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In loving memory of Alice Glick, died, Dec. 24 1939, her 
husband, Rodger, died, Dec. 24 1956, Patrick Glick, died, 
Jan. 23 1945, Rodger Glick, died, Aug. 25 1984, Patrick 
Glick. Died, July 1995. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Mrs. Marion Qunlan, dearly loved wife 
of, Benjam Morrow, Sligo, who departed this life, 13 April 
1928. To be with Christ is far better. Ello Longsdale Strut 
Kple, who passed away, 31 December 1969, beloved sister of 
the Family Circle, and daughter of the late Jeannie Pates 

In loving memory of, Charles Anderson, of Summerhill, Sligo, 
died, ne 21 1910, aged,69 years, also, Kathleen, beloved 
eldest daughter of, Charles and Kezia Anderson, who died, 
May 21 187,  aged , 18 years, and of his son, John Anderson. 
(Old stone and hard to read.)

In loving memory of, Rebecca Jane Hunter, Retreat, who 
entered into rest on the 3 day of July 1901. She is safe in 
her father's house above. In the place prepared by her 
saviours love, and.,  of Isaacs Waugh Hunter, husband of the 
above, who fell asleep on the 25 Day of January 1903, aged, 
54 years, also, Elizabeth Hunter, who departed this life, on 
the 22 December 2946, and of, Samuel Hunter, who died, 12 
January 1948, and Richard Charles Hunter (Dickie). Born, 28 
March 1918, died, 11 May 998, and his wife, Nora, died, 19 
April 2007.

In loving memory of, Joseph Fairbanks, died, 15 Nov. 1895, 
and of his sons, William George, died, 26 December 1906, 
Joseph, died, 25 May 1907, James Foster, died, 3 June 1910, 
also his wife, Margaret, died, 10 June 1941, and their 
daughter, Lily, died, 11 March 1957.

In loving memory of. John Stevenson,  died, 16 February 
1911, aged, 86 years, also his wife, Mary Stevenson, died, 8 
June 1905, aged, 77 years, John Blackwood, died, 16 February 
1902, aged, 44 years, and his daughter, Janet Blackwood, 
died, 12 May 1908, aged, 20 years, Margaret Blackwood, widow 
of , John, died, 17 May 1930. aged, 75 years.

Jane Warren, wife of, Henry Lyons, of this town, died, 20 
December 1916, also, Henry Lyons, died, 31 August 1923, 
aged, 80 years. Peace perfect peace.

In loving memory of, Margaret Elizabeth Downs, of, O'Conner. 
St. Sligo, died, June 1914, aged, 56 years, her husband, 
Thomas Downs, died, 7 March 1922 aged 84 years, their 
daughter. Mary Agnes, died, 22 March 1976, aged, 97 years.

Pray for the Soul of, Alice Foley, died, 1 June 1914, aged, 
46 years, and her brother, William Rooney, died, 14 January 
1945, his wife, Kate, died, 19 June 1968, their son, William 
(Wilse) died, 1 May 1976, their daughter , Elizabeth , died, 
16 September 1976.

Pray for the soul of, Thomas Mitchell, who died, 30 August. 
1913, aged, 77 years, his wife, Marian Mitchell, died, 19 
February 1915. aged, 78 years.

In loving memory of, Kathleen Mitchell, Clackbawn, Calry, 
died, 7 July 1990, John Mitchell, died, 17 October 2008, 
Thomas Mitchell, died, 5 May 1857, Mary Mitchell, died, 15 
October 1966, Mary Mitchell, died. 15 October 1966. Rest in 

In loving memory of, William Gerard Adams, died in Rome July 
5 1959, aged, 60 years William Adams. Died, Feb. 1954, aged, 
80, Lily Adams, died, May 16 1947, aged, 72, beloved wife 
and mother, Margaret Mary Adams. Who died in the U.S.A. 20 
August 1993, aged, 98 years, St. Ann Pray for them. R.I.P. 
Erected by his wife and daughters.

In loving memory of, Bridget Harte, Haugherboy, died, 10 
September 1959, her husband, Martin, died, 3 April 1966, her 
brother, John Harte, Ballybeg, Knockanhur, also, Dominic 
Harte, died, 3 February 1960, and Peter Hart. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Thomas Howley, Market St. who died, 2 
May 1922, aged, 85 years, and of his wife, Kate Howleywho 
died, 29 June 1913, aged, 73 years, and their daughter, 
Barbara Howley. Who died, 24 February 1933, aged, 59 years, 
and Margaret McKenna, who died, 18 Jan. 1932, aged, 86 
years. Thomas Howley, who died, 11 September 1951, aged, 76 
years, and of his wife, Annie Howley, who died, 10 June 
1958, aged, 93 years. R.I.P.

Bridget Payne died, Jan. 8 1878, aged, 12 years.
Bridget Kelly, died, Feb. 8 1879, aged, 15 years.
Delia Hillis, died, May 3 1883, aged, 11 years.
Emily Foley, died, July 5 1883, aged, 16 years.
Catherine Hynds, died, May 6 1889, aged, 17 years.
Elizabeth Quinn, died, Nov. 7 1894, aged, 19 years.
Tesssie Mullen, died, Feb. 7 1897, aged, 11 years.
Bridget Casey, died, Aug. 25 1895, aged, 14 years.
Anne Burke, died, July 3 1898, aged, 19 years.
Margaret Rafferty, died, Aug. 15 1901, aged, 22 years.
Annie Wynne, died, Aug. 8 1901, aged, 10 years.
Elizabeth Hughes, died, Aug. 18 1902, aged, 16 years.
Margaret M.Crofton, died, Feb. 15 1905, aged, 7 years.
Rose Ann Dolan, died, Dec. 11 1906, aged, 78 years.
Mary O'Connor, died, Feb. 15 19193, aged, 7 years.
Christina Reilly, died, June 15 1914.
Mary Maughan, died, Sept.  19 1914, aged, 13 years.
Margaret O'Loughlin, died, April 19 1916, aged, 6 years/
Jane Maughan, died, April 12 1919, aged, 3 years.
Mary O'Hara, died, Feb. 19 1920, aged, 38 years.
Bridget McGarry, died, April 2 1922, aged, 85 years.
Mary Lacy, died, May 19 1928, aged, 3 months. R.I.P
Pray for the Soul of, Bridget Collery, died, Jan. 23 1929, aged, 70 years.
Eileen L. Gallagher, died, March 24, 1931, aged, 2 years.
Mary Early, died, June 12 1939 aged 14 yrs.
Margaret M. Slattery, died, March 30 aged, 14 yrs.
Brigid McKenna, died, Nov. 14 1939, aged, 11 months.
Francis Solan, died, Dec. 24 1940, aged 2 yrs.
Kate Anne O'Boyle, died, Feb. 21 1941, aged, 18 yrs.
Mary Lacy, died, May 17 1941, aged, 4 months.
Elizabeth McCormack, died, Feb. 25 1942. aged, 12 yrs.
Matilda Cryan, died, June 20 1942, aged 21 yrs.
Annie Hehir, died, Jan. 21 143, aged, 1 year
Agnes McDonagh, died, May 15 1943, aged, 4 yrs.
Patricia O'Donnell, died, Aug. 19 1943, aged, 1 yrs.
Mary T. Reddy, died, June 13 1944, aged, 2 yrs.
Teresa Kennedy, died, Jan. 1 1945, aged, 13 yrs.
Bernadette Gannon, died, June 7 1945, aged, 9 yrs.
Annie O'Connell, died, Sept. 28 1946, aged, 4 yrs.
Mary Keogh, died, March 6 1951, aged, 8 yrs.
Angela Brown, died, May 10 1947, aged2 yrs.
Lily Collins died, March 18 1951, aged, 8 yrs
Mary B. O'Reily, died, Feb. 211952, aged, 15 yrs.
Bridget Walsh, died, Sept. 18 1953, aged 13 yrs.
Mary Murray, died, July 24 1959, aged, 80 years.
Rest in peace.

In fond remembrance of,T homas Kelly, who died, 14 August 
1905, aged, 68 years, and his wife, Catherine, died, 10 
March 1916, aged, 78 years, and their son in law, Denial 
Garvy, who died, 12 Dec. 1913, aged, 43 years, also their, 
daughter, Mary Kelly, died, 19 July 19117, aged, 57 years, 
Catherine Garvey, died, 1 May 1933, aged, 57 years, her son, 
Rev. John Baptist C. P. died, 25 Dec. 1953, aged,39 years. 
Erected by, her beloved son in law, Daniel Garvey, Sligo, 

In loving memory of, Bernice I. Tarrant (Solicitor). Died, 
18 April 1986 aged, 82 years Iris M. Trrant, died, 17 August 
1989, aged, 84 years. R. I.P.

Pray for the Soul of, John Tarrant, (Solicitor), Sligo, 
Died, 29 July 1949, aged, 88 years, his wife, Mary 
C.Tarrant, died, 24 December 1979, his daughter, Sheelagh 
Tarrant, died, 18 Nov. 1971. R.I.P. My Jesus mercy.

In sad and loving memory of, Michael McCormack, Stephen's 
St. Sligo, who died, 10 April 1955, also his wife, Nora 
McCormack, died, 26 March 1935, and, Angela, their daughter, 
 aged, 4 years, who died, on 26 February 1819.Eternal rest 
give to them o Lord. Erected by, Their loving sons and 

In loving memory of, Maureen Hayes, 28 Wolfe St. Sligo, 
died, 20 December 1992, aged, 85 years, her husband, 
Matthew, died, 4 August 1999, aged, 93 years. Rest in peace.

Pray for the Soul of, Patrick O Hagan, Temple St. Sligo, 
died, 7 November 1914, and his wife, Annie, died, 12 May 
1930, her sister, Bridged McEnroe, died, 6 August 1920, 
their grand niece, Nula Gertrude Mary Conlon, died, 26 
September 1940, Bridget Ann Conlon, died, 1 October 1946. 

In loving memory of, Peter Gilmartin, Sligo, died, 23 July 
1915, aged, 54 years, also his wife, Letia Gilmartin, died, 
May 1930, aged, 70 years. Sacred hearts of Jesus have mercy 
on their Souls.

Sacred to the memory of, Thomas Flanagan, who died, 3 
February 2939, aged, 87 years, his wife, Bridget Josephine, 
died, 2 April 1939, their son, Eamonn Flanagan, died, 5 
February 1988, his wife, Alice Doreen Flanagan, died,  28 
September 1994, their son, John Flanagan, died, 20 February 

Here lies the body of,   Florence Mary, the dear wife of, 
Loughlin Counssel, Bank of Ireland, Sligo, who departed this 
life, 22 September 1918.

In loving memory of our dear parent's , Mary May died, 31 
March 1896, aged, 86 years, Andrew May, did, 21 Nov. 1917, 
aged, 89 years, their daughter, Annie May, died, 26 Jan. 
1918, aged, 16 years, also, Sarah May, died, 22 Nov. 1931, 
aged, 24 years. R.I.P.

O Lord Jesus have mercy on the Soul of, Elizabeth Gallagher, 
who died, 29 January 1917, aged, 86 years, and her son, 
Joseph Gallagher, died at Liverpool, 11 Jan. 1922 aged, 37 
years, and her husband, Laurence Gallagher, died, 1 June 
1922, aged, 79 years, Mrs. Nora Gallagher, died, 25 July 
1952, and her husband, John Gallagher, died, 1 Dec. 1974, 
aged, 85 years. Erected by, her loving husband, Laurence 

In loving memory of, John Bell, who died, 23 March 1917, 
aged, 67 years, also his wife, Annie Bell, died, 13 April 
1934, aged, 69 years, their son, Joseph, died, 16 May.  
1965. R.I.P. Erected by, his wife and family.

In fond and loving memory of our dear daughter, Philomena 
McNulty, who died 27 January 1929, aged, 14 years, and of 
her grand  father, Thomas Keaverney, who died, 4 April 1917, 
aged, 55 years, and her grand mother, Bridget Keavney, who 
died, 21Feb. 1931, aged, 70 years, Mary Z. McNulty, died, 29 
December 19685, her husband, James McNulty, who died, 17 
October 1966, Requiescant in peace, Erected by, J. and M.A. 

In loving memory of, John Oates, died, 17 November 1924, his 
wife, Catherine, died, 28 August 1918, their son, Michael, 
died, 7 June 1968, his wife, Margaret, died, 10 August 1953, 
their daughter, Cassie, died, 8 July 2009, their son,  
James, died, 24 October 1990, his wife, Christina, died, 28 
January 1979. Rest in peace.

Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the Soul of, John 
Gilgan, John St. Sligo, who died, 30 October1917, his 
beloved wife, Bridget Gilgan, who died, 18 May 1982, aged, 
80 years, and their daughter, Rebecca Gilgan, who died, 5 
Jan. 1926, aged, 47 years, also their daughter, Mary Ann 
Gilgan, who died, 14 Feb. 1926, aged, 50 years. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Elizabeth Cosgrove, died, 14 Feb. 1924, 
aged, 32 yrs. her husband, Michael, died, 13 July 1961, 
aged, 82yrs. Mary Harte, died, 6 Nov. 1920, her husband, 
James, died, 11 Dec. 1920. Rest in peace, Erected by, 
Michael Cosgrave.

In loving memory of, Patrick McMorrow, 1-7-41, aged, 73, his 
wife, Winifred, 5-11 56,  aged, 66, their daughter, Emily 
McMorrow (baby), died, 1-12-1901, aged, 34, their son, James 
McMorrow, died, 4- 12-39 aged, 44. Tragically killed in 

In loving memory of, Joseph McMorrow, (Josie), ex Town 
Councillor, died, 20 -2- 89, aged, 87, his wife, Mary Ellen, 
(Maisie), died,  3-11- 45, aged, 41, their son, John Joe, 
died, 29-9-42, aged, 15 years, their daughter, Kathleen 
Costello, died, 7-5-50, aged, 22, wife of the late, Hubert , 
Moll Carty, wife of the late, Kevin, died, 11-9-48, aged, 
23, Deceased Baby's, Patrick McMorrow, died, 7-3-31, aged, 
I, James McMorrow, (twin), died, 3010 33, aged, 3 months. 
Stephen Martin MMorrow, died, 21- 9- 1949, aged, 8 months, 
John Joe Carty, died, 28- 3- 47, aged, 14 months. Rest in 
peace. Erected by, Kathleen Kivehan Gallagher and, Margaret 

In loving memory of Michael Ballintine, Strandhill, died, 19 
April 1920, aged, 57 years, His wife, Sara Ballintine,  14 
Wolfe Tone St. Sligo, died, 5 Nov. 1960, aged, 89 yrs.their 
son, John Alphonsus Ballintine , died, 26Dec. 1987, their 
daughter, Jennie, died, 29 June 1994. On who's Soul sweet 
Jesus have mercy on. Rest in peace. Erected by, his 
sorrowing wife Sara Ballintine.

Erected by, Margaret M.Mulligan. In memory of her beloved 
husband, John P.Mulligan, T.C. who died, 4 March 1903, aged, 
70 years, and his daughter, Sarah Mulligan, who died, 20 
Oct. 1897, aged, 21 years, and his infant grand son, John 
Aloysius, died, 27 June 1902, also, Margaret Mulligan, who 
died, 22 Dec. 1916, aged, 75 years, P.J. Flanagan, T.C. 
Mayor of Sligo,1939- 40, Elizabeth Mary Frances Flanagan, 
Elected Mayor of Sligo, June 1945, died, 21 June 1962, and 
his fathering law, Thomas Ruthledge, died, 6 April 1889, 
aged, 80 years, and his wife, Frances Rutledge, died, 8 Feb. 
1896, aged, 78 years. Requiesont in Peace.

In loving memory of, Pauline Flanagan, Vogel, Actress, wife 
and mother, June 29 1925, June 28 2003, George Vogel, 
December 24 1993.

Pray for the Soul of, Kathleen Gillen, died, 6 Aug, 1906, 
aged, 75 ,  her sister, Maria, Sligo, died, 9 September 
1809, aged 72, (Old stone and hard to read) Interred 
elsewhere, Margaret, died, 24 May 1806, aged, 60, Winifred, 
died, 13 Oct. 1913, aged, 89. Interred in Sligo Abbey, their 
parents, James and Mary Gillen and their children, James and 
Bridget. R.I.P. Erected by, R.Bootiey, Sligo. Erected by, 
Adolph Wehely, Knox St.  In fond memory of his beloved 
brother, Edward Weharly , who died, 9 April 1904, aged, 50 
years. Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on his Soul, also 
the above, Adolph Wehrley, died, 28 November 1934, aged, 69 
years, and his beloved wife, Anastatsia, who died, 12 July 
1960, aged, 72 years, and their son, Fredrick, died, 20 
February 1979, aged, 69 years.

Erected by, Patrick Brennan, Sligo. In loving memory of his 
son, Thomas Brennan, who died, December 1896, aged, 24 
years,  also his wife, Margaret Brennan, who died, 10 
December 1876, aged, 60 years, Also the above, Patrick 
Brennan, (old stone and hard to read).

In loving memory of, Annie Kearins, who died, April 17 1944, 
her husband, Patrick, died, Feb.12 1913, her mother and 
father, , her sister, Bridget, her brother, Michael, also, 
Andy Kearns, killed in action in France 1917, her daughter, 
Bridget, died, Jan. 17 1970, his wife, Teresa, died, Jan. 15 
1981, James P.Kearns, born, 8-7-1922, died, 9-9-1995. 
Erected by, her loving family, Temple St.

Her under Hviler Stovet. Cap. Vores Unforglemlice, Fader og 
Svigereater. Capt. Peder Haaaaaaansen Andrease, Thuroe 
Danmark. Boden the 5 February 1874, Aller 58 A.A.R. (Old 
stone and hard to read).

In loving memory of, Robert Pettigrew, his wife, Jane, Maris 
M. Pettigrew, Gordon Pettigrew, Stanley Pettigrew.

In loving memory of, Hillas George Smith, 1884-1943, their 
grand son, Barton Smith, Cutler and Gunsmith,  Victoria 
Bridge, Sligo, Margaret Smith, 1875- 1958, grand daughter 
of,  Barton Smith.

In loving memory of, Frances M. Brown, died, 10 December 
1941. Her children arise up and call her blessed. Her 
husband, Robert T. Brown, died, 26 June 1941.  Forever with 
the Lord. Their beloved son, Thomas Eric Brown, died, 24 
February 1912. As the result of an accident. Saved by his 
precious blood.

Sacred to the memory of, John Davison Heron, son of, Rev. 
James Heron, Presbyterian Ministry, Sligo, who died, 30 
October 1926, also his sisters, Jessie, and Maris Jane. (Old 
stone and hard to read).

In loving memory of, Richard Brown, John's St. Sligo. 1852- 
1927, His wife, Isabella, 1858- 1948, Josephine Hildebrand, 
1886- 1915, her husband, Stewart, 1896- 1919, James Brown, 
1886- 1942,  Hannah Brown, 1875- 1956, Frank Brown, 1879- 
1959, W. Fraser Brown, 1879- 1959. One time, Mayor of Sligo, 
born, 1895- died, 19 Aug. 1976, Mary, wife of James, 1897- 
1975, Charlie, Born, 1894, died, 26 July 1978.

Pray for the Soul of, Michael Jordan, who died, 10 Sept. 
1922, aged, 84 years, and his wife, Bridget Jordan, died, 21 
May 1932, aged, 86 years, their son, James, died, 3 Feb. 
1945, also,  Kate, his beloved wife of Patrick Jordan, died 
4 Dec. 1944, the above named, Patrick Jordan, died, October 
25 1955, aged, 85 years. R.I.P.

Erected by, his friends and the Citizens of Sligo, (In the 
year of his office), of, Fraser Brown, (Mayor), as a token 
of public esteem. To the memory of, John R. Tracy, late 
prop. Summer Hill College, Sligo, who died, on the 28 day of 
Nov. 1920.

Sligo's Noble six.
Brigadier   Seamus Devlin Div.
Adjt. Brien Mc Neill
Lieu Paddy Carroll.
Capt. Harry Benson.
Vol Thomas Langan.
In the glory of their manhood, for a cause they loved so 
true. Six young Gallant sons of Ireland gave their lives for 
Roisin Dhu. Sligo's noble six made history. Let us say a 
prayer today. For the Brigadier and his comrades each of you 
who pass this way that they are safe in Gods own keeping 
until the last great judgement Day. Some will think of them 
with sadness, all will speak their names with pride. As they 
lie in Sligo Cemetery proud again peaceful side by side. R. 
Murphy McManamey.

Also interred in this plot are the comrades of Sligo's Noble 
Comdt. Paul Geoghegan
Vice Brigadier Harry Brehony
Vol. Barry Noone.
Capt. Paddy Gormanin.
This memorial was refurbished in 2011 by the trustees, 
family, and friends.

In Memoriam, Erected by, the 3rd Western Division, Irish 
Republican Army. In memory of their comrades who gave their 
lives in defence of the Republic. 1919- 1923.

Padraic Mullaney 1-May -1983, Nora Henry, 9 October 1983. In 
loving memory of, Mary Mullaney, died, 24 Dec. 1929, aged, 3 
years, six months, Thomas J. Mullaney, died, 28 May 1931, 
aged, 69 years, Mary Mullaney, died, 4 Oct. 1942, aged,  48 
years, Ellen Mullaney, died, 2 March 1956, aged, 83 years, 
Michael Mullaney, died, 15 Feb. 1959, aged, 79 years. R.I.P.

Rev. Neill Mullaney, 23 August 1971. Interred in Togson, 

Pray for the Soul of, John Noone, Wine Street, Sligo, who 
died, 2 February 1930,  aged 665 years, and his wife, Ellen 
X. Noone, who died, 29 January 1934, aged, 49 years, also 
her mother, Margaret Monahan, died, 1 July 1930, aged, 75 
years, their daughter, Cecile, dearly loved wife of, Cecil 
Ewing, died, 14 Jan. 1970,  their only son, John C. Noone, 
who died, 22 July 1976, and their daughter, Margaret 
(Peggy), who died, 22 July 1989, their daughter, Catherine 
A. (Jill) Noone, who died, 13 July 1992. R.I.P.

In Loving memory of, Delia Aida Foley, The Brewery , Sligo, 
who died, 5 December 1922, and her daughter, Sheila, H. 
Cosgrave, who died, 6 August 21966, William J.Cosgrave, who 
died, 27 June 1971, Dr. Bridget Maud Livesley, who died, 5 
February 1987. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Eva Marie Quinn, who died, 10 August 
1929, aged, 55 years, and her husband, Patrick M. Quinn, 
M.B. D.P.H. who died, August 22 1934, aged, 62 years, and 
their son, J.P. Quinn, B.E., died, 14 April 1972, aged, 76 
years, his wife, Nancy Quinn, (nee Ansbro), died, 20 Feb. 
1973, aged, 67 years, their son, Dr. T.H. Quinn, Wine St.  
died, 12 June 1970, aged, 69 years, and his wife, Margaret 
Quinn, died, 8 November 1977, aged, 61 years.

Sacred hearts of Jesus have mercy on the Soul of, Michael 
Kelly, died, 7 August. 1927, aged, 36 years, Annie Kelly, 
died, 26 October 1943, aged, 49 years and their son, 
Edwards,  died, 10 November 1982. R.I.P. Erected by, his 
loving wife.

In Loving memory of, Michael Nelson, died, October 1943, his 
wife, Mary, died, 15 July 1962, their daughter, Molly, died, 
5 March 1987, their grand children, Mary Lynch, died, 30 
August 1947, Kathleen Nelson, died, 12 June 1939, their 
sons, John Michael Nelson, died,  21 October 1968, Christy 
Nelson, died, 7 September 1998. Interred in England. Rest in 

In loving memory of, Arthur William Jones, died, 3 May 1988, 
and his wife, Annie Mary (nee McManus). Died, 4 Sept. 1988, 
her sister, Breege McManus, died, 19 July 1998.

In loving memory of, John Rock, died, 29 Oct. 1938, aged, 
48, his youngest son, Eamonn, died, 23 June 1959, aged, 17, 
his daughter, Kathleen, died, 12 March 1955, aged, 41, his 
wife, Mary Anne, died, 6 August 1978, aged, 90, his son, 
Joseph,  died, 3 December 1998, aged, 72. Rest in Peace. 
Erected by his sorrowing wife and children.

In loving memory of, Daniel O'Connor, Shannon, Sligo, died, 
Jan. 26 1947, also his beloved wife, Bridget, died, Jan. 17 
1949, their son, Michael, died, Sept. 10 1070, their 
daughter, Christina Gallagher, wife of, D. O'Conner, died,  
July 17 1977.

In loving memory of, Nellie Meagher, 18 St. Joaghins's TCR. 
Sligo, died, 7 June 1949, her husband, Tommie, died, 9 
February 1975. R.I. P.

In loving memory of, Andrew J. Ourgan, Pearce Rd.  died, 26 
May 1947, aged, 65 years, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 10 
August 1972. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Jack Galway, who died, Feb. 5 1964, his 
wife, Margaret, died, March 11 1990. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Patrick Keave, Strandhill, who died, 7 
February 1950, aged, 67 years, sacred heart of Jesus have 
mercy on his Soul. His sister,, Ellen Freeney, College Rd, 
Sligo, died, 4 February 1954, also her husband, John 
Freeney, died, 25 Sept.1965, Erected by John and Ellen 
French. College Road.

Sacred hearts of Jesus have mercy on the soul of, Lieu 
Joseph Pilkington, I.R.A. TC. Co. C. who died, 10 April 
1955, and of his daughter, Sadie Pilkington, who died, 6 
February 1950, his wife, Bedelia, who died, 8 April 1988. 
Erected by, his loving wife and family.

In loving memory of, Sean Kelly, 3 Pearce Road, died, June 
17 1967, aged, 25 years, his mother, Mai Kelly, died, Feb. 
21 1991, his father, Thomas Kelly, died, Aug. 3 1983, his 
grand mother, Teresa Hanna, died, Jan. 20 1972, R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Patrick Joseph (Paddy) O'Rourke, Abbey 
Quarters, Sligo, died, 25 March 1962, and his wife, 
Elizabeth, died, 12 Nov. 1978, Cordie O'Rourke, died, 8 
March 1989.

In sad and loving  memory of, Joseph C. Carroll, who died, 
13 May 1950, aged, 28 years, as the result of an accident, 
and his brother, Jack Carroll, died, 24 May 1953, aged , 26 
years, and their mother, Norah Carroll, died, 22 Dec. 1985, 
aged, 90 years, and their grand father, Patrick Carroll, 
died, 4 April 1954, age,  82 years. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Michael Kelly, Garavouge Villas, Sligo, 
died, 15 Dec. 1966, his wife, Annie, died, 25 Dec. 1999. 
Erected by, his loving family.

In loving memory of, Thomas Walsh, Glenfarm and 4 Upper New 
St. Sligo, died, 24 April 1976, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 4 
September 1957. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Sgt. Maurice Langan. 
R.A.F. accidently killed, 29 July 1953, his wife, Angela, 
died, 29 June 1988. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Dermott Langan, Strandhill Rd. died, 22 
May 1974, aged, 53 years, his wife, Rosaleen, died, 25 Oct. 
2000. R.I.P.

Hail Mary Holy Mary. In loving memory of, Alice McPartland, 
Aughrim, Coolegrain, Co. Leitrim, died, 10 February 1983, 
aged, 86 years, her husband, Hugh, died, 6 January 1993, 
aged, 92 years. Rest in peace. Erected by, rhe family.

In loving memory of, John Ward, Drum Rd. Sligo, died, 8 May 
1985, his wife, Myra, died, 25 June 2007. R.I.P. Erected by, 
his loving wife and family.

Mary pray for us. In loving memory of, Cecila Murray, late 
of, Findo, Easkey, died, 25 Dec. 1981, her son in law, Paddy 
Beirn, Ex Garda Síochana, died, 30 August 2001, his wife, 
Delia, died, 11 Dec. 2010, R.I.P. Erected by,  Paddy and 
Delia Beirne.

In ever loving memory of, Mrs. Mary D'Arcy Sleater, 3 Treaty 
Avenue, Sligo, died, 22 November 1982, her beloved son, 
Peter Roaland Sleater, died, 25 July 1989, in London. A man 
for all seasons. Rest in peace. Erected by, her son, Roland.

In loving memory of, Mary O'Connor, (nee Kelly), 25 Grattan 
St. Sligo, who entered into eternal rest, Sunday 1Apriil 
1984, also to the memory of, her husband, Terence Anthony 
O'Connor, who died, 15 July 1989. Swiftly but safely taken 
to a far off peaceful shore. Thy will be done. R.I.P. 
Erected by, her loving family.

In loving memory of, Thomas J. Nall

In loving memory, Garda Síochana, "Cnoc Mhuire" Corageeha, 
died, 11 December 1987. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Joseph Byrne, London and formerly, 
Soohy, died, 5 February 1987, his wife, Maura (nee Hanney), 
died, 5 Apr.  2001. R.I.P.

 Ndh- Cui whne ar Phadraig O'Conceanainn, As Inis Mor, a 
fuair Bas ar an 20 February 1988, agus a bean, Roisín (nee 
Gonley), a fuir bas , aran 12 Meán Fomhair 1937.

Inn loving memory of, Alice Keaveney, Sligo, died, May 1989. 
Rest in peace. Erected by, her loving husband.

In loving memory of, Catherine Garland Brennan, died, 17 
January 1990, aged, 101 years, born, Kilglass Co. Roscommon, 
devoted daughter, of Clair Brennan, Sligo and New York, 
died, 7 March 1911. R.I.P.

In everlasting memory of a loving  husband and father, 
Michael Chrystal, 3 St. John's Terrace, Sligo, who died so 
tragically  15 June 1986, aged, 49 years, Florence (Florrie) 
Chrisystel (Nee Scott), a loving wife and mother, died, 21 
June 19996, aged, 60 years. Rest in peace. Erected by, his 
loving wife, Florrie, daughter Jacqueline and Elizabeth.

With love we rembember Síobhan, Garton Heights, Sligo, our 
dear daughter and sister, died, 31 May 1992, aged, 22 years. 

In loving memory of, Helen Geelan, 40 Carton East, died, 
Oct. 13 1992, her husband, Hubert, Died, Dec. 22 2008. 

In loving memory of, a dear husband and father, Frank Mahon, 
14 Beach Lawn, Maugheraboy, 17-6-1931- 12-7-1992, his loving 
wife, Bridie, 5-7-1939- 1-7-2005, Francis Patrick, died, 
1961, aged, 7 months. Interred in Kilmacwn Cemetery. Rest in 

Cherished and everlasting memories of, Val Lynsdale, died, 
16 April. 1997. Dolan.