Church: Marriages at Thurles Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1840 - 1841

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Thurles, Dio. of Cashel & Emly 
SOURCE: microfilm 02490/12 Catholic Parish Registers at NLI website 
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January   1840
    DAY    GROOM         SURNAME        BRIDE             SURNAME          WITNESS 1                       WITNESS 2                        WITNESS 3/NOTES
    13     Martin        CLEAR          Bridget           KEILLY      	   Denis             Dwyer         Catherine        Maher
    16     Patrick       RAHILL         Bridget           TOUHY       	   Laurence          Duggan        Catherine        Ryan
    24     Daniel        QUINLAN        Elizabeth         CAPPINGER   	   William           Cappinger     Margaret         Purcell
    31     Michael       RYAN           Judith            GODFREY     	   Patrick           Flannery      Margaret         Nolan
 February  1840									       
     6     Patrick       MEYERS         Bridget           MAHER       	   Martin            Myers         Nanno (Anne)     Maher
    13     Michael       CONNELL        Ellen             LAUGHNANE   	   Francis           Connell       Mary             Joyce
    16     William       COONEY         Anne              SWEEENY     	   John              Maher         Mary             Martin
    17     Thomas        SYNNOTT        Bridget           HYDE        	   John              Symoll        Judith           Walsh
    17     William       FINN           Honora            KIRWICK     	   Nicholas          Ryan          Mary             Fogarty
    23     William       CAREW          Margaret          HACKETT     	   John              Burke         Mary             Maher
    23     Michael       BURKE          Ellen             FOGARTY     	   John              Maher         Mary             Barry
    23     Thomas        GLEESON        Mary              BRENNAN     	   John              Lahy          Mary             Keogh
    24     John          RYAN           Mary              FITZGERALD  	   Edmund            Power         Mary             McManus
    26     Connor        HUMME (?)      Hester            BRIEN       	   John              Humme         Catherine        Brien
   March   1840									       
     1     Thomas        HINDS          Ellen             RYAN        	   Thade (Thaddeus)  Ryan          Judith           Halloran
     1     Patrick       TIERNY         Sara              GUILMARTIN  	   John              Guilmartin    Bridget          Riedy
     1     Thomas        CARROLL        Johanna           PIGOTT      	   Peter             Pigott        Judith           Carroll
     2     James         DEE            Mary              MEYERS      	   Richard           Fogarty       Mary             Myers
     2     Laurence      BURKE          Mary              QUIN        	   Laurence          Burke         Mary             Maher
     2     Michael       RAHILL         Anto (Anastasia)  EGAN        	   Laurence          Duggan        Mary             Mocler
     2     James         LONG           Catherine         BRIEN       	   Thomas            Maher         June             Brien
     2     John          MOORE          Mary              KEOGH       	   John              Keogh         Mary             Keogh
     2     Timothy       RYAN           Anne              RYAN        	   Thomas            Dwyer         Catherine        Hickey
     2     Matthew       MAGRATH        Mary              CAREW       	   Matthew           Magrath       Judith           Carew
     3     John          RYAN           Mary              PURCELL     	   Patrick           Conan         Margaret         Purcell
     3     Edmund        POWER          Margaret          GORMAN      	   Michael           Cantwell      Ellen            Connolly
     3     James         FOGARTY        Bridget           FLANIGAN    	   Patrick           Ryan          Bridget          Maguire
     3     Edmund        SHELLY         Judith            ALLEN       	   Timothy           Allen         Judith           Lowry
     3     John          RYAN           Judith            MAHER       	   John              Kinsella      Anto (Anastasia) Ryan
     3     James         HICKEY         Sara              RYAN        	   John              Kinsella      Anne             Dillon
     3     Patrick       BRENNAN        Mary              RYAN        	   James             Burke         Bridget          Burke
     3     Michael       MAHER          Catherine         BRAZILL     	   Thomas            Maher         Winifred         Corcoran
     3     Michael       COLLUM         Margaret          MURRAY      	   William           Quin          Catherine        Ryan
     3     Joseph        MEYERS         Catherine         ARMSTRONG   	   Andrew            Cahill        Ellen            Maher
   April   1840									       
    27     Michael       MARA           Ellen             STOKES      	   Rickard           Guyder        Judith           Harney
    27     Michael       RYAN           Catherine         BANON       	   Thomas            Banon         Mary             Banon
    29     Philip        MAHER          Honora            HEUSTON     	   William           Butler        Ellen            Reynolds        First married in the Protestant Church
    May    1840									       
     1     Richard       BUTLER         Catherine         POWER       	   Denis             McEnroe       Judith           Prior
     2     Maurice       DEE            Mary              BROPHY      	   Patrick           Quinlan       Catherine        Dunne
     4     Patrick       HOREY (?)      Winifred          RYAN        	   Denis             Haney         Mary             Haney
     7     William       CULLEN         Margaret          DILLON      	   Michael           Grace         Mary             Roache
     ?     Michael       MCDONNELL      Margaret          STAPLETON   	   Michael           Dempsey       Mary             Stapleton
    25     William       RYAN           Catherine         RYAN        	   William           Banon         Ellen            Byrne
   June    1840									       
     4     John          VINN           Margaret          BAURDEN     	   John              Baurden       Margaret         Hayes
     6     William       MARA           Ellen             GLEESON     	   Thomas            Barrow        Bridget          Sause
    15     Denis         MCKEOGH        Susan             MILLS       	   Cornelius         Evans         Margaret         Ryan
    16     James         KEARNEY        Catherine         HICKEY      	   William           Dwyer         Anne             Keating
    25     John          GUERIN         Bridget           DANGAN (?)  	   Michael           Lonergan      Mary             Murphy
    28     John          COMERFORD      Mary              ORGAN       	   John              Fogarty       Mary             Grogan
    29     James         GOOLD          Mary              RYAN        	   William (Rev)     Quirk         Ahnes            Brennan
   July    1840									       
     5     John          CONNELL        Mary              CORMACK     	   Henry             Sullivan      Mary             Morris
    25     Samuel        PHILLIPS       Mary              FOGARTY     	   Daniel            Burke         Mary             Ryan
    26     Michael       MAGUIRE        Margaret          MARA        	   John              Ryan          Mary             Latham
  August   1840									       
    17     Antony        DWYER          Alice             HANRAHAN    	   John              Norton        Mary             Brien
    25     Andrew        CALLANAN       Bridget           MAHER       	   John              Grant         Anne             Ryan
  October  1840									       
     ?     Thomas        RYAN           Bridget           MARA        	   Denis             Leahy         Judith           Mara
    29     Michael       BIRD           Kate (Catherine)  FOGARTY     	   Nicholas          Maher         Ellen            Creagh
 November  1840									       
     4     John          STAKELUM       Anne              LAWLESS     	   Denis             Ryan          Mary             Collum
    21     John          DAULAN         Alice             BURKE       	   Andrew            Cahill        Eliza            Dunne
    23     Patrick       DELANY         Ellen             BUTLER      	   John              Flinn         Bridget          Larkham
    24     Francis       O'BRIEN*       Fanny             BRAY        	   Joseph            Burke         Anne             Ronan
    24     Patrick       BRIEN          Catherine         RYAN        	   Daniel            Maher         Mary             Dwyer
    25     James         LANDERS        Bridget           PHELAN      	   Patrick           Phelan        Judith           Phelan

January    1841
   DAY     GROOM         SURNAME        BRIDE             SURNAME          WITNESS 1                       WITNESS 2                        WITNESS 3/NOTES
    7      Michael       FENILLY        Mary          	  FRANKFORD    	   Henry             Frankford     Mary             Dorean
    8      Richard       DAY            Mary          	  HICKEY       	   Philip            Cahill        Mary             Healy
    9      Maurice       SEALLY         Mary          	  HUNT         	   Thomas            Stokes        Ellen            Hunt
   10      Patrick       MARTLY         Catherine     	  HAYES        	   John              Delany        Mary             Conolly
   19      Denis         DWYER          Judith        	  WALKINS      	   John              Walkins       Mary             Walkins
   24      William       BARRY          Mary          	  BUTLER       	   Thomas            Delany        Catherine        Fanning

February   1841
    1      Thomas        KELLY          Catherine     	  HALL         	   John              Maher         Grace            Gooney          Groom was with the 18th Regiment
    1      James         BROPHY         Judith        	  BRENNAN      	   James             Drew          Mary             McLaughney
    3      Patrick       BURKE          Mary          	  EGAN         	   Michael           Hayden        Margaret         Dwyer
    4      Michael       MAHER          Margaret      	  FANNING      	   John              Mocler        Mary             Sweeny
    6      William       MAHER          Judith        	  MARA         	   Thomas            Mara          Mary             Tierny
    7      Pierce        MCENEROE       Ellen         	  SWEENY       	   Patrick           Burke         June             Ryan            (prob Mc Enroe - modern spelling)
    8      Michael       DWYER          Catherine     	  HAHESSY      	   THomas            Stokes        Mary             Lahy
   10      Laurence      HAYES          Judith        	  BRIEN        	   William           Moloney       Mary             Hickey
   13      William       SCANLAN        Catherine     	  BOWE         	   William           Bowe          Judith           Maher
   14      Antony        FOGARTY        Bridget       	  KIRWICK      	   Patrick           Buttere       Mary             Kirwick
   14      John          KENNEDY        Margaret      	  DELAHUNTY    	   James             Ryan          Honora           Delahunty
   15      Thomas        MCDONNELL      Mary          	  RYAN         	   John              Tuohy         Anne             Leahy
   15      Patrick       RYAN           Mary          	  HAYES        	   John              Hayes         Mary             Cormack
   18      William       STOKES         Anne          	  HEALY        	   Thomas            Hefferman     Anne             Healy
   19      John          SWEENY         Ellen         	  MAHER        	   Denis             Carroll       Bridget          Carroll
   19      Thomas        CLEARY         Margaret      	  DWYER        	   John              Carew         Mary             Fanning
   20      Cornelius     RYAN           Alice         	  MAHER        	   Cornelius         Brien         Ellen            Brien
   20      James         HANLY          Bridget       	  RYAN         	   William           Cullogh       Mary             Maher
   21      Thomas        SHANAHAN       Anne          	  BUTLER or BURKE  Laurence          Shanahan      Ellen            Gorean          
   22      James         NEILL          Catherine     	  BRIEN        	   Cornelius         Ryan          Mary             Brien
   22      John          RYAN           Mary          	  MAHER        	   John              Maher         Johanna          Maher
   22      Robert        BARRY          Eliza         	  TOWERS (?)   	   Micahel           Ryan          Johanna          Maher
   22      Timothy       MAHER          Judith        	  RYAN         	   Patrick           Ryan          Margaret         Ryan
   22      Patrick       GORMAN         Mary          	  SPILLANE     	   Michael           Burke         Mary             Spillane
   22      John          MURPHY         Eliza         	  KEOGHERY     	   Patrick           Daly          Eliza            Dunne
   22      Daniel        CANTWELL       Honora        	  HOWLEY       	   Derby (Jeremiah)  Keefe         Mary             Ryan
   22      Michael       HAYDEN         Bridget       	  POWER        	   Thomas            Hayden        Catherine        Hayden
   22      John          TRAYNOR        Margaret      	  CAHILL       	   Michael           Foley         Sara             Cahill          Groom was a Sergeant with the 27th Regiment
   22      James         CLEARY         Anne          	  FOGARTY      	   John              Burke         Alice            Fogarty
   22      Denis         KENNA          Margaret      	  HENESY       	   James             Brien         Margaret         Magrath
   23      Thomas        FOGARTY        Catherine     	  KENNEDY      	   Thomas            Lacey         Judith           Mullany
   23      Joseph        GRANT          Horora        	  REILLY       	   Thomas            Reilly        Judith           Carr
   23      Philip        HAYES          Judith        	  HICKEY       	   Partrick          Hickey        Margaret         Ryan
   23      Martin        DUMPHY         Ellen         	  BARRY        	   Thomas            Hefferman     Judith           Barry
   23      Thomas        MAHER          Mary          	  NOLAN        	   Patrick           Nolan         Ellen            Hunt
   23      Michael       HOGAN          Mary          	  GORMAN       	   John              Cahill        Anne             Neill
   23      Thomas        KIRWICK        Bridget       	  FOGARTY      	   Philip            Kirwick       Mary             Tierny
   23      Thomas        BURKE          Ellen         	  FANNING      	   Patrick           Burke         Mary             Callanan
   23      John          MANNING        Julia         	  KEATING      	   Patrick           Ryan          Eliza            Fitzgerald

  April    1841
    ?      John          MAHER          Ellen         	  RYAN         	   Joseph            Brennan       Ellen            Mara
    2      Terence       CLARKE         Alice         	  BEREKRY      	   Michael           O'Connor      Catherine        Berekry         Groom was a Corporal with the 27th Regiment
   23      John          RYAN           Mary          	  RYAN         	   Joseph            Cullen        Sara             Burke
   24      James         MULLANY        Ellen         	  QUIGLEY      	   Patrick           Cormack       Ellen            Maher
   25      Denis         CARRIGAN       Bridget       	  EGAN         	   John              Fogarty       Ellen            Moloney
   26      John          RYAN           Bridget       	  BURKE        	   Michael           Dwyer         Eliza            Frankford
   26      John          DUGGAN         Mary          	  CAHILL       	   James             Harney        Mary             Harney
   27      Thomas        GRADY          Catherine     	  NUGENT       	   Maurice           Fleming       Bridget          Ahern

   May     1841
    3      Michael       TYQUIN         Eliza         	  HOWARD       	   James             Keane         Anne             Peacock         Groom was with the 18th Regiment
    5      Henry         GOOLDSBOROUGH  Judith        	  FITZPATRICK  	   James             Britt         Mary             Kennedy
   10      John          FLINN          Bridget       	  FLOOD        	   Patrick           Mullany       Catherine        Delany
   16      Edmund        NAUGHTEN       Bridget       	  FLINN        	   Thomas            Quill         Catherine        Fogarty
   19      Thomas        DELANY         Bridget       	  MAHER        	   Michael           Burke         Alice            Ardagh
   19      Michael       BOYLE          Winifred      	  CORCORAN     	   James             Corcoran      Anne             Burke
   26      John          DELANY         Mary          	  CONOLLY      	   James             Deane         Johanna          Kirwan
   29      Patrick       PERKINS        Margaret      	  GLEESON      	   John              Hayes         Mary             Shanahan

  June     1841
    2      Kyran         DUGGAN         Eliza         	  CARROLL      	   Martin            Carroll       Mary             Cummins
   13      Daniel        CARROLL        Mary          	  COLLUM       	   Michael           Austin        Bridget          Slattery
   15      Thomas        LONG           Honora        	  MAHER        	   John              Maher         Ellen            Ryan
   21      John          CONWAY         Mary          	  CUSHAN       	   Thomas            Long          Mary             Long
   30      Pierce        MOLAUGHNEY     Johanna       	  DELANY       	   Thomas            Molaughney    Mary Anne        Quinlan

  July     1841
    1      James         RYAN           Anne          	  MOLAUGHNEY   	   Patrick           McBride       Mary             Magrath
    4      Samuel        CHERRY         Mary          	  DOYLE        	   Matthew           Cavanagh      Nanno (Anne)     Mullany         Formerly married in the Protestant Church
   26      Thomas        BUTLER         Mary          	  MAHER        	   Denis             McEneroe      Catherine        Ryan

 August    1841
    4      Michael       RYAN           Anne          	  BURKE        	   Daniel            Mara          Catherine        Cahill
   13      William       MAHER          Catherine     	  PURCEL       	   Laurence          Purcel        Ellen            Purcel

September  1841
   10      William       CAHILL         Catherine     	  BARRY        	   Edmund            Rewall        Nanno (Anne)     Ryan
   28      Michael       SHANAHAN       Margaret      	  BRITT        	   John              Naughten      Catherine        Smee

 October   1841
   14      Michael       TRIHEY         Mary          	  BURKE        	   Patrick           Condon        Anne             Maher
   20      John          RYAN           Catherine     	  CONOLLY      	   Andrew            Dunne         Alicia (Alice)   Conolly
   23      Jeremiah      BANON          Anne          	  HARTY     	   Michael           Ryan          Mary             Ryan
   27      Thomas        CORMACK        Catherine     	  WALSH        	   Maurice           Fleming       Ellen            Quinlan
   31      John          PHILLIPS       Maria         	  MARA         	   Whilip            Cahill        Margaret         McCraith

November   1841
    6      William       WALSH          Mary          	  SLEVIN       	   Michael           MacKay        Catherine        Carr
   14      John          DELANY         Bridget       	  BOURDEN (?)      Thomas            Walpole       Judith           Maher
   25      William       DWYER          Judith        	  CARR         	   Edmund            Lahy          Ellen            Carr
   27      Thomas        HAYES          Margaret      	  PRICE        	   John              Kanher        Bridget          Price
   28      Timothy       MARA           Mary          	  QUIRK        	   James             Maher         Mary             Callanan