Censubs: Inhabitants of the Bog of Lissnavidogue, 1786

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

  To the Right Honourable Major General Viscount Luttrell, 
commanding his Majesty's Forces in the Province of Munster.
  The most humble address of the inhabitants of the Parish 
and Union of Templemore. May it please your Lordship.
  We, his Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the 
inhabitants of the Parish and Union of Templemore, Diocese 
of Cashel, most sincerely offer to your Lordship our warmest 
congratulations on your arrival in these parts.
  A return of the names of all the people that live at this 
side of the Bog of Lissnavidogue, this 14th Oct. 1786.
  Michael Lanigan,
  John Lanigan,
  Stephen Lanigan,
  James Lanigan,
  Daniel Lanigan,
  James Meagher.
  John Talbot,
  Pat Fogarty,
  James Steevans,
  John Spellane,
  William Spellane,
  Philip Spellane,
  Martin Spellane,
  Martin Dulahunty,
  Thomas Joice.
  Daniel Morocy,
  Timothy Morocy.
  John Morocy,
  William Morocy,
  James Morocy,
  Thomas Morocy,
  Denis Morocy,
  Wat. Morocy.
  Denis Cahill,
  Philip Cahill,
  Andrew Kennedy,
  James Kennedy,
  John Karney,
  Daniel Karney,
  William Karney,
  Pat Carroll,
  John Carroll,
  Daniel Carroll,
  James Carroll,
  Mat. Carroll,
  William Carroll,
  Thomas Carroll,
  Charles Carroll,
  Denis Carroll,
  John Delany,
  Morty Delany,
  John Cahill,
  Daniel Dulanty,
  Patrick Spalane.
  James, Martin, and John Linch.
  Matthew and Thomas Fogarty.
  Richard Fox,
  J. Wensley.
  Richard Wensley.
  Roger Outing.
  Edmund, Thomas and Pat Comaford.
  John Lane,
  Michael Kennedy,
  Pat and James Ryan.
  Michael Commons,
  John Marow,
  Darby Marow,
  Pat Marow,
  Pat Leamey.
  Daniel Leamy,
  Wm. Leamey,
  Philip Leamey,
  Michael O'Brine,
  Timothy O'Brine.
  Charles O'Brine,
  Denis Corkeran,
  Roger Corkeran,
  Pat. Burke,
  Wm. Dunlea,
  Darby Dunlea,
  John Dunlea,
  Wm. Dunlea.
  James Dancy,
  Michael Quinlan,
  James Ryan,
  William Bowen,
  Denis Murrey,
  Thomas Murrey,
  Roger, John, Denis, and James Ryan.
  Michael Murrey,
  James Meagher,
  Pat, Mark, John and Michael Shelly,
  Patrick Meagher,
  Denis and John Kennedy.
  William Spelane,
  Richard Buckley,
  Michael Ryan.
  William, James, Pat and John Shelly.
  Joseph Loyde,
  Wm. Carew,
  Richard Lynch,
  Edward Roach,
  John Lynch.
  Daniel Roach,
  Wm. Wallis.
  John Poacock.
  Andrew Phelan,
  Edward Spalane.
  Denis Spalane,
  Wm. Spalane,
  James Bourke.
  Stephen Ryan,
  John, Edward, Philip and William Ryan.
  Thomas Bourke,
  Denis Meagher,
  Nicholas, John, Patrick and William Meagher.
  Patrick and Edward Banan.
  James, Conner, Edward and John Healy.
  Richard, Thomas and John Quill,
  James Nealy.
  Mathew Sweeny.
  Edward Brasil,
  John Bruton,
  Daniel Quinn,
  Daniel Moore.
  Darby Delany,
  James Delany,
  Wm. Delany.
  Miles Grady,
  Thomas Casey.
  Jo. Higginbottom,
  Thomas Higginbottom.
  James Ryan,
  Wm. Cahill.
  Denis Dwyer,
  Michael Ryan,
  John Kelly.
  The Freeman's Journal, 23-Nov-1786