Baptisms at Fethard Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1818, County Tipperary, Ireland
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Dio. of Cashel & Emly SOURCE: microfilm 02504 at NLI

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DATE        CHILD         SURNAME               FATHER       NOTE         MOTHER         M. SURNAME    	      RESIDENCE (OF)	     NOTE
JAN 1818
1           John          HEFFERNAN             Patrick                   Margaret       Reordan
2           Mary          DONNELL               John                      Bridget        Fahy
3           Honora        COMMAN                ___                       Catherine      Bourke
5           William       RYAN                  William                   Mary           Dalton
3           Alice         GLEESON               John                      Ally           McGrath
8?          Denis         DWYER                 James                     Mary           Dalton
10          Mary          KELLY                 William                   Honora         Cormick
15          Richard       MOAKLER               Patrick                   Mary           Healy
18          Margaret      DONNELL               Thomas                    Alice          Halfpenny
28          Bridget       EGAN                  Thomas                    Mary           Power
FEB 1818
2           Patrick       ENGLISH               Thomas                    Catherine      Kel ..?
4           Susana        FARRELL               Michael                   Ellen          Dunphy
6           Mary          RYAN                  William                   Mary           Cantwell
9           John          MEAGHER               Patrick                   Mary           Grant
10          John          MOLONY                John                      Anne           Lonergan
13          Catherine     HERR                  John                      Catherine      Cahill
14          Johanna       CUMMINS               Richard                   Catherine      ___
15          Catherine     CONDON                John                      Anne           Kennedy
15          John          CAHERNY               Thomas                    Catherine      Ailworth
15          Pierse        NUGENT                William                   Ellen          ___
15          Elisabeth     HASSETT               Thomas                    Eliza          Byrne
17          Johanna       MCGRATH               Patrick                   Jude           Kennedy
22          Thomas        STAPLETON             Thomas                    Catharine      Bryan                Markethill
22          James         DELAHUNTY             James                     Margaret       Heffernan
25          Elizabeth     TOOLE                 Edmund                    Catherine      Hanly
28          James         CORCORAN              James                     Catherine      Connell
MAR 1818
1           Patrick       TORPY                 Edmund                    Judith         Scott
2           William       ENGLISH               Mathew                    Honora         Farrell
9           Ellen         QUINLAN               John                      Catherine      Dowling
9           Frances       GOING                 ___
17          Bridget       CONNELL               Charles                   Ellen          Cahill
18          Margaret      QUIGLEY               John                      Ellen          Bourke
22          Mary          GUILFOYLE             Thomas                    Catherine      Carty?
23          William       KENNEDY               John                      Mary           Curreen
25          Mary          MEAGHER               Laurence                  Mary           Cleary
25          Denis         KENDRICK              John                      Bridget        Healy
27          Margaret      MAHER                 Thomas                    Judith         Kelly
10          Ellen         TOBIN                 Richard                   Frances        Duan                                        (Date confusion)
26          James         DUNN                  James        7 D Guards   Mary           Fawcett
29          William       CROAK                 Michael                   Ellen          Lahy
APR 1818
2           John          MCGUIRE               Patrick                   Allice         Crehane
5           William       CAREW                 Thomas                    Bridget        Darcy
8           James         HALPENY (HALFPENNY)                             Margaret       Crehane                                     (Illegitimate)
10?         Ellen         GRADY                                           Mary           Bulger?              Market hill
9           James         CORBET (CORBIT***)      James                   Judith         Donevan (Donovan***)
11          Patrick       KENNEDY               James                     Anne           Frehy (Trehy)
13          Catherine     BRENAN                John                      Honora         Walsh
11          Margaret      KENNEDY               Patrick                   Ellen          Doyle
13          Edmund        LAHY                  Edmund                    Winefred       Kennedy
14          Patrick       CORCORAN              John                      Honora         Guiry
15          Mary          MAHER                 William                   Eleanor        Dwyer
27          John          MEAGHER               James                     Margaret       Cotter               Kiltinan?
MAY 1818
3           Alice         DWYER                 Edmund                    Bridget        Morris               late of Moyne
5           Thomas        MACKEY                Darby                     Mary           Navin                                       Darby = Jeremiah
5           Michael       PRENDERGAST           James                     Margaret       Brittain
6           John          CONDON                John                      Catherine      Shea
6           Frederick*    RYAN                  Edmund                    Mary           Houlihan                                    *Illegitimate
8           Mary          BROHAN                Hugh                      Catherine      Julian
12          Thomas        RYAN                  Richard                   Anty           Karigan (Carrigan)   Coolmore               (Anastatia)
14          Bridget*      HERRICK               Patrick                   Mary           Hanrahan                                    *Illegitimate
18          Edward        EUSTACE               Thomas                    Catherine      Shaw                                        sp: Arthur Graham & Margt Heney (?)
18          Eliza         NEVILLE               James                     Isabella       Penefether
18          Roger         RYAN                  John                      Ellen          Kennedy
18          James         DALTON                John                      Mary           Delehunty
19          Ellen         PURTILL               Edmund                    Eliza          England
21          Alice         COFFEE                Michael                   Alice          Meagher
24          Maurice       LONERGAN              James                     Mary           Cavanagh
31          Ellen         WILLIAMS              John                      Margaret       Morrissey
24?         Ellen         STAPLETON             William                   Catherine      Watt
JUN 1818
2           Bridget       HANLY                 Edmund                    Mary           Molloy
2           Elizabeth     DOOLING               Patrick                   Ellen          Shea
5           Catherine     CARTY                 Charles                   Margaret       Carroll
11          Cicely*       BYRN                  James                     Pegg           Carey                                       *Illegitimate fathers name listed after mother
11          Jeremiah      CAHILL                Jeremiah                  Mary           Haley
12          John          RYAN                  John                      Alice          Lahy
14          Bridget       MEAGHER               James                     Judith         Brien
15          John          LAHY                  Darby                     Catherine      Tobin                Fethard
18          Ellen         CONNELL               Edmund                    Honora         Sexton
26          Mary          NAGLE                 James                     Ellen          Toole
27          Mary          MYERS                 F.                        Ellen          Pilkinton
27          John          HEFFERNAN             Joseph                    Alice          Fitzgerald
JUL 1818
4           John          KELLY                 Robert                    Catherine      Hopkins
12          Mary          DELAHUNTY             John                      Mary           Ryan
12          Thomas        GAMBLE                George                    Mary           Doheny
13          Patrick       CAWDY                 Edmund                    Ellen          Bowe
17          Ellen         CORMICK               Michael                   Anne           Callahan
19          Mary          BROHAN                Patrick                   Honora         Butkely
19          Thomas        WALSH                 Maurice                   Ellen          Coffee
24          Bridget       MULLALLY              Edmund                    Mary           Fogarty
26          Bridget       QUIGLY                Michael                   Bridget        Neville
26          James         HANLY                 John                      Mary           Dwyer
29          William       SHEEDY                William                   Mary           Crehane
29          James         HENNESSY              William                   Sarah          Cantwell
29          James         HENEY                 John                      Anne           Shaw
AUG 1818
1           James         SWIFT                 Daniel                    Margaret       St John              Curraghscarteen
1           Patrick       FLYNN                 John                      Ellen          McLoughlin
2           Honora        MOYLAN                Bryan                     Margaret       Donnell
2           John          CORBETT               Patrick                   Mary           Cantwell
5           Margaret      DARAGANE              Philip                    Mary           Hayde          see 18 April 1817
8           Margaret      BOWE                  William                   Mary           Wall
13          John          FINE                  John                      Catherine      Kearney
SEP 1818
1           Catherine     GOGGIN                David                     Margaret       Dwyer
6?          James         WALSH                 Timothy                   Susan          Deny
9           John          LONERGAN              David                     Mary           Quirk
22          Mary          HEANY                 John                      Mary           Donnell          "child full grown tho' the mother is only seven months married"
22          Catharine     DALTON                John                      Ellen          Hogan
23          Ellen         FITZGERALD            Patrick                   Catherine      Brien
25          Johanna       WALSH                 Patrick                   Norry          Dwyer
27          Michael       CAREW                 Michael                   Mary           Wiley
27          John          COFFEE                Thomas                    Mary           Tobin
OCT 1818
4           Bridget       MEAGHER               Joseph                    Mary           Hayes
5           Catherine     WALSH                 Michael                   Honora         Walsh
6           Eliza         DUGGAN                William                   Honora         Dunne
7           James         CALLAHAN              Michael                   Mary           Evans
9           Ellen         CONSIDINE             Daniel                    Anne           Williams
11          James*        ARCHER                James                     Mary           McNamara             Tullamaine             *Illegitimate
11          John          HEFFERNAN             Thomas                    Bridget        Guilfoyle
16          Catherine     HANLY                 John                      Mary           Duane
18          Mary          BURKE                 Thomas                    Mary           Donnell
NOV 1818
1           William       KENNEDY               William                   Mary           Dwyer
1           Patrick       GLYN                  Denis                     Catherine      Horly
2           Mary          LAHY                  William                   Catherine      Purtill
4           Johanna       GALLAGHER             William                   Mary           Lahy
5           Honora        NEHIL                 Michael                   Margaret       Ryan                       sp: John Kelly & Susan Graham
5           Pierse        BUTLER                William                   Margaret       Keeven
15          Catherine     RYAN                  Patrick                   Catherine      Riely (Reily*)
17          Alice         HACK                  John                      Mary           Graham                      see 28 Nov 1815
18          James         CROAK                 Thomas                    Catherine      Walsh
22          Mary          CORMICK               Patrick                   Catherine      Power?
31          William       DONEVAN (DONOVAN***)  Mary           Moore
31          Bridget       EVERARD                                         Judith         Hanrahan                     Anne written above Bridget
DEC 1818
1           Mary          WALSH                 Michael                   Mary           Colberth?                                   (Colbert?)
"Mirabil The former is Niece to the Most Revd. Doctor Everard Archbishop of Mytebene & Coadjutor AB to  Revd. Bray:
and the latter, the niece of Right Revd. Dr. Walsh Bishop of Waterford, and were the last baptized by the Revd. Patrick Mackey,
who died of a violent fever on the 18th of Dec. Poor fellow. He was loved by all who knew him: his death caused sorrow in every
family: grief sat deep on every countenance, but his loss to me was irreparable.
John Ryan      In memoria eterna erit justus"

6           Ellen         BYRNE                                           Ellen          Walsh
10          Mary          SMYTH                 Patrick                   Catherine      Dwyer
13          Cornelius     HICKEY                Thomas                    ?              Markly               (Margaret?)
16          Catherine     KENNEDY               Edmund                    Margaret       Coonan
22          John          LOUGHMAN                                        Mary           Scanlan
24          Mary          HEFFERNAN             Patrick                   Margaret       Riordan
27          John          BRYAN                 Pierse                    Catherine      Cahill
30          Margaret      SHEEHAN               Thomas                    Margaret       Heffernan