Baptisms at Fethard Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1819, County Tipperary, Ireland
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Fethard, Dio. of Cashel & Emly SOURCE: microfilm 02504 at NLI Website

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*Catherine/Catharine is used for Cathe	*Ally=Alice

DATE        CHILD          SURNAME                  FATHER           MOTHER        M. SURNAME        RESIDENCE (OF)     NOTE
Jan 1819
1           Mary           KELLY                    John             Catherine     Waters
6           Denis          CARTHY                   Charles          Ellen         Tobin
10          Ellen          SULLIVAN                 John             Ally          Mansell                              See also July 1815
11          Anstis         LOYDE                    Patrick          Mary          Mara                                 (Anastatia?)
17          Ellen          DEROGANE                 Thomas           Ally          Carroll                              See also Feb 1815
19          Denis          QUIN                     Richard          Margaret      Fleming
19          Mary           _____                    _____            Margaret      Grady                                Sp: John Grady and Cath Grady
24          Richard        Maher                    Patrick          Catherine     Oldin?                               See also May 1815
Feb 1819
1           Mary Ann       HENESY                   Mathew           Catherine      Maher
9           Laurence       QUIRKE                   William          Margaret      Trihy                                See also Marriages Feb 1817
12          Mathew & Mary  FARRIL                   Pierce           Bridget       Purtill
14          John           DANIEL                   Michael          Jude          Phelan
16          James?         MAHER                    James            Mary          Mark..?
16          James          QUIN                     Michael?         Margaret      Dooling
17          Catherine      CARTY                    John             Mary          Nash
17          Ellen          RYAN                     John             Eliza         Grady
17          Mary           BRAY                     John             Mary          Connoy
18          John           KENNEDY                  Patrick          Jude          Fleming
19          Patrick        KENNEDY                  Thomas           Mary          B..t..?
19          Patrick        CUMMINS                  Edmund           Mary          Shea?                                See Feb 1816
23          Patrick        MORRISSEY                James            Anty          Hanly                                See Mar 1816
21          Bridget        ALLAN                    Michael          Ellen         Barry
25          Ellen          BRIEN                    Edmund           ___           Ryan
27          Thomas         WALSH                    John             Mary          Keeffe
Mar 1819
6           ___            MEANEY                   William          Jude          Henessy                              See also Apr 1814
7           Mary           COFFEE                   Darby            Ellen         Lonergan
7           Mary           MARA                     Ned?             Judy          Tyrrels
7           Ellen          KEATING                  Thomas           Mary          Carew
8           Mary           DELANY                   William          Ellen         Downey
9           Richard        MAHER                    William          Mary          Downey
9           Thomas         SCOTT                    John             Margaret      Hanigan                              See Marriages Feb 1815
9           Mary           HACKET                   Simon            Catherine     Hacket
23          Mary           HACKETT                  Thomas           Mary          Tobin
Apr 1819
2           John           PHILIPS                  John             Nancy         Ryan                                 See Mar 1815
27          Ellen          GORMAN                   John             Ally          Harney
29          Nancy          CAHIL                    Thomas           Nancy         Fahy
May 1819
6           William        SHEA                     Richard          Margaret      Bourke            Barrick St
26          Anty           WALL                     Ned              Mary          Hanrahan          Mt Prospect
30          Nancy          RYAN                     Ned              Bridget       Garragawn         Rathkenty          See Aug 1814
DATE        CHILD          SURNAME                  FATHER           MOTHER        M. SURNAME        RESIDENCE (OF)     NOTE
Jun 1819
1           Tom?           DWYER                    Cor.?            Eliza         Butler
3           Hanna          CRANE?                   James            Catherine     Belle             Kilnockin?
9           James          DONNELL                  Michael          Catherine     Blanchfield       Kilnockin          See Dec 1814
14          Patrick        HEFFERNAN                Patrick          Kitty         Wiley             Green
14          William        CONNORS                  Tim              Margaret      Crane             M. St.
14          John?          BULL                     Laurence         Mary          Fitzgerald        Glangaddy          See Feb 1813 & Aug 1816
15          William        HYNES                    Patrick          Bridget       Kelly
15          John           BOWES                    John             Catherine     Meehan            Moor St.           (spelled Bowis)
16          Dan            QUIGLY                   John             Ellen         Duan              M. St.
16          Michael        WILLIAMS                 John             Margaret      Maher             B. St?
16          Eliza          GLEESON                  Phil             Mary          Boil
17          Richard        McCARTHY                 Richard?         Peggy         Butler            Moor St.           rec says father is "ditto" See Apr 1815
18          Catherine      MORRISSY                 William          Betty         Pateson           Fethard
20          Bridget        DONNELL                  John             Bridget       Gary              Dorreluskin?       See also Aug 1814
21          Ally           RYAN                     John             Ally          Lahy              M. St.
24          Patrick        DEE                      Thomas           Catherine     Kerwin            Red City           See also Jan 1817?
28          Patrick        DWYER                    Cornelius        Catherine     Long              Valley
Jul 1819
3           Bernard        RYAN                     Denis            Mary          Gleeson           Currascarton       John written above. Cld be Sponsor.
8           Michael        ROBERTSON                Con              Margaret      Tyne              Green
9           Catherine      LANAGAN                  Denis            Catherine     Maher             Kiltinan           See Sep 1816
12          John           BRIEN                    John             Ally          Byrne             Kilnockin
15          John           MACKEY                   Darby            Mary          Navin             Glangaddy          Darby = Jeremiah
12          Denis          HOLMES                   Thomas           Nancy         Nowlin            Fethard            See also Mar 1813
19          Aly            HEFFERNAN                Tim              Peggy         Lanagan           Tullamaine         See Marriages June 1816
19          James?         BRAY                     James            Margaret      Donnell           Coolmoyne
25          James          KENNEDY                  Denis            Jude          Brien             Green
25          James          BYRNE                    James            Mary          Donnell           C. Lane?
25          Michael        DYLLON (DILLON)          Michael          Mary          Smyth             Fethard            See May 1816
29          Michael        CONNELL                  Michael          Catherine     Darragan          Tullamaine         See also Feb 1815
30          James          HEFFERNAN                John             Bridget       Mahony            Green              See also Apr 1817
Aug 1819
1           Nicholas       FITZGERALD               Patrick          Mary          Boland            Fethard
5           Nancy          DELAHANTY                James            Mary          Heffernan         Barretstown
8           James          CORBET                   Michael          Bridget       Cullin            Rathkenty
9           Mary           MACKEY                   John             Mary          Meehan            Martlestown
10          Mary           NARRY or HARRY           Patrick          Ellen         Hopkins           Green
15          Bridget        CONNELL                  Edmund           Nelly?        Dwyer                                See also Apr 1810
16          James          HAWKS                    George           Bridget       Ryan              K. St.
18          Margaret       WALL                     Michael          Margaret      Dwyer             Green
19          David          MARA                     William          Catherine     Berminghham       Valley             rec says Mara - Cath w/ Smyth above?
27          Ellen          RYAN                     David            Mary          McGrath           Clonmel
30          Daniel         McCARTHY                 Terrence?        Bridget       Smyth             K. St.             See also Dec 1816
Sep 1819
10          James          RYAN                     John             Norry         Ryan              Rathbritt
11          Ann            RYAN                     John             Mary          Maher
11          Margaret       GAMBLE                   George           Mary          Doheny            Moor St.           See Also Jul 1815
12          Margaret       BOURKE                   Michael          Catherine     Forbedy?          Barrick St         See also Apr 1816
14?         Patrick        QUIGLY                   James            Catherine?    Marry             Moonrough
Oct 1819
2           Michael        MAHER                    John             Mary          Scully            Main St.
8           James          HEFFERNAN                Michael          Mary          Casey             Chapel Lane
12          John           GREADY                   Daniel           Mary          Bulger            Market Hill        See also Sep 1815
17          Aby or Ally    MURPHY ("stranger")      James            Catherine     Connor
22          John           WALL                     John             Jude          Lahy              Barrick St
25          Ally           DOHERTY                  William          Peggy         Loughman          Market Hill
27          John           SMYTH                    William          Bridget       Kennedy           Red City
28          William        TOBIN                    Thomas           Catherine     Garry?            Valley
30          Edmund         MEEHAN                   Denis            Ellen         Power             Red City           See also Apr 1817
31          James          FANT                     William          Margaret      Hickey            Kerry St.
30          Richard        Brattan?                 John             Bridget       Maher             Valley
Nov 1819
2           Denis          CRODDOCK                 James            Bridget       Swift             Kerry St.          (CRADDICK?)
4           Martin         SHANNAHAN                Thomas           Nell          Fitman?           Chapel Lane
7           William        WALSH                    Tim              Susan         Denny             Chapel Lane        See also Sep 1818
9           John           NARRY or HARRY           Denis            Molly         Fahy              Green
8           John           BRIEN                    William          Bridget       Lloyd             Valley
8           Denis          MULLINS (Slater)         Daniel           Mary          Hanrahan          Chapel Lane        Killed dead by a fall from a house, Jan 18
8           Catherine      BLONDON                  John             Mary          Hanly             Main St.           See also Jul 1811
10          James          WALSH                    Edmond           Mary          Cahil             Tullamaine