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1824 Pigot Directory 


Abbott, Wm.   draper, Merchants, Tradesmen
Ardagh, Daniel   boot & ?maker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Babbington, Major   Barrack Master, Gentry & Clergy
Banks, Frank Esq. The Barracks Gentry & Clergy
Bennett, John   boot & ?maker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Bennett, Theophilus Esq, Old Town Gentry & Clergy
Bennett, Theophilus Esq, Loughmore Gentry & Clergy
Bennett, Thos. Esq Eastwood Gentry & Clergy
Bennett, Thos. Esq Bellwood Gentry & Clergy
Bourke, Capt. John Lodge Gentry & Clergy
Bourke, Michael   grocer, Merchants, Tradesmen
Bourke, N. Esq   Gentry & Clergy
Bourke, Thos   Attorney, Gentry & Clergy
Burns, Rev. William P.C.   Gentry & Clergy
Butler, James Esq Park Gentry & Clergy
Carden, Mrs. Barnane Gentry & Clergy
Carden, Paul Kyffie Esq. Manna-Cottage Gentry & Clergy
Carden, Richard Esq Fishmoine Gentry & Clergy
Carden, Sir Henry Robt., bart Priory Gentry & Clergy
Dudley, William   shopkeeper, Merchants, Tradesmen
Evans, George   cabinetmaker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Falkner, Rev. William N.   Curate and Chaplain to the Barrack, Gentry & Clergy
Fant, Rev. Patk, P.P   Gentry & Clergy
Greaves, Rev. Henry Meggs, L.L.D. Glebe House Gentry & Clergy
Grant, Nicholas   publican, Merchants, Tradesmen
Guest, James   grocer & draper, Merchants, Tradesmen
Guest, John   grocer & draper, Merchants, Tradesmen
Hampton, Andrew   grocer, Merchants, Tradesmen
Hargraft, George   grocer & draper, Merchants, Tradesmen
Hewson, Edmund   grocer & dealer in earthenware, Merchants, Tradesmen
Hewson, James   draper & grocer, Merchants, Tradesmen
Keatinge, Rev. James, P.C.   Gentry & Clergy
Keatinge, Wm. Esq   Gentry & Clergy
Kennedy, Rev. Patrick   Vicar of Loughmore, Gentry & Clergy
Kingsley, Edward Esq   Surgeon, Gentry & Clergy
Kingsmille, Luke   baker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Kyte, Richard   parish clerk, Miscellaneous
Lanagan, Martin Esq   Attorney, Gentry & Clergy
Lanagan, Stephen Esq   Gentry & Clergy
Ledwill, George Esq Dromard Gentry & Clergy
Ledwill, Robert Esq Cloonmore Gentry & Clergy
Lloyd, Henry Esq Castle-lay Gentry & Clergy
Lloyd, John Esq Lloydsborough Gentry & Clergy
Lloyd, Mrs.   Gentry & Clergy
Lloyd, Thomas Esq Mount-Friscoe ? Gentry & Clergy
Loller, Thomas Esq Crannagh Gentry & Clergy
Lynch, Patrick   publican, Merchants, Tradesmen
Mackay, Michael   spirit dealer, Merchants, Tradesmen
Monck, Chas, The Hon. Belleville Gentry & Clergy
O'Connell, John   King's Arms Hotel, Merchants, Tradesmen
O'Connell, Richard   auctioneer, Miscellaneous
Peacock, James   harness maker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Rudd, T.   baker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Ryan, Denis   builder & baker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Ryan, Wm.   tallow chandler, Merchants, Tradesmen
Ryan, Wm.   baker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Sutcliffe, Thos.   cabinetmaker, Merchants, Tradesmen
Sweeny, Daniel   publican, Merchants, Tradesmen
Switzer, Tobias   saddler, Merchants, Tradesmen
Tyrrell, John   organist, Miscellaneous
Webb, Daniel James Esq Woodville-Lodge Gentry & Clergy
Wheelan, Ki_r   apothecary, Merchants, Tradesmen
Willington, John Esq Killin Gentry & Clergy
Willington, Theobald Esq Richmount Gentry & Clergy

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