Censubs: Roman Catholics in Parish of Bourney 1786

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy

  To the Right Honourable Major General Viscount Luttrell, 
commanding his Majesty's Forces in the Province of Munster.
  The most humble address of the Roman Catholic inhabitants 
of the Parish of Bourney.
  Sept 10th 1786
  William Ryan, Jnr.
  Richard Russell,
  Andrew Ryan,
  Edmond Harold,
  Mathias Scott,
  George Monahan,
  John Meagher,
  Edmond Cooper,
  Michael Kean,
  James Carroll,
  Darby Kerevan,
  John Larean?
  Richard Lahy,
  Michael, Thomas, and Darby Treacy.
  Daniel Mara,
  Michael Dunn,
  Patrick Meagher,
  Wm. Ryan,
  James Keely,
  John Smith,
  Pat. Bergin,
  John Loughnane,
  Thomas Kinnaw,?
  John Magher,
  Patrick Ryan,
  Pat Costigan,
  William Geder,
  John and Timothy Shiel,
  Martin Mallowny,
  Pat and Walter Harrold.
  Pat Harold (Another)
  Thomas Larkin,
  Pat Melon,
  William Rine,
  Mallick Ryan,
  John Kennedy,
  Thomas Guinan,
  John Ryan,
  Wm. McGrath,
  Darby Meara,
  James Russell,
  Edmund Meagher,
  Wm. Gilmartin,
  Patrick Lowry,
  Daniel Sheedy,
  Thady Meagher,
  Michael Sheedy,
  John Egan,
  Loughlin Flannery,
  William Card,
  Patrick Hackett,
  James Treacy,
  Andrew Russell,
  George Russell,
  John Magher,
  Denis Dunn,
  John Gelady,
  George Russell,
  James Kennelly,
  John Ryan,
  Denis Dwire,
  John and Daniel Sheridan,
  Loughlin Meagher,
  James Campion,
  John Talbot,
  Michael, Andrew, Denis and John Hamilton.
  Patrick, Darby, John and Michael Delany.
The Freeman's Journal, 23-Nov-1786