Baptisms at Fethard Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1815-1816, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
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Fethard, Dio. of Cashel & Emly
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DATE       CHILD                SURNAME             FATHER            NOTE               MOTHER               M. SURNAME           RESIDENCE (OF)	NOTE
JAN 1815
7          Anastatia            KELLY               Nicholas                             Mary                 Karrnay?             Ballintemple?	In 1812 there was a Nick and Mary (nee Kerns) 1812
7          John                 QUINLAN             John                                 Catherine            Meany                Monerow?		(Monroe?)
8          ___                  FLINN               Edmund                               Deborah              Griffeth
?          William              NAGLE               Oliver                               & ___
10         Anne                 CODY                Michael                              Ellen                Kendrick             the Green
11         Thomas               BOURKE              John                                 Mary                 Flyn                 the College
12         Mary                 TIERNEY             Timothy                              Catherine            Quinlan
15         Ellen                KELLY               Robert                               Catherine            Hopkins              the Green
16         William              DOHENY              John                                 Catherine            Cantwell             Currascorteen	(Curraghscarteen?)
16         Denis                MURPHY              Peter                                Mary                 Mahony               Currascorteen
16         William              BUTLER              Patrick                              Mary                 Hanigan              Killbrogh
16         Anastatia            CROAK               John                                 Anstia               Walsh                Killbrogh
17         Ellen                CONOR               Michael                              Mary                 Scofield             Fethard		sp: Michael Landers & Susan Graham
19         Bridget              MEAGHER             Thomas            Slanestown         Bridget              Mullally
20         Patrick              QUIRK               James                                Catherine            Coghlon              Barretstown
22         John                 CONNORS             John              vagabond           Ellenor              Boland					"Bawd"
22         John                 EGAN JUNR.          Richard                              Mary                 Smyth                Fethard
23         Honora               HENESSY             Patrick                              Alice                Fitmon               Markethill
20         Frederick*           CLUTTERBUCK         Thomas                               Norry                Freney               Clonoon		*ILLEGITIMATE
26         Mary*                DOLEHANTY           William                              Mary                 Bourke               Barretstown		*ILLEGITIMATE
29         Thomas               HOLMES              Thomas                               Anne                 Nowlan               Chapel Lane
Feb 1815
??         Mary                 TOBIN               Thomas                               Catherine            Carroll              Rathavin
3          Bridget              BOWE                William                              Mary                 Wall                 Fethard
5          John*                BRIEN               John                                 Margaret             Loghnan					*ILLEGITIMATE
7          Edmund               QUINLAN             John                                 Mary                 Frehy
11         Daniel               WOOD                Nicholas                             Catherine            Morissy              Fethard
17         Catherine            DELANY              Andrew                               Alicia               Donnell              the Valley
18         Richard              NEEDHAM             Michael           mason              Alicia               Morissy              Currascorteen
19         William              MEAGHER             Henry             Gambonstown        Eliza                Fittman
19         Alicia               CROAK               Michael                              Ellen                Lahy                 the Valley
19         John                 WALL                John                                 Judith               Lahy                 the Green
23         John                 LANDERS             Peirse            Pierce?            Mary                 Murphy
28         Johanna              CAREY               Denis                                Catherine            Purcell              Abbey Street
28         Patrick              CONNELL             Michael                              Catherine            Derogane             Tullamore
29         Mary                 BESTON              Patrick                              Judith               Corbet               Markethill
29         William              DELANY              Patrick                              Anty                 Connors              Derrylin?
29         Denis                LYONS               John                                 Ellen                Ryan                 Valey (Valley)
Mar 1815
2          Ellen                FITZGERALD          John                                 Bridget              Fox                  the Green
4          Daniel               CONSIDINE           Daniel                               Anne                 Williams
6          Margaret             MEAGHER             John                                 Mary                 Walsh                Rathkenty
9          Margaret             WALL                Edmund                               Honora               Hanrahan             Prospect
12         Catherine            CAHILL              Patrick           Taylor, Fethard    Anne                 Meagher
15         Patrick & Michael    SMYTH               Patrick           Kerry streeet      Mary                 Kickey					Twins
15         James                CLARKE              James                                Bridget              Clarke               Kerry St.
16         Mary                 KELLY               Michael                              Bridget              Kennedy
17         Mary                 PHILIPS             John                                 Anne                 Ryan                 Barretstown
17         Margaret             HOGAN               Denis                                Catherine            Meagher              Moorstreet
18         Johanna              HEANY               James                                Catherine            Laughnane
20         Mary                 MARA                David                                Frances              Critty*              Fethard		*Crotty?
20         Andrew               HALLORAN            Andrew                               Mary                 Tool or Toole        Abbey St.		sp: John Smyth & Judith Finn
23         Alicia               POOR                Martin                                                    Murray               Grange		No first name unless it was Marray?
28         Margaret             BROHAN              Hugo                                 Catherine            Julian               K. St		Kerry St.?
30         Thomas               KELLY               Patrick                              Mary                 Donnell              Abbey St
APR 1815
2          Mary                 HEFFERNAN           John                                 Bridget              Mahony               the Green
7          John                 RYAN                John                                 Julia                Cummins              the Valey		(the Valley)
7          William              CARTHY              John                                 Mary                 Feahan               Chapel Lane
7          Catherine            DELANY              Patrick                              Ellen                Condon
12         Catherine            TREACEY             John                                 Bridget              Wallace              Fethard
13         Patrick              MEAGHER                                                  Alice                Dalton               the Green
16         Johanna              ROWELS              Edmund                               Catherine            Purtill              Kerry St.
17         Andrew               MARA                David                                Allicia (Alicia)     Delany               Derryluskin
19         Patrick              GLEESON             John              Grocer             Eliza                Dalton               Fethard
19         Ellen                DOYLE               John                                 Ellen                Dunphy					sp: John Dunphy & Margaret Dunphy
21         Mary                 QUIRK               Michael                              Bridget              Morissy              Rathsalla
23         Patrick              MARA                Patrick                              Judith               Bourke               Ardsalla
28         James                CARTHY              Richard           Shoemaker          Peggy                Butler					(Peggy=Margaret)
MAY 1815
3          Ellen                MACKEY              Darby                                Mary                 Knavin               Glingaddy		(Glengaddy)
3          Anastatia            KENNEDY             John                                 Mary                 Cuneen               Kiln
3          Ellen                WALSH               Oliver                               Anty                 Mandeville				*ILLEGITIMATE
4          Patrick              BRIEN               Denis                                Judith               Brasel               Rathsalla
4          Mary                 DOHERTY             James             stranger?          Catherine            Ryan
5          Anastatia            QUIGLEY             Edmund                               Judith               Byrne                the Vally
5          Patrick              MAHER               Patrick                              Catherine            Oulin                Coolmore		(Ouldin?)
12         William              FOX                 John                                 Mary                 Moakler              the Green
13         Margaret             CONNELL             Thomas                               Mary                 Connors              the Vally		NB The Parents infamouse malicious Liars restrained by no consideration of morality
14         Johanna              DOREAN              James                                Margaret             Meagher              Fethard
14         Edmund               DALTON              John                                 Mary                 Dolahanty            K. St		(Delahunty)
15         John                 BROHAN              John                                 Margaret             Nagle                Coolmore
23         William              PURTILL             Edmund                               Bridget              England              Kerry St.
24         Thomas               FERILL              Edmund                               Catherine            Connell
26         Mary                 CAREW               Thomas                               Bridget              Darcy					Grocer
28         Mary                 LONERGAN            James?                               Mary                 Cavanagh             K. St		James written Js?
31         James                POWER               Richard                              Mary                 Nowlan
JUN 1815
2          Ellen                KENNEDY             Patrick                              Judith               Fleming              Kilnockin
4          Ellen                DUNPHY              Thomas                               Margaret             Dunlay               the Valey
8          Michael              STAPLETON           William                              Catherine            Wall                 Rathkenty
9          Daniel               HANLY               Edmund                               Moloy                                     Market St?
10         Ellen                DUGGAN              Michael                              Mary                 Ryan
15         James                CAREY               Thomas                               Mary                 Scofield             Valley
17         Michael              DONNELL             John                                 Bridget              Fahy                 Barretstown?
17         John                 MURPHY              Stephen                              Margaret             Cleary               Cramps??		(Crampsbridge?)
22         Johanna              HENESSY             William                              Sarah                Cantwell             Green
25         Oliver               HASSETT             Thomas                               Elliza               Byrne                Fethard
24         Johanna              LANAGAN             John                                 Mary                 Ryan                 Tullamane
26         John                 KENNEDY             Patrick                              Margaret             Cummins              Carrigeen
27         Denis                BRIEN               James                                Mary                 Bourk                Shangan?
28         Margaret             KENNEDY             William                              Bridget              Tobin                Coolmore
30         Ellen                RYAN                William                              Mary                 Cantwell             Coolmore
JUL 1815
4          Honora               DONNELL             Michael                              Anne                 Kennedy              of College
8          Alicia               KICKEY              John                                 Dora                 Landers              Barret.		Barretstown?
9          John                 SULLIVAN            John                                 Allicia              Mansell              greens
9          Margaret             HEFFERNAN           Michael                              Mary                 Carey                Ch. Lane
10         Michael              BROWNE              Michael                              Mary                 Healey               Coolmore
11         Mary & Catherine     CONNELL             Michael                              Catherine            Hickey               the Valley		*Twins
12         ___                  T.                  Bowe                                 Margaret             Nagle                Coolmoyne
15         Bridget              HIGGINS             Martin                               Catherine            Lonergan             Knockbordan		(Knockboordan?)
22         Julia                LEARY               Denis                                Mary                 Walsh                both of Caher	*ILLEGITIMATE
24         Thomas               HARRIS              Thomas                               Mary                 Sutton               Currascarton
24         Cicely               ILLEGITIMATE        ___                                  ___                  ___					Parents unknown
28         James                DEE                 James                                Alicia               Connell              Fethard		James of the Life Guards
AUG 1815
3          Timothy              DARAGAN             Laurence                             Alicia               Lanagan
4          James                LANAGAN             John                                 Mary                 Heffernan            Barrettstown
7          Ellen                CONDON              John                                 Anne                 Kennedy              Kiltinan
8          Richard              MEAGHER             William                              Ellen                Dwyer                Moor st.
8          Anne                 WALSH               Michael                              Honora               Walsh                Barrack St.
11         John                 REILY               William                              Ellen                Finnane?             Market hill		(alternate spelling Reilly)
13         John                 DWYER               Mathew                               Norry                Mulcahy              Tullamaine
14         Margaret             GOGGIN              David                                Margaret             Dwyer                Tullamaine
19         Johanna              MEAGHER             James                                Jude                 Bryan
20         Michael              RYAN?               Patrick                              Mary                 Branen?              Curraghscarteen
21         Mary                 DONNELL             Thomas                               Alicia               Halfpeny             Barrettstown		(alt. Halfpenny)
22         Johanna              MAHER               James             Vally              Johanna              Bryan
28         John                 BRITTAIN            Michael                              Catherine            Donnell              Barrettstown
30         Patrick              HENNESSY            James                                Mary                 Dunning
SEP 1815
1          Ann                  SHEA                Richard                              Catherine            Cummins
4          Timothy              GRADY               Daniel                               Mary                 Bulger               Mor St?
4          Catherine            MORRESSY            Thomas                               Mary                 Maher                Rathsalla
5          Laurence             POWER               Laurence                             Catherine            Murry                Grange
11         Joseph               NAGLE               Joseph            Coolmoyne          Betty                Heany					(sp: Margaret Nagle Bastard?)
12         John                 CORBETT             Michael                              ___                  ___                  Coolmoyne
20         Patrick              CONNELLY            Thomas                               Margaret             Power                Grange
23         Ann                  BOURKE              Thomas                               Ellen                Walsh                Fethard
25         Ellen                RYAN                William                              Margaret             Gorman
OCT 1815
8          Thomas               BOURKE              Thomas                               Margaret             Kelly					"of the Waterford Militia"
13         Margaret             MOYLAN              Bryan                                                                          Kiltinan		"& his wife whoever she is"
14         Catherine            MAHER               Thomas                               Margaret             Ahern?
15         Edmund               FIN_?               John                                 Catherine            Carney               Fethard
18         Catherine            GAHENY              Thomas            of Tip? Militia    Anne                 Lalor
16         Mary Anne            MEAGHER             John                                 Mary                 Costelloe            Fethard
19         James                DWYER               John                                 Catherine            Butler               Knockbordan
22         Michael              DONNELL             Pierse                               Mary                 Ailworth             Jesuits Walk
23         Alicia               COSTIGAN            Daniel                               Bridget              Morressy             Tullamaine
30         Thomas               CANTWELL            Patrick                              Mary                                      Kerry St.
NOV 1815
2          William              BUTLER              Michael                              Mary                 Lanagan              Killbro		(Killbrogh?)
5          Catherine            CORMICK             Patrick                              Catherine            Poor                 Currascorteen
8          John                 MEANY               Thomas                               Mary                 Davis					"of the Fermanagh Militia"
9          Thomas               MORRESSY            James                                Margaret             Keevan               Rathsalla
10         John                 DONNELL             Patrick                              Eliza                Meagher              Barretstown
16         Margaret             CA…                 William                              Mary                 Delahunty            Fethard
15         Margaret             RUSSEL              Edmund                               Ellen                Neil                 Rathsalla
17         Margaret             CANTWELL            John                                 Catherine            Hayes                Coolroe
18         John                 CARTY               Charles                              M.                   Carroll
19         Mary                 NIEL                James                                Mary                 Meany
20         George               GILLARD             Richard                              Margaret             Dwyer
23         John                 DWYER               James                                Anne                 Smyth                Fethard
25         Mary                 SMYTH               William                              Bridget              Kennedy              Red city
26         Michael              KELLY               William                              Honora               Cormick              Curascorteen
28         William              DENY                John                                 Bridget              Walsh
28         Johanna              MORRIS              Robert                               Johanna              Kearny               Tullamaine
28         Patrick              HACK                Robert                               Mary                 Graham
28         Mary                 DELANY              Edmund                               Ellen                Commons              Derrylarkin
29         James                DOUGLASS            James                                Judith               Loghman              *ILLEGITIMATE
DEC 1815
1          Michael              SULLIVAN            John                                 Catharine            Walsh                Curraghskorteen
3          Mary                 WALL                Timothy                              Catharine            Downy                Fethard
5          Patrick              FURLONG             Thomas                               Mary                 Ryan                 Kerry St.
5          Edmund               LOGHNANE            Edmund                               Anne                 Cleary
11         Ellen                WALL                Nicholas                             Margaret             Dwyer                Green
15         Catherine            FLEMING             Maurice                              Mary                 Bourke               Currascorteen
24         Mary & Judith        TORPY               Edmund                               Judith               Scott
25         Mary                 POWER               William                              Ellen                Nugent               Grange
27         Stephen              CANTWELL            Thomas                               Margaret             Heffernan            Coolroe
29         Andrew               MARA                Edmund                               Judith               Ferylle              Prospect
30         Thomas               MAHER               Michael                              Bridget              Brien                Annsgift		(Annesgift)
30         Alicia               QUINNAN             James                                Catharine            Maher                Currascorteen

DATE       CHILD                SURNAME             FATHER            NOTE               MOTHER               M. SURNAME           RESIDENCE (OF)	NOTE
JAN 1816
2          Mary                 BUTLER              William           nailor, Kerry St   Margaret             Keevan
6          Mary                 NOWLAN              Patrick                              Mary                 St. John             Fethard
6          Catherine            BUTLER              James                                Mary                 Byrne                Valey
11         Mary*                DUNN                J.                                   Honora               Foley					"a bastard the parents doubtfull" sp: Margaret Flynn
14         Mary                 BRAY                James                                Margaret             Donnell              Coolmoyne
19         John                 BYRNE               William                              Lucinda              Johnson              Fethard
19         Patrick              GUIDRY              John                                 Catharine            English
23         Michael              CORBIT              James                                Judith               Donevan              Rathkinty
23         Mary                 ALLYN               Michael                              Ellen                Berry                Fethard
24         Laurence             SEXTON              John                                 Mary                 Power                Valey
24         James                CONORS              William                              Anastatia            Cummins              Fethard
24         Catharine            BERFORD             James                                Ellen                Conors               "some place"
25         Edward               CLEW                Michael                              Catharine            Tobin                Glanagade		See : 10 Aug 1813 1812-1813
27         Catharine            DWYER               John                                 Catharine            Britain
28         Bridget              RYAN                Patrick                              Catharine            Riely
31         Patrick*             CONOR               Patrick           "a married man     Bridget              Poor                 "an idiot"		*ILLEGITIMATE
FEB 1816
1          Catharine            DEVINE              Thomas                               Norry                Walsh                K. St.
1          Edmund               CUMMINS             Edmund                               Mary                 Shea
4          John                 CARTY               James                                Nancy                St. John
5          Bridget              DRUE                James                                Judith               Bourke               Grove
6          Bridget              KIELY               Darby                                Margaret             Conors               K. St.
8          Philip               MCMANUS             Philip                               Mary                 McCabe					of the Fermanagh Militia
8?         Denis                KENNEDY             Edmund                               Mary                 Carey                Coolmoyne
17         Ann                  BRENNAN             William           soldier            Margaret             McEnnis					Fermanagh Militia
18         Thomas               FLYNN               Patrick                                                   Alice                Holohan
19         Mary                 SHEA                William           Faylor (Taylor?)   Mary                 Corcoran
27         Thomas               DEROGANE            Thomas                               Ally                 Carroll
29         Thomas               HENNESSY            Richard                              Ellen                Shea                 Pike road
MAR 1816
1          Jeremiah             DELANY              Patrick                              Anstace              Connor               Derryluskan
4          Margaret             LONERGAN            David                                Mary                 Quirk                Tullamaine
5          Margaret             QUIRK               James                                Catharine            Coghlan              Red city
5          Edward               HUMBY               James             4th Dragoons       Ellen                Marshal
9          Ellen                MARA                Roger             Weaver             Mary                 Cody                 the Green
10         Richard              KARNEY              Thomas                               Mary                 Shea                 Chapel lane
12         Thomas               HICKEY              Patrick                              Mary                 Carroll              Prospect
13         Patrick              KELLY               J.                                   Mary                 Conors               the Valey		Father's name is abbreviated
15         John                 JULIEN              John                                 Margaret             Collins
15         Mary                 CONNORS             John                                 Catharine            Connor?              Coolmore
16         Catharine            MORRISSY            Js                                   Anty                 Hanly					(James?)
18         Mary                 RYAN                Bartw.                               Judith               Bourke               the Green		(Bartholomew?)
18         Mary Anne            MAGUIRE             Owen                                 Catharine            O'Rafferty				"of the Fermanagh Militia"
25         William              BRIEN               John                                 Ellen                Coffee               Markethill
28         Margaret*            BRENNAN             Patrick                              Margaret             Feahan               Currascorteen	*ILLEGITIMATE
28         Mary                 WILLIAMS            Thomas                               Ellen                Regan
29         John*                FARNELL             John              West York Militia  Catharine            Bourke               Fethard		*ILLEGITIMATE  sp: Elizabeth Bourke the Grandmother
30         Bridget              HACKETT             Thomas                               Mary                 Tobin                R….
APR 1816
2          John                 BOURKE              Michael           Victualer, Fethard Catharine            Fubbredy
2          Mary                 KENNEDY             William           Glengaddy          Mary                 Dwyer
5          James                MEAGHER             James                                Margaret             Cotter               the College
7          James                RYAN                John                                 ___                  Kennedy              Knockburden		See: 21 Mar 1814 1814
7          Patrick              EVERARD             Pierse                               ___                  Hanrahan             Fethard
8          Judith               LONERGAN            William                              Mary                 Quinn                Moor St
9          Mary                 HENNESSY            Patrick                              Ally                 Filman               Markethill
14         Catharine            HEFFERNAN           Thomas                               Ellen                Mullany
18         Anne                 PROUT               Michael                              Margaret             Bourke
18         John                 CORCORAN            T. or J.                             Catharine            Connell
19         Mary                 LAHY                Thomas                               Betty                Butler               Kerry st		(Betty alt name Elizabeth)
21         Catharine            CAHILL              Thomas                               Mary                 Fahy                 the Green
22         Thomas               FOX                 John                                 Mary                 Moakler              Kerry st
25         Alicia               LONERGAN            James                                Margaret             Moakler              Rathsalla
25         Catherine            DELAHUNTY           John                                 Mary                 Ryan                 Fethard
28         Patrick              BOURKE              Thomas                               Mary                 Donnell
29         Theobald             STAPLETON           Thomas                               Catharine            Brien
30         Patrick              RYAN                Denis                                Norry                Ahern
MAY 1816
2          Richard              SHEA                Richard           weaver             Mary                 Landres
3          Catharine            MURPHY              Edmund                               Alicia               Cummins
7          Bridget              O'NEIL              Michael                              Catharine            Casey
7          Mary                 RYAN                Patrick                              Mary                 Ryan                 Golden
7          Edmund               RANSBERY            Charles                              Catharine            Driscoll
11         John                 MACHIN              James                                Betty                Mansell					Fathers name was abbreviated Js
11         James                BRAY                John                                 Mary                 Conway               Coolmoyne?
12         Catharine            MARA                Patrick                              Joanna               Bourke               Coolmoyne
12         Catharine            BRIEN               Daniel                               Alicia               Kendrick             Coolmore
13?        Ellen                DOOLAN              Patrick                              Ellen                Shea					This entry is very faded
17         Margaret             DILLON              Michael           Grocer?            Mary                 Smyth                Fethard
22         Ellen                MAHER?              John                                 Mary                 ???                  Coolmore?		This entry is very faded
28         Anastatia            NOWLAN              John                                 Bridget              Shanahan
30         Jeremiah             SHEA                Darby                                Ellen                Maheny               Derryluskan
30         Ellen                MCCARTHY            Charles           Taylor             Ellen                Tobin
JUN 1816
2          Edmund               DONOVAN             William                              Ellen                Brittan              Ballintemple		also see: 23 Jun 1813
3          John                 DUANE               John                                 Judith               Connell              K. St.
4          John*                REAL                Timothy                              Frances              Perry?					*ILLEGITIMATE
6          Cornelius            WILLIAMS            John                                 Margaret             Morissy              Fethard
7          Tom                  ___                 ___													found in … Kettles?
11         Barnaby              ___                 ___                                  Catharine            Henessy					"Father unknown"
15         Patrick              BUCKLEY             John                                 M.                   Meagher              of the green
15         Richard              FARRELL             Michael                              Ellen                Dunphy
17         Catherine            HANLY               John                                 Mary                 Dwyer                Knockbr.		(Knockboordan?)
18         Alicia               MCCREANOR           Peter                                Sarah                Grady                Valey
23         Margaret             HOLMES              William                              Anne                 Bourke
24         Elizabeth            DUNNE               John                                 Mary                 Cummins
25         Maria                DUNNE               James                                Mary                 Faucett					of the Dragoon Guards
28?        James                HENESSY             Mathew                               Catharine            Maher
29         John                 MEAGHER             James                                Margaret             Fitzgerald
JUL 1816
7          Catherine            MORAN               John                                 Anty                 Power
9?         Juliane Maria        JAMES               Kinsella Esq                         Mary Ann             Butler               Co. Carlow		See: 17 May 1814  1814
9          Thomas               QUIGLY              John                                 Ellen                Bourke               Markethill
12         Ellen?               CONDEN OR CONDON    James                                Mary                 Maher
12         Mary                 DUGGAN              Denis                                Bridget              Condon
12         Michael &  …?        MULLALLY?           William                              Bridget              Murphy					Apparently twins
14         John                 CONNELL?            Edmund                               Honora               Sexton               Markethill		(faded)
19         James                KARNEY              William                              Ellen                Davan                Curascorteen
13?        Margaret             BREEN               Patrick                              Margaret             Walsh
23         Michael              KEEVAN              James                                Anne                 Duggan					Father's name abbreviated as Js.
23         James                HAYES               John                                 Catherine            Shea                 Fethard
24         David                SHEEHAN             Patrick                              Mary                 Tooler
25         Catherine            O'DONNELL           James                                Mary                 Cummins              Fethard?		Father's name abbreviated as Js.
28         Johanna              FIRKIN              Henry                                Mary                 Dargane
28         Mary                 HOLT                Joseph                               Ellen                Kelly
AUG 1816
6          Mary                 BOWE                William                              ___                  Nagle                Coolmoyer?		See: 12 July 1815
7          ___                  MULLINS             Daniel                               M                    Hanrahan             Fethard?
19         Johanna              MEANY               William                              Joanna               Hennessy             Red City
21         Margaret             CUMMINS             Richard                              Catherine            Bourke
23         Ellen                ENGLISH             Patrick                              Margaret             Connelly             Grange
24         John                 FITZGERALD          Edmund                               Mary                 Kennedy
24         Johanna              LLOYD               Patrick                              Mary                 Mara
28         Honora               DWYER               Cornelius                            Catherine            Lahy
30         Michael              BULL                Laurence                             Mary                 Fitzgerald
SEP 1816
6          Mary                 WALSH               Mary                                 Julia                McGrath              Co. Kerry
7          James                CODY                Thomas                               Mary                 Fogarty
8          Mary                 SCOTT               John                                 Mary                 Hanoragan
9          Mary                 DUGGAN              Patrick                              Catharine            McCarthy
10         Timothy              LANAGAN             Denis                                Catherine            Maher                Tullamain
15         Mary                 BULGER              John                                 Catherine            Gorman               Market hill
20         Philip               KENNEDY             Edmund                               Margaret             Quillinan
21         Mary                 BROWN               James                                Anastatia            Carrigan
24         Michael              GOGGIN              David                                Margaret             Dwyer
25         Margaret             SCALLAN             Stephen                              Catharine            Cantwell
OCT 1816
5?         Catharine            LA….?               …                                    …                    H…                   Coolmoyne		Very faded
6          John                 HOOLANDE            Bernard?                             Margaret             Heffernan
7          Michael?             LOUGHMAN            Denis                                Mary                 Scanlan
7          Michael              KELLY               John                                 Catherine            Walters					(Waters?)
7          Michael              FITZGERALD          James                                Bridget              Delahunty
8          Thomas               DOHENY              Walter                               Catherine            Connelly
8          Matthew              GUYDRY              John                                 Catherine            Cahill					(alt name Guidry)
13         Michael?             BOURKE              John                                 Mary                 Molony
14?        Michael              CONNELL             Charles                              Ellen                Cahill
20         Michael              BOLAN               Jeremiah                             Catherine            Kennedy
20         Michael?             WALSH               Thomas                               Anastatia            Mullins
21         William              FLYNN               James                                Ellen                Butler					name abbreviated as Js.  Sp: Thos Flyn & Catherine Hannigan
21         Honora               BRITON              Michael                              Catherine            Donnell
30         Thomas               CAREY               Patrick                              Anastatia            Condway              Coolmoyne
NOV 1816
5          James                KENNEDY             William                              Mary                 Bermingham
6          Ellen                CRADOCK             James                                Briget               Loghman					alt name Craddock
12         Elizabeth            HOLMES              Robert                               Margaret             Donahue
14         Martin*              DONNELL             Denis                                Mary                 Meara                a vagabond		*ILLEGITIMATE
14         Patrick              LANDERS             John                                 Margaret             Duan
20         Thomas               STAPLETON           Patrick                              Bridget              Slingsby
23         Anne                 HENEY               John                                 Anne                 Shaw					Sp: John Graham & Mary Fenessy
24         Alice                MESKILL             Daniel                               Elisa                Sullivan             Curascorteen
25         William              CASEY               James                                Mary                 Heffernan					abbreviated Js.
DEC 1816
1          Ursula               MORISY              William                              Eliza                Paterson
1          Michael*             SLATTERY            John                                 Catharine            Duhy
2          Thomas               CORMICK             John                                 Bridget              Buckley
6          Margaret             COSTELLOE           John                                 Mary                 Donnell
7          Mary                 MCCARTHY            Jeremiah                             Bridget              Smyth
5          John                 DUGGAN              John                                 Catharine            Egan					See 14 Nov 1814
8          Richard              PURCELL             Thomas                               Catharine            Murphy               Markethill
10         Catherine            KENDRICK            John                                 Catharine            Fitzpatrick
17         Margaret             KELLY               Thomas                               Mary                 St. John
17         Bridget              CALLAHAN            Michael                              Mary                 Evans
17         Michael              BOURKE              Patrick                              Joanna               White					See 11 Jan 1814
17         James                DUGGAN              Michael                              Mary                 Ryan
17         Thomas & Elizabeth   KEARNEY             John                                 Mary                 Shea					Twins
17         James                SHEEDY              John                                 Ally                 Carew
22         William              QUINN               Michael           "a scoundrel"      Margaret             Doolan
26         Catharine            QUINLIAN (QUINLAN)  Edmund                               Ellen                Croak                "a detractor"
27         Ellen                DEADY               William                              Mary                 Lanphier					Deady "who never attends his religious duties"