Baptisms at Fethard Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1820-1821 County Tipperary, Ireland
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Fethard, Dio. of Cashel & Emly SOURCE: microfilm 02504 at NLI Website

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*Catherine/Catharine is used for Cathe or Catt	*Aly=Alice
*Anty=Anastatia	  *Norry=Honora
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DATE       CHILD                  SURNAME                FATHER                 MOTHER           M. SURNAME          RESIDENCE (OF)        NOTE
Jan 1820
2          Ann           	  LAHY                   John                   Ann              Connelly            Moor St.
9          James         	  FEHAN?              	 William            	Betty          	 Hanly               Valley
9?         John          	  WILLIAMS            	 John               	Margaret       	 Morrissy            Barrick St
9?         Mary          	  NEVELS              	 Michael            	Jude           	 Purcell             Kilnockin
12         James         	  WALSH               	 …?                 	Margaret       	 …nny?               Valley
15         Con           	  MURPHY              	 John               	Aly            	 Donnell             K St
16         Mary          	  BARRON              	 Edmond             	Ellen          	 Keefe               Rathsalla
21         Mary          	  HANLY ?             	 Peter              	Jude           	 Hines               M. Hill
23         Ann           	  KENNY               	 Mallachy           	Mary           	 Guilfoile           Chapel Lane
24         Gregory       	  WALSH               	 Tom                	Anty           	 Mullins             Kiltinan
26         Tom?          	  HANLY               	 Ned                	Mary           	 Maloy               Market Hill           See Jun 1818
29         Tom?          	  TYNE                	 Tom                	Julia          	 Hanagan             Cashel Road
30         John          	  TOBIN               	 John               	___            	 Carroll                                   See Feb 1815
30         Charlotte     	  COLE                	 Henry              	Anty           	 Trant               Main St.
30         Aly?          	  JOHN                	 Kelly              	Catharine      	 Waters              Newtown               See Jan 1819
Feb 1820
4          Tom?          	  WALL                	 Nicholas           	Catherine      	 Prendergast         Green                 See Marriage 22 Feb 1819
7          Redmond       	  MARA                	 John               	Catharine      	 Cahil               Valey
8          Patrick       	  KENNEDY             	 Patt               	Ellen          	 Doyle               Prospect
9          Catherine     	  MORRISY             	 Edward             	Jude           	 Walsh               Brooden (Broden?)
17         John          	  MOOR                	 Phil?              	Catherine      	 Parker              Valley
??         Jude          	  BYRNE               	 Redmond            	Ellen          	 Mara?
19         Ellen         	  KELLY               	 Michael            	Brigit         	 Kennedy             Glangaddy
20         Margaret      	  DARAGAN             	 Laurence           	Ally           	 Lanagan             Tullimaine            See Aug 1815
20?        Joanna        	  LAHY                	 Phil               	Anne           	 Wiley               Moor St.
28         Norry         	  RYAN                	 William            	Margaret       	 Garnon?             Grange
Mar 1820
5          Mary          	  WALSH               	 James              	Jude           	 Kennedy             K. St.
6          John          	  BOURKE              	 Edmond             	Nelly?         	 Heffernan           Fethard
7          Aly           	  BRIEN               	 Daniel             	Ally           	 Kinrick             Green
7          Judy          	  BRIEN               	 Daniel             	Ally           	 Kinrick
11?        Ellen         	  DOHENY              	 Walter             	Catherine      	 Connelly            Carrigeen
?          Daniel        	  HEANY               	 James              	Catherine      	 Loughlin            Green                 See Mar 1815
?          Patrick       	  SHEA                	 William            	Mary           	 Corcoran            Moor St.              See Sep 1812 & Feb 1816
19?        Jude          	  AHERN               	 Denis              	Mary           	 Maher?              Newtown
19?        Patrick       	  MURPHY              	 Edmond             	Mary           	 Ryan                Valley
23         Patrick       	  HAYES               	 Michael            	Catharine      	 Slattery            Coolmoyne
25         William       	  FLINN?              	 Tom                	Ellen          	 Ryan                Glangaddy
26?        Michael       	  TIERNEY             	 Tom                	Aly            	 Donnell?            Kilbrough
20?        Ann           	  GORMAN              	 John               	Mary           	 Ditto                                     "strangers"
31?        Mary          	  MORRISSY            	 John               	Margaret       	 Kenn..?             Rathsalla
Apr 1820
2          Thomas        	  LURIGAN             	 Tom                	Mary           	 Ryan                Green
2          Phil          	  TIM                 	 Tierney            	Catherine      	 Quinlan             Chapel Lane           See Jan 1815
4          John          	  PIERCE              	 Kierran *          	Aly            	 Purtin?             K St                  *Nailor - occup.
??         John          	  SULLIVAN            	 John               	Catherine      	 Walsh               Curraghscarteen       See Dec 1815
?          Mary          	  DUAN                	 Patrick            	Mary           	 Prendergast         Kiltinan
?5         John          	  LANAGAN             	 John               	Mary           	 Heffernan           Tullamaine
15         Catherine     	  LAHY                	 Darby              	Catherine      	 Tobin               Chapel Lane
?6         Eliza         	  MAHER               	 James              	Margaret       	 Fitzgerald          Lowergate?
?          Patrick       	  DONNELL             	 Patrick            	Betty          	 Maher               Barretstown
17?        John          	  CARNEY              	 Patrick            	Margaret       	 Maher               Rathcool
27         James         	  GUITON?             	 Michael            	Jude           	 Maher               Rathcool
20         Pierce        	  BOURKE              	 Tom                	Mary           	 Donnell             Kilnockin
23         Catherine     	  HOGAN               	 Denis?             	Catherine      	 Maher               Abbey
24         Ellen         	  MCGRATH             	 Richard            	Aly            	 Schofield           Littletown
26         Margaret      	  MAHER               	 Tom                	Nelly          	 Brenan              Chapel Lane
29         Patrick       	  RYAN                	 Darby              	Margaret       	 Fitzgerald          Market Hill
29         Elon          	  DONNELL             	 Tom                	Ally           	 Halppenny           Prospect              (Ellen?)
29         Edmund        	  TYRELL              	 Ditto (Tom?)       	Catherine      	 Cummins             Tullamaine
30         John          	  CORMICK             	 Ditto (Tom?)       	Bridget        	 Buckly              Kerry St.
30         Daniel        	  KENEDY              	 Daniel             	Margaret       	 Brien               Valley                see 1 Aug 1814
May 1820
11         Catherine     	  TOBIN               	 Richard            	Mary           	 Ryan                Kilnockin
12         Anty          	  FOX                 	 Patrick            	Betty          	 Conway              Gammonstown           (Anty = Anastatia)
19         Catherine     	  MAHER               	 Ditto?             	Jude           	 Kelly               Curraghscarteen
19         Ellen         	  KENNEDY             	 Ned                	Mary           	 Carew?              Coolmine
2_?        Ellen         	  RYAN                	 Tom                	Ally           	 Halppenny           Barretstown
23         John          	  WALL                	 Tim                	Catherine      	 Downy               Green                 *Nailor - occup.
29         William       	  BOURKE              	 Ditto (William?)   	Nelly          	 Keefe?              Green
29         Toby          	  LYNOH               	 ___                	Fanny?         	 Crotty              Fethard
31?        Mary          	  BLACKMOOR           	 John               	Mary           	 Phelan              Rathcool
Jun 1820
2          Eliza         	  HANLY               	 John               	Mary           	 Dwyer               Knockborden
2          Patrick       	  DUAN                	 Morrice (Maurice)  	Aly            	 Prout               Main St.              Grant
3          Catherine     	  SHEA                	 Darby              	Nelly          	 Mahany              Derryluskin           See 30 May 1816
4          Catherine     	  RYAN                	 Daniel             	Mary           	 Byrne               Turnpike Road
5          Catherine     	  QUIRK               	 William            	Margaret       	 Trihy               Rathsalla
6          Elizabeth     	  WALSH               	 Patrick            	Mary           	 Darcy               Rathsalla             see 6 Jan 1817
7          Catherine     	  WALSH               	 Michael            	Norry          	 Walsh               Barrack St.           see 8 Aug 1815
7          Michael       	  DONNELL             	 Ditto (Michael?)   	Nancy          	 Kennedy             Kiltinan              see 4 Jul 1815
9          Philip        	  DALY                	 Patrick            	Brigit         	 Hurley              Kilnockin
20         Mary          	  WALSH               	 Morrice (Maurice)  	Ellen          	 Coffee              Red City
22         Mary          	  DALY                	 William            	Mary           	 Lamphier            Main St.              see 7 Dec 1813
26         Alexander     	  RANSBERY            	 Charles            	Catherine      	 Driscool            M. Hill?              see 7 May 1816
July 1820
2          Catherine     	  WHITE               	 Patrick            	Brigit         	 Cantwell            Red City
2          Catherine     	  MAHONY              	 John               	Catherine      	 Daulton             Green
9?         Tom           	  RYAN                	 John               	Aly            	 Lahy                Derryluskin           Servants
10         Mary          	  ROACHE              	 John               	Mary           	 Keevan              Abbey St.             See 14 Feb 1817
12         John          	  BOURKE              	 Ditto (John)       	Ann            	 Ryan                Dublin
12         Nancy         	  MAHER               	 James              	Margaret       	 Cotter              College
19         Patrick       	  CAREW               	 Ditto (Patrick?)   	Anty           	 Conway              Coolmine              see 26 Feb 1814
24         Michael       	  DOWNEY              	 Ditto (Michael?)   	Ellen          	 Haly (Healy)        Green                 see 7 May 1814
25         John          	  STAPLETON           	 Tom                	Bridget        	 Corcoran            Rathsalla
Aug 1820
5          John          	  NUGENT              	 Ditto (John)       	Mary           	 Cormack             Curraghscarteen
7          Ellen         	  MAHER               	 James              	Catherine      	 Murphy              Coolmine
10         Brigit        	  NEGLE (NEAGLE)      	 Patrick            	Mary           	 Skeahen             Kiltinian
25         Catherine     	  WALL                	 Tom                	Jude           	 Mahony              Tullamaine            (Jude=Judith)
25         Margaret      	  NEGLE (NEAGLE)      	 James              	Ellen          	 Tohil (Tohill)      Coolmine              see 26 Jun 1818
25         Michael       	  WALSH               	 Ned                	Peggy          	 Kelly               Rathkenty
28         Michael       	  HOLEHAN             	 Ditto (Michael)    	Nell           	 Kelly
Sep 1820
3          Tom           	  MALACHY?            	 Edmond             	Margaret       	 Foley               Chapel Lane
5          Margaret      	  SKEAHAN             	 Patrick            	Mary           	 Ryan                Coolmore
6          Margaret      	  SOLOVAN (SULLIVAN)  	 Darby              	Mary           	 Nail                Strangers
7          Tom           	  CONNELL             	 Ditto (Tom?)       	Brigit         	 Common              Valley
9          Brigit        	  QUINLIN             	 John               	Catherine      	 Dooling             Moonrow (Moonrough)
10         Michael       	  CAHIL               	 Jeremiah           	Mary           	 Naly
13         James         	  LAHY                	 Morrice (Maurice)  	Nelly          	 Brien               Moor St.
13         Jude          	  QUIN                	 John               	Catherine      	 Grady               Cromps Bridge
16         Mary          	  HEFFERNAN           	 Thomas             	Bridget        	 Guillefoile         Moor St.              Gilfoil
17         Patrick       	  GARY                	 Ditto              	Aly            	 Crane               Green
25         Mary          	  BLACK               	 Harry              	Jude           	 Quigley             Rathcool
27         Margaret      	  GOGGIN              	 David              	Margaret       	 Dwyer               Tullamaine
Oct 1820
1          James         	  MAHER               	 Ditto              	Jude           	 Brien               Valley
2          William       	  TYRRELL             	 Thomas             	Anty           	 Donnell             Fethard
3          Anty          	  COSTELLOE           	 John               	Mary           	 Negle               M. St.                Anty=Anastasia (Neagle)
4          William       	  RYAN                	 ___                	Margaret       	 Mullally            Fethard               sps. John Ryan & Mary Cormack
10         Margaret      	  GUILIFOYLE          	 Thomas             	Catherine      	 Carty               Valley
10         Michael       	  HICKEY              	 Thomas             	Catherine      	 Fenisy?             Valley                (Fennessey?)
2_?        Pierce        	  NEGLE (NEAGLE)      	 Oliver             	Elizabeth      	 Walsh               Coolmore?
20         William       	  CUNNEEN             	 James              	Catherine      	 Maher               Drimineen
24         Mary          	  CROAKE              	 Thomas             	Catherine      	 Walsh               Coolmine              "Tom"
29         Mary          	  GUILLIFOYLE         	 John               	Norry          	 King                Green
30         Mary          	  HOLMS               	 William            	Nancy          	 Bourke              Valley
31         James         	  LAHY                	 Thomas             	Margaret       	 Boyle               K. St.
31         Philip        	  SOLOVAN (SULLIVAN)  	 James              	Ellen          	 Walsh               Kerry St.             "Phil"
Nov 1820
4          John          	  CONNELL             	 Denis              	Catherine      	 Holms               Kerry St.
5          John          	  TRIHY               	 William            	Mary           	 McGuire                                   "Strangers"
5          John          	  WALSH               	 Edmond             	Anty           	 Henesy              Main St.              alt spelling (Hennessy)
7          Mary          	  MAHER               	 John               	Mary           	 Walsh               Newtown
7          Norry         	  ENGLISH             	 Thomas             	Norry          	 Brohen              Mount Prospect
10         Ellen         	  FARRELL             	 Michael            	Ellen          	 Dunphy
17         Ann           	  MCENNIS             	 Charles            	Mary           	 Kelly               Chapel Lane
20         Eliza         	  KENNEDY             	 Edmond             	Catherine      	 Grady               Grange
22         Mary          	  MULLINS             	 Corney?            	Mary           	 Harney              Main St.
22         Michael       	  LUNRIGAN            	 David              	Mary           	 Quirke              Rathsalla
27         George        	  HARRY               	 John               	Nancy          	 Shaw                Annsgift              "Geoarge"
30         James         	  DOWNEY              	 John               	Jane           	 Buburt?             Glangaddy             (Bulbert?)
30         Margaret      	  HALPENNY            	 James              	Margaret       	 Crane
Dec 1820
3          Daniel        	  CLEARY              	 Cornelious         	Catherine      	 Connelly
3          Robert        	  CALLAHAN            	 Michael            	Mary           	 Mackey
11         Sally         	  ROBERTSON           	 John               	Sally          	 Robertson           Ballintemple
17         Jer?          	  DONNELL             	 John               	Brigit         	 Trihy               Grange
22         Judy          	  MAHER               	 Laurence           	Mary           	 Cleary              Market Hill
23         Brigit        	  RYAN                	 Richard            	Anty           	 Carrigan            Coolmore
23         James         	  GLEESON             	 John               	Aly            	 Daulton?            K. St.
31         Ellen         	  DUNPHY              	 Patrick            	Ellen          	 Fitzgerald          Moor St.
31         Brigit        	  FOGARTY             	 Tom                	Margaret       	 Cautern?
31         Judy          	  BROHEN              	 Hugh               	Catherine      	 Julian              K. St.
31         Thomas        	  TRIHY               	 James              	Brigit         	 Slattery            Kilnockin
31         Thomas        	  KENNEDY             	 Patrick            	Jude           	 Fleming             Kilnockin
__         Mary          	  CLEARY              	 James              	Anty           	 Guillifoile         Coolmine
__         Thomas        	  DOOLING             	 Patrick            	Nelly          	 Shea                Cashel Road

DATE       CHILD                  SURNAME                FATHER                 MOTHER           M. SURNAME          RESIDENCE (OF)        NOTE
**Missing Jan 1st to June 22nd 1821
Jun 1821
22         Johanna                SANDERS (LANDERS?)     Michael          	Anty                                 Main St               See Jan 1817
23         Edmond                 KENEDY                 Edmund           	Margaret         Quilnan             Tullamaine            See 20 Sep 1816
24         Patrick                RYAN                   John             	Alice            Fehan
24         Ellen                  FITZGERALD             John             	Jude             Maher
25         William                CONNORS                William          	Mary             Dwyer
27?        Patt                   CANTWELL               John             	Catherine        Hays                Cool…                 See 17 Nov 1815 & 27 Dec 1817
28?        John                   MURPHY                 John             	Mary             Neil                                      strangers
29?        John                   BRIEN                  Walter           	Margaret         Byrne               Green
Jul 1821
7          Mary                   KENDRICK               John             	Biddy (Bridget)  Haley               Green
14         Mary                   CONNORS                John             	Catherine        Connors
17         James                  CONNORS                William          	Anty             Cummins             Barrack St.
18         Jude                   KENEDY                 James            	Margaret         Tobin               Rathvinna
22         Nelly                  MARA                   Edmund           	Jude             Tyrell              Tullamaine
29         Judy                   CAREW                  Michael          	Mary             Wiley               Green
31         Rody                   MEANY                  William          	Jude             Henesy              Coalman (Coolman?)    see 19 Feb 1813,  4 Apr 1814 & 17 Aug 1816
Aug 1821
4          Mary                   WALL                   John             	Jude             Lahy                Green
5          Mary                   FOGARTY                John             	Bridget          ___                                       There is an X in front of Mary's name
5          Michael                NEIL                   Michael          	Catherine        Cooney
18         Genny                  MCCARTHY               Florence         	Mary             Murphy                                    "Beggars & Strangers
19         Mary                   DUGGAN                 John             	Catherine        Cantwell            Carrigeen
20         John                   KEATING                Tom              	Mary             Carew               Kerry Street
30         Tom                    BRITTON                Denis            	Ally             Her…                Ballinaden
Sep 1821
2          Patrick                MANSFIELD              William          	Mary             Marlin              Green                 There is an X in front of Patt's name
3          John                   KENEDY                 John             	Mary             Connelly            M. St                 There is an X in front of John's name
3          Richard                BRAY                   James            	Margaret         Donnell                                   See 19 Jul 1819
4          William                GRAHAM                 Arthur           	Catherine        Kelly                                     Sp: John Graham & Margt. Headon?
4          Elen                   RYAN                   ditto            	Mary             Gleeson             Currascarton
5          Michael                DWYER                  Patrick          	Jude             Solovan             Currascarton          (Sullivan?)
5          Laurence               DORRIGAN/DARRIGAN      Thomas           	Alice            Carroll             Kiltinan
5          John                   CONNELL                Michael          	Catherine        Dorrigan/Darrigan   Kiltinan
9          Michael                CANTWELL               James            	Elen             Keating             Green
9          Catherine              BOLIN                  John             	Catherine        Kenedy              Green
10         James                  TOOHY                  John             	Kate             Gibbs                                     "Jno"
11         Michael                GLEESON                Ditto            	Peggy            Mansfield           Valley                (Peggy=Margaret)
18         William                NEVIL                  James            	Eliza            Penefeather         Green
18         Michael                DONOVAN                William          	Mary             Moor[e]             Tullamaine            see 31 Dec 1818
21         Michael                CARTHY                 John             	Mary             Fehan               Chapel Lane           see 7 Apr 1815
22         Charles                CARTHY                 Richard          	Margaret         Butler              Moor Street
25         Joseph                 HENESY                 John             	Catherine        Gamble              Green
28         Catherine              COFFY                  Michael          	Alice            Maher               Brodeen
Oct 1821
2          Alice                  DEE                    Thomas           	Catherine        Kirby               Red City              see 16 Jan 1817
4          Betty (Elizabeth)      MCCARTHY               Denis            	Bridget          Dalton              Springhouse
4          Henry                  COOTE                  Charles          	Lara             Longworth                                 strangers
5          Catherine              DARRIGAN               Phil             	Catherine        Hade                Abbey Street
9          Martin                 KELLY                  Maurice          	Nance (Nancy?)   Walsh                                     strangers
12         John                   DALTON                 Ditto            	Elen             Hogan                                     see 14 Mar 1817
14         Michael                RAFTER                 John             	Mary             Boney               Coolmore
14         John                   DANIGAN                Denis            	Catherine        Maher               Coolmina
14         Daniel                 CONNOR                 Hugh             	Honor            Solovan (Sullivan)  Kerry Street
14         Margaret               BOWES                  John             	Catherine        Meehan              Moor Street           see 15 Jun 1817
20         Mary                   BLACK                  John             	Mary             Phelan
21         Fanny                  FITZGERALD             George           	Ann              Ransberry           Govineghough?
25         Catherine              BRIEN                  John             	Ally             Byrne
Nov 1821
1          Tom (Thomas)           BOURKE                 Ditto (Thomas)   	Ellen            Walsh               Cramp bridge          see 23 Sep 1815 & Feb 1825
4          John                   BLANK                  William          	Sally?           Cantwell            Green                 see 29 Jul 1818 & 22 Jun 1815 - father Hennessy
8          Margaret               MARKLY                 William          	Mary             Donnell             Kerry Street
8          Margaret               DWYER                  James            	Mary             Dalton              Chapel Lane
9          Julia                  HIGGINS                John             	Molly            Mollowney           C. Lane
9          Bridget                RYAN                   Thomas           	Mary             Jordan              Jesuit Walk
10         Catherine              GORMAN                 John             	Ally             Harney              Kiltinan
10         Mary                   QUIRK                  William          	Margaret         Trihy               Rathsalla             see 9 Feb 1819 & 5 Jun 1820
11         Martin                 CARROLL                Daniel           	Biddy (Bridget)  Hackett             Barnetstown
11         Joseph                 RYAN                   William          	Margaret         Shea                Kerry Street
12         Mary                   MAHER                  James            	Catherine        Murphy              Derryluskan
15         Edmund                 CONNELL                Ditto (Edmund)   	Norry            Sexton              Market Hill           see 18 Jun 1818
??         Michael                SWEENY                 John             	Catherine        Fogarty             Kerry Street
22         Margaret               FLINN                  Thomas           	Nelly            Ryan                Glengaddy
23         Patrick                BYRNE                  John             	Nelly            Walsh               C. Lane
23         John                   LOUGHLAN               Michael          	Mary             Kickham             Green
24         Thomas                 MAHER                  James            	Margaret         Fitzgerald          Main Street
25         Daniel                 CALLAHAN               Michael          	Mary             Tay or Ray?         Galbally
25         Margaret               DOOLING                John             	Jude             Adish               Cramp Bridge
26         Catherine              PURTELL                Patrick          	Mary             Cavanagh            Abbey Street
27         Michael                CAREW                  Ditto            	Eliza            Fox                                       strangers
28         Michael                CRADDICK               James            	Bridget          Loughman            Kerry Street
Dec 1821
1          Mary                   CROONEN                Patrick          	Ellen            Kenedy              Tullamaine
4          James                  KENEDY (KENNEDY)       Thomas           	Mary             Donovan             Kiltinan
4          Mary Ann               KELLY                  James            	___              Douglass            Abbey Street
5          John                   DEE                    Thomas           	Bridget          Cunningham          Red City
6          Catherine              TOBIN                  Thomas           	Catherine        Carroll             Rathvinna
6          James                  MAHER                  John             	Mary             Costelloe           Main Street
8          Norry                  CORBITT                Michael          	Bridget          Cullen              Rathkinty
9          Thomas                 WALSH                  Michael          	Catherine        Quiddihy            Red City
10         Edmund                 MAHER                  Ditto            	Mary             Lahy                Rathvinna
10         Thomas                 HACKETT                Ditto            	Mary             Tobin               Rathvinna             see 30 Mar 1816 & 22 Feb 1814 - father Thomas
23         Norry                  PURCELL                Thomas           	Catherine        Murphy              Market Hill
23         James                  MAHONY                 Thomas           	Nelly            Boyle               Kerry Street
25         William                TIERNEY                Philip           	Ally             Dohony              Green
26         James                  CONDON                 Ditto            	Mary             Maher               Kerry Street          see 12 Jul 1816 father - James
27         Tom                    BLACKGROVE             George           	Margaret         Cantwell                                  strangers
27         Thomas                 LLOYD                  Patrick          	Mary             Mara                Turn-pike
27         John                   DOOLING                Patrick          	Nelly            Walsh               Turn-pike
28         Betsy                  MORRISY                William          	Betsy            Pattison            Green
31         Mary                   RILEY                  William          	Nelly            Finane              Market Hill
31         Elen                   KINDRICK (KENDRICK?)   John             	Catherine        Fitzpatrick         Green