Church: Marriages at Thurles Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly 
(R.C.), 1846-1847

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Thurles, Dio. of Cashel & Emly 
SOURCE: microfilm 02490/12 Catholic Parish Registers at NLI website 
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 January   1848
    DAY    GROOM       SURNAME             BRIDE             SURNAME          WITNESS 1                   WITNESS 2                      WITNESS 3/NOTES
    12     James       MANNING         	   Mary              RYAN             Thomas          Dooly       Ellen            Ryan
    14     Edmond      KEATINGE        	   Eliza             TORPY            John            Torpy       Mary             Torpy
    16     John        McLAUGHLIN      	   Mary              KENNA            James           Dredy       Ellen            McLaughlin    Groom was a soldier with the 59th Regiment
    17     Thomas      HOLDEN          	   Catherine         GLEESON          Thomas          Hefferman   Mary             Hefferman

 February  1848
     ?     Patrick     CAHILL          	   Margaret          LONG             John            Flynn       Mary             Long
     ?     Martin      EGAN            	   Catherine         BOURKE           Daniel          Bourke      Honoria          Le.ihaw
    14     Edmond      RYAN            	   Margaret          MOCKLER          Laurence        Duggan      Judith           Maher
    14     William     LAUGHNANE       	   Margaret          LONG             Michael         Henesy      Margaret         Long
    19     John        FOGARTY         	   Margaret          HAYDEN           Patrick         Ryan        Catherine        Fogarty
    22     James       CARTHY          	   Ellen             MAHER            Thomas          Bowden      Joanna           Prior (?)
    26     Michael     DOOLIN          	   Judith            FOGARTY          Patrick         Leaniy (?)  Catherine        Kerwin
    27     John        BANON           	   Anne              DAY              James           Banon       Mary             Day
    28     Hugh        KENNEDY         	   Bridget           MAHER            Patrick         Treacy      Ellen            Maher

   March   1848
     ?     Edmond      LUBY            	   Mary              CASS             Edmond          Mara        Alicia           Callanan
     ?     John        DEMPSEY         	   Catherine         STAPLETON        William         Stapleton   Margaret         Dempsey
     ?     James       DWYER           	   Judy (JUDITH)     RYAN             John            Dwyer       Catherine        Banon
     ?     Richard     BOURKE          	   Nanno (Anne)      MAHER            Edmond          Collins     Ellen            Nolan
     ?     Michael     LAUGHNANE       	   Catherine         MAHER            Patrick         Maher       Joanna           Maher
     ?     John        LOWRY           	   Margaret          NOWLAN           Daniel          Lowry       Honoria          Mackey
     6     John        CONNELL         	   Catherine         SHANAHAN         James           Connell     Honoria          Shanahan
     6     Patrick     GORMAN          	   Mary              SWEENY           Michael         Gorman      Judith           Keough        Dispensation in 4-4th� Consanguinity 
     7     William     FITZPATRICK     	   Mary              RYAN             James           Dwyer       Anastasia        Ryan
     7     Thomas      GREADY          	   Judith            QUINLAN          Judith          Ryan        Margaret         Fitzgerald
     7     Patrick     MAHER           	   Ellen             HEALY            Daniel          Maher       Nano (Anne)      Kerwin

    May    1848
     1     James       PERSE           	   Margaret          WOODLOCK         Thomas          Gleeson     Honoria          Finn
     4     Robert      SMEE            	   Bridget           MAGUIRE          David           Davern      Margaret         Maguire
     9     John        GRIMES          	   Margaret          KELLY            Thomas (Rev)    Slattery    Margaret         Casey
    31     John        WOODLOCK        	   Anne              CORMACK          Cornelius       Egan        Mary             Carr

   June    1848
    15     Thomas      WALL            	   Ellen             WELPLY           Thomas          Dumphy      Hannah           Slattery
    26     John S.     RYAN            	   Agnes             BRENNAN          Walter          Byrne       Anne             Hayes
    29     Denis       CORMACK         	   Ellen             Sweeny           James           Sweeny      Mary             Newsome

   July    1848
     9     William     BENSON          	   Mary              MOLONY           John            Benson      Mary Anne        Hefferman
    13     William     MOLOUGHNEY      	   Johanna           Mac'EVOY         Edward          Carroll     Catherine        Cleary
    31     Thomas      MEEHAN          	   Margaret          DELANY           John            Ryan        Ellen            Delany

     8     Timothy     RYAN            	   Mary              RYAN             John            Ryan        Margaret         Mooney

    10     Michael     RYAN            	   Joanna            BRIEN            John            Hennessy    Joanna           Stapleton
    19     John        CUMMINS         	   Bridget           HINES            John            Woodlock    Bridget          Keefe
    20     John        REILLY          	   Grace             DELANY           Timothy         Bohan       Margaret         Murphy        Groom was a Pvt in 8th Hussars
    23     Robert      CULLOUGH        	   Catherine         RYAN             John            Gleeson     Catherine        Ryan
    25     Patrick     RYAN            	   Judith            MEARA            Patrick         Nolan       Catherine        Stapleton

 October   1848
    13     Patrick     LONG            	   Mary              CORCORAN         Patrick         Fogarty     Bridget          Fogarty
    24     William     MEAGHER         	   Judith            NORTON           Thomas          Meagher     Judith           Norton
    25     Thomas      DEVANE          	   Bridget           WILSON           Thomas          Downey      Bridget          Cahill

 November  1848
     9     Timothy     MEAGHER         	   Mary              BUTLER           Marty (Martin)  Gleeson     Ellen            Daly
    16     Michael     MYERS           	   Margaret          FANNING          William         Myers       Mary             Meagher
    21     James       FANNING         	   Honora            HOGAN            George          Daere       Ellen            Heenan
    28     Thomas      BOURKE          	   Judith            SKEHAN           William         Skehan      Bridget          Byrnes
    30     Patrick     DERMODY         	   Eliza             HARNEY           John            Dermody     Margaret         Harney
    30     Michael     DONOVAN         	   Catherine         DOYLE            Patrick         HOLIHAN     Norry (Honora)   Keefe
    30     Patrick     RELISH          	   Mary              DORNEY           Luke            Dorney      Anne             Brown         Groom was a private in the 43rd Regiment

 December  1848
     2     John        TAAFFE          	   Anne              KEALY            Michael         Browne      Anne             Browne
     9     Edmond      CLEARY          	   Margaret          MAHER            John            Fanning     Sally            Fanning       By special license during Advent

 January   1849
    25     John        FARRELL         	   Bridget           KELLY            Patrick         Lacey       Ellen            Wellington
    27     Thomas      HAYES           	   Mary              MAGUIRE          William         Farrell     Margaret         Kelly
    27     Michael     QUINLAN         	   Ally (Alice)      CALLANAN         Thomas          Ryan        Anne             Meagher
    31     Denis       HEENAN          	   Margaret          MEIGHAN          William         Meighan     Mary             Ryan

 February  1849
    14     John        NOLAN           	   Catherine         SWEENY (?)       John            Forsythe    Mary             Carroll
    14     Denis       KEOGH           	   Mary              STOKES           Edmund          Quigley     Eliza            Fogarty
    15     John        MEAGHER         	   Mary              CALLANAN         Edmund          Meagher     Ellen            Callanan
    17     Thomas      MEAGHER         	   Johanna           CALLANAN         Patrick         Purcell     Anne             Callanan
    17     John        Mac'EVOY        	   Catherine         SWEENY           Michael         Corby       Margaret         Tierney
    18     Thomas      RYAN            	   Ellen             RYAN             William         Kennedy     Rose             O'Brien
    18     John        DUNNE           	   Mary              GRIFFIN          Patrick         Farrell     Kate (Catherine) Latham
    18     Patrick     GLEESON         	   Mary              MEAGHER          Patrick         Gleeson     Catherine        Callanan
    18     Michael     LONG            	   Mary              SHANAHAN         Laurence        Byrne       Honora           Ryan
    19     Patrick     KELLY           	   Catherine         GLEESON          Michael         Gleeson     Bridget          Gleeson
    20     John        BROLAN          	   Honora            MEAGHER          James           Meagher     Catherine        Purcell
    20     Thomas      LOUGHNANE       	   Anne              MEAHER           Patrick         Nolan       Judith           Meagher
    20     Michael     CLEARY          	   Sarah             GLEESON          Patrick         Meagher     Mary             Fanning
    20     Laurence    GORMAN          	   Ellen             HOGAN            Thomas          Gorman      Johanna          Ryan
    20     James       GARVEY          	   Catherine         DRISCOLL         Patrick         Shanahan    Mary             Bourke

   April   1849
     ?     Stephen     PEEPTERS (PETERS)   Alice             WHELAN           Patrick         Dalton      Catherine        Ryan
     ?     John        DUNPHY   	   Ellen             SHEEHAN          William         Sheehan     Eliza            Sheehan       Groom last name alias MacCruiry
     ?     Patrick     CAVANAGH        	   Alice             MEAGHER          William         Phelan      Ellen            Ryan

    May    1849
     ?     Martin      TOBIN          	   Margaret          MURPHY           James           Weston      Margaret         Delany
     ?     Martin      NAGLE           	   Mary              DEANE            Thomas          Butler      Margaret         Ryan
     ?     Thomas      COLEMAN         	   Margaret          TIERNEY          James           Mc'Kanley   Johanna          Brien

   June    1849
    14     Denis       LONG            	   Mary              Myres            Patrick         Gleeson     Eliza            Dunne
    19     James       SKEHAN          	   Catherine         RYAN             Thomas          Moloney     Judith           Shea
    27     Joseph      QUINLAN         	   Bridget           MARA             Daniel          Butler      Mary             Butler
    28     James       CODY            	   Johanna           DALTON           Herman          Butt        Mary             Butt

  August   1849
     7     Martin      MARA            	   Margaret          GARDEN (?)       Edward          Garden      Mary             Mahony
    19     Patrick     NOLAN           	   Catherine         CAHILL           John            Flynn       Ellen            Fleming

 September 1849
     6     Patrick     CALLANAN        	   Eliza             MORRIS           Thomas          Long        Eliza            Devane
     7     John        STAPLETON       	   Judy (JUDITH)     DUNNE            Daniel          Dwyer       Ellen            Dunne
    10     Thomas      HANRAHAN        	   Margaret          McCOY            Thomas          Dunne       Bridget          Walsh
    18     Simon       MAHER           	   Judy (JUDITH)     FANNING          John            Torpy       Mary             Torpy

 October   1849
    15     William     GUILMARTIN      	   Ellen             PURCEL           John            Conway      Ellen            Guilmartin
    21     David       SHEARMAN        	   Bridget           KEOGH            Henry           Moore       Margaret         Keogh         Groom as a Corporal in the 49th Brigade
    30     William     KERWICK         	   Ellen             KEARNEY          James           Kerwick     Ellen            Ryan

 November  1849
    16     Timothy     DEMPSEY         	   Margaret          MASON            John            Coghlan     Mary             Fanning
    23     John        QUIRK           	   Ellen             CUNNINGHAM       Arthur          White       Catherine        O'Brien

 December  1849
     ?     James       CAHILL          	   Johanna           CANTWELL         David           Butler      Judith           Prior
     ?     Denis       LEAHY           	   Sarah             COX              Maurice         Blake       Alicia           Dwyer
     ?     Jeremiah    RYAN           	   Kate (Catherine)  RYAN             Patrick         Fogarty     Margaret         Ryan          Dispensation in 4-4th (?) Consanguinity 
     9     John        HENAHAN         	   Margaret          KELLY            John            Kelly       Johanna          Maher
    26     Andrew      FAULKNER        	   Eliza             OWENS            John            Flynn       Mary             Dunne         By special license during Christmas