Will: O'Connor, Frances June 6, 1789

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: June 6, 1789
Recorded: February 18, 2018

Extracted from the Registry of his Majesty's Court of 
Prerogative in Ireland Milltown 6 June 1789
In the Name of God Amen I Frances O'Connor of Miltown in the 
County of Roscommon and Kingdom of Ireland being of sound 
mind memory and understanding do hereby make publish and 
declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form 
following first I will that my Plate furniture and Stock may 
be sold immediately after my decease and that my just Debts 
and those in Schedule be paid as speedily as can be by the 
sale of all my other Properties whether freehold Leasehold 
Copyhold or otherwise and that all Rents and Arrears and 
Monies anyways due to me or my Trustees for my use be 
collected and called in towards paying my said Debts and the 
Legacies hereafter bequeathed by me vizt. I will and 
bequeath Owen McDermott of Embla in this County Esqr one 
Thousand Pounds British Money I will and bequeath also Patt 
Cusack of Rockfield in the said County Esqr one Thousand 
Pounds and to my Cousin Joseph Spark Esqr fifty Pounds and I 
will and bequeath Robert Johnson of Headford in the County 
of Leatrim Esqr two Thousand Pounds of like British Money 
and it is my further will that after all said Debts and 
bequest are paid that my unfortunate Husband gets fifty 
Guineas with a full Recompense for any Trouble or Expence he 
may be at in assisting to see this my last Will and 
Testament carried into immediate Execution and I do hereby 
appoint Owen McDermott of Emla and Robert Johnson of 
Headford in the County of Leatrim Esqrs my sole Executors to 
sell my Properties pay my Debts and Bequests and render 
every friendship to my distressed Husband that any Residue 
after the aforesaid Bequests and my Debts may remain of my 
fortune undisposed of by this my Will and annexed Schedule 
Frances O'Connor
(Attestation Clause)
Owen O'Connor of Milltown _ Christopher Crumpe of Ballycahin 
_ Mary Davies of Rintstown
Proved at London 30 June 1790