicholas, Main St.

Rhodes, William, Main Street.

Richardson, Robert, Castle St.

Ryan, James, Main Street.

Talbot, Leece, Main Street.


Molloy, Richard Mason (landscape, figure, and architect), 
Castle Street.

Painters and Glaziers.

M'Donnell, Andrew, Main St.

Smallman, William, Castle St.

Physicians and Surgeon*.

Dancer, Richard.

Kingsley, William.


Bannan, Edward, Rosemary St.

Benn, Percy, Limerick Street.

Bowen, Thomas, Limerick St.

Brown, Nicholas, Main Street.

Burgin, James, Main Street.

Burgin, Martin, Limerick St.

Burgin, Nicholas, Eosemary St.

Burgin, Patrick (and Carpenter), Castle Street.

Burke, Mary, Eosemary Street.

Carroll, William (and Mason),Limerick Street.

Davey, Mary, Eosemary Street.

England, John, Main Street.

Fallon, John, Castle Street.

Feehan, Michael (Beef Steak Tavern), Castle Street.

Guynan, Daniel, Eosemary St.

Harvey, Patrick, Bridge.

Higgins, Peter, Limerick Street.

Keeshan, James, Eosemary St.

Kelly, Hugh, Castle Street.

Kelly, John, Main Street.

Kinnah, William, Limerick St.

Mailer, Dfnis, Eosemary Street.

Maher, Timothy.

Maher, William, Main St.

M-Clean, James, Castle Street.

M'Gennis, John, Main Street.

O'Brien, Eliza, Eosemary St.

Phelan, James, Eosemary St.

Phelan, Thomas, Castle Street.

Snow, Michael, Main Street.

Walsh, Edward, Eosemary St.


Evans, William, Main Street.

Large, Henry, Castle Street.

Wood, Morris, Castle Street.


Abbott, William, Mall.

Hendy, Thomas, Grove Street.

Maher, Cornelius, Grove Street.

Smith, Charles, Eosemary St.

Tallow Chandlers.

Crampton, Eichard, Main Street.

Jackson, Edward, Main Street.

Jackson, George, Eosemary St.

Smallman, William, Castle St.

Talbot, John, Main Street.


Carroll, Michael, Main Street.

Smallman, Thomas, Mall.

Timber Merchants.

Dudley, Francis, Castle Street.

Marshall, Samuel, Eosemary St.

Tracey, Michael, Rosemary Street.


Feehan, Kierney (manufacturer),

Main Street.

Woodlock, William (manufacturer), Main Street.

Wine and Spirit Dealers.

Fawcett, George, Main Street.

M'Gennis, John, Main Street.

M'Gennis, William, Main Street.

Palmer, Francis, Main Street.

Woodlock, Patrick, Main Street.

Woollen Manufacturers.

Buckley, Henry, Hillsborough.Factory.

Carroll, Joseph, Rosemary St.

Grotty, Thomas, Main Street.

Hayes, G. (and Stuff), Castle St.

Malone, Peter, Main Street.

Rhodes, William, Main Street.


Brown, William, Watch Maker, Castle Street.

Crawford, Hugh, Brazier, Rosemary Street.

Goulding, James, Smith.

Lynch, Jonathan, Gun Maker,

O'Brien, A., Salt Manufacturer.

Young, Ben., Stamp Distributer.

The Early History - of the town of Birr, or Parsonstown the 
particulars of remarkable events there in more recent times. 
Also the towns of Nenagh, Roscrea, Banagher, Tullamore, 
Philipstown, Frankford, Shinrone, Kinnetty and Ballyboy.