Church: Marriages at Thurles Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly 
(R.C.), 1834 - 1835

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Thurles, Dio. of Cashel & Emly
SOURCE: microfilm 02490/12 Catholic Parish Registers at NLI website

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January 1834
  DAY     GROOM         SURNAME           BRIDE         SURNAME       WITNESS 1                WITNESS 2                        WITNESS 3 / NOTE
   13     Thomas        CONDON            Ellen         RYAN          Patrick      Carr        Cath       	Maher
   13     James         DWYER (?)         Margaret      CAVANAGH      Edward       Fogarty     Mary       	Lowry
   14     James         MAHER             Hannah        MYRES         James        Brophy      Margaret   	Donovan
   14     Patrick       DEMPSEY           Ellen         MCCOY         John         McCoy       Margaret   	McCoy
   14     William       MOONEY            Elisa         HAYDEN        Michael      Ryan        Ellen      	Kelly	         
   17     Michael       CREED             Mary          MCBRIDE       Patrick      Ryan        Maurice    	Fleming
   17     Patrick       RYAN              Catherine     RYAN          Thomas       Wilson      Marye      	Mulvihill (?)
   21     Michael       MEEHAN            Catherine     HAYDEN        John         Tracey      Mary       	Moran
   21     Daniel        CURRAN            Elisa         MORONY        William      Harney (?)  Judith     	Mooney
   23     Edward        BRITTON           Merdith       WALL          James        Maher       Wenifred   	Wall
   25     John          FOGARTY           Judith        BURKE         John         Burke       Cath       	Harrington
   25     Edward        BARRY             Anta          NOLAN         James        Coranes (?) Margaret   	Ryan
   25     Pierce        CONDON            Judith        LAHY          Patrick      Condon      Margaret   	Condon
   27     Michael       FANNING           Judith        RALBY /REIBY  Philip       Hodnett (?) Anne       	Ralby/Reiby (?)
   27     Timothy       MAHER             Ellen         LACEY         Pierce       Fogarty     Judith     	Bray
   30     Philip        RYAN              Margaret      RYAN          Patrick      Spillane    Catherine  	Brophy
   ??     James         UNREADABLE        Elizabeth     MAHER         Patrick      Unreadable  Ellen      	Unreadable
   31     James         RYAN              Anastasia     FLANIGAN      Michael      Ryan        Elisa      	McManus

February 1834
    1     John          SHANAHAN          Ellen         FRIHEY        Patrick      Cormack     Ellen      	Reynolds
    1     Edward        MAGARTH           Bridget       AHERN         James        Ahern       Ellen      	Reynolds
    2     Patrick       RYAN              Bridget       RYAN          Denis        Keys        Honora     	Hayes
    2     James         MCBRIDE           Judith        PURCELL (?)   Patrick      Ryan        Mary       	Moloney
    3     John          FOGLE             Catherine     HOGAN         William      Hogan       Mary       	Hogan
    3     James         CONWAY            Bridget       LONG          Martin       Ryan        Cath       	Long
    3     John          BLAKE             Anastasia     KELLY         Patrick      Mackey      Ellen      	Brien
    4     Connor        MAHER             Bridget       FOGARTY       John         Fogarty     Margaret   	Fogarty
    4     James         BREEN             Judith        BREEN         William      Quick       Bridget    	Cahill      
    4     John          DOWNEY            Judith        RYAN          John         Maher       Bridget    	Maher
    4     Thomas        LONG              Judith        RYAN          Thomas       Ryan        Honora     	Fogarty
    5     Valentine     DORAN             Judith        CLEARY        John         Doran       Ellen      	Hayes
    5     Denis         MCCARTY           Mary          DEMPSEY       Patrick      Dempsey     Ellen      	McCoy
    6     Patrick       MULLANY           Margaret      RYAN          Thomas       Mullany     Mary       	Burke
    6     Thomas        FOGARTY           Mary          FANNING       Michael      Birmingham  Bridget    	Fanning
    6     Thomas (?)    PENDERGAST        Anne          HENEY         William      Unreadable  Cath       	Burke
    6     John          CUSHAM            Elisa         MAQUIRE       Thomas       Cusham      Malaky     	Kirwan          Ellen Maquire
    6     William       LANAGAN           Catherine     ...GIN        Thomas       Goggin      Mary       	Maher
    6     Timothy       LAUGHMAN          Mary          CULLIGAN      Thomas       Laughman    Bridget    	Haller
    9     Richard       RYAN              Mary Anne     BURKE         Patrick      Hiernay     Mary       	Maher
    9     John          NOLAN             Honora        EGAN          Thomas       Nolan       Honora     	Fitzpatrick
   10     Pierce        FOGARTY           Catherine     HEFFERNAN     James        Burke       Margaret   	Dunne
   10     James         MARKS             Bridget       SHAUGHNESSY   Patrick      Spillane    Mary       	Holohan
   10     Andrew        SHANAHAN          Bridget       AHERN         Matthew      Aherm       Honora     	Maher
   10     John          HOUGHTON          Judith        MAHER         Carmichael   Cleary      Ellen      	Fogarty
   10     Michael       GLEESON           Ellen         GORMAN        Ernest       Fogarty     Catherine  	Banon
   10     Michael       QUINN             Judith        BRITT         James        Quinn       Mary       	Keogh
   10     John          MARA              Catherine     FINN          Michael      Mara        Merdith    	Finn
   11     Andrew        NOLAN             Honora        HEALY         James        Bryan       Anne       	Healy
   11     Edmund        PURSELL           Catherine     LONG          John         Maher       Ellen      	Long	 
   11     Michael       BURKE             Catherine     RYAN          John         Burke       Ellen      	Ryan
   11     Thomas        CALLAHAN          Ellen         FOGARTY       Unreadable   Unreadable  Unreadable 	Unreadable
   11     Martin        NAGLE             Ellen         DERMODY       George       Nagle       Anastasia  	Maloney
   11     William       BRIEN             Mary          RYAN          William      Brien       Mary       	Corcoran
   11     Mathew        MAHER             Catherine     RYAN          Patrick      Spillane    Mary       	Dwyer
   11     Patrick       RYAN              Mary          MAHER         Jeremiah     Dwyer       Margaret   	Spillane
   11     John          MAHER             Bridget       GORMAN        John         Maher       Bridget    	Banon
   11     Timothy       COLLINS           Mary          RYAN          James        Maher       Mary       	Ryan

April 1834
    7     Willliam      MARA              Mary          LAHY          James        Lahy        Judith     	Kennedy
   14     Nicholas      HASKELL           Mary          MORAN         Joseph       Sanders     Bridget    	Revell
   14     William       SULLIVAN          Honora        LEAHY         Michael      Dwyer       Mary       	Fogarty
   15     Micahel       CARROLL           Mary          RUSSELL       John         Kennedy     Mary       	Carroll
   16     John          LEMAK             Margaret      KEEFFE        James        Daly        Mary       	Keeffe
   18     James         LONG              Mary          MURPHY        James        Morris      Judith     	Ryan
   22     John          BIRMINGHAM        Hudith        RYAN          William      Burke       Honora     	Lahy
   22     Michael       MCGUIRE           Mary          CAMDEN        Anthony      Flinn       Ellen      	Liverny
   22     John          TIERNY            Mary          HICKEY        David        Leahy       Ellen      	Ryan
   28     Unreadable    MCCORMACK         Ellen         MCNAMARA      Thomas       Kenny       Ellen      	Hara

May 1834
    9     Patrick       QUIGLEY           Bridget       BRIAN         Thomas       Pursell     Ellen      	Morris
   11     Willliam      MOONEY            Elisa         HAYDEN
   19     John          TIERNY (Killaloe) Mary          HICKEY        Denis        Leahey      Ellen      	Ryan
   20     Patrick       DWYER             Catherine     DOOLEY        Walter       Cleary      Ellen      	Cleary
   28     Edmund        CORNELL           Elisa         MOLOUGHNEY    Peter        Moloughney  Margery    	Leahy
   28     Thomas        HANEY             Judith        BROLAN        Edward       Mara        Mary       	Barry

June 1834
   19     Denis         MAHER             Mary          DALY          John         Burke       Bridget    	Higgins
   22     James         CARROLL           Margaret      POWER         William      Kennedy     Mary       	Armstrong

July 1834
   17     Patrick       TIERNEY           Sara          NEILL         Hugh         Mulcahy     Margaret   	Maher
   27     Derby         MAHONY            Ellen         HAULY         John         Corcoran    Anne       	Heley

September 1834
    4     Timothy       SMYTH             Bridget       HAYDEN        Owen         Cormody     Ellen      	Dohan
   12     Denis         MULLANY           Mary          PURSELL       Thomas       Fitzpatrick Mary       	Harney
   26     Thomas        EGAN              Ellen         EGERS         Maurice      Fleming     Ellen      	Hayes

October 1834
    6     John          GORMAN            Ellen         KIRWAN (?)    Michael      Ryan        Ellen      	Carr
   21     Thomas        DORAN             Catherine     HOROGAN       Thomas       Wilson      Mary       	Stokes

December 1834
    3     Laurence      CLEARY            Sara          RYAN          Patrick      Fogarty     Catherine  	Walsh
    6     Patrick       CORMACK           Judith        CAREN         Patrick      Kennedy     Bridget    	Dancey
   15     John          DELAHUNTY         Bridget       HICKEY        John         Fogarty     Mary       	Ryan
   27     James         CAREW of Toom     Judith        NEILL         John         Maher       Judith     	Maher
   28     Edmund        PURSER (?)        Bridget       GLEESON       Patrick      Carr        Catherine  	Maher
   29     Patrick       RYAN              Catherine     HOGAN         Pierce       Fogarty     Mary       	Fogarty

January   1835
   DAY    GROOM         SURNAME      	  BRIDE         SURNAME       WITNESS 1                WITNESS 2                        Witness 3/Notes 
    1     Patrick       CAMDEM       	  Margaret      DUNNE         Patrick      Sullivan    Bridget J    	Kehan	        Bride from Leigh
    9     George S      KIDD         	  Bridget Hall  THREETS       Joseph       Birmingham  Mary         	Ryan
    9     Mathew        DRYER        	  Bridget       HAYES         Edward       Fanning     Bridget      	Neill
    9     John          KEOGH        	  Mary          HARDY         Michael      Mackey      Anne         	Healy
    9     Philip        MALONEY      	  Catherine     BRIEN         William      Brien       Bridget      	Mulhany
   13     Frederick     BOWE         	  Bridget       CAPPINGER     John         Purcell     Mary         	Feely
   17     Thomas        POWER        	  Johanna       FOGARTY       Patrick      Molanghney  Mary         	Molanghney
   20     Lawrence      ROWAN        	  Catherine     RYAN          Patrick      Ryan        Mary         	Ryan
   23     Philip        DWYER        	  Mary          TIERNEY       Patrick      Donelly     Ellen        	Tierney
   24     James         KEATING      	  Alley         RYAN          James        Dwyer       Mary         	Mara
   25     Edmond        HINDS        	  Honora        COMMON        John         Quinn       Bridget      	Frehy
   27     Patrick       BURKE        	  Mary          KELLY         Michael      Fogarty     Mary         	Banon
   31     William       KETT         	  Bridget       FLINN         Micahel      Fitzgerald  Lara         	Kett

February  1835
    1     Michael       KEEFFE       	  Ellen         BAYLE         Thomas       Maher       Mary         	Bayle	        Groom from Ballywhite
    1     John          MARTIN       	  Catherine     CAHILL        William      Kennedy     Ellen        	Cahill
    4     Michael       NEILL        	  Mary          DONAVAN       William      Maher       Judith       	Harney
    7     Nicholas      BROPHY       	  Honora        FITZPATRICK   John         Quinn       Anastasia    	Gorman
   11     Patrick       MACKEY       	  Bridget       FALLON        Michael      Mackey      Mary         	Dalton
   14     William       MYHAN        	  Mary          FOGARTY       Maurice      Fleming     Ellen        	Hale
   17     William       MYHAN        	  Mary          QUIN          Martin       Stapleton   Bridget      	Quin
   18     Patrick       CONNELL      	  Mary          STAPLETON     John         Keogh       Judith       	Neill
   19     John          BREEN        	  Ellen         DOHAN         George       Breen       Judith       	Cormack
   20     Richard       IRELAND      	  Judith        LONG          Joseph       Long        Ellen        	Long		Groom with the Police
   21     James         GRADY        	  Anne          RYAN          Thomas       Hahessy (?) Mary         	Bileson (?)
   21     Stephen       MAHER        	  Mary          RYAN          Patrick      Ryan        Mary         	Mackay
   23     Michael       MCCOY        	  Alley         RYAN          William      Walsh       Bridget      	Kearns
   23     William       PORTER       	  Mary          EGAN          John         Divane      Mary         	Dunne
   24     William       FOGARTY      	  Ellen         RYAN          Unreadable   Fogarty     Mary         	Constable
   25     Richard       KEOGH        	  Mary          COGHLAN       Richard      Delany      Bridget      	Powers
   26     Michael       PURCELL      	  Hannah        NEILL         Laurence     Ryan        Bridget      	Finn
   26     Philip        RYAN         	  Catherine     GORMAN        Philip       Kennedy     Mary         	Keogh		Groom from St. Kyrans
   26     Bryan         BRITT        	  Ellen         BRITT         Bryan        Stolles     Ellen        	Smee (?)
   27     Michael       FITZGERALD   	  Mary          DEVINE        John         Kennedy     Bridget      	Butler
   27     John          MAHER        	  Margaret      DALY          William      Kennedy     Judith       	Ryan
   28     Thomas        SEVERNY      	  Mary          BOYLE         John         Brennan     Mary         	Murphy
   28     Patrick       DILLON       	  Mary          DEMANE (?)    Mathew       Dillon      Mary         	Keogh
   28     Martin        BURKE        	  Bridget       COLLERAN      Martin       Lowry       Anne         	Stattery
   28     Francis       MORAN        	  Catherine     DWYER         Thomas       Ryan        Catherine    	Feely
   28     James         DELAHANTY    	  Catherine     BOYLE         John         Kennedy     Mary         	Ryan
   29     James         RYAN         	  Ellen         RYAN          John         Corcoran    Honora       	Haynes
   29     Maurice       EDMOND       	  Judith        COSTIGAN      John         Wellington  Julia        	Quirk

  March   1835
    1     Denis         RYAN         	  Honora        CARROLL       William      Ryan        Johanna      	Carew
    1     Morgan        MCGUIRE      	  Catherine     DOHAN         Thomas       McGuire     Judith       	Dillon
    1     John          RYAN         	  Winnifred     ARMSTRONG     Michael      Nolan       Bridget      	Wilson
    1     Francis       CASS         	  Mary          RYAN          Denis        Leahy       Mary         	Callanan	Groom from Holycroft
    2     Edward        PURCELL      	  Mary          MCDONNELL     ... (?)      Burke       John         	Keogh
    2     Richard       DWYER        	  Margaret      SHEA          John         Seeeny      Catherine    	Sullivan
    2     Thomas        BROLAN       	  Ellen         CARR          Mathew       Kiernan     Mary         	Ryan
    2     Walter        REKELL (?)   	  Bridget       KELLY         Edmond       Long        Catherine    	Ryan
    3     George        DERMODY      	  Jane          MYERS         John         Hayes       Catherine    	Hayes
    3     John          KILMARTIN    	  catherine     BOYLE         Edmond       Fanning     Mary         	Cleary
    3     John          RYAN         	  Mary          BUTLER        Mary         Maher       Ellen        	Rynolds

  April   1835
    3     Michael       DELAHEENTY   	  Mary          MURPHY        Willian      Cormack     Margaret     	Boyle

   May    1835
    3     Patrick       MORRISSEY    	  Julia         WHELAN        Thomas       Mullany     Margaret     	Nolan
   18     James         KENNA+       	  Margaret      MARA          John         Purcell     Bridget      	Power
   18     John          DELAHUNTY   	  Nanno (?)     HICKEY        John         Kennedy     Judith       	Fogarty

  June    1835
    1     Mathew        ROONEY       	  Irene         GERARD        John         Cullen      Ellen        	Ryan		Groom, (Sgt, 35th Regiment, Light Foot)
   11     William       DWYER        	  Judith        FAYRE         Daniel       Dwyer       Mary         	Dwyer
   11     John          HARNEY       	  Anastasia     HARNEY        Samuel       Hayes       Anne         	Kirwan

  July    1835
    2     Thomas        LONG         	  Mary          HELEY         Patrick      Morse (?)   Bridget      	Breannon
   14     John          BROLAN       	  Elesa         BENSON        John         Fahey       Mary         	Fogarty
   22     John          LONG         	  Sara          NOLAN         Patrick      Long        Margaret     	Nolan
   26     James         KEEFFE       	  Mary          RYAN          Edmund       Shanahan    Bridget      	Feahan

September 1835
    7     James         CAHILL       	  Elesa         LARSON        Thomas       Delany      Elisa        	McManus
    8     Jarrett       QUIN         	  Margaret      KANGERY       Thomas       Hall        Mary         	Mooney
   15     John          FOGARTY      	  Judith        HOGAN         Patrick      Ryan        Mary         	Maher		Groom from Lough
   26     Patrick       RUSSELL      	  Mary          KENNEY        Andrew       Cahill      Catherine    	Kennedy

 October  1835
    3     James         CROLLY       	  Mary          WALL          William      Hogan       Mary         	Cormack
    3     William       PETERS       	  Mary          MAHAR         John         Mahar       Mary         	Shanahan
    5     James         SCALES       	  Mary          BRODERICK     William      Broderick   Winifred     	Wall
    8     William       MAHER        	  Margaret      RENEHAN       James        Quill       Anastasia    	Carrol
    8     Patrick       RYAN         	  Catherine     LANE          Patrick      Ryan        Bridget      	Renehan
   18     James         HAYDEN       	  Elesa         DELANY        Patrick      Delany      Ellen        	Delany
   21     Daniel        RYAN         	  Mary          DAY           Thomas       Wilson      Clarissa     	Day
   21     Thomas        WILSON       	  Ellen         HOGAN         Thomas       Dwyer       Mary         	Condon
   22     Pjilip        HOGAN        	  Catherine     BURKE         Milesius     Leamy       Johanna      	Quinn
   31     Patrick       HUNT         	  Ellen         CONDON        Patrick      Hunt        Judith       	Cleary

November  1835
   11     Daniel        QUINN        	  Catherine     SPELLANE      John         Quinn       Anne         	Burke
   17     John          DWYER        	  Sara          POWER         James        Healy       Jufith       	Dwyer
   21     John          COFFEE       	  Anne          KEANE         John         Shanahan    Bridget      	Burke
   25     John          MARTIN       	  Elesa         EDMONDS       John         Smyth       Judity       	Martin
   25     John          RYAN         	  Judith        FINN          Patrick      Ryan        Judith       	Ryan
   27     Patrick       RYAN         	  Catherine     HARRINGTON    George       Digmn.. (?)  Mary Anne    	Smyth