Church: Baptisms at Killenaule Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1828

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Killenaule, Dio. of Cashel & Emly
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DATE       CHILD               SURNAME               FATHER           MOTHER      M. SURNAME                RESIDENCE (OF)             NOTE
JAN 1828
2          John                QUINLAN               Robert           Catherine   Moran                     Killenaule
5          Catharine           RYAN                  Patrick          Margaret    Archer                    Killenaule
6          Edmung              REILY                 Edmund           Elizabeth   Reeves                    Laffan's Mill
10         Edward              POWER                 Patrick          Margaret    Croagh
10?        Laurence            STAPLETON             Richard          Bridget     Carey                     Upper Grague               Date is smudged
13         Michael             QUIN                  John             Ellen       Hackett                   Killenaule
14         Bridget             GOONY                 John             Catharine   Grimes                    Killenaule
18         Mary                CONDON                John             Mary        Delahunty                 Ballinure
18         Mary                CREAHAN               James Augustin   Monica      Maxy                      Cooleagh
20         Cornelius           BURKE                 John             Mary        Maher                     Killnahone                 (Kilnahone)
21         John                KEARWICK              James            Bridget     Hayden                    Ballinure                  (Kirwick?)
24         Michael             HACKITT               Patrick          Ellen       Blake                     Killeens                   (Hackett)
25         Michael             MURPHY                Richard          Mary        Kearny                    Bufhaina                   (Buffanagh?)
27         Mary                FINN                  John             Catharine   Hefernan                  Killenaule
28         Bridget             ROCHFORT              James            Mary        Tully                     Rathroe
31         Catherine           EGAN                  Michael          Anne        Spenser                   Killeens

FEB 1828
4          Thomas              MORRASS               Edmund           Mary        Slatery                   Grague                     (Morris, Slattery)
5          James               RYAN                  Thomas           Honor       Hickey                    Kilkarney
5          Michael             STRAP                 Michael          Elizabeth   Cambel                    Lismoynan                  (Campbell)
8          Mary                HEFFERNAN             Patrick          Catherine   Loughnan                  Ballaghboy
8          Edmund              GRAHAM                Arthur           Ally        Daniel                    Puddlefort
11         Patrick             BRIEN                 Pat              Bridget     Daniel                    Coolquill
12         John                KENEDY (KENNEDY)      William          Mary        Halleran                  Cataganstown               Cathaganstown
17         Nicholas            DUFFY                 William          Betty       Malley                    Killenaule                 (Betty alt name Elizabeth)
20         William             GLEESON               Patrick          Alice       Creahan                   Cooleagh
21         Bridget             MAXY                  Walter           Bridget     Scanlon                   Ballanghbear?
23         Mary                KENEDY (KENNEDY)      Edmund           Mary        Daniel                    Killenaule
25         Catherine           REILLY                John             Catherine   Lahart                    Rathroe
28         Ellen               BLAKE                 John             Mary        Croak                     Knockavardah
28         John                SCHOFIELD             John             Margaret    Doheny                    Killenaule

MAR 1828
3          Ellen               MAHONY                Thomas           Mary        Fitzgerald                Buffana
4          Margaret            GUITON                Edmund           Mary        Brien                     Rathroe
6          Catharine           DUNNIN                Patrick          Mary        Skehan                    Mortlestown
6          Margaret            FARRELL               Martin           Anne        Headen                    Killenaule
7          Catherine           SHAW                  James            Catherine   Kenny                     Killenaule
7          Margaret*           MAHONY                Laurence         Ellen       Brennan                   Killenaule                 *ILLEGITIMATE
11         Catherine           GEINAN (GUINAN)       Edmund           Judith      Dunne                     Moine
12         Margaret            WHELAN                Patrick          Ellen       Bresna                    Burn Church
16         Ellen               DUNLAY                James            Catherine   Daniel                    Moglass
17         Mary*               CAHILL                Patrick          Margaret    Brien                                                *ILLEGITIMATE (Stranger)
17         Margaret            SKEHAN                Patrick          Margaret    Graham                    Coo… (Cooleagh?)           Sp: Arthur Graham
17         John                DWYER                 Cornelius        Honora      Teahan                    Rathduffe
18         Mary*               CONNEL                Simon            Ally        Cunigane (Cunningham?)    Ballaughbee?               (another illeg child in 1824
20         Patrick             CARTHY                John             Mary        Walsh                     Ballinure
23         Alley               WALSH                 John             Mary        Egan                      Coolane (Coolbaun?)        Sp: John Graham & Cath. Daniel
25         Margaret            HENESSY               James            Mary        Kenna                     Ballinure
26         Kairan              EGAN                  Edmund           Joanna      Fitzpatrick               Lane's park
27         Mary                KENNY?                Patrick          Ellen       Hayden                    Lanes park
30         Mary                CARROLL               John             Susan       Hanly                     Mardike (Mardyke)
30         James               FOGARTY               John             Catherine   Fannin                    Killenaule
30         Mary                PHILIPS               John             Catherine   Lahy                      Moglass
30         Patrick             GORMAN                Patrick          Julian      Maher                     Kilnahone
31         Mary                HOGAN                 Francis          Mary        Carthy                    Killenaule

APR 1828
5          Patrick             CORMICK               Conor            Ellen       Maher                     St. Johnstown              Sp: Edmund Graham & Cathe. Dwyer
7          Margaret            CALLAGHAN             John             Ellenor     Rochford                  Upper Grague
7          James               WHELAN                Patrick          Catherine   Corcoran                  Lanes park
7          Thomas              CREED                 Patrick          Catherine   Tobin                     Graighe
8          Michael*            RAFTER                John             Margaret    Delany                    Coolbawn                   Smudge appears to say Illegitimate
9          William             SLATERY               John             Mary        Mackin                    Knockbritt
9          Ellen               NAVIN                 Philip           Ellen       Lancton                   Catagan's town             (Cathaganstown)
10         Ellen               MOONEY                William          Eliza       Burke                     Killenaule
11         James               MCDONNELL             Thomas           Margaret    Lyons                     Kilkennybeg
12         Patrick             TOBIN                 John             Ellen       Hickey                    Clarkestown
15         John                CUMMINS               John             Judy        Houlihan                  Graigue
18         Johanna             SOLEVEN               Thomas           Catharine   Lahy                      Coroughtarna?
19         Mary                HALLERAN              Bernard          Mary        Tobin                     Lurgo
20         Patrick             RYAN                  Denis            Margaret    Daligan (Dalagan)         Ballaughbeoi
21         Mary                MEIGHAN               Timothy          Ellen       Guiton                    Lismorta                   (Lismortagh)
21         Thomas*             BREEN                 Thomas           Margaret    Keevan                    Cooleagh                   *ILLEGITIMATE
26         Mary                DEA                   Thomas           Joanna      Power                     Burn Church
26         John                LOYD                  Patrick          Honora      Kenedy                    Greystown
27         Michael             CONNELL               Patrick          Ellen       Keevan                    Spring Hill
30         Thomas              RYAN                  William          Ellen       Molloy                    Greystown

MAY 1829
4          Ellen               KELLY                 Philip           Elizabeth   Kelly                     Balliphilip                (Ballyphilip)
4          Mary                WALSH                 William          Mary        Byrne                     Coolbawn
4          Mary                GLASHEEN              John             Joanna      Egan                      Killenaule
6          William             FOGARTY               Patrick          Ellen       Fitzgerald                Lanes park
8          Denis               EDMOND                Mackey           Mary        Day                       Coolbaun
13         Mary                KENNEDY               John             Anne        Bryan                     Ballinure
15         Catherine           GRAHAM                Denis            Bridget     Meehan                    Lismortagh
15         Catharine           BROWN                 John             Bridget     Kendrick                  Curroughtarsna
16         Joanna              POWER                 Richard          Catharine   Russel                    Coolhill
18         Roger               DELANY                Roger            Ellen       Skehan                    Coolquill
18         James               DENNY                 Derby            Catharine   Drue (Drew)                Lismoynan                 (Derby = Jeremiah)
18         Patrick             SHEA                  John             Catherine   Power?                    Riverstreet
18         William             QUIGLEY               James            Elizabeth   Power                     Mortlestown
20         Margaret            SLATERY               Rody             Margaret    Carew                     Killenaule
22         Mary Anne           SHEEHAN               John             Catharine   Cullen                    4 roads
22         Mary*               CAHILL                Richard          Mary        Kenedy                    Killenaule                 Strangers *ILLEGITIMATE
23         Elizabeth           CORCORAN              John             Margaret    Corcoran                  Killenaule
25         William             CUNIGAN               Richard          Catherine   Maher                     Balliphilip
25         Denis               CORCORAN              Thomas           Bridget     Navin                     Derricknew?
26         Margaret            TOBIN                 Michael          Margaret    Byrne                     Lismoynan
26         Sarah               MURPHY                Richard          Margaret    Walsh                     Arbourhill                 Sp: Edmd Graham & Mary Maher
27         Michael             MOORE                 James            Mary        Guiton                    Lanes park
28         Margaret            DAVIN                 Michael          Bridget     Rawley                    Garrane

JUN 1828
1          John                HAYDEN                John             Ellen       Tracy                     Piercetown
1          John                HARRINGTON            Richard          Anty        Russel                    Killenaule
2          Thomas              DUGGAN                Michael          Ellen       Hall                      Killenaule
2          Margaret            HARRINGTON            Richard          Mary        Heney                     Killenaule
2          Walter              MAHER                 John             Mary        Skehan                    Killenaule
5          John                GREAN                 Denis            Mary        Hackett                   Knockbrett
8          Ellen               ELLIS                 James            Mary        Slattery                  Beechmount
8          Joanna              RYAN                  Joames           Bridget     Neil                      Ballenure
8          Michael*            SLATERY               Denis            Catherine   Ireland                   Woodhouse                  *ILLEGITIMATE
8          Mary                MOLLOY                Frank            Ellen       Malony                    Moglass
9          John                CARROLL               William          Joanna      Delany                    Killenaule
11         Martha              HAYDEN                Patrick          Marth       Morrass                   Grague
11         William             BROPHY                Thomas           Honora      Nary                      St. Johnstown
12         James               MOLONY                Martin           Catharine   Ryan                      Killenaule
13         Elizabeth           MAHER                 Patrick          Ellen       Lucy                      Killenaule                 "strangers"
13         Mary                KELLY                 Edmund           Anne        Dea                       Greystown
15         James               MAHER                 Patrick          Mary        Egan                      Lanes park
18         Mary                CLEARY                John             Ally        Hogan                     Balliphilip
19         Thomas              MOAKLER               Thomas           Anstace     Cahill                    Killenaule
21         Joanna              GREANY                John             Mary        Hall                      Killenaule
22         John                SHEA                  James            Catharine   Ferkin                    Grague
22         William             CROKE                 Richard          Margaret    Brophy                    Cooldine
22         John                SWIFT                 Owen             Honora      Cormick                   …
25         John                KENEDY (KENNEDY)      Thomas           Catharine   Cleary                    Ballaugh…
26         John                HOGAN                 Thomas           Alice       Stokes                    Killenaule
27         John                CUMMINS               Thomas           Margaret    Maher                     Greystown
28         Ellen               RYALL                 William          Ellen       Ryan                      Killenaule
29         William             GRAHAM                Patrick          Bridget     Kelly                     Bawnthafora

JUL 1828
1          Catharine           CAREW                 Philip           Margaret    Butler                    Cashel road
8          James               DUNNE                 Patrick          Mary        Maher                     Rathavologh
12         Laurence            GLEESON               James            Joanna      Tobin                     Kilkennybeg
12         Bridget             TYNANE                Denis            Anne        Cummings                  Ballinure
12         Margaret            KEARNEY               James            Bridget     Brien                     Ballaghboy
12         Catherine*          HOGAN                 Richard          Mary        Brien                     Killenaule                 Sp: Catherine Brien
12         Honor               CROKE                 James            Catherine   Maher                     Ballyphillip
15         James               DWYER                 John             Joanna      Maher                     Ballaughbee
19         Anne                NEILL                 Martin           Mary?       Scanlan                   Killenaule
22         William             CORMICK               Richard          Mary        Hackett                   Puddlefort
24         John                LANGTON               Timothy          Mary        Naven                     Hellen park
27         Mary Ellen          HACKETT               Thomas           Joanna      Ryan                      Killeens
27         Margaret*           BULFIN                John             Mary        Burke                     Ballaughbee
27         James               KEEVAN                Edmund           Anty        Sullivan                  Coolbaun
27         Mary                BUTLER                John             Catherine   Canty                     Rathroe
29         Joanna              WALLACE               William          Joanna      Ryan                      St. Johnstown
31         Mary                DEA                   Thomas           Joanna      Lynch                     Coolbaun

AUG 1828
3          Catharine           EGAN                  James            Mary        Spencer                   Killeens
5          Mary                QUIRK                 James            Margaret    Duggan                    Killeens
5          Thomas*             KEEWICK? (KERWICK?)   Richard          Margaret    Davin                     Bawnthafora                *ILLEGITIMATE
7          Margaret            RYAN                  Edmund           Catharine   Graham                    Kilkennybeg                Sp: Denis Graham
8          Bridget             TOOL                  Michael          Ellen       Murphy                    Knockbritt
10         Denis               PURCELL               Robert           Alley       O'Brien                   Roan
10         Mary                FITZGERALD            John             Ellen       Daniel                    Bufhanna (Buffanagh)
10         Ellen               BYRNE                 William          Anty        Fahy                      St. Johnstown
10         Ellen               CORMICK               James            Catherine   Murphy                    Lismortagh
15         Mary                DALIGAN               John             Margaret    Grogan                    Balloghboy
16         Mary                NOWLAN                William          Mary        Dwyer                     Burnchurch
17         Margaret            DWYER                 Cornelius        Ellen       Lahy                      Rathduffe
18         Joan*?              SMYTH                 William          Mary        Ryan                      Mortlestown
19         Mary                MAHER                 James            Ellen       Philips                   Killenaule
21         Martin              MURPHY                Patrick          Ellen       Ryan                      Fookstown (Foulkstown?)
23         Catherine           DUNNING               Thomas           Anne        Hayse                     Killenaule
23         James               RUSSEL                Nicholas         Mary        Henry                     Ballenure
23         James               LAHY                  John             Mary        Hickey                    Borhean
23         William             MURPHY                Thomas           Catherine   Fogarty                   Greystown
24         Bridget             HOGAN                 William          Mary        Stableton (Stapleton?)    Monslatt
24         Thomas              GREED                 Thomas           Bridget     Solevan                   Balloughbeoi
31         Andrew              MOLLOY                Richard          Honora      Ryan                      Moglass

SEP 1828
2          Mary                BOODEN                John             Bridget     Corigan                   Lanes park
2          Margaret            QUIRK                 John             Margaret    Rawley                    Roan
3          Mary                MAHER                 William          Bridget     Navin                     Arbourhill
3          Mary                CONORY                Michael          Betty       Archer                    Killenaule
3          Edmund              QUIRK                 John             Ellen       Fitzgerald                Killnahone
3          Elizabeth & Mary    DAYLY (DALY)          William          Honora      Fahy                      Killenaule
4          James               PHELAN                Michael          Catherine   McNamara                  Kilkennybeg
5          John*               MCCLEAN?              John             Bridget     Murphy                    Killenaule                 *ILLEGITIMATE
5          James               STEPHENS              John             Elizabeth   Dea                       Ballenure
5          Mary*               FITZSIMONS            Thomas           Mary        Dwyer                     Coolagh                    *ILLEGITIMATE
6          William             DELANY                Derby            Mary        Skehan                    Coolhill
6          Patrick             RYAN                  John             Ellen       Fogarty                   Killenaule
8          Mary                HALL                  Thomas           Mary        Breen                     Cooleagh
10         James               QUISSION              Patrick          Margaret    Bolen                     Ballenure
10         Thomas              WALSH                 Thomas           Honora      Walsh                     Lanes park
11         Thomas              CONDON                John             Catherine   Neagle                    Burnchurch
12         Elizabeth           HASSET                Garret           Mary        Lahart                    Coolquill
12         James               THORNTON              Thomas           Mary        Loyd                      Killenaule
12         Eliza               LATHAM                William          Joanna      Cormack                   Grague
14         Mary Anne           DANIEL                John             Catharine   Barnes                    Knockinglass
14         Anne                KELLY                 John             Mary        Navin                     Buffhanna (Buffanagh)
14         Ellen               BURN                  Denis            Margaret    Lahy                      Rathduffe                  (Byrne)
16         Margaret            WALSH                 Michael          Mary        Delahunty                 Noan
16         John                MURRAY                John             Bridget     Fitzpatrick               Ballinure
19         Honora              RYAN                  Richard          Ellen       Taylor                    Ballinure
21         James               HAYSE                 Thomas           Ellen       Cormick                   Lismortagh                 (Hayes)
22         Stephen             HANRAHAN              John             Mary        Shaw                      St. Johnstown
25         Ellen               POWER                 Maurice          Ellen       Britt                     Ballinonty
26         Thomas              GLEESON               Edmund           Margaret    Daniel                    Kilkennybeg
29         Bridget             TOBIN                 John             Anty        Lahy                      Rathduffe
29         Bridget             CARTY                 Denis            Mary        Delany                    Ballevaden                 (Ballyvaden)
29         Catherine           SHEA                  Pierse           Mary        Purtill                   Carhuriagh
29         Dorah               SULLIVAN              Thady            Jane        Connell                   Ballaghboy
29         John                QUIRK                 David            Judith      Brophy                    Ballinure

OCT 1828
1          Bridget*            MCABOY (MCEVOY?)      Robert           Margaret    Ryan                      Ballivadan                 *ILLEGITIMATE
1          Mary                HOWLEY                John             Mary        Murphy                    Killenaule                 Sp: Edmd Graham & Mary Burke
2          Anne                FOWLEY                Michael          Margaret    Fogarty                   Killenaule
4          Michael             GUERIN                John             Mary        Noonan                    Killenaule
7          Michael             SLATERY               John             Mary        Sweeny                    Mortlestown                "ex copula Illicita"
7          William             SKEHAN                William          Margaret    Daniel                    St. Johnstown
8          Anstace             GRAHAM                Edmund           Bridget     Nowlan                    Killenaule
8          Mary*               KENEDY (KENNEDY)      Philip           Mary        Ryan                      Killenaule                 *ILLEGITIMATE (Strangers)
9          Thomas              STOKES                John             Winifred    Cummins                   Kilkearny?
10         Margaret            O'BRIEN               Thomas           Margaret    Skehan                    Killenaule
10         Jeremiah            DANIEL                Andrew           Margaret    Murray                    Buffana
10         William             NOWLAN                Thomas           Mary        Hogan                     Greystown
12         Honor               RYAN                  William          Mary        Kennedy                   Balloghboy
14         John                RYAN                  James            Judith      Meany                     Buffana
15         Anne                GRAHAM                Edmund           Judith      Quigley                   St. Johnstown
20         Ellen               SHAUGHNESSY           John             Ellen       Neagle                    Burnchurch
21         Joanna              HAYD                  Richard          Maria       Bradshaw                  Killenaule                 (& Hayde)
24         Patrick             CORCORAN              Daniel           Ella        Quin                      Grague
25         John                BRENNAN               Charles          Mary        Kenney                    Bohereen
26         William*            POWER                 John             Mary        Darcy                     Killenaule                 *ILLEGITIMATE
26         Mary                GORMAN                John             Bridget     Corcoran                  Monslat (Monslatt)
27         Joanna              BRIEN                 John             Margaret    Daniel                    Ballaughbee
27         Alice               DANIEL                James            Ally        Dunne                     Burnchurch
31         Catharine           JOHNSON               Edmund           Mary        Carrol                    Kilbronal (Kilbrannel)
nd         Anty                GRAHAM                Patrick          Mary        Egan                      Cooleagh                   No dates given
nd         Michael             CASEY                 John             Mary        Tobin                     Rathduffe                  No dates given

NOV 1828
1          Betty               HOULIHAN              Patrick          Mary        Davin                     St. Johnstown              "Pat"
1          John                CROKE                 Thomas           Mary        Shortall                  Greystown
1          James               SPENCER               James            Ellen       Mockler                   Lanes park
2          Honor               BREEN                 John             Judith      Ryan                      Durcans?
2          Mary                NULTY                 Thomas           Mary        Codey                     Clonbrogan
2          Allice*             MOCKAN?               James            Ally        Haly                      Mobarnan                   *ILLEGITIMATE
2          Cornelius           DUNNE                 John             Bridget     Lonergan                  Mocklershill
3          Richard             ST. JOHN              Edmund           Judith      Egan                      Derin…?
3          Thomas*             LONERGAN              William          Judith      Broderick                 Killenaule                 *ILLEGITIMATE
9          Ellen               LOYDE                 William          Ellen       Creed                     Killenaule
9          Thomas              HARRINGTON            Simon            Ellen       Lahy                      Killenaule
9          Joanna & Margaret   KELLY                 James            Margaret    Toohy                     Graigue
9          Margaret            LYNCH                 John             Julia       Keogh                     Chapel land
9          Catherine           CARROLL               Thomas           Mary        Hackett                   Lanes park
9          Ellen               NOWLAN                John             Bridget     Power                     Lisauhagh?
11         John                FOGARTY               Thomas           Honora      Feehan                    Killenaule
16         Martin              HEFFERNAN             John             Margaret    Morrony                   Ballinure
16         thomas              DWYER                 Thomas           Sarah       Kearney                   Hollenpark
16         Anne                GRAHAM                John             Catherine   Kennedy                   Coolbaun
19         Catherine           LOUGHLIN              John             Mary        White                     Kilkarney                  *ILLEGITIMATE
22         Margaret*           GUINAN                Joseph           Mary        Butler                    Killenaule
25         James               GUYTON                Thomas           Catherine   Maunsell                  Buffana
25?        William             HEIFERNAN             William          Anstace     Henessy                   Moyne
25         Catharine           RYAN                  Nicholas         Mary        Herrick                   Moaklershill
26         Catherine*          HAYDE                 James            Mary        Mara                      Mocklershill?              *ILLEGITIMATE
26         William             CUMMINS               William          Margaret    Grady                     Ballaghboy
26         John                LAHY                  James            Margaret    Simms                     Ballaghboy
29         Ellen               DANIEL                Cornelius        Ellen       Gleeson                   Coolbaun
29         Patrick             CONNOR                Patrick          Margaret    Rochford                  Graigue

DEC 1828
1          Andrew*             LUIS                  Richard          Mary        Evens (Evans)             Greystown                  *ILLEGITIMATE "strangers"
7          Bridget             TINAN                 Edmund           Anto        Egan                      Coolbaun
7          Bridget             FITZGERALD            Joseph           Anne        Kelly                     Killenaule
8          Ellen               QUIRK                 Pierse           Bridget     Tobin                     Beechmount
8          Catherine           CAHILL                William          Mary        Shea                      Greystown
8          James               KEARNY                Peter            Jean        Gallon                    Mardike (Mardyke)
9          James               O'NEILL               Walter           Anastasia   Kennedy                   Killenaule
15         John                QUIGLEY               John             Catherine   Dwyer                     Kilbreedy
16         Mary                CAULEY (aka CAWLEY)   William          Catherine   Fahy                      Killanaule
17         John                FOX                   John             Mary        Mookler (Mockler?)        Killenaule
17         Anastasia           KIELY                 Richard          Catherine   Quirk                     Moyne
26         Ellenor             CUMMINS               ___              Bridget     Power                     ___                        No father, place. There was a John m. to Bridget Power
28         Michael             KENNEDY               James            Anty        Shelly                    St. Johnstown              Js used for father's name
28         Judith              HORBY                 James            Mary        Tobin                     Rathduffe
28         James               CROAK                 James            Mary        Kelly                     Killenaule                 Js used for father's name
29         Ally                FEEHAN                Patrick          Judith      Cooney                    Spring Hill