Censubs: Protestant in the town and parish of Thurles, 1786

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

  To the Right Honourable Major General Lord Viscount 
Luttrell, commanding his Majesty's forces in the Province of 
  The humble address of the Protestant inhabitants of the 
town and parish of Thurles.
  Tuke Hitchcock,
  Edw. Egerton.
  Andrew Lindsay,
  Hamilton Hewetson,
  Joseph Fitzgerald,
  Arthur Ardagh,
  R.W. Hewetson,
  Wm. Delany,
  John Mathew,
  Bryan Kearney,
  Joseph Mills,
  Thomas Murphy,
  Thomas Langly,
  Fred. W. Goodwin,
  George Ryan,
  James Nugent,
  Jas. Lloyd.
  Wm. Mathews,
  George Bowles,
  James Delany,
  Edward Pitman,
  Robert Braggs,
  Patrick Ardagh,
  John Ardagh, Jnr.
  William Mathew,
  Robert Ryves,
  Wm. Russell,
  H. Langley,
  T. Burk,
  Dutton Hewetson,
  Hugh Smyth,
  Edward Ryves,
  Thomas Lester,
  John Godfrey,
  Amos Russell,
  F. Langley,
  Thomas Beere,
  James Going,
  Robert Ryves, Jnr.
  Ignatius Browne,
  Patrick Size,
  John Bottomly,
  Thomas Perry,
  C.K. Garnett,
  Robert Langley,
  Joseph Godfrey,
  John Purcell,
  James Purcell,
  Timothy Delany.
  Michael Purcell,
  Oliver Langley,
  Charles Ryves,
  Geo. Shaw,
  J. Garnett,
  Patrick Marah,
  Edward Russell,
  Jeremiah Collins.
  Wm. Parkinson,
  Wm. Burns,
  John Russell of Galbooly,
  James Russell,
  William Lewis,
  Thomas Ryves,
  Joseph Prosser,
  Joseph Witherell,
  James Gready,
  James Sanderson,
  John Sanderson,
  Middleton Burgess,
  Wm. Baker,
  Wm. Baker, Jnr.
  Henry Crafford,
  John Russell,
  John Ardagh,
  Thomas Baker,
  John Molloy,
  John Burd or Hurd,
  Benjamin Teat,
  John Russell, Jnr.
  John Lamphier,
  R. Deane Ruddle,
  Arch. Ardagh, Jnr.
  Joshua Hughes,
  John Bulfin,
  Samuel Hill,
  Geo. Foulkes,
  John Russell,
  John Blakwell.
  The Freemans Journal, 10-Oct-1786