Church: Marriages at Thurles Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1842 - 1843

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Thurles, Dio. of Cashel & Emly
SOURCE: microfilm 02490/12 Catholic Parish Registers at NLI website

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 January   1842
    DAY    GROOM             SURNAME        BRIDE            SURNAME     WITNESS 1                     WITNESS 2                           WITNESS 3/NOTES
    18     Edmund            RUSSELL        Margaret         MAHER       Frank            Cleary       Bridget             Hayes
    19     Peter             HEALY          Margaret         FOGARTY     James            Connors      Johanna             Kelly
    23     Philip            MAHER          Eliza            FRANKFORD   Patrick          Sullivan     Margaret            Ryan
    25     Thomas            ARMSTRONG      Judith           RYAN        Denis            Maher        Alice               Finn
    26     John              CORMACK        Honora           BRITT       Patrick          Ryan         Mary                Whelan
    30     James             HEFFERMAN      Mary             COCORAN     Thomas           Burke        Nanno (Anne)        Corcoran
    30     Patrick           RYAN           Mary             BRIEN       Patrick          Gooney       Honora              Hogan
    30     Patrick           MAGRATH        Ellen            STOKES      James            Magrath      Mary                Burke
    31     Thomas            DWYER          Mary             CAVANAGH    John             Peters       Bridget             Dorney
    31     Laurence          RYAN           Margaret         BRIEN       Patrick          Brien        Catherine           Ryan

February  1842
     2     William           CARROLL        Catherine        FEEHELY (?) Denis            Nolan        Eliza               Torpy
     3     David             SHANAHAN       Anstice          RYAN        David            Davern       Nargarey            Troy
     3     Patrick           BUCKLEY        Honora           DEANE       James            Deane        Mary                Shanahan
     4     John              CORMACK        Mary             ARMSTRONG   Thomas           Shelly       Mary                Harney
     5     John              CORMACK        Mary             DUAN        Lancelot         Cooney       Mary                Purcell
     6     James             BOWE           Bridget          CALLANAN    Thomas           Bowe         Mary                Callanan
     7     John              FLINN          Bridget          GLEESON     Patrick          Naughten     Margaret            Maher
     7     Patrick           NOLAN          Margaret         MOLONEY     Patrick          Nolan        Hary (?)            Keefe
     7     Edmund            POWER          Ellen            HAYDEN      Thomas           Purcell      Mary                Hayden
     7     John              RYAN           Mary             WALPOLE     Edmund           Sheehy       Mary                Bolan
     8     William           RYAN           Mary             MAHER       Michael          Guilmartin   Mary                Martin
     8     James             RYAN           Eliza            HEALY       John             Ryan         Mary                Healy
     8     John              RYAN           Winifred         BLAKE       Andrew           Dunne        Mary                Brien
     8     Patrick           MARA           Ellen            HUNT        Michael          Mara         Mary                Magrath
     8     John              CONDON         Catherine        MAHER       Andrew           Condon       Catherine           Lowry
     8     Matthew           KENNEDY        Mary             McGIBBONS   Patrick          Devany       Catherine           Ryan
     These were married in the Protestant Church or rather by a Presbyterian Minister. Mary McGibbons has this May renounced
     Presbyterian creed and embraced the Catholic Faith in presence of Alicia Forestall (?)

April   1842
     1     John              McHONIAN (?)   Priscilla        HARTE       Timothy          Bergin      Mary                 Ryan
    14     John              MEAGHAN        Mary             MOCLER (?)  John             Morris      Ellen                Egan
    19     Michael           HEFFERMAN      Honora           HAYES       Daniel           Collins     Mary                 Guilfoyle
    25     Thomas            STOKES         Catherine        MAHER       Andrew           Dunne       Anne                 Holohan
    26     William           WALSH          Judith           GUIRY       Maurice          Fleming     Margaret             McBride
    26     Edmund            HALFORTH       Ellen            KEARNY      Maurice          Fleming     Margaret             McBride

    May    1842
     8     Patrick           RYAN           Johanna          RYAN        Patrick          Ryan        Agnes                Brennan
    13     John              MOLONY         Margaret         BERRY       Johanna          Butler      Mary Anne            Ryan
    21     John              HURLEY         Mary             HALFORD     John             Ryan        Catherine            Dwyer
    22     James             REDDIN         Mary             McDONNELL   James            Cahill      Margaret             Cahill
    25     Joesph            KEANE          Mary             DAULAN      Andrew           Cahill      Sara                 Burke

   June    1842
    15     Martin            CONWAY         Judith           FLANIGAN    John             Flinn       Mary                 Dempsey

   July    1842
     4     Matthew           BOWDEN         Margaret         HAYES       Stephen          Sullivan    Mary                 Scott
    10     Michael           HEWETT         Mary             FOGARTY     Patrick          Mara        Anne                 Ross
    14     John              BOYD           Mary             DEMPSEY     William          Ryan        Eliza                Torpy
    30     John              SULLIVAN       Honora           FOGARTY     John             Britt       Judith               Fogarty
    30     Cornelius         CALLANAN       Ellen            MOCLER      John             Mocler      Margaret             Sullivan

  August   1842
    13     John              DOOLEY         Winifred         PARSONS     Jeremiah         Carroll     Mary                 Cormack
    17     Thomas            CARR or CORR   Johanna          RYAN        John             Hanlan      Debora (Deborah)     Ryan

 September 1842
    16     John              EGAN           Mary             RYAN        Denis            Egan        Ellen                Degr.....
    16     William           MAHONY         Ellen            RYAN        Patrick          Ryan        Catherine            Hunte (?)
    24     James             PURCELL        Margaret         REILLY      Michael          Reilly      Mary                 Kirwick

 October   1842
     7     Patrick           DEMAINE        Judith           RYAN        Denis            Flinn       Eliza                Long
     8     James             CORMACK        Mary             RYAN        Patrick          Mullins     Catherine            Mullins
    10     Patrick           CORR           Ellen            MOLONY      Andrew           Larkin      Margaret             Maher           Groom with the Police
    12     William           HARNEY         Bridget          RYAN        James            Harney      Ellen                Egan
    13     William           DWYER          Mary             CUMMINS     Thomas           Gleeson     Margaret             Keating
    15     Maurice           GLEESON        Catherine        DWYER       Thomas           Tobin       Johanna              Lacey
    16     Peter             TOMKINS        Mary             WILSON      Daniel           Moloughney  Anne                 Maher
    23     Thade (Thaddeus)  RYAN           Mary             DUNNE       Daniel           Ryan        Catherine            Cahill
    24     Christopher       NICHOLSON      Margaret         MURPHY      Thomas           Burke       Ellen                Fanning         Groom with the 1st Royals.
    1st married by a Protestant Clergyman.
    25     Mortimer          GLEESON        Margaret         SWEENY      James            Sweeny      Anto (Anastasia)     Gleeson
    30     Matthew           MARA           Catherine        AUSTIN      Martin           Lacy        Catherine            Austin

 November  1842
     1     John              DELANY         Mary             SHANAHAN    John             Shanahan    Catherine            Cantwell
     2     Daniel            HICKEY         Anne             MAHER       James            Hickey      Mary                 Burke
     2     Joseph            WHELAN         Mary             DONORRAN    Andrew           Dunne       Anne                 Day
     5     Patrick           McINERNY       Mary             QUICK       Willliam         Quick       Anne                 McGrerny
     5     Michael           STAPLETON      Margaret         DUGGAN      John             Stapleton   Mary                 Baker
     5     James             DOUCEY         Mary             DELANY      Thomas           Barry       Sara                 Burke
     5     Daniel            KELLY          Mary             FEEHELY     James            Doucey      Mary                 Howard
     5     Cornelius         COLLIER        Mary             CRONIN      Thomas           Barrett     Mary                 Mara
    12     John              DELANY         Mary             SHANAHAN    John             Shanahan    Catherine            Cantwell
    12     John              CASSIDY        Ellen            DUNNE       Thade (Thaddeus) Ryan        Mary                 Bolan
    13     Laurence          SHANAHAN       Bridget          DALY        Michael          Ryan        Anttice (Anastasia)  Grant
    15     Michael           LONERGAN       Mary             MORRIS      Andrew           Cahill      Catherine            Doucey
    25     Denis             RUSSELL        Sara             MARA        John             Cormack     Catherine            Gleeson
    26     Michael           MOLLOY         Mary             RUTH        Andrew           Cahill      Nanno (Anne)         Power           Groom with the 1st Royals.
    1st married in the Protestant Church

 January   1843
     DAY    GROOM            SURNAME        BRIDE            SURNAME        WITNESS 1                 WITNESS 2                            WITNESS 3/NOTES
      8     James            LAUGHNANE(?)   Ellen            NAUGHTEN       Daniel       Donovan      Bridget          	   Nagle
     17     Martin           CARR           Mary             WALL           John         Fogarty      Mary             	   Moloney
     17     Patrick          FOGART         Mary             LONG           William      Sullivan     Ellen            	   Fogarty         Dispensation in 3° Consanguinity
     19     John             MAGRATH        Judith           RYAN           Thomas       Sweeny       Anne             	   Wallace
     24     Richard          BURKE          Mary             SHANAHAN       John         Blackwell    Mary             	   Kenna
     24     John             FOGARTY        Bridget          AHERN          William      Crowe        Catherine        	   Ryan		   Dispensation in 4°?
     25     Michael          GUILMARTIN     Bridget          BOWE           John         Cleary       Mary             	   Sweeny
     25     John             QUINLAN        Judith           TREHY          Patrick      Murray       Mary             	   Kearny
     29     Edmund           BANON          Mary             FOGARTY        Thomas       Delany       Maria            	   Daere (?)
     29     Thomas           DELANY         Mary             DAIONEL (?)    William      Stapleton    Mary             	   Morony
     29     Michael          BURKE          Catherine        CLEARY         James        Ryan         Judith           	   Maher

  February  1843
      6     Daniel           RYAN           Mary             BURKE          Michael      Dwyer        Mary             	   Murray
      8     Michael          NEILL          Alice            SCOTT          John         Magrath      Gleary           	   Stapleton
     13     James            HICKEY         Mary             SWEENY         Michael      Hickey       Catherine        	   Carroll
     14     Michael          BRENNAN        Mary             RYAN           Denis        Egan         Mary             	   Delany
     16     James            WALSH          Ellen            MAHER          John         Burke        Catherine        	   Gleeson
     17     James            RYAN           Judith           MAHER          John         Hayes        Ellen            	   Bowe
     17     Michael          SHEAHY         Mary             CALLANAN       William      Laffan       Margaret         	   Callanan
     18     William          SULLIVAN       Margaret         WHITE          Martin       Jordan       Mary             	   Kearny
     18     Cornelius        GLEESON        Mary             CONNORS        Patrick      Ryan         Johanna          	   Butler
     18     Michael          McBRIDE        Mary             MAGRATH        Daniel       Gleeson      Mary             	   Henesy?
     19     Gregory          FITZPATRICK    Anto (Anastasia) MOLONY         Michael      Fanning      Ellen            	   Brien
     19     James            GRIMES         Catherine        KELLY          Michael      Ryan         Mary             	   Lanigan
     19     Timothy          RYAN           Margaret         HEALY          John         Ryan         Margaret         	   Kirwan
     21     Philip           RYAN           Bridget          MAHER          James        Maher        Bridget          	   Maher
     22     Michael          RYAN           Mary             DARMODY        Denis        Ryan         Catherine        	   Whelan
     23     Richard          DORNEY         Ellen            MAGUIRE        James        Dorney       Catherine        	   Fogarty
     23     John             FANNING        Mary             BRIEN          Thomas       Fanning      Anto (Anastasia) 	   Brien
     24     Henry            JONES          Mary             SHAUGHNESSY    William      Burke        Catherine        	   Deean
     25     James            HAYDEN         Mary             AUSTIN         John         Hewitt       Catherine        	   Austin
     26     Stephen          BUTLER         Mary             MAHER          Philip       Maher        Mary             	   Burke
     26     John             LANIGAN        Mary             DARMODY        James        Lanigan      Bridget          	   Magrath
     26     Edmund           DAVY           Catherine        CASS           William      Deegan       Mary             	   Harney          Dispensation in 4°
     27     Michael          SHELLY         Margaret         DOOLY          Andrew       Dunne        Bridget          	   Dooly
     27     John             WILD           Mary             DOREAN         John         Tracey       Alice            	   Conolly
     27     Martin           KENNEDY        Alice            CONOLLY        John         Connolly     Mary             	   Dorean
     27     John             LAHY           Mary             DOREAN         John         Cahill       Anne             	   Dorean
     27     James            HARRINGTON     Mary             MCNAMARA       Patrick      Cormack      Sara             	   Burke
     27     James            MAGARRY        Margaret         RYAN           Thomas       Kelly        Mary             	   Woodlock        Groom was with the 4th Regiment.
     Banns published 3 Sundays
     27     John             KENNA          Mary             FOGARTY        Patrick      Kenna        Hannah           	   Dwyer
     28     Thomas           KENNEDY        Bridget          HAYES          Jeremiah     Finn         Catherine        	   Holohan
     28     Daniel           BROLAN         Ellen            SMEE           Cornelius    Maher        Nanno (Anne)     	   Power
     28     Timothy          RYAN           Catherine        FOGARTY        Daniel       Fogarty      Mary             	   Fogarty
     28     John             MOLAUGHNY      Mary             BLAKE          John         Everand      Catherine        	   Everand

    April   1843
     26     John             RODGERS        Catherine        HOLOHAN        Patrick      Rodgers      Anne             	   Rodgers
     26     Michael          LONERGAN       Nanno (Anne)     HAYES          James        Hayes        Bridget          	   Fogarty
     26     Denis            CARRIGAN       Margaret         DWYER          Timothy      Ryan         Mary             	   Ryan
     29     Patrick          WALSH          Ellen            DELANY         John         Delany       Allice           	   Gooney

     May    1843
      9     Patrick          QUIGLY         Ellen            RYAN           Patrick      Butler       Johanna          	   Ryan
     10     Thomas           MAGRATH        Judith           BRITT          Michael      Carroll      Mary             	   Brien
     14     William          HALLORAN       Mary             MAHER          Andrew       Rewole       Mary             	   Day
     14     Michael          TOBIN          Bridget          TOBIN          James        Flanagan     Johanna          	   Hefferman
     16     John             CALLANAN       Judith           QUINLAN        James        Maguire      Margaret         	   Hayes
     17     Lancelot         QUINLAN        Bridget          HAYES          Andrew       Dunne        Nanno (Anne)     	   Power
     26     John             QUILLINANE     Ellen            CONOLLY        Patrick      Naughten     Margaret         	   Gleeson
     28     Edmund           SLATTERY       Margaret         McINERNY       Andrew       Dunne        Catherine        	   Ryan

    June    1843
      2     John             CORMAC         Catherine        GLEESON        Edmund       Cashill      Mary             	   Gleeson
     11     John             MAHER          Catherine        STAPLETON      Thomas       Stokes       Catherine        	   Walsh
     11     William          HICKEY         Ellen            HANLY          Denis        Wall         Ellen            	   Eagan
     19     William          KEANE          Mary             KEEFE          Andrew       Dunne        Mary             	   McInnerny
     19     James            LAFFAN         Mary             BOYTON         Brian        Mullally     Bridget          	   Quinlan
     28     John             FITZGERALD     Rose             HART           Patrick      Hurly        Mary             	   Kelly

    July    1843
      9     Daniel           DREW           Bridget          BRENNAN        John (Rev)   Mackey       Agnes            	   Brennan
     10     Patrick          LENNON         Judy (Judith)    PATERSON       James        Broderick    Ellen            	   Delany
     10     Patrick          DAVERN         Catherine        RYAN           John         Ryan         Bridget          	   Finn
     18     John             STAPLETON      Margaret         MAHER          Andrew       Cahill       Margaret         	   Dooney
     19     James            STAPLETON      Ellen            RYAN           Andrew       Dunne        Nano (Anne)      	   Power
     22     Thomas           DUGGAN         Caroline Ann     COLESHER       Andrew       Dunne        Eliza            	   Dunne           Groom was with the 33rd Regiment
     30     Thomas           FEEHAN         Bridget          FINN           John         Feehan       Catherine        	   Gleeson

   August   1843
     18     John             WALSH          Catherine        MAGRATH        Maurice      Ward         Catherine        	   Berekry         Groom was with the 33rd Regiment
     20     Patrick          DUNNE          Ellen            BUTLER         Thomas       Ryan         Margaret         	   Houlahan
     22     Thomas           NEILE          Margaret         MISKELL        Patrick      Kenna        Honora           	   Collins         *Or Margaret Meskell
     30     Patrick          PITHERS        Mary Ann         MURPHY         Andrew       Dunne        Nano (Anne)      	   Power

  Spetember 1843
     14     James            BYRNE          Mary             ROACHE         Timothy      Shea         Eliza            	   Carroll
     14     Michael          BUTLER         Mary             CAMPION        Michael      McInerny     Judith           	   Kenna
     23     Micahel          GUILMARTIN     Bridget          BOYLE          Thomas       Dohan        Judith           	   Maher
     24     John             QUILL          Mary             KEARNY         Nicholas     Cavanagh     Mary             	   Gleeson
     26     John             WHELAN         Mary             JOURDAN        Martin       Jourdan      Johanna          	   Cashin

   October  1843
      8     James            REYNOLDS       Margaret         O'BRIEN        John         Fogarty      Mary             	   Britt
     21     Patrick          SHANAHAN       Mary             McMANUS        John         Ryan         Anastasia        	   McManus

  November  1843
     13     Martin           SHEEHAN        Bridget          MOLONY         John         Jourdan      Judith           	   Jourdan
     30     Denis            RYAN           Judith           RYAN           James        Ryan         Margaret         	   Reilly