Church: Marriages at Thurles Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1846-1847

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Thurles, Dio. of Cashel & Emly 
SOURCE: microfilm 02490/12 Catholic Parish Registers at NLI website 
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 January   1846
           GROOM             SURNAME            BRIDE              SURNAME         WITNESS 1                     WITNESS 2                                 WITNESS 3/NOTES
     ?     William           BRYNE            	Mary               KENNEDY         Patrick         Burke         Margaret         	Hayes
     ?     Patrick           DARMODY          	Catherine          FANNING         Michael         Maher         Margaret         	Kennedy
     ?     Patrick           CORMACK          	Margaret           McBRIDE         Thomas          Hinds         Judith           	Moony
     ?     John              RYAN             	Mary               HOY             Patrick         Quigley       Alice            	Gorman
     ?     Thomas            BARRY            	Alice              DEVANE          Michael         Lonergan      Clare            	Day
     ?     James             MAHER            	Bridget            RYAN            Philip          Molloy        Mary             	Ryan
     ?     Thomas            BROWN            	Mary               HICKEY          John            Hickey        Mary             	Houlahan
    15     John              SHEA             	Catherine          BRIEN           John            Burke         Winifred         	Brien
    18     Patrick           CORBETT          	Mary               DORNEY          James           Hickey        Mary             	Riordan
    19     Thomas Sheedy     McNAMARA         	Mary               EAGAN           William         Eagan         Margaret         	Kennedy
    22     Michael           RYAN             	Judith             MAHER           Thomas          Ryan          Ellen            	Wallace
    25     Michael           SPILLANE         	Ellen              HIGGINS         Bernard         Brien         Anastasia        	Cleary
    28     Michael           DWYER            	Margaret           DORAN           Edmund          Murphy        Catherine        	Doran
    29     Thomas            HICKEY           	Catherine          WALL            John            Hemsley       Anastasia        	Cleary

 February  1846
     5     Thomas            BRIEN            	Mary               MARTLY (?)      Denis           Brien         Anne             	Day
     6     Michael           BRENNAN          	Margaret           KE..Y (KELLY?)  James           Broderick     Bridget          	Broderick
     7     Patrick           RYAN             	Johanna            CORMACK         David           Collins       Honora           	Collins
     9     Thomas            RYAN             	Anne               HICKEY          William         Dwyer         Margaret         	Hickey
    11     Daniel C.         JENNINGS         	Johanna            BRAY            Arthur          Hamill        Catherine        	Bray             Ellen             Bray
    11     Michael           LONERGAN         	Ellen              FOGARTY         John            Torpy         Eliza            	Torpy
    12     Michael           HICKEY           	Judith             BO...S (?)      Thomas          Hickey        Honora           	Miskill
    12     James             RYAN             	Anastasia          MAHER           William         Ryan          Anastasia        	Brien
    12     Thomas            MAUNSELL         	Anne               RYAN            Laurence        Burke         Bridget          	Broderick
    12     Michael           CARROLL          	Ellen              CALLANAN        Michael         Delany        Catherine        	Callanan
    13     James             BROLAN           	Bridget            QUINLAN         John            Hayes         Johanna          	Conan (?)
    15     Nicholas          HACKETT          	Bridget            HAYES           Edmond          Kavanagh      Mary             	Ryan
    16     John              SPENCER          	Jane               BURKE           Thomas          Eagan         Mary             	Eagan
    16     Patrick           MULLANY          	Mary               CONDON          John            Mullany       Catherine        	Condon
    17     John              HAYES            	Mary               DALY            Edmund          Conan         Bridget          	Quinlan
    18     James             GLEESON          	Bridget            MAHER           Denis           Ryan          Judith           	Barry
    18     Edmund            MULLOUGHNY       	Catherine          MAHER           James           Mulloughny    Mary             	Kennedy
    19     John              GRADY            	Margaret           CAREY           Michael         Ryan          Judith           	Lloyd
    19     Andrew            CONDON           	Julia              MAHER           Jeremiah        Condon        Anne             	Maher
    19     John              BUTLER           	Margaret           KEATINGE        Patrick         Keatings      Eliza            	Torphy	         (Keating)
    19     James             MARTIN           	Eliza              MAHER           Patrick         Martin        Judith           	Maher
    20     Michael           FOGARTY          	Honora             HOWARD          Martin          Howard        Judith           	Maher
    20     Cornelius         CALLANAN         	Nanno (Anne)       LONERGAN        John            Callernan     Mary             	Delany           Johanna           Callanan
    22     John              LONG             	Mary               RYAN            Thomas          Ryan          Mary             	Delahunty
    22     John              RYAN             	Bridget            MULLANY         John            Meara         Judith           	Mullany
    23     John              DARMODY          	Mary               HARNY           James           Harny         Judith           	Harny
    23     Michael           DOOLAN           	Mary               SAUSE           Andrew          Cahill        Catherine        	Ryan
    23     James             FANNING          	Honora             RYAN            Patrick         Doolan        Margaret         	Ryan
    23     Thomas            KANE             	Bridget            QUILL           Patrick         Quill         Honora           	Ryan
    23     John              RYAN             	Mary               SCOTT           John            Ryan          Mary             	Ryan
    23     John              COGHLAN          	Judith             RYAN            Thomas          Purcell       Mary             	Shanahan
    23     James             RYAN             	Margaret           KIRWAN          Patrick         Shanahan      Margaret         	Burke
    24     Edmund            RUEL             	Catherine          DELANY          Patrick         RUEL          Mary             	Newsom
    24     John              RYAN             	Catherine          FEEHILY         James           Kelly         Nanno (Anne)     	Power            Catherine         Fogarty
    24     Thomas            BIRMINGHAM       	Bridget            NOLAN           Robert          Cullogh       Ellen            	Hore
    24     John              LEO              	Anne               HOGAN           John            Dempsey       Nanno (Anne)     	Power
    24     Francis           BRENNAN (?)       	Johanna            HEFFERNAN       John            Conway        Catherine        	Gleeson

   April   1846
    19     Patrick           BURKE            	Bridget            QUIRK           Andrew          Dunne         Judith           	Burke
    22     John              CORMACK          	Margaret           CUMMINS         Michael         Cormack       Judith           	Callanan
    29     William           HIGGINS          	Catherine          MAGRATH         John            Magrath       Alice            	Whelan
    29     James             POWER            	Mary               COLLINS         Thomas          Ryan          Judith           	Naughten
    29     Edmund            RYAN             	Honora             CORMACK         Patrick         Ryan          Mary             	Kenna

    May    1846
     6     William           DELANY           	Judith             HAYES           Philip          Heany         Alice            	Lonergan
    17     Denis             MAHER            	Mary               DOWNY           James           Delany        Johanna          	Delany
    24     Patrick           COLEMAN          	Margaret           KELLY           Martin          Williams      Bridget          	Allen
    25     John              ELLIOT           	Mary               CREIGHTON (?)   Thomas          McNamara (?)  Judith           	Wallace          Groom was a soldier with the 5th Regiment

   June    1846
     ?     Peter             HAYDEN           	Margaret           HOULAHAN        James           Rodgers       Mary             	Dwyer
     ?     John              CORMACK          	Mary               BURKE           John            Banon         Margaret         	Dwyer
     ?     Edmund            MURPHY           	Judith             BRIEN           Robert          Culla         Anastasia        	Murphy
     ?     Edmund            QUINLAN          	Joanna             MAHER           Michael         Fogarty       Joanna           	McGuire

   July    1846
     ?     Cornelius         MURPHY           	Judith             TREACY          Andrew          Dunne         Judith           	Triacy
     ?     Thomas            FOGARTY          	Anne               McINERNY        Thomas          Kenny         Mary             	Keefe            Groom was a soldier with the 5th Fusiliers

  August   1846
    17     Daniel            MAHER            	Margaret           MAHER           Denis           Maher         Anne             	Lamphier

 September 1846
     ?     John              REIDY            	Eliza              RYAN            Edward          Madden        Margaret         	Ryan
     ?     Edward            MADDEN           	Margaret           RYAN            John            Reidy         Eliza            	Madden
    26     David             COLLINS          	Mary               SWEENY          John            Ryan          Margaret         	Tierney
    27     John              FOX              	Judith             HORAN           Patrick         Ryan          Mary             	Davern

  October  1846
     2     John              CULLEN           	Joanna             KIRWAN          John            Ryan          Mary             	Ryan
     4     Robert            BROLAN           	Catherine          EAGAN           James           Brolan        Judith           	Dwyer
    18     Patrick           RYAN             	Catherine          WALSH           Edmund          Molloy        Judith           	Neile
    25     Patrick           McDONAGH         	Mary               HILLIARD        Mathew          Hilliard      Mary             	Magrath
    30     William           BOYLE            	Ellen              MERRITT (?)     John            Cleary        Mary             	Fanning

 November  1846
    11     Patrick           HOGAN            	Honora             SAUSE           Michael         Donovan       Margaret         	Brien
    12     Thomas            HIGGINS          	Sarah              GLASCOE         Thomas          Glascoe       Bridget          	Finn
    15     James             McDONNELL        	Judith             RYAN            Michael         Dempsey       Catherine        	Leahy
    19     Laurence          KENNEDY          	Catherine          McCAULY         John            McCauly       Bridget          	Morris
    27     James             MANNIN           	Alice              RAFTER (?)      Edmund          Kelly         Mary             	Kelly
    28     Patrick           CARROLL          	Bridget            DEMANE          James           Demane        Bridget          	Keogh

 January   1847
    18     Michael           DELAHUNTY        	Anto (Anastasia)   REARDON         Michael         Reardon       Mary             	Dohan
    20     Michael           FLYNN            	Bridget            FINN            Thomas          Gleeson       Honora           	Maher
    20     James             GIBBONS          	Ellen              McCARTHY        Patrick         Kelly         Ellen            	Horan
    31     Thomas            DELANY           	Mary               ROGERS          Daniel          Ryan          Alice            	Ryan

 February  1847
     7     Patrick           MAHER            	Mary               FLYNN           Michael         Maher         Joanna           	Flynn
    11     Patrick           CAREY            	Judith             MAHER           Patrick         Carey         Nancy            	Fogarty
    13     Henry             PRICE            	Mary               RYAN            Timothy         Ryan          Mary             	Smyth
    14     Edmund            STOKES           	Bridget            MAGRATH         William         Maher         Ellen            	Delany
    14     John              LARKIN           	Anne               BUTLER          Thomas          Fogarty       Honora           	Butler
    14     Richard           MACKEY           	Bridget            FLYNN           John            Marnell       Joanna           	Flinn
    15     Martin            LANGTON          	Bridget            RYAN            Thomas          Langton       Elizabeth        	Harny
    15     Daniel            DALY             	Bridget            TREACY          Cornelius       Daly          Judith           	Fogarty
    15     Laurence          RYAN             	Catherine          RYAN            Thomas          Ryan          Catherine        	Ryan
    16     Edmund            GLEESON          	Catherine          FLYNN           Edmund          Gleeson       Mary             	Burke

  April    1847
    12     Thomas            TRIHY            	Margaret           LAHEY           John            Evans         Honora           	Evans

    May    1847
    16     Simon             QUINANE          	Catherine          SHEA            John            Quinlan       Mary             	Brien
    19     Kiran (Kieran)    KELLY            	Bridget            ALLEN           John            Allen         Winifred         	Ryan

   June    1847
     ?     Daniel            RYAN             	Mary               CALLANAN        Cornelius       Maher         Mary             	Quinn

   July    1847
    25     Michael           SWEENY           	Mary               DONOHOE         John            Nolan         Judith           	Donohoe

  August   1847
     4     William           NAGLE            	Mary               KEOUGH          Michael         Donovan       Catherine        	Hackett
    18     Michael           CAHILL           	Bridget            DAVERN          Edmond          Bryne         Joanna           	Ryan
    22     Rikard            BOURKE           	Bessy (Elizabeth)  BEREKRY         James           Dwyer         Mary Anne        	Meighan
    27     Patrick           MURPHY           	Eliza              MOLOUGHNY       John            Kennedy       Catherine        	Mouloughny

 September 1847
    28     Patrick           BUTLER           	Margaret           MEAGHER         Edmond          Butler        Joanna           	Maher

  October  1847
     6     Michael           HOCTOR           	Ellen              BOURKE          James           Brophy        Mary             	Hoctor
    15     David             SULLIVAN         	Anne               DRISCOLL        William         O'Shea        Margaret         	Devane
    25     James             GLEESON         	Catherine          RYAN            William         Sheehan       Sarah            	Campion 	 Dispensation in 4-4th° Consanguinity
    31     Pierce            RYAN             	Judith             CAHILL          Martin          Ryan          Mary Anne        	Cahill

 November  1847
     1     John              TAYLOR           	Mary               COLLINS         Daniel          Dwyer         Catherine        	Butler
    20     Michael           HAYES            	Winifred           SPELLANE        Michael         Ryan          Honora           	Doran		
    21     Kyran (Kieran)    MOLONY           	Mary               RYAN            William         Bryan         Mary             	Butler
    22     James             JACKSON          	Mary               CORMACK         Charles Joseph  Jackson       Bridget          	Cormack
    24     Patrick           NAUGHTEN         	Bridget            MAGRATH         Thomas          Wellington    Joanna           	Maguire
    25     John              BRITTAIN         	Catherine          WALSH           Matthew         Shanahan      Ellen            	Ryan
    25     Philip            MULVIHIL (?)      	Judith             DUNNE           James           Cummins       Bessy (Elizabeth)	Dunne