Censubs: Inhabitants of the Parish of Moyalive, 1786

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

  To the Right Honourable Major General Viscount Luttrell, 
commanding his Majesty's Forces in the Province of Munster.
  The most humble address of the inhabitants of the Parish 
  May it please your Lordship.
  We, his Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the 
inhabitants of the Parish of Moyalive, Diocese of Cashel, 
most sincerely offer to your Lordship our warmest 
congratulations on your arrival in these parts.
  A return of the names of the inhabitants in the Parish of 
Moyalive, Oct 17th 1786.
  Patrick, John, and Philip Ryan,
  Denis Dwyer,
  Michael Ryan,
  James Welsh,
  Timothy Hogan,
  John McGrath,
  Timothy Long,
  John Ryan,
  John Dolan,
  Thomas Dolan,
  John Dowlan,
  Edmund Dowlan,
  Maurice Dowlan,
  Martin, James, Michael, John, Denis Ryan.
  John McGrath,
  Laurence Bourk,
  William, James and Denis Ryan.
  Patrick, Michael and James Hayes.
  Laurence and Michael Tohy,
  Patrick Bary,
  John Brenan,
  James, Michael and Edmond Meagher,
  Thomas Gleeeson,
  Wm. Neil,
  Darby, Philip, Michael and Martin Cahill,
  John and Martin Fogarty,
  William and Edmund Bryan,
  Edmund, Patrick, and Michael Ryan.
  John Tynan,
  John Ryan,
  Denis McCarthy,
  Denis and Michael Corcoran.
  Thomas, Martin and James Boyle,
  John Bourk,
  Denis Ryan,
  Stephen Armstrong,
  Thomas, William and Maurice Magrath,
  Michael, James and John Cive.
  Thomas, James, John, Michael, William Ryan.
  Laurence Huite,
  Thomas Bourk,
  John and Edmund Ryan.
  Richard, James and John Huite.
  Patrick and Laurence Wall,
  John Dea,
  Thomas Collins,
  William Ceffy or Cessy.
  William, Cornelius and Timothy Ryan.
  William and Darby Ryan.
  Thomas Hayes,
  Daniel and Denis Ryan.
  John and Daniel Heffernan,
  John, James, and William Ryan.
  William Hayes,
  Cornelius Ryan,
  Daniel Ryan,
  Thomas Collins,
  William Ryan,
  Nicholas Dwyer,
  Thomas Dwyer,
  Thomas Meagher,
  Martin Fogarty,
  John Meagher,
  Cornelius Meagher,
  Thomas Dwyer,
  Thomas and Daniel Ryan,
  William and Philip Hayes,
  Philip Dwyer,
  Michael Hayes,
  Patrick Collins,
  William Phelan,
  Philip Ryan,
  John Collins,
  Edmund Kennedy,
  Edmund Ryan.
  William and Thomas Dwyer,
  Thomas and Michael Ryan,
  William and James Furlong.
  John, Denis and Peter Ryan.
  David Fannan,
  Denis Colzugh,
  John Fogerty,
  Thomas Hayes,
  Edmund Hayden,
  Maurice Dugan,
  Timothy Ryan,
  Denis Kearney,
  Thomas, Timothy, and John Ryan,
  Richard, William and Edmund Shefley,
  David Hayes,
  Mathias and John Dwyer.
  Anthony, William, Edmund, Denis and Thomas Ryan,
  James, Michael and John Carrew.
  Cornelius, William and Thomas Hayes.
  John Brodeen,
  Thomas Ryan,
  Darby and Denis Dwyer.
  William Birren,
  James and Michael Dwyer.
  Edmund and Denis Shanahan,
  Daniel Ryan,
  James Hickey,
  Owen Ryan,
  James Magrath,
  Michael Magrath,
  Laurence Collins,
  Thomas Long,
  John Long,
  William and James Baskerfield,
  Denis Ryan,
  John Dwyer,
  Andrew Kennedy,
  Cornelius, Daniel, Edmund and John Gleesan,
  James Fogarthy,
  John Dwyer,
  Thomas and William Perkins.
  Redmund Stapletin,
  Michael Ryan,
  Denis Dwyer.
  Thomas Leamy,
  Edmund, Timothy, Philip, Daniel, Michael, and Andrew Ryan.
  Patrick and William Lamb.
  Denis Nowlan,
  Denis Fogarty,
  Patrick Lamb,
  Patrick Ryan.
  John Ryan,
  Philip Kennedy,
  Denis, Philip, and Cornelius Fogarty,
  John Lamb,
  Cornelius, Thomas and John Ryan,
  Darby and Philip Long,
  Patrick and John Ryan.
  James and Timothy Dwyer,
  John Dwyer,
  Patrick Ryan,
  William Collins,
  William, Cornelius and Mathias Ryan.
  Michael and James Neil.
  John and Anthony Dwyer.
  Mathias Ryan.
  Thomas, John, Pierce, Edmund, William, Michael, Andrew, 
  James, Philip Purcell.
  John, Patrick, James, Cornelius, Barnaby, William Ryan.
  Patrick and Michael Fogarty.
  George and James Taylor.
  John Grant,
  Thomas Tobin,
  Denis, Thomas and James Gleesan,
  Patrick Ryan.
  The Freeman's Journal, 23-Nov-1786