Will: Roarke, Bridget December 12, 1835

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: December 12, 1835
Recorded: June 28, 2018

In the Name of God Amen I Bridget Roarke alias Martin being 
of sound memory and understanding do make this my last Will 
and dying testimony revoking any Will or Testament made by 
me hitherto I first bequeath my Soul to God in the hope of a 
joyful immortality & my body to the Earth Secondly I give 
and bequeath to my only and beloved daughter Mary Rogers 
alias Roarke to her heirs of Executors the Sum of thirty 
pounds sterling yet remaining due to me by virtue of a Will 
made in my favour by my dearly beloved deceased Brother 
Thomas Martin late of London Thirdly I give and bequeath to 
my well beloved Sons Bartholomew Bryan Martin & Thomas 
Roarke to be made & divided between them share & share alike 
the remaining Sum outstanding of my aforesaid Brother's Thos 
Martin's Will all that remains due of the same after my 
bequest to my daughter which they are to have & enjoy for 
them their heirs exors & admors subject to this proviso that 
they my aforesaid Sons shall equally contribute to my 
funeral expences in as plain a manner as they may deem 
consistent with decency and I do now express it as my Will 
and pleasure that any or other of my aforesaid Sons namely 
Bartholomew Bryan Thomas & Martin Roarke who objects or may 
object to his equal dividend of my said funeral expences 
shall hereby be forfeit & subject to the loss of my bequest 
heretofore made in this my Will and the same to be given 
equally to the remain Son or Sons who pay same given under 
my hand and Seal this 12th day of Decr 1835 Bridget Roarke 
alias Martin Signed in the presence of Michl Dempsey Mick 
23 November 1838 Administration with Will annexed of Goods 
of Bridget Rourke oths Roarke late of Castlerea in the 
County of Roscommon to Mary Rogers Wife of Peter Rogers
PCC Prob11/1903