Baptisms at Fethard Parish, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.), 1810, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
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Dio. of Cashel & Emly SOURCE: microfilm 02504 at NLI

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01   John      	        William RYAN               Mary DWYER
12   Mary 	  	James BOURKE          	   Margaret DUAN
18   Mary 	  	Joseph SAUL           	   Anastasia MANDEVILLE
20   Mary 	  	Maurice RYAN          	   Margaret STOKES
22   Edmund 	  	Edmund?               	   Ally MOCKLER
24   Thomas 	  	Patrick CONNORS       	   Cath CUMMINS
29   Thomas    	  	Thomas DUNPHY	      	   Margaret DUNLEE (?)

04   William        	William ...ul         	   Mary ..?
08   John      	  	Thomas TEAHAN         	   M.
14   James	  	James DUGGAN          	   M. MOCKLER
16   James     	  	Michael KENNEDY       	   Honor DWYER
23   George    	  	John NAGLE            	   Ellen DOHERTY

MARCH 1810
04   John      	  	William  HOGAN        	   Mary MORRESSY
09   Mary      	  	David SPELLANE        	   Bridget HENNESSY
14   Bridget   	  	Darby NEIL            	   Mary MOCKLER
16   Eliza     	  	John DWYER            	   Bridget HEANY
16   Daniel    	  	John HOGAN            	   Mary McGRATH
19   John      	  	Michael CORBITT       	   Ellen
21   Bridget   	  	John MEEHAN           	   Eliza HOLMES
24   Ellen     	  	James HEALEY          	   Mary MULLALLY
25   Patrick   	  	James STACK           	   Mary DOHENY
26   Catherine	  	William  DUGGAN       	   Margaret McGRATH
28   Mary      	  	Edmund (?) BUCKLEY    	   Mary FAHEY
30   Mary      	  	Richard COMMINS       	   Catharine HEFFERNAN
31   Edmund    	  	Patrick CODAHY        	   Mary KEILEY

APRIL 1810
01   Edmund      	Thomas LAHEY          	   Betty BUTLER
02   Richard   	  	John RYAN             	   Mary KENEDY
09   Patk      	  	James DUNPHY          	   Ellen FOGARTY
30   Margaret     	Edmnd CONNEL          	   Ellen DWYER
30?  Joahanna (?) 	Thomas KENEDY         	   Mary DRYDEN
03   Catharine         	Patk? 		      	   Catharine REILY
05   John	  	William GOGGINS       	   Margaret COMMINGS
10   William           	William BYRNE	      	   Mary RYAN
14   Richard	  	William DONOVAN	      	   Ellen BRITTAIN
27   Edmund         	Richard FITZPATRICK   	   Mary WOODS

MAY  1810
01   Nancy        	James BROHAN	      	   Nancy CARRIGAN
07   Michael	  	William LONDRIGAN     	   Mary QUIN
15   John         	Walter DOHONY         	   Cath CONNOLLY
23   Thomas         	James PURTELL         	   Margaret QUIRK
25   Thomas	  	Richard RYAN          	    Anastasia CARRIGAN
28   James	  	James HOLMES          	   Catharine LLOYD
30   Judith       	Michael PHILLIPS      	   Ellen SHEA

JUNE 1810
09   James        	James MEAGHER         	   Margaret COTTER
19   John         	Richard HASSET (?)    	   Ann HOGAN
27   Thomas         	John RYAN	      	   Mary NAGLE

JULY 1810
09   Cathn        	James BYRNE           	   Mary DANIEL
13   Thomas         	Daniel COSTIGAN       	   Mary MORRESSY
13   Bridget      	... McINEROW          	   John MORRESSY
                        James & Margaret HEEVAN (Confusing)
19   ...          	William MAPLETON      	   Catherine WALL
21   Ellen        	John RYAN             	   Cathn KEARNEY
21   Anastasia    	John BUTLER           	   Mary LANAGAN
24   Maurice      	John FITZPATRICK      	   Alley LOUCHNANE
27   James        	James DUGGAN 	      	   Mary CAREY
31   Ellen        	JOHN GOGGIN           	   Julia KENNEDY

01   Edmund (?)     	James RYAN            	   Alley RYAN
01   Anastasia    	Edmund TOOLE          	   Catharine HANLY
01   Ellen        	Dennis MEEHAN         	   Ellen PO...?
06   Michael & James    John CROAK	      	   Catharine WALSH (Twins)
10   James 		Thomas DEVINE         	   Mary WALSH
12   Mary               Maurice FLEMING       	   Mary BURKE
19   Mary               John DANIEL           	   Bridget FAHY
21   Mary               Pat DEVINE	      	   Mary HOPKINS
21   Bridget            Laurence POWER        	   ... MURRAY
06   James	        Richard PURCELL       	   Bridget BULKELY (?)
10   Elisa              David DORANEY         	   Mary MacNALLY
16   Bridget            James MEEHAN          	   Martha GUILFOYLE
19   Mary	        John HANNIN           	   Lucy CORBETT
23   James              John DOHONEY          	   Julia RYAN
23   Mary               William BULKELY       	   Jude FLEMING
25   James              Richard NUGENT        	   Mary SAUCE
29   Bridget            James DELAHUNTY       	   Mary HAYES

06   John               Michael HAHESY        	   Joanna HOGAN
17   Bridget		Thomas DORONEY        	   Mary DOWNY
11   Mary               James DORCEY          	   Honora DELANUNTY
15   John               Richard QUIRK         	   Mary KENNEDY
23   Eliza              Thomas HANIGAN        	   Ally
25   James              Richard JANCE         	   Margaret WALSH
28   Bridget		William HARNEY        	   Mary KELLY

06   James              John HEALY            	   Nelly
11   Bridget            John DANIEL           	   Mary GREGRY
16   Mary               Thomas HANLY          	   Mary BURKE
18   James              John WALL             	   Mary ROCHE
21   Bridget            Thomas DOHONEY        	   Mary CANTWELL
23   William            James BRENAHAN        	   Bridget LOUGHMAN
26   Margaret           Patrick WALSH         	   Mary DARCY
29   Patrick            Patrick MEAGHER       	   Margaret HEALY

02   Mary               Joseph DANIEL         	   Bridget WALL/BALL (?)
05   Bridget            James CAREW           	   Mary LOUGHMAN
11   James              Thomas FOGARTY        	   Mary SIMPSON
16   Bridget            James DANIEL          	   Anastasia TOUHY (?)
21   George             James HENNESY         	   Joanna GRAHAM
23   Bridget            William MORRISSY      	   Nancy HEARY (?)
26   James              Thomas PURCELL        	   Jude HEALY
30   Catherine          Richard CONNELL       	   Mary SAUCE

02   Margaret           William	 DUNPHY       	   Norry KEAGNEY
05   Mary               James DANIEL          	   Mary MEAGHER
11   James              Laurance P..GES (?)   	   Honora LONERGAN
16   Catharine          Patt CONNELL          	   Ellen MEAGHER
24   James              William ARCHER        	   Nelly LOUGHMAN
25   Thomas             Nicholas NUGENT       	   Mary CORMICK
28   Mary               John SULLIVAN         	   Margaret DUNPHY
29   Joseph             James RIEVES          	   Catharine COGHLAN

01   Thomas             Thomas MORRISSEY      	   Aley (?) MEAGHER
03   John               Michael DOHENY/DOHERTY ?   Bridget MULCAHY
12   John               John BUCKLEY               Jane BULL
15   Mary               Wm KENEDY                  Bridget CONDON
20   Anty               James CRADDOCK             Bridget LAUGHANAN (?)
20   Mary               Edmund SHERIDAN            Bridget WALL
26   Rody               Redmond HANLON             Catherine GREEN

MARCH 1811
03   John               John RYAN                  Judy CONNELL (?)
06   Thomas             Thomas HEFFERNAN	   Catherine SHEA
09   Thomas             John SMYTH                 Ellen MARA (?)
11   William            John SHEA                  Mary SHAUGNESSY
14   Richard            James HAYES                Mary BRAY
16   Tom                William CARRY (?)          Alley DELANUNTY
19   Patrick            Robert PHILLIPS            Catherine SHEA
20   Judith             James MARTIN               Eliza MANSELL
20   Mary               James MARTIN		   Eliza MANSELL

APRIL 1811
01   Eliza              James WHELAN               Judy MAGHER
03   Mary               John CANEY (?)             Catherine MULLANE
07   Mary               Edward Mc NALLY            Margaret POWER
12   Catherine          John EGAN                  Nancy SHEA
14   Catherine	        Michael BUTLER             Judy LANIGAN
18   John               William LOWNEY             Peggy MORONY

MAY 1811
01  Mary                James MORRISSY             Anty HANLY
02  John                Tom WALE                   Catherine DOWNEY
05  Dennis              Tom BREEN                  Catherine PENDER
07  Ellen               John CONDON                Ellen MARA
16? Patrick             Patrick RYAN               Catherine REILLY
2_? John                John WALSH                 Mary Kelly
24  Ellen               Bernd? STAPLETON           Mary McGrath
27  Maurice             Daniel GRADY               Mary BULGER

JUNE 1811
04  Alley               Edmund ROWLEY              Catherine PURTELL
07  Thomas              Ned DELAHUNTY              Judith CAREY
09  Ellin               Jeremiah BOLAN             Catherine KENEDY
14  Margaret            Tim KELLY                  Margaret DONNAN
18  Ellin               Thomas HOLMES              Anne? NOWLAN (1st
name hard to decipher. A 2nd baptism gives her as Anne.)
24  Dennis              William CREAGHAN           Betty Hanley

JULY 1811
01  Daniel              ... HANLY                  Mary LAHEY (father's
1st name scratched out from John)
06  Margaret            Michael QUIGLEY            Susana RYAN
07  John                William SHEA               Mary BRITTAIN
09  John                John BRIENS                Mary DENGAN
12  Thomas              Michael CROAKE             Ellen LAHY
15  James               Richard HAYES              Margaret BOURKE
18  Dennis              Dennis LAHY                Margaret HEANNY
20  Margaret            Joseph MEAGHER             Nancy KILKENNY
22  Bridget             John BLUNDEN               Mary HANLEY
24  James               John HOURIGAN              Catherine NEIL

02  Ellen               John MEAGHER               Mary COSTELLOE
03  John                Michael CONNOR             Margaret McCANY /McCAUSY (?)
04  Ellen               Patrick MEAGHER            Catherine DULA
04  John                John CLEARY                Eliza CLEARY
07  Johanna             James HICKS                Mary HALL
20  John                John BOURKE                Nancy FERRALL
21  John                James CORCORAN             Judith SAUER (?)
24  Peter               Darby O'GALAHER            Cathy FLANNAGAN of Bilboe Lane

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