Cemetery: The Immaculate Conception Churchyard, Ballymote Town

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Dedicated in 1864

Sacred to the memory of, James Healy, who departed this 
life, June 9 1863, also his wife, Bridget, who died, April 
12 1867, and, Matthew Healy, died, October 7 1898, James 
Healy, died, June 22 1900, Bridget, died, September 11 1900. 
Rest in peace.

Erected by, J.A. O'Brien.  In loving memory of his children, 
Bridget and Elizabeth Andrew O'Brien, who departed this 
life, November 9 1858, aged, 79 years, his son, Barth, died, 
March 20 1859, aged, 28 years. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Patrick Davey, who departed this life, 
October 28 1894, and, Catherine Davey, who died, November 5 
1886, John Davy, died, October 14 1892, Martin, died, 
November 4 1907, Mary Brennan, died, June 18 1916, Margaret 
Davey, died, Nov. 21 1937. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, James Davey, who departed this life, 
April 6 1883, aged, 63 years, also his wife, Mary, who died, 
March 5 1887, aged, 19 years. Rest in peace.

Sacred to the memory of, Ann Creegan, who died, September 1 
1886, aged, 38 years, her daughter, Ellen, died, April 20 
1889, aged, 9 years,

In loving memory of, John Berreen, who died, November 25 
1901, aged, 21 years. Erected by his brother Sergeant T.J. 
Berrien 1945, Manila Philippines, Island, his mother, Annie, 
1923. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, John Boyles, who died, May 16 1939, 
aged, 74 years, Mary Boyles, died, February 6 1931, aged, 61 
years, Thomas Boyles, died, May 19 1930, aged, 72 years. 
Rest in peace.

In memory of, Thomas Doody, who died, December 2 1900, his 
wife, Bridget, died, December 27 1926, their son, Thomas, 
died, November 8 1921, their daughter, Bridget Martin, died, 
September 11 1924. Rest in peace.

Sacred to the memory of, Edward McGetrick, who departed this 
life, March 24 1870, aged, 61 years, Annie McGetrick, Rest 
in peace.

In loving memory of, John Forbes, Doomore, Ballymote, who 
died, July 7 1899. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, Bridget Begley, who died, March 11 
1888, aged, 66 years. Erected by, her husband, James, her 
son, James, died, December 31 1916, aged, 54 years, is wife, 
Kate, died, March 6 1937. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Patrick Quinn, who died, Feb. 21 1861, 
aged, 84 years, Ellen Quinn, (nee Kinlahan), died, July 4 
1865, aged, 77 years. Erected by, her son, James Quinn.

Sacred to the memory of, John Keenan, who died, Dec. 4 1836, 
aged, 53 years, also his wife, Bridget, who died, May 16 
1877, aged, 80 years. Erected by, her daughter, Anne, John 
William Keenan, son of Patrick, died, March 2 1886, aged, 21 
years, Joe Keenan, Rebecca, Thomas. Rest in peace.

In loving memory of, Patrick Wims, who died, March 24 1905, 
his wife, Mary, died, January 1 1929, their family, 
Margaret, died, May 10 1894, Sarah, died, January 4 1896, 
Mary A. died, September 9 1897, Bridget, died, August 9 
1918. Rest in peace.

Erected by his father Michael. In loving memory of his son, 
Michael Fox, 1864, his uncle, Patrick Fox, 1878. Rest in 

In loving memory of, Patrick Rodgers, who died, Feb. 23 
1868, his wife, Honora, died, Dec. 12 1882, their son, John, 
died, May 28 1886, their daughter, Hanoria, died, July 5 
1886/ Erected by, Pat Rodgers.