Church: Marriages at Thurles Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly 
(R.C.), 1836 - 1837

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Thurles, Dio. of Cashel & Emly
SOURCE: microfilm 02490/12 Catholic Parish Registers at NLI website

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 January   1836
    DAY    GROOM         SURNAME        BRIDE              SURNAME       WITNESS 1                WITNESS 2                         WITNESS 3/NOTES
     7     Michael       MULVANY        Catherine          	LUBY          Nicholas     Maher      Kate              Fogarty
     7     John          DEVANE         Bridget            	BUTLER        Thomas       Maher      Bridget           Flood (?)
    10     John          MAHER          Anastasia          	GORMAN        William      Harney     Alice             Brolan
    11     James         BANON          Judith             	BURKE         Thomas       Hall       Elesa             Henebry 
    11     Michael       RAWLEY         Nanno (Anne?)       CORCORAN      John         Quin       Mary              Corcoran
    15     Patrick       TAIT           Mary               	HI (?)        Thomas       Maher      Margaret          Finn
    19     James         KELLY          Catherine          	MARA          Patrick      Russell    Mary              Banon
    19     Patrick       BYRNE          Mary               	DORMODY       Patrick      Ryan       Mary              Maher
    19     Thomas        DELANY         Johanna            	CORMACK       Patrick      Cormack    Margaret          Delany
    24     Philip        RYAN           Catherine          	KENNEDY       Joseph       Browning   Mary              Fogarty
    28     John          RYAN           Margaret           	MOONEY        Denis        Nolan      Mary              Hunt
    29     John          MAHER          Ellen              	MAHER         Patrick      Rahill(?)  Catherine         Hickey
    29     John          BOWERBANK      Elisa              	PERKINSON(?)  Thomas       O'Connor   Patrick           Ryan            S. Maher

 February  1836
     4     John          JAYES          Bridget            	BOWE          John         Shanahan   Bridget           Bowe
     4     Edmund        PENEFATHER     Margaret           	NAUGHLIN      Edmund       Flanigan   Bridget           Durick
     4     John          RAFFERTY       Mary               	MAHER         Thomas       Fitzgerald Catherine         Long
     5     Thomas        FITZGERALD     Catherine          	LONG          Edmund       O'Connor   Mary              Maher
     5     Mathew        AHERN          Alice              	BROLAN        Patrick      Brolan     Mary              Forman
     6     Patrick       CODY           Bridget            	KELLY         James        Mulcahy    Mary              Kelly
     8     Edmund        OURCELL        Judith             	NAGLE         James        Healey     Mary              Ryan
    10     Philip        HEFFERMAN      Catherine          	PURCELL       Timothy      Flanagan   Mary              Gleeson
    11     John          FITZGERALD     Catherine          	MYNES         Patrick      Cormack    Anne              Cooney
    11     James         MOLLOY         Bridget            	BARRY         James        Barry      Bridget           Molloy
    11     John          MAHER          Catherine          	BLAKE         Michael      Mara       Ellen             Carroll
    11     John          PETRES         Mary               	MURPHY        Daniel       Hickey     Judith            Ryan
    12     David         MULLANY        Catherine          	DEMPSEY       Denis        Nolan      Charity           Hunt 
    13     Derby         HACKETT        Margaret           	RYAN          John         Burke      Catherine         Leahy
    13     John          PHELAN         Mary               	SHELLY        William      Cullagh    Ellen             Brophy
    13     Thomas        RYAN           Judith             	CAREW         James        Hanly      Honora            Carroll
    14     Geoffrey      PURTELL        Catharine          	MILLS         John         Danhan     Honora            Eakins
    14     Thomas        CARROLL        Catharine           DEMAINE       John         Demaine    Patrick           Ryan
    14     Stephen       BARRY          Catherine          	BOWE (?)      Patrick      Ryan       Bridget           Ryan
    14     John          MCNAMARA       Alice              	KIELTY        Edmund       McNamara   Mary              Keelly
    15     James         RYAN           Judith             	REWELL        Timothy      Ryan       Margaret          Ryan
    15     Michael       CLEARY         Judith Catherine   	LANAN         John         Cleary     Bridget           McGuire
    15     Thomas        DELEHEENTY     Bridget            	HICKEY        Patrick      Mara       Bridget           Hickey
    15     Timothy       FLANIGAN       Anastasia          	NAUGHLIN      James        Ryan       Catherine         Brien
    15     Patrick       BRIEN          Catherine          	SHANAHAN      MIchael      Leahy      Ellen             Naughten 
    16     Daniel        BOLAN          Margaret           	BOYLE         Edmund       Ryan       Mary              Ryan
    16     Michael       RYAN           Bridget            	KENNEDY       Michael      Delahunty  Honora            Cormack
    16     Cornelius     BOYLE          Anne               	MAHER         William      Casey      Judith            Maher
    16     James         CAHILL         Catherine          	DARMODY       John         Mara       Mary              Feely
    16     Daniel        HAYES          Ellen              	SWEENY        James        Sweeny     Bridget           Sweeny
    16     Andrew        HOLOHAN        Mary               	MAHER         John         Carroll    Elisa             Finn
    16     Denis         HOGAN          Ellen              	BRYNE         Philip       Hefferman  Ellen             Bryne
    16     John          MOELER         Mary               	BAURDEN       Michael      Rahill     Mary              Scott
    16     James         RYAN           Ellen              	MARA          Patrick      Mara       Judith            Mara

   April   1836
    13     Edmund        HINGRATH (?)   Margaret           	DWYER         Maurice      Cleming    Mary              Hayes
    18     James         BURKE          Anne               	RYAN          Richard      Butler     Judith            Ryan

    May    1836
    15     Thomas        RYAN           Anne               	KELLY         Michael      Purcell    Mary              Shelby
    18     Michael       RYAN           Bridget            	FAHY          John         Ryan       Judith            Gleeson         Groom from Holycross

   June    1836
     3     Stephen       LALOR          Ellen              	TOBIN         James        Cantwell   Eliza             Burke
    11     Patrick       MOLONY         Margaret           	MAHER         Edmund       Myers      Mary              Maher
    14     James         DORCAN         Eliza              	LEAHY         Henry        Fra�good   Ellen             Delany
    16     John          DEVANE         Mary               	FOGARTY       William      Mara       Judith            Fogarty
    19     John          MOLONGHNEY     Margaret           	BRYNE         Connor       Dwyer      Denis             Nolan

   July    1836
     2     William       BALDWIN        Margaret           	CARMODY       Daniel       Lacey      Catherine         Hogan           Groom is with the 94th Regiment. 
     First married in the Protestant Church
     7     Micahel       RYAN           Anne               	REILLY        William      Shanahan   Catherine         Sheppard
     8     Michael       GLEESON        Hannah             	RYAN          Timothy      Dwyer      Mary              Reynolds
    10     James         FITZPATRICK    Bridget            	FOGARTY       Patrick      Cormack    Anne              Slattery
    20     Anthony       RYAN           Catherine          	MACNAMARA     Edmund       Ardagh     Margaret          McNamara

  August   1836
     1     Michael       MORRISSEY      Margaret           	RYAN          Thomas       Gleeson    Margaret          Kelly
     1     Richard B.    SUPPLE         Catherine          	DWYER         Thomas (Rev) O'Connor   Johanna           Dwyer
     7     Patrick       LEAHY          Catherine          	HOULOHAN      Patrick      Burke      Mary              Burke
     8     Michael       MORRISSEY      Margaret           	RYAN          Thomas       Gleeson    Margaret          Lelly
     9     Philip        FOGARTY        Mary               	MURPHY        John         Leahy      Mary              Reynolds
    16     Patrick       CORMACK        Mary               	O'BRIEN       John         Finn       Mary              Ryan
    17     John          FOGARTY        Judith             	RYAN          William      Ryan       Margaret          Maher

 September 1836
     4     John          FLANIGAN       Catherine          	RYAN          Patrick      Magrath    Margaret          Ryan
     6     Michael (Milo)DWYER          Bridget            	MAHER         Daniel       Burke      Mary              MacNamara

  October  1836
     2     William       MAHER          Mary               	FOGARTY       James        Ahern      Honora            Fogarty
     4     James         COLLINS        Anne               	COLLINS       Patrick      Ryan       Berdget (Bridget) Ryan
     6     Timothy       RYAN           Anstice (Anastasia)	BAYLE         Thomas       Bayle      Mary              Bayle
     7     Nicholas      HEADE          Margaret           	PHELAN        John         MacNamara  Berdget (Bridget)  Cahill
    20     James         RYAN           Margaret           	LYONS         Michael      Bethel     Mary              Gleeson
    21     John          SLATTERY       Ellen              	MORRIS        John         Coleman    Mary              McCoy
    22     John          THIEFY (?)     Margaret           	BRIEN         John (Rev)   Murphy     Patrick (Rev)     Leahy
    22     John          DWYER          Mary               	CORMACK       James        Ahern      Mary              Ryan
    23     James         RYAN           Mary               	CAVANAGH      James        Magrath    Catherine         Delehunt
    23     Daniel        PHERDON        Judith             	CUNNINGHAM    John         Kaflery    Theresa           Carrol

 November  1836
     1     George        STRANG         Catherine          	KELLY         Denis        Nolan      Ellen             Quirk
     2     Stephen       DWYER          Mary               	KENNEDY       James        Deigham    Bridget           Kelly
     3     James         LOVETT         Catherine          	GOOLD         James        McNamara   Eleza             Connors         Groom is with the 94th Regiment
    20     Michael       WALSH          Anne               	CUNNINGHAM    John         Wall       Judith            G...ney (?)
    21     Cornelius     GAVIN          Margaret           	CARROLL       John         Gavin      Anastasia         Gorman
    24     Laurence      POWER          Bridget            	SHANAHAN      Luke         Cox        Catherine         Enright
    26     John          QUICK          Margaret           	BUTTER        William      Maher      Margaret          Kelly
    28     Patrick       DRISCOLL       Margaret           	MCCORMACK     John         Harlin     Judith            Ryan
    29     Simon         DWYER          Mary               	BURKE         Tyrone       Carhey     Eliza             Daly
    29     Martin        FINN           Winifred           	BURKE         Patrick      Smyth      Catherine         Smyth

 January   1837
    DAY    GROOM         SURNAME        BRIDE               SURNAME       WITNESS 1                WITNESS 2                        WITNESS 3/NOTES
     7     Patrick     	 BERGIN         Margaret         	DELANY        William      Delany      Mary          	Carroll
    22     John        	 DELAHUNTY      Mare             	LEAHY         Thomas       Delahunty   Ellen         	Tierney

 February  1837
     5     John        	 BRENNAN        Mary             	DILLON        Michael      Brennan     Sara          	Ryan
     5     Michael     	 MAHER          Ellen            	SWEENY        John         Ryan        Judith        	Sweeny
     5     James       	 QUIN           Mary             	BRIEN         James        Quin        Mary          	Ryan
     5     John        	 DEVANE         Bridget          	FAHY          Michael      Keogh       Judith        	Mara
     5     Henry       	 JONES          Isabella        	BURKE         Cornelius    Burke       Margaret      	Burke
     5     Michael     	 CALLANAN       Mary             	MAHER         Simon        Wall        Ellen         	Maher
     5     Jeremiah    	 MAHER          Ellen            	QUINTON       James        Delany      Johanna       	Quinton
     5     Patrick     	 FITZPATRICK    Judith           	MURPHY        Timothy      Holohan     Margaret      	Ryan
     6     John        	 FLINN          Clare            	DAY           John         Spillane    Catherine     	Holohan
     6     Thomas      	 DAY            Mary             	DWYER         Matthew      Hickey      Margaret      	Dwyer
     6     John        	 SHEA           Margaret         	RYAN          Edmund       Shanahan    Mary          	Moloney
     6     James       	 MOTTOY         Mary             	CARR          James        Woodlock    Mary          	Maher
     6     William     	 HICKEY         Anastasia        	BRIEN         James        Hickey      Catherine     	Condon
     6     Michael     	 LANIGAN        Bridget          	NOLAN         John         Spillane    Mary          	Nolan           Groom is from Moglass
     6     Philip      	 CLEARY         Margaret         	RYAN          Michael      Fogarty     Mary          	Burke
     6     Daniel      	 LEARY          Mary             	BRENNAN       Esward       Phelpotts   Mary          	Leahy           Groom is with the Police
     7     Keiran      	 LONERGAN       Mary             	FOGARTY       Michael      Lonergan    Mary          	Maher
     7     James       	 KELLY          Margaret         	MAHER         James        Maher       Ellen         	Maher
     7     John        	 BURKE          Margaret         	KELLY         William      Maher       Bridget       	Lynch
     7     Thomas      	 PURCELL        Mary             	EGAN          James        Purcell     Catherine     	Egan
     7     James       	 DELEHUNTY      Mary             	LAHY          Thomas       Delahunty   Ellen         	Tierny
     7     Patrick     	 DOULAN         Berdget          	DEGAN         John         Doolan      Catherine     	Cusham
     7     Patrick     	 WIDEROW        Margaret         	MAHER         Andrew       Larkin (?)  Margaret      	McCormack
     7     John        	 DWYER          Mary             	CORMACK       James        Ahern       Mary          	Reynolds
     7     James       	 RYAN           Mary             	CAVANAGH      James        Nugent      Catherine     	Delahunty
     7     Patrick     	 WALLACE        Anne             	HENEY         Timothy      Ryan        Mary          	Maher
     7     Thomas      	 KEANE          Mary Ann         	GLEESON       Thomas       Kirwan      Bridget       	Fogarty
     7     Thomas      	 DWYER          Mary             	FOGARTY       Andrew       Cahill      Anastasia     	Brennan
     7     Philip      	 CAHILL         Margaret         	FOLEY         Richard      Fogarty     Ellen         	Heley (?)
     7     Timothy     	 HOCTEN         Judith           	BATTEN        Michael      Hocten      Judith        	Quillman
     7     James       	 BONACUM        Ellen            	TRACEY        James        Brennan     Bridget       	Tracey
     7     James       	 HELEY          Judith (Julia)   	SPILLANE      William      Heley       Mary          	Spillane
     7     Richard     	 TOBIN          Ellen            	RYAN          Daniel       Ryan        Bridget       	Ryan
    10     Thomas      	 RYAN           Ellen            	RYAN          Patrick      Ryan        Margaret      	Crawley

   April   1837
     9     John        	 MAHER          Mary             	TOBIN         John         Goggin      Mary          	Banon
    24     Martin      	 MORGAN         Allice           	GORMAN        Margaret     Gorman      Catherine     	Gorman
    24     Thomas      	 BURKE          Mary             	HAYDEN        John         Fogarty     Mary          	Kelly

    May    1837
     5     Thomas      	 CULLEN         Winifred         	RYAN          Michael      Ryan        Bridget       	Ryan
     7     Philip      	 HEFFERMAN      Eliza            	FINN          Philip       Hefferman   Margaret      	Maher
    11     John        	 MAHER          Bridget          	KENNA         Patrick      Tuohy (?)   Bridget       	Delany
    16     John        	 LAWLESS        Mary             	NEWSOM        Philip       Ryan        Margaret      	Ryan

   June    1837
    16     James       	 FORMAN         Ellen            	CALLANAN      James        Ryan        Mary          	Ryan
    25     John        	 COMERFORD      Bridget          	VYNNE         John         Vynne       Catherine     	Comerford

   July    1837
     3     James       	 KENNEDY        Margaret         	MULCAHY       Mathew       Quintan     P (Rev)       	Larkin          Ellen            Mulcahy
     3     Anthony     	 MAHER          Ellen            	FLINN         Edmund       Martin      Alley (Alice) 	Kennedy
     7     James       	 KIARNY         Bridget          	GULLANE       John         Byrne       Bridget       	Tracey
    17     Mark        	 MURPHY         Sara             	DWYER         Walter       Cummins     Bridget       	Ryan            Bannes published
    29     John        	 CONOLLY        Margaret         	GLEESON       John         Shanahan    Anne          	Dunne
    31     Edmund      	 BURKE          Anto (Anastasia) 	CAHILL        Laurence     Burke       Mary          	Darmondy

  August   1837
     8     Michael     	 DUNNE          Sara             	KETT          Denis        Kett        Bridget       	Kett
    10     Denis       	 RIORDAN        Winifred         	QUINCY        Maurice      Fleming     Mary          	Harney          Bride alias of Shelly
    28     James       	 ARMSTRONG      Mary             	ARMSTRONG     Thomas       Hayes       Margaret      	Armstrong       Groom from Tipperary
    30     Thomas      	 PURCELL        Mary             	CORMACK       Matthew      Maher       Ellen         	Hayes

 September 1837
     3     Michael     	 FITZGERALD     Catherine        	BROLAN        Terrence     Byrne       Catherine     	Cormack         With approval of Commanding Office, 
     Private 19th Regiment
     6     John        	 LANIGAN        Fanny            	O'KEEFFE      Edward       Cambic      Mary          	O'Keeffe        Groom from Templemore
    12     Edmund      	 GODFREY        Mary             	RYAN          Patrick      McGrath     Catherine     	Ryan
    14     James       	 LONERGAN       Judith           	HAYES         Richard      Purcell     Catherine     	Walsh
    19     Michael     	 SWEENY         Mary             	CAHILL        Michael      Fogarty     Bridget       	Mulcahy

 October   1837
     8     Patrick     	 SPILLANE       Jane (S?)        	MAHER         Daniel       Ryan        Margaret      	Mara
     9     Michael     	 KERNS          Catherine        	LONG          James        Burke       Bridget       	Molloy
    13     Richard     	 HADNETT        Margaret         	MATHEW        James        Hefferman   Madry         	Mathew
    31     John        	 MUGHAN         Mary             	BERGIN        Willian      Delahunty   Anne          	Phelan
    31     John        	 CUMMINS        Margaret         	PURCELL       Micahel      Fitzgerald  Bridget       	Cummins

 November  1837
     5     Thomas      	 BRENNAN        Ellen            	BURKE         John         Floor       Catherine     	Ryan
     6     William     	 FINEGAN        Mary             	LONERGAN      Simon        Finelly     Bridget       	Finelly         Groom is from Waterford
     9     Patrick     	 STAPLETON      Honora           	CLEARY        Philip       Fahy        Bridget       	Delany
    20     John        	 BURKE          Winifred         	BRIEN         William      Ryan        Mary          	Ryan
    23     Joseph      	 BIRMINGHAM     Ellen            	CAHILL        James        Brien       Mary          	Moloney
    26     Philip      	 FAHY           Bridget          	DELANY        John         Byrne       Anne          	Healey
    30     Patrick     	 RYAN           Margaret         	I'CONNOR      Edmund       Burke       Mary Anne     	Heney           Groom is from Dublin

 December  1837
     2     Michael     	 TYNAM          Bridget          	LISTON        John         Falton      Ellen         	Dunne
     2     Hugh        	 BIRDS          Mary             	MAHER         George       Brien       Mary Ann      	Smyth
     2     John        	 CORMACK        Bridget          	MOLUMBY       James        Purcell     Anne          	Burke
     2     John        	 DELANY         Judith           	RYAN          John         Byrne       Anne          	Healy