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1824 Pigot Directory 

Abbott, Saml. William st. Public Notaries
Abbott, Samuel William st. Commissioners of Affidavits (chancery & exchequer)
Achison, Chas. Johnson-st. Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Aldwell, Rev. John   Rector of Newchapel
Ardagh, Arthur Warren-st. Corn Merchants
Armstrong, Geo. Main-street Gun Makers
Bagwell, Benjamin esq. Bagwell-street Excise office (collector)
Bagwell, John esq. Larchgrove Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Bagwell, Lieut. Col. Bagwell-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Bagwell, The Right Hon. Colonel William Marlfield   Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Baker, Walter Gordon-st. Attorneys
Baldwin, Rev. John Irishtown Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Banfield, Robt. New Quay Provision Merchants
Banfield, Robt. - British Fire Office & Westminster Soc. New Quay Fire &c Offices
Barry, Ann Bagwell-street Confectioners
Barry, John Main-street Leather Cutters & Sellers
Barry, John Main-street Linen Drapers
Barton, Wm. Main-street Hatters
Bell, Rev. Dr. Robt. Richmond-house Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Bell, Robert D.D. Richmond-house Academies
Bianconi, Charles Bagwell-street Carver & Gilder
Blackmore, Major, M.P. Westgate Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Bolger, Jas. Main-street Grocers (wholesale)
Bourke, Edmund Irishtown Boot & Shoe Makers
Boyle, Rev. Thomas Irishtown Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Bradford, John Main-street Hardware Warehouses (& cutler)
Bradshaw, William Harding esq. Sommerville Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Brenan, Richd. Mary-st. Pawnbrokers
Brennan, Rev. Edmund Irishtown Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Burgess, Richard Warren-st. Surgeons
Burke, Edmund Johnson-st. Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Burke, James Johnson-st. Woollen Drapers
Burke, Rd. Irishtown Taverns & Public Houses (Rock of Cashel)
Burke, Thos. Dublin-st. Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Butler, James - Great Globe Bagwell-street Hotels
Butler, John Main-street Woollen Drapers
Butler, John Irishtown Leather Cutters & Sellers
Butler, Pierce Main-street Soap Boilers & Tallow Chandlers
Byrne, James Main-street Linen Drapers (& woollen)
Cahil, Margaret Main-street Linen Drapers (& woollen)
Cantwell, Denis Gordon-st. Merchants - (General) (timber)
Cantwell, Patrick Old Quay Corn Merchants
Cantwell, Ths. (?) esq. New st. Irishtown Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Cardy (?), Rev. L_ugar Ann-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Carey, Mary Main-street Boot & Shoe Makers
Carroll, Margaret - Spread Eagle Main-street Inn
Carson, Wm. Bagwell-street Printers (general & proprietor of the Clonmel Advertiser; published on Wednesdays & Saturdays)
Carty, Rev. Robert   Rector of Donoughmore
Cashin, Timothy Little-island Tanners
Cassin, Jas. Main-street Taverns & Public Houses
Castell (?), Wm. Main-street Saddlers & Harness Makers
Castell, Jas. Main-street Merchants - (General) (timber)
Chaloner, John esq. Nelson-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Chartr_s (?), Thomas Irishtown Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers
Chaytor, William esq. Bagwell-street deputy major
Chaytor, William esq.  - Butter Market (weigh master)
Clancy, Cornelius Irishtown Dyers
Clarke, Godfrey Dublin-st. Glaziers & Painters
Cleary, Pat. Main-street Haberdashers
Close (?), Burrowes Coronation-row Attorneys
Collett, Anna Main-street Saddlers & Harness Makers
Collett, Stephen Mara Old-quay Attorneys
Colt, Edward Irishtown Bakers
Coman, Michael Dublin-st. Apothecaries
Connell, Patrick Dublin-st. Bakers
Connell, Thomas Main-street Bakers
Connor, Patrick Main-street Coopers
Connor, Walter Johnson-st. Coopers
Constable, Robert Johnson-st. Physicians
Cooney, Wm. Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Cooney, Wm. Johnson-st. Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Cooper, Thos. Johnson-st. Ironmongers
Cott, Nicholas Irishtown Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Cr_an, Richard & Sons Irishtown Dyers (& serge & broad blanket manufct.)
Cradock, Frederick esq. Mary-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Craven, Patrick Main-street Bakers
Crotty, Eliza Main-street Linen Drapers
Cunningham, William Bridge-lane Boat Owners
Curtis, Richard Johnson-st. Agricultural Implement Maker
Curtis, Richard Johnson-st. Coach Makers
Dalton, Rev. Charles Irishtown Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Daniel, John Old Quay Corn Merchants
Davis, Michl Irishtown Tanners
Davis, Robert Main-street Glass China & Eathenware Dealers
Davis, Robert - National Assurance Co. of Ireland Main-street Fire &c Offices
Davis, Robt. Main-street Grocers (& drug warehouse)
Davis, Thos. Johnson-st. Pawnbrokers
Dee, John Mary-st. Bakers
Delany, Jeremiah Dublin-st. Taverns & Public Houses (Little Globe)
Demnead (?), Adam New-quay Attorneys
Dewe (?), Phillip Bagwell-street Physicians
Dillon, William Morton-street Surgeons
Domville (?), John Raheen Attorneys
Donnelly, Peter Main-street Haberdashers
Donoughmore, The Right Hon. Earl Knocklofty Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Downey, John Johnson-st. Leather Cutters & Sellers
Duckett, Richard M. Bagwell-street Attorneys
Duckett, Samuel Duckett-street Attorneys
Duckett, Thomas Esq.  - Excise office (Permit Officer)
Duckett, William Warren-st. Attorneys
Duggan, John Main-street Bakers
Duggan, Michl. Bagwell-street Haberdashers
Dunn, Michael Mary-st. Miniature painter
Dunn, Philip Flag-lane Taverns & Public Houses (Old Blue Achor ?)
Dunphy, John Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Durney, Edw. Mary-st. Tailors
Eagle, Edward Johnson-st. Physicians (& staff surgeon)
Eagle, Rev. Geo. Edward Warren-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Edmundson, William Johnson-st. Corn Merchants
Edmundson, Wm. Johnson-st. Salt Manufacturers
Edmundson, Wm. Charles-st. Tanners
Edwards, Thomas Morton esq. New-quay Surveyor of excise
English, Mark Morton-street Machine Makers
Esterby, James Dublin-st. Watch Makers
Evans, Eliza Irishtown Haberdashers
Fahy, Martha Main-street Bakers
Falkner, Frederick, esq. Nelson-street clerk of the crown
Fayle, Samuel Bagwell-street Hardware Warehouses
Fell, Nicholas Main-street * Tobacconists
Finn, Wm. Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Fitzgerald, Gerald Main-street Bakers
Fitzgerald, John Johnson-st. Taverns & Public Houses (Clonmel Arms)
Flanagan, John Dublin-st. Pawnbrokers
Flannery, the very Rev. Dr. Thomas Irishtown P.P.
Fleming, Jas. Johnson-st. Taverns & Public Houses (Plough)
Fleming, Wm. Mary-st. Glaziers & Painters
Floyd, Thomas Irishtown Dyers
Fogarty, Rev. Patrick Irishtown Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Giles, Rev. ___ Dublin-st. Vicar of Rathnonan
Gilliard, Philip Nelson-street Wine & Spirit Merchants
Glascott, Geo. Main-street Grocers (wholesale)
Glascott, Geo. Main-street Haberdashers (wholesale)
Glascott, Sarah Main-street Milliners & Dress Makers (& straw bonnet manufacturer)
Goggin, William Main-street Booksellers & Stationers
Going, Stephen Irishtown * Tobacconists
Goldrisk, James esq. Ann-street assistant commissary general
Gordon, Samuel Ann-street Commissioners of Affidavits (three courts & special bail King's bench)
Gordon, Samuel esq. Spring-garden Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Gordon, Samuel esq. Ann-street Attorneys
Gorman, Ellen Main-street Booksellers & Stationers
Gorman, Ellen Main-street Printers
Gorman, Wm. Bagwell-street coach smith
Goulding, Robt. Irishtown Gun Makers
Grady, John Old Quay Merchants - (General)
Grady, Pat. New Quay Merchants - (General)
Grady, Patrick New-quay Boat Owners
Graham, Geo. Duncan-street brazier & tinman
Graham, Geo. Duncan-street Machine Makers
Graham, Geo. (?) Duncan-street Iron Founder
Graham, Jacob Duncan-street Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers
Greene, Colonel Kilmanahan Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Greene, Eccles Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Greene, John Jervis-race (?) Attorneys
Greer & Murphy Nelson-street Brewers & Maltsters
Greer, Thos. Old Quay Wine & Spirit Merchants
Grubb, Abm. Duncan-street Wine & Spirit Merchants
Grubb, Abraham - Albion Fire & Life Insurance Co. Old Quay Fire &c Offices
Grubb, Francis Bagwell-street Haberdashers (& linen draper)
Grubb, John & Joseph Gordon-st. Grocers (wholesale)
Grubb, Joseph Thomas Suir-island Corn Merchants & Millers
Grubb, Robert esq. Johnson-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Grubb, Robert Samuel Suir-island Corn Merchants (and oil crusher)
Grubb, Robt. Geo. Main-street Linen Drapers
Grubb, Sarah & Co. Anner-mills Corn Merchants & Millers
Grubb, Thomas S. Richmond-st. Corn Merchants (& iron & timber)
Grubb, Thomas Samuel Richmond-st. Boat Owners
Grubb, Thos. Saml. Richmond-st. Merchants - (General) (oil colours & dye sutffs)
Guilfoile, Alice Dublin-st. Bakers
Hackett, John Main-street Booksellers & Stationers (& binder)
Hackett, Wm. Main-street Printers (medicine & foreign __ warehouse)
Hamerton, Major Hamerton Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Hanly, Thos. Main-street Linen Drapers
Hanrahan, Timothy Main-street Boot & Shoe Makers
Harris, Benj. Bagwell-street Gun Makers
Harvey, Henry Bagwell-street Boot & Shoe Makers
Harvey, Hill Johnson-st. Linen Drapers
Harvey, Wm. Dublin-st. Saddlers & Harness Makers
Harwood, Edw. Mary-st. Glaziers & Painters
Hayden, Thomas Main-street Bakers
Hayden, Thomas Tubraheen-mills Corn Merchants & Millers
Hayden, Thos. Irishtown Tanners
Hayes & Cobden Warren-st. Corn Merchants
Hayes, Garratt Dublin-st. Taverns & Public Houses
Hayes, Pat. Dublin-st. Taverns & Public Houses
Hayes, Richd. & James Old Quay Corn Merchants
Heffernan, Wm. Main-street Linen Drapers
Hemphill, Samuel Gordon-st. Physicians
Hennessy, Arthur Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Hennessy, Robt. Main-street Glaziers & Painters
Heuston, Richd. Bagwell-street circulating library
Hickey, David Irishtown Grocers
Hickey, David Irishtown Merchants - (General) (iron, oils & colours)
Higginbotham, Ann Main-street Bakers
Higgins (?), Eliz. & Son Duncan-street Nursery & Seedsman
Higgins, Corn. Dublin-st. Booksellers & Stationers (& binder)
Hill, John Roe Bagwell-street Watch Makers (& working jeweller)
Hill, Rev. James Knocklofty Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Hinds, Co_te F. Main-street brazier & tinman
Hinds, Eliz. Coote Main-street Milliners & Dress Makers
Hogan, Mary Dublin-st. Bakers
Hogan, Patrick Blue Anchor lane Boat Owners (& coal & corn dealers)
Hogan, Patrick Flag-lane Taverns & Public Houses (ship & Anchor)
Holmes, Thomas Dublin-st. Boot & Shoe Makers
Howell, John Main-street Apothecaries
Howell, Mrs. William st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Hudson, Wm. Main-street rope maker & sacking & sail cloth warehouse
Hughes, John esq. Duncan-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Hughes, Joseph Main-street Hardware Warehouses
Hughes, Thomas Bridge Corn Merchants & Millers
Hutchinson, the Right Hon. Lord Knocklofty Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Jacob, Elizabeth & Ann Suir-island Academies (ladies)
Jacob, Henry - Royal Irish Insurance Co. New Quay Fire &c Offices
Jacob, Isaac New Quay Merchants - (General)
Jacob, Isaac Suirville-mills Corn Merchants & Millers
Jacob, Saml. Watson * Tobacconists
Jones, Morgan Johnson-st. Bakers
Jones, Mrs. New-quay Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Joyce, Henry Irishtown Merchants - (General)
Joyce, Henry Irishtown Provision Merchants
Julian, James Bagwell-street Coach Makers
Kearney, James Main-street Booksellers & Stationers
Kearney, Michl. Main-street Linen Drapers
Kearney, Richard Main-street Apothecaries
Keating, Mr. John  - Butter Market (inspector)
Keating, Patrick Main-street Apothecaries
Keating, Walter Main-street Ironmongers
Kellett, John Dalton esq. Mary-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Kelly, Esther Main-street Glovers
Kelly, Jeremiah Main-street Soap Boilers & Tallow Chandlers
Kelly, Mrs. New-quay Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Kelter, Andrew Bridge-lane Taverns & Public Houses (Harp)
Kempston, Robert Johnson-st. Boot & Shoe Makers
Ken_y, Joseph Bagwell-street Attorneys
Kennedy, Denis Johnson-st. Nursery & Seedsman
Kerrigan ___ Bagwell-street Physicians
King, Wm. Charles-st. Tanners
Laharte, Edward Duncan-street Attorneys
Lalor, Terrence New B____ Tailors
Landry, Michl. Main-street Haberdashers
Lane, Ambrose, esq. Mary-st. County Treasurer
Langan, Nicholas Dublin-st. Hatters
Lawlor, John Main-street Woollen Drapers
Leacey, Pat Mary-st. Tailors
Leahy, Patrick Main-street Bakers
Lean, Francis Irishtown hard wood turner
Legge, John Dublin-st. Boot & Shoe Makers (ladies)
Legge, Rd. Bolton-st. parish clerk
Lonergan & Daniel Bagwell-street Saddlers & Harness Makers
Lonergan, Alice Main-street Linen Drapers
Lonergan, John Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Lonergan, Wm. Main-street Grocers
Luther, Guy Anthony esq. New St. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Luther, John Main-street Public Notaries (& general agent)
Luther, John Main-street Commissioners of Affidavits (four courts)
Luther, John - Sun Fire & Life Insurance Co. Main-street Fire &c Offices
Luther, William Main-street Bakers
Lyster, Geo. Dublin-st. Glaziers & Painters
Lyster, John Johnson-st. Glaziers & Painters
Maddin, Denis Dublin-st. Hardware Warehouses
Maher, Michael Johnson-st. Bakers
Mahony, Michael Main-street Apothecaries
Malcomson & Jacob New-quay Boat Owners
Malcomson & Jacob New Quay Merchants - (General)
Malcomson, Dav. & son Bridge Merchants - (General)
Malcomson, David, & Son Bridge Corn Merchants & Millers
Mara, James Main-street Woollen Drapers
Mason, Sarah Bagwell-street Academies (ladies)
Massey, Wm. Main-street Ironmongers
Maunsell, Rev. Richard Abbeyville Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
McCarthy, Francis Main-street Leather Cutters & Sellers
McCarthy, Michael Timothy Felix Ann-street Academies
McCleland, Wm. Bagwell-street Bakers
McGui_ (?), Wm. Irishtown Grocers
McKeary, John Main-street Linen Drapers
McNamara, Wm. Main-street Linen Drapers
Miles, Rev. George Summerville Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Minikin, Captain Linville Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Moore, Misses Warren-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Moore, Richard esq. Johnson-st. J.P.
Moore, Stephen esq. Barn Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Moore, Thos. Duncan-street Boat Owners (& corn dlr.)
Moore, Wm. Salisbury Barrister
Moran, Stephen Bagwell-street Glovers
Morton & Grubb Manor-mills Corn Merchants & Millers
Morton, Captain Thomas Marymount, Queen's Co. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Morton, Samuel esq. Little-island Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Mulcahy, Pat. Irishtown Taverns & Public Houses
Murphy, Jno. Malcomson Warren-st. Corn Merchants & Millers
Murphy, John Malcomson Dowd's-lane Provision Merchants
Murphy, Mary Main-street Tobacconists
Murray, Thos. - Patriotic Insurance Co. Arlington-st. Fire &c Offices
Myers, Captain Ann-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Newell, Robt. Dublin-st. Hatters
Nolan, James Bagwell-street umbrella & parasol manufacturer
Noonan, John Main-street Taverns & Public Houses
Nowl_n, Margaret Bagwell-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Nowlan, Jeremiah Main-street Woollen Drapers
Nowlan, Mr. Jeremiah  - Stamp Office (distributor)
O'Brien, Daniel Main-street Linen Drapers (& woollen)
O'Brien, Edward Irishtown Dyers (& serge & broad blanket manufct.)
O'Brien, Frances Main-street Attorneys
O'Brien, Mary Main-street Linen Drapers (& woollen)
O'Brien, Michl. Irishtown Nursery & Seedsman
O'Connor, Pat. Main-street Linen Drapers
O'Donel, Philip Dublin-st. Soap Boilers & Tallow Chandlers
O'Donnell, John  ? Machine Makers (& smith)
O'Neill, Henry Main-street Taverns & Public Houses
O'Neill, Philip Irishtown Linen Drapers
O'Neill, Wm. Old Quay Salt Manufacturers
Ormond, Mary Richardson Johnson-st. Hotels
Osborne, Lady Catherine Newtown Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Otway, Wm. Main-street Hardware Warehouses
Pedder, Henry Mary-st. Attorneys
Pedder, Henry Mary Commissioners of Affidavits (four courts & special bail three courts)
Penistan, Catherine Main-street Glass China & Eathenware Dealers
Pennefather, Thos. Esq. Ann-street J.P.
Perry, Samuel esq. Woodroffe Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Phelan, Andrew Johnson-st. Soap Boilers & Tallow Chandlers
Phelan, James Irishtown Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Phelan, Michl. Main-street Linen Drapers
Phelan, William Morton-street Physicians
Phelan, William Main-street Apothecaries
Power, Captain Gurteen H.P. (Nobility, Gentry & Clergy)
Power, Edward Old Quay Corn Merchants
Power, John Duncan-street Merchants - (General)
Power, John Duncan-street Corn Merchants & Millers
Poynt__, Thomas Irishtown Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers
Prendergast, John Main-street Taverns & Public Houses (Hope & Anchor)
Prendergast, Thos. Irishtown Tanners
Prendergast, Thos. Irishtown Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Price, James Irishtown Leather Cutters & Sellers
Price, Richd. Irishtown Tanners
Prittian, Thomas Johnson-st. Bakers
Proctor, John Bagwell-street Ironmongers
Prossor, Simon Dublin-st. Watch Makers
Purcell, James Bagwell-street Glass China & Eathenware Dealers
Purcell, James Johnson-st. Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Quin, Pat Main-street * Tobacconists
Quinlan, John esq. Landscape Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Quirk, Ann Main-street Linen Drapers
Quirk, John Old Quay Corn Merchants & Millers
Quirk, John Bridge-lane Leather Cutters & Sellers
Radford, Ebenezer Johnson-st. Public Notaries
Reily, Martin Bagwell-street Bakers
Reylance, Thos. Main-street Linen Drapers
Riordan, Rev. D. Twiss Gordon-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Riordan, Rev. D. Twiss Gordon-st. Academies
Roberts, Patrick Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Russell, Mrs. New-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Ryall, Arthur esq. Duncan-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Ryall, Charles Esq. Heywood Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Ryall, William esq. Annerville Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Ryan, Cath. Main-street Linen Drapers
Ryan, Edmund Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Ryan, Mary Main-street Linen Drapers
Ryan, Pat Gordon-st. Pawnbrokers
Ryan, Pat Gordon-st. Wine & Spirit Merchants
Ryan, Pat. Gordon-st. Grocers (wholesale)
Ryan, Thomas Main-street Bakers
Ryan, Thomas esq. Cottage Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Ryan, Wm. Main-street Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Sankey, Mrs. Gordon-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Sargint, Edward Irishtown Corn Merchants & Millers
Savage, John Mary-st. Glaziers & Painters
Sawyer, Thomas esq.  - Excise office (Gauger)
Scott, Ivie & Scott Duncan-street Bankers
Shanrahan, Matthew Irishtown Pawnbrokers
Shee, Jas. R. Johnson-st. Linen Drapers (& muslin wholesale)
Singleton, Wm. Richmond-st. Saddlers & Harness Makers
Slatery, William Morton-street Carpenters
Sleaden, Richd. Irishtown Glaziers & Painters
Smithwick, John esq. Ann-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Smyth, Christopher New-buildings Linen Drapers
Smyth, James Bagwell-street Glovers (& breeches maker)
Spring, James esq. Ann-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Spring, James esq.  - Excise office (Gauger)
Stanton, Thomas esq. Johnson-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Stein, John & Co. Marlfield Distillers
Stephenson, Rev. William Mary-st. Curate of St. Mary's
Stephenson, Thos. Dublin-st. hosier
Sterne, Henry Main-street Woollen Drapers
Stokes, Thos. Johnson-st. Grocers & Spirit Dealers
Strangman, Mrs. Mary-st. Academies (ladies)
Supple, John Johnson-st. Taverns & Public Houses
Supple, John Johnson-st. Taverns & Public Houses
Sutherland, Wm. - Mail Coach Bagwell-street Hotels
Sweeny, Chas. Irishtown professor of music
Sweeny, Pat. Dublin-st. Watch Makers
Taylor, Anna Main-street Linen Drapers
Taylor, Mrs. Cooleville Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Taylor, Thomas esq. Birdhill Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Thompson, James  - Excise office (Gauger)
Thompson, Wm. Wade Dublin-st. Boot & Shoe Makers
Thornton, Mary Ann Bagwell-street Milliners & Dress Makers
Tinsley, John Ann-street Builder
Tobin, Michl. Irishtown Taverns & Public Houses (Shamrock)
Toon_y or Toomy, Helen Main-street Confectioners
Trigge, Francis Irishtown Brush & Bellows Makers
Trigge, James Bridge-lane Brush & Bellows Makers
Trigge, Thomas Westgate Brush & Bellows Makers
Trigge, Thos. Westgate Machine Makers
Turner, Matthew J. Suir-island Provision Merchants
Turner, Matthew J. New-st. Corn Merchants & Millers
Tydd, Thomas esq. New-quay Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Upton, Wm. Bayly Johnson-st. Printers (general & proprietor of the Clonmel Herald, published on Wednesdays & Saturdays)
Vaughan, William Bagwell-street Bakers
Vowe_l, Richd. Prendergast Mary-st. Commissioners of Affidavits (King's bench & common pleas)
Wall, Pat Irishtown * Tobacconists
Wall, Rev. Daniel Rectory, Mary-st. Rector of St. Mary's
Wallace, Andrew esq.  - Excise office (Surveyor)
Walsh, Bartholomew Johnson-st. Taverns & Public Houses
Welsh, Martin William st. Carpenters
White, Jas. Dublin-st. Grocers & Spirit Dealers
White, Michl. Main-street Linen Drapers
White, Thomas junr. Bagwell-street Attorneys
White, Thomas senr. Esq. Bagwell-street Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Whitten, William - West of England Insurance Co. Old Quay Fire &c Offices
Whitten, William & Anthony Old-quay Boat Owners
Whitten, William & Co. Old Quay Corn Merchants
Williams, Michl Main-street Ironmongers (& smith)
Woods, Edmund Irishtown Taverns & Public Houses (Royal Oak)
Worrall, Rev. James Mary-st. Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Worrall, Rev. James Mary-st. Academies
Wright, John Irishtown Boot & Shoe Makers
* also Tallow Chandlers & Soap Boilers    

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