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10th Ptk O'Meara and Ellen Gleeson; Sp: James O'Meara and 
Catherine Gleeson

11 Edmund Mara and Catherine Ryan; Sp:  Francis Ryan and 
Bridget Bruttin

22 Patrick Maher and Bridget Cleary; Sp:  Daniel Kennedy and 
J? Gleeson

30 Patrick Dennis 'Carthy and Annie Flannery; Sp:  Daniel 
Hogan and Mary Kiernan

Patrick Comerford and Sara Zachary (not certain); Sp: 
?Whelan and Catherine Ryan

James Quigley and Mary Connors; Sp:  Patrick Hays and Mary 

Edmund McDonnell and Anne Cormack, Aughnameadle; Sp:  Thos 
and P. Gleeson of Cashel




6 Ellen of Adw Cormick and Kelly (?) O'Brien; Sp: James 
Quinlan and ? Meara


2 Kilnafine  Mary of N.  Slevin and Mary Kennedy Sp: are 
James Slevin and Peggi Quinnell 

2 Mic of Jno Kennedy and Mary gleeson; Sp: Pat Gleeson and 

11  John of Darby Quiry & ?;Sp: Mick Cormick

12  Ally of Martin Gleeson &?; Sp: Jo Gleeson & Mary Cleare

21 Patt of Patt Kennedy and A Cleary; Sp:John Fahey and Mary 

23 Honora of Matt Maher and Betty Howard; Sp: M. Hogan and 
Mary Ryan of Aughnameadle

29  Mary of John Donahue and?; Sp: Martin Donahue and Cath 

?  of Tony Reardon and Kitty Ryan; Sp: Mar. McCarty and 

James of Daniel Tierney and Mary Whelan;sp: Patt Devaney and 
Brid. Hasty of Toem

Stephen of D. Fogarty and Sally Carty;Sp: Mick Carty and ? 
Here the priest has written that "don't know wife")

William of Thomas Hall and Margaret Hall;sp:Martin Gleeson 
and Mary Egan

Tom of M. Gleeson and Mary Ural;Sp: Martin Delany and ? 

Ml of Patt Meagher and Peggy Cormack;sp Ned Meagher and 
Biddy Bourke of Glanaguile
James of Daniel Tierney and Mary Whelan Sp:  Patrick Devaney 
and Bridget Hanley of Toom

Ml of Patt Hogan and Catherine Gleeson; Sp:  Martin and Mary 
Gleeson, Clonlea

James of Ml Slevin and Bridget Darcy; Sp:  Patt Hogan and 
Esther Slevin, Clonlea

Mary of William Kennedy and Ellen Minogue; Sp:  James Meara 
and Mary Brother


22 Jno P of Stephen Cleary and Annie Cleary of Knockb
rack; Sp:  M and Cath Cleary

James of James Corbett and Mary Cleary; Sp: Mary Howard, 

24 John of Thos Cavan and Jeanie (?) Haugh; Sp: illegible

Bridget of Daniel Fitzpatrick and Judy Gleeson; Sp: Jno 
Hogan and Anna Meara of Ballinaclaugh

John of Jeremiah Tuohey and Sarah Madden; Sp: ?Hickey


Pat of Cons Egan and Cath Gleeson; Sp:  Mt and Annie Gleeson 
of Coolderry

3 Margaret of Hugh Slattery and Hanora Gleeson; Sp:  Patt 
and Hanora Gleeson, Boherard

Dennis of M Egan and Mary Gleeson; Sp:  Gilbert and Sarah 
Egan of Clonmacnoise

5 William of Edward Cormick and Catherine Gleeson; Sp:  Thos 
Morrissey and Sarah Shea, Ballyboy

20 Mary of Martin Shanahan and Ellen; Sp: B Gleeson and 

21 Toom Mary of Malachy Gleeson and Kitty Whelan;sp: Jno 
Kehelly and Cath ?
27 James of Sylvester Cleary and Mary Hodgins; Sp:  Pat 
Hodgins of Glenagile (?)

28 Mary of Charly Flannery;sp:Slattery and Gleeson 
31 Mary of Rody Kennedy and Bidy Fogarty;sp An. Meara

Lawrence of Thos Ryan and Haley(?)  Howard; sp: Margaret 
Donahue and Mary Mara


17th Mary of Jno Ryan and Judith Delahunty; Sp:  Thomas 
Connelly and Catherine Devane, Brinana (?)

Mary of William Maher and Bridy Donahue; Sp:  Mich Maher and 
Mary Donahue

Bridget of Darby Meara and Mary C?; Sp: Redmond Cleary

Patt of ? Regan and May Hargan; Sp:  John Kennedy and ? Ural

23 Martin of John Dwyer and Mary Maher; Sp: Thom and 
Bridgett Hackett Lar…lea

Illegitimate of Dan Welsh and Judy Gleeson

28 Sarah of Ml Guilfoyle and Anna Meara;sp: Patrick Kilheary 
(Cleary?) and Bridget Gleeson

30 Hannah of Daniel Egan and Judith Urill;sp; Daniel? and 
Bridget Halloran


5 Thos of Jno Donahue and Anne Grace;sp: Thos Devaney and 
Cath Mackey
Barnagrotty Rody of Tms and Mary Slattery;sp: B. Darcy and 
Mary Gleeson
25 Kilgurtin (?) Denis of Darby Cleary and Mary Cormick;sp: 
Jno and Mary Fogarty

----- 1832 -----

Mgt of Jno Quigley and ? Connors; Sp: Patt Hogan, Toom


6 Denis of Patt Cleary and Nancy Quinlisk;sp:Jno Colgan and 
? Kennedy

Thos of Jer McGolaghin and Winn Hennesey;sp: P Fogarty and 
Sally Madden
8 Jno of Patt Cormack and Brid Urill;sp: Thos Delany and 
Bridy Nolan

Mary of Jno Quigley and Mary Toohey;sp: Dan'l Cormack and 
Francis Maria Howard
10  Patt of Patt Cormack and Mary;sp: Jim Egan and Annie ?
16 Mary Theresa of Patt Ryan and Bridy Fogarty;sp Philip and 
Annie Fogarty of Gortnagarra
29 Balline, Darby of Darby Meary (clearly written as Meary) 
and Mary Gleeson;sp Patt Cleary and ? Fogarty
Bridget of Pat Brislane and Mary Cleary; sp Andy Cleary and 
? Brislane


6th Judith of Martin Ryan and Mary; Sp:  Thos Hogan and 
Ellen Kennedy

Patt of Thos Maher and Bridget Kennedy; Sp:  Jeremiah Spain 
and Mary

Edw of Stephen Cleary and Bridget Broghan; Sp: James Broghan 
and Mary Cleary

Matthew of Barnie McCue and Mary; Sp: Wm Cleary

Denis of Rick Kertin and Judy Cormack; Sp:  Johannam and 
Mary O'Brien

Denis of Patk Gleeson and Mary Costelloe; Sp:  Darby Meara 
and ? Fogarty

Dennis of M Guilfoyle and Annie Urill; Sp:  Dennis Guilfoyle 
and Hanna McGrath, Toom

Denis of Patt Slattery and Mary McGrath; Sp:  William 
Slattery and Catherine Cleary, Knocglak

Edmund Bourke of Tom Bourke and Mary, Koolnaderry; Sp: James 
Bourke and Jane Gleeson (underneath this is Denis Guilfoyle 
and Mary Sheehy like there is 2 sets of sponsors)

MARCH 1832 (no dates) Mary Ann of  Tom Maher and Bridget 
Gleeson; Sp:  Martin W. Gleeson and Bridget Cleary  
Ed of William Cleary and Bridget ?;sp: James and Mary Cleary
? of Dan Cormick and Biddy Gleeson;sp: Pat Rohan and Mary 


1 Mary of Edward Corbett and Julia Cleary; Sp:  Tim and Mary 
Cleary, Kilklea

4 Elizabeth of Jno Guinane and Betty;sp: Patt and Mary Kelly
8 Patt of John Bourke and Mary;sp: Patt Brennan and Ellen 
9 Jane of e and Mary Gleeson;sp:Patt Gleeson and Bryan 
10 Whitefield (?) Th-dy Ryan and Hon Cormick;sp Pat Cleary 
and Anne Hogan
Jno of Jno Commyns and Bridget Glisson;sp: J. Coffey and 
Jno of David Morrissey and Mary Kilmartin; Sp:Patt Morrissy 
and Mgt Kilmartin
Bridget of Daniel Fitzpatrick and J Gleeson; Sp: Jno Gleeson 
and Anna Meara of Ballinaclogh

3 Jno of Patt Cormack and Bridget Meara (the word Millgrove 
is in big letters here, and also is marked illegitimate) Sp: 
 Jno Hogan and Peggy Fogarty

28 Mary of Patt Ryan and Mary Cormack; Sp:  Peggy Clery and 
Tom Gleeson – Glashnevin

Unknown month

19th William of Thos Hall and Margaret Gleeson; Sp: Martin 
G;eeson and Mary Egan

Tom of Michael Gleeson and Mary Uril; No sponsors listed

Unknown month

9th Michael of Patt Meagher and Peggy Cormack; Sp: Ned 
Meagher and Biddy Bourke, Glanagile

16th Catherine of Thos Cleary and Judith; Sp: Daniel Brutin

Pat of Michael Gleeson and Nancy Meara; Sp:  Mich Gleeson 
and Biddy Cleary, Dinane

Michael of Thomas Kennedy and Mary Gleeson; Sp:  Patt 
Gleeson and wife

Unknown month

5th Mary of Joseph Slevin, Tulla and ? Kennedy; Sp: James 
Slevin and Peggy Quinnell

Mick of T Kennedy and Mary Gleeson; Sp:  Pat Gleeson and 

Michael of Patrick Quigley; Sp: Quirk and Reidy

Unknown month

Margaret of Michael O'Brien and Judy Meagher;sp: Bridget 
Meagher and Michl Cormack


Pierce of Tony Grerco (Illegible) and Ellen Hackett; Sp: 
James Gleeson and Betty Ellen McReady

JULY 8 (this may be wrong-date is off to side) Michael John 
of John Parker and Kitty Cormick Sp: Judy Cormick and Tim 
JULY 10Anna of Thomas Kennedy and Mary Howard;sp: M. Howard 
and Mary Quickli
Ballinlooby Edmund of Patt McCormick and Mary Carroll;sp:Jno 
Moynihan and Mary 'Brien
13 Eliza of Thomas Gleeson and Mary Treacy
15th Jeremiah of Jno Hogan and Mari Cormick Sp:  Jno Cormack 
and Bridget Dela---

December 29, 1832
Martin Slevin and Sally Cormac



7 Denis of Patt McCormick and Judy Uril of Grenary-----;sp 
Martin Gleeson and Judy Gleeson of Knockbrack



17 Wm of Daniel Maher and Alicia McCormack
Mary Ann of "                   "
Sponsor: Thomas Maher
20 Patt of Martin Slevin and Selina Cormac of Clonlea (there 
is some indication of relationship between Selina and Alicia 
above) Sp:  Michael and Mary Quigley


4 Pat of Mich Cormack and Mary Clary; sp: Mich Meara and 
Catherine Leamy



9 Denis of M. and Margaret Cormack, Grimmstown; sp: Martin 
Gleeson and Mary Gleeson of Whitebarn

Parochial registers of Toomevara (Tipperary), 1830-1880 The 
Catholic parish of Toomevara includes the civil parishes of 
Aghnameadle, Ballygibbon, Ballymackey, Kilkeary, and 
Templedowney. Toomevara is a variant spelling of Toomyvara. 
LDS # 926103