Baptisms at Fethard Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1822-1823 County Tipperary, Ireland
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Fethard, Dio. of Cashel & Emly SOURCE: microfilm 02504 at NLI Website

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DATE       CHILD                SURNAME               FATHER              MOTHER            M. SURNAME               RESIDENCE			 NOTE
July 26th 1822 to Feb 8th 1823 missing
Jan 1822
4          Mary                 TOHILL                Michael             Margaret          White                    Tullamaine
9          Catherine            BOURKE                Patrick             Judy              White
13         Mary                 CAHILL                Patrick             Elen              Ryan
13         Norry                DEVINE                Tom                 Norry             Walsh                    Kerry Street
18         Tom (Thomas)         COSTELLOE             John                Norry             Neigle                   Coolmine
19         Edmond               PHILLIPS              Tom                 Nance (Nancy?)    Ryan                     Barretstown
27         Richard              FAHY                  Ditto               Judy              Toomy                    Kiltinan
30         Margaret             CONNELLY              Nicholas            Margaret          Cormick                  Newtown
Feb 1822
3          Michael              CASSION?              Thomas              Bridget           Cassion?
9?         Judy                 MCCARTHY              Daniel              Ellen             Kenedy                   Valley
11         Catherine            DWYER                 John                Catherine         Mulcahy                  Coolmine			 X by 1st name
13         Patrick              TYE? FRYE?            James               Catherine         Handley                  Valley
17         Mary                 HEFFERNAN             Patrick             ___               Creon (Crean?)           Barretstown
18         William              SCOFIELD              John                Catherine         Coffy                    Main St.			 Has an X by 1st name and only 1 spr. Mary Carew
18         ___                  MULLINS               Cornelius           Margaret          Harney                   Main St.			 No Sponsors listed
19         Michael              CARNEY                Gregory             Betty             Connell                  Green			 X by 1st name
20         Ellen                WILLIAMS              John                Margaret          Morrisy                  Green
22         Mary                 RYAN                  William             Margaret          Gorman                   Grange
23         Mary                 CONNOR                Michael             Mary              Scofield                 Barrack St.		 Sp: James Graham & Margt. Kelly
23         Judy                 HENRY                 Patrick             Bridget           Kenedy                   Valley
23         John                 MCCARTHY              Charles             Margaret          Connoll                  Chapel Lane
25         Ann                  DWYER                 John                Catherine         Britton                  Glengaddy
Mar 1822
1          Ally                 DONNELL               Thomas (Tom)        Ally              Halfpenny                Barretstown
1          Michael              GOGGIN                William             Bridget           Grady                    Tullamaine
5          Laurence             GUITON                Michael             Judy              Maher
10         James                LUNNIGAN              Ditto               Mary              Cavanagh						 strangers
10         Elon (Elen?)         BRIEN                 John                Elon              Coffy                    Market Hill
17         Mary                 FITZGERALD            Patrick             Catherine         Brien
31         James                CAHILL                Thomas (Tom)        Mary              Faahy                    Green
31         Thomas               CAREW                 William             Ally              Delahunty                Main St.
18         Richard              SOLOVAN (SULLIVAN?)   Thomas (Tom)        Catherine         Walsh                    Currascarton
25         Patrick              HEANY                 James               Catherine         Loughlin                 Green
26         Mary                 MARA                  John                Catherine         Hally                    Kiltinan
29         Mary                 MAHER                 John                Catherine         Skehan                   Coolmine
29         Mary                 AILWORTH              Cornelius           Nelly             Broderick                Valley
30         Mary                 HEFFERNAN             Michael             Mary              Casy
Apr 1822
14         James                DUGGAN                Charles             Mary              Halleran                 Market Hill
18         Catherine            LONERGAN              William             Mary              Quin                     Moor Street
19         Pierce               NEIGLE                James               Nelly             Tohill                   Coolmine
19         Margaret             MOORONY               Thomas (Tom)        Mary              Donnell						 X by 1st name -strangers
19         William              HASSETT               Thomas (Tom)        Eliza             Byrne                    Moor Street
20         Margaret             MEEHAN                Charles             Mary              Moron						 Servant at Kiltinan
21         Thomas               GOGGIN                Patrick             Margaret          Costelloe                Kerry Street
21         Margaret             CARTHY                Charles             Nelly             Tobin                    Valley
23         Ellen                RYAN                  John                Norry             Ditto                    Kilbrough
27         Thomas               BOWES                 William             Margaret          Neigle                   Tullamaine
May 1822
3          Patrick              SOLOVAN (SULLIVAN?)   John                Ally              Mansel                   Green
3          Edmund               MAHER                 Thomas (Tom)        Judy              Kelly                    Currascarton
5          John                 WALL                  Patrick             Bridget           Hogan
8          Ally                 HOGAN                 William             Bridget           Power                    Kiltinan			 X by 1st name
10         Laurence             MCGRATH               Martin              Jude              Walsh                    Kiltinan
11         Edmund               DONNELL               Pierce              Mary              Ailworth                 Valley of Jesuit Walk
11         John                 SOLOVAN (SULLIVAN?)   James               Ellen             Walsh                    Kerry Street
12         Margaret             WALSH                 James               Judy              Kenedy                   Red City
14         John                 DWYER                 Ditto               Judy              Dwyer                    Tullamaine
17         Margaret             CORMICK               James               Mary              Harrington               Glengaddy
19         Richard              HENERY (HENRY?)       John                Margaret          Kenedy                   Main Street
22         Ann                  HANDBY                Ned (Edmund)        Mary              Molloy                   Market Hill
28         Patrick              TIERNEY               Timothy (Tim)       Catherine         Quinlin                  C. Lane
28         Bridget              DWAN (DUAN)           Maurice             Ally (Alice)      Prout                    Main Street
Jun 1822
5          Betty                GEANY                 Daniel              Mary              Bulger                   Market Hill
7          Ned (Edmund)         CONWAY                Ditto               Mary              Dwan                     Coolmine			 X by 1st name
7          ___                  DEE                   Johyn               Mary              Lee
10         Anty                 FEHAN                 Patrick             Catherine         Hendby                   Green
10         Margaret             BUTLER                William             Mary              Kenedy                   Valley
11         Bridget              KELLY                 John                Catherine         Waters                   Rathkinty
13         Margaret             BLACK                 Thomas (Tom)        Peg (Margaret?)   Ryan                     Rockeloe (Rocklow)
24         John                 HORAN                 Patrick             Margaret          Gorman
25         Thomas               CROAK                 Michael             Nelly             Lahy                     C. Lane
29         Ellen                KEAN                  Daniel              Catherine         Brown						 strangers
Jul 1822
2          Mary                 HANEY                 Edmund              Catherine         Macken						 strangers
2          Michael              RYAN                  John                Nelly             Butler
2          Elinor               DWYER                 Cornelius           Catherine         Lahy                     Kerry Street
3          Catherine            BUCKLY                John                Margaret          Maher                    Green
3          Ellen                QUIGLY                John                Ellen             Dwan                     Green
4          James                BUTLER                Ditto               Catherine         Ryan                     Coolmore			 X by 1st name
5          Mary                 RYAN                  John                Nelly             Butler
5          Thomas               MACKY                 Darby (Jeremiah)    Mary              Navin                    Glengaddy
8          Con (Cornelius)      KEHERNEY              Thomas              Catherine         Ailworth                 Foot of Market Hill	 See also: Feb 15 1818
8          Richard              KENEDY (KENNEDY)      Patrick             Ellen             Doyle                    Prospect
9?         Margaret             JULIAN                John                Bess              Brittain                 Kerry Street
11?        Mary                 CAREW                 James               Anty              Purcell                  Moor Street
18         William              TYRELL                John                Peggy             Dalton                   Main Street
19         Ally                 CRANE                 James               Catherine         Belle                    Kilnockin
25         Margaret             BRIEN                 Edmund              Norry             Maddin                   Newtown
25         Matt (Mathew)        GUIDRY                John                Catherine         Cahill                   Moor Street
26?        Daniel               HANLY                 Michael             Mary              Crehan
Oct 1822
?          Anty                 HOGAN                 William             Honora            Ailworth
6          Darby                MCGRATH               James               Jude              Hurly
12         Bridget              CAHILL                Daniel              Dorothea          English
8          Joanna               ENGLISH               Thomas              Mary              Nagle
9          William              MAHER                 William             Jude              _akly?
24         Jude                 ENGLISH               William             Mary              Lloy?
2_?        James                THORNTON              William             Mary              Power
Nov 1822
4          James                BURKE                 William             Mary              Maher
11         Julia                WALSH                 Thomas              Mary              Magher
16         James                PURCELL               Thomas              Ally              Dwyer
22         Ally                 HANLY                 Thomas?             Jude              Fogarty
DATE       CHILD                SURNAME               FATHER              MOTHER            M. SURNAME               RESIDENCE			 NOTE
Feb 1823 Feb 1823
8?         John                 NEVIL                 Michael             Judy              Purcell                  Kilnockin
15         Patrick              LANAGAN               Patrick             Catherine         Maher                    Tullamaine
16         Judy                 SKEHAN                Patrick             Mary              Ryan                     Coolmine
16         Margaret             TYRELL                Thomas (Tom)        Julia             Hannigan                 Ballintemple
16         Laurence             RANSBERRY             Charles             Catherine         Driscoll                 Market Hill
24         Catherine            HASSITT??             John                Honora            Skehan                   Fethard
25         Richard              SHEA                  Richard             Catherine         Holohan                  Moor Street
Mar 1823
2          Edmund               WALL                  Edmund              Honor             Hanahan / Hanrahan       Tullamaine			 See also 26 Jan 1817 & 9 Mar 1815
3          Ellen                FLEMING               Thomas              Margaret          Kenedy                   Kilnockin
6          Catherine            MAHER                 Patrick             Mary              Skehan
7          Alice                RABIT                 James               Catherine         Maher
9          Patrick              JOHNSON               Edmund              Mary              Tool (Toole)
15         Mary                 CANTWELL              John                Catherine         _ionn?                   Coolmore
17         Mary                 BLACK                 John (Jno)          Mary              Whelan                   Currascarton
17         Bridget              CROAK                 Thomas (Tom)        Catherine         Walsh                    Coolmine
18         Patrick              MEEHAN                Denis               Ellen             Power						 X by 1st name
19         Mary                 DELAHUNT              William             Mary              Morrisy                  Red City
19         Patrick              DWYER                 Denis               Judy              Fitzgerald               Moor Street
20         James                CANEY / CARNEY?       Edmund              Mary              Bow                      Moor Street
21         Margaret             BLUNDEN               Robert              Anty              Delahunty                Main Street
Apr 1823
2          Michael              BRIEN                 Timothy (Tim)       Ellen             Connell                  Red City
2          John                 QUIRK                 Ned (Edmund)        Mary              ____                     Tullamaine			 X by 1st name
4          John                 MEANY                 Patrick             Mary              Murphy                   Main Street
5          Mary                 MAHONY                Daniel              Catherine         Byrne                    Green
6          Catherine            DONNELL               John                Bridget           Lahy
6          Catherine            MCGRATH               John (Jno)          Catherine         Whyte
?          Catherine & Patrick  BOLAN                 Michael             Catherine         Carroll                  Green
10         Mary                 GORMAN                John (Jno)          Margaret          Mackin
13         Catherine            CONNELL               Michael             Catherine         Darrigan                 Tullamaine
13         John                 CLEARY                Cornelius (Con)     Catherine         Connelly                 Currascarton		 See 3 Dec 1820
17         Thomas               MOOR                  T…y                 Catherine         Parker                   Valley
22         Margaret             MURPHY                Timothy (Tim)       Margaret          White
23         Mary                 NEHILL                Michael             Margaret          Ryan                     Valley			 see 5 Nov 1818
23         Maurice              FINN                  Thomas (Tom)        Margaret          Graham
27         Margaret             HERR                  John (Jno)          Catherine         Cahill                   Main Street		 see 13 Feb 1818
27         Anty                 WALSH                 Ned (Edmund)        Anty              Henesy                   Main Street
May 1823
4          Florence             CARTHY                Michael             Margaret          O'Driscoll
9          Margaret             RYAN                  Edmund              Margaret          Smyth
16         Nicholas             CREON?                William             Eliza             Harnoly                  Valley
18         Ellen                MAHER                 Thomas              Judith            Kelly
16         James                PENDERGAST            Ditto (James)       Margaret          Britton                  Abbey Street		 see 5 May 1818 (Prendergast)
18         John                 DWYER                 Patt                Catherine         Butler                   New Grove
19         Denis                LONERGAN              David               Johana            Conway                   Coolmine
20         Pierce               COSTELLOE             John (Jno)          Norry             Neigle                   Coolmore
24         James                FENESY                John (Jno)          Margaret          Kenedy                   Main Street
24         Margaret             MAHER                 Patrick             Margaret          Wiley                    Green
29         Patrick              MCGUIRE               ___                 Ally              Aherne
29         John                 BRAY                  James (Jas)         Margaret          Donnell                  Coolmine
29         Daniel               POWER                 John (Jno)          Catherine         Whyte                    Lower Gate
29         Michael              AHERAN (AHERNE)       William             Ellen             Dannill (Donnell?)
Jun 1823
4          John                 SHEEHAN               Thomas              Bridget           Heffernan                Abbey Street
7          Ellen                CORBITT               Patrick             Mary              Carthy                   C. Lane
10         Margaret             SCOTT                 John (Jno)          Mary              Hannagan
15         Patrick              GREEN                 Ditto (Patrick)     Mary              Parker                   Valley
19         Margaret             DWYER                 John (Jno)          Judy              Dwyer
24         John                 LOUGHMAN              John (Jno)          Eliza             Mullally
29         James                KENEDY                Denis               Margaret          Tobin
Jul 1823
4          John                 MCNAMARA              Mathew              Mary              Heade
10         William              DWYER                 Edmund              Sally             Parsons
13         John                 MAHER                 William             Mary              Grady?						 strangers
17         Matt (Mathew)        QUIN                  James               Catherine         Grady
23         Catherine            RAFTER                Michael             Frances           Neigle
25         William              ____                  John                Catherine         Needham                  Derryluskan
28         Mary                 ST. JOHN              Alexander (Alex)    Bridget           Dwyer						 strangers
Aug 1823
2          Daniel               BUTLER                William             Mary              Kenedy                   Valley
4          James                HOLMES                Denis               Ellen             Connell                  Moor Street
6          Jude                 DWAN (DUAN)           James               Mary              Loughnan                 Cashel road		 X by 1st name
10         Mary                 WALL                  Timothy (Tim)       Catherine         Downy                    Barrack St.
10         John                 FITZGERALD            Patrick             Mary              Bolen
12         Simon                CANTWELL              Ditto               Mary              Everard                  Valley
12         Mary                 CONNORS               John                Catherine         Donnell                  Tullamaine			 X by 1st name
13         John                 BUTLER                William             Margaret          Keinan (Keevan?)         Kerry Street		 See 2 Jan 1816
16         Mary                 HAYS                  Thomas (Tom)        Nelly             Duggan                   Coolmine
16         John                 BYRNE                 James               Nany              Colbert
16         Catherine            NEIGLE                Joseph              Ellen             Fogarty
21         Johana               TRIHY                 James               Catherine         Duggan                   Kilnockin
??         James																 "the foundling"
23         Jude                 MORRISY               Andrew              Mary              Ryan                     Coolmine
24         James                ROBERTSON             Cornelius (Corney)  Margaret          Tyne                     Green
24         ___                  MARA                  Thomas              Margaret          McNamara
28         John                 BRAY                  John                Mary              Conway                   Coolmine			 See 11 May 1816
29         Michael              CORMICK               John                Bridget           Buckly
31         Mary                 BESTIN (BESTON)       Patrick             Judy              Cormick                  Valley
31         Mary                 MAHONY                Thomas (Tom)        Nell              Boyle                    Valley
31         ___                  LUDDY                 ___                 ___                                        Green			 Parents not listed. No firstname.
31         William              BOWE                  Ditto               Margaret          Neigle (Nagle?)          Coolmine			 See 12 Jul 1815
Sep 1823
2          William              DARRIGAN              ___                 Ann               Heffernan
4          James                TYNE                  John                Ellen             Trihy
10         Mary                 DONNELL               Michael             Mary              Duggan                   Power's Wood
15         Margaret             SMYTH                 Patrick             Mary              Heany
16         Cornelius            FITZGERALD            George              Ann               Ransberry                near Market Hill
19         Norry                BOURKE                Thomas              Mary              Donnell
22         Mary                 JOHNSON               Gleeson             Betty             Dunn
25         Edward               ___                   Banon               Nelly             Kiely?                   Binivill
Oct 1823
1          Pierce               HEFFERNAN             Michael             Ellen             Purcell						 strangers
1          James                HEFFERNAN             Patrick (Patt)      Catherine         Wiley                    Green
3          John                 WALSH                 Edmund              Mary
7          James                BRIEN?                James               Catharine         Connell?? (Ink splotch)  Green
8          Bridget              RYAN                  John                Alice             Lahy                     Kilnockin			 see 21 Jun 1819 & 21 May 1818
11         Isaac                DELAHUNTY             John                Catharine         Dwyer
14         John                 DWYER                 Patrick             Mary              Meehan
18         Thomas               BRIEN                 Patrick             Johanna           Flinn
24         Michael              HOGAN                 Denis               Catharine         H…
27         G…                   BOOR                  Thomas              Margaret          Dwyer
29         David                CODY                  Michael             Mary              King                     Green
29         Catharine            QUIGLY                John                Ellen             Duan                     Green
30         Ellen                CARTY?                Thomas              Mary              Scofield                 Green
??         Anne                 O'CONNOR              John                Catharine         Commons                  Coolmore?
??         John                 DOOLING               Edmund              Alley             Holmes                   Abbey Street
23         Thomas               HINEY                 John                Peggy?            Shaw
Nov 1823
2          Anne                 BUTLER                Patrick             Mary              Hanagan						 see 15 Jan 1817
3          Anne                 BLACKMORE             John                Ellen             Walpole
17         Anne                 HEFFERNAN             Patrick             Mary              Crehan
30         William              HAYES                 James               Mary              Hackett
Dec 1823
1          James                CAREW                 John                Catherine         Power
2          Johanna              MEARA                 Michael             Mina?             Murphy
?          James                WHITE?                Edmund              Catherine         Quirk
11         Mary                 HANNERY               Thomas              Bridget           Delahunty
11         Mary                 DANNIEL (DANIEL)      Thomas              Ellen             Crean
12         Thomas               CAREW                 Martin              Mary              Delahunty
12         Michael              DUNAVAN?              Michael             Ellen             Daceny?
12         James                CAREW                 Daniel              Mary              Heffernan
15         Catharine            DANNIEL (DANIEL)      Patrick             Aley?             Meagher
17         Briget               KEARNY                Thomas              Mary              Shea						 see 13 Nov 1817
18         Catharine            …LEY                  Patrick             Mary              Connel
21         Mary                 ST. JOHN              Patrick             Mary              Duan
21?        William              (ILLEGIBLE)           Richard             Janney?           Duan
??         Ellen                AILWORTH?             Cornelius           Ellen             Brodrick
21         John                 RYAN                  James               Judy              Meany