Will: Larkan, John October 31, 1830

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: October 31, 1830
Recorded: October 8, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I John Larkan of Athlone in the 
County of Roscommon Esqr being weak in body but of sound 
mind and disposing memory and understanding do make and 
publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all 
former Will and Wills heretofore by me made I give devise 
and bequeath to my Son Edward Larkan all my real freehold 
and personal properties of what nature or kind soever that I 
may die seized and possessed of to hold to my said Son 
Edward Larkan his heirs and assigns for ever Subject to a 
certain annuity to my Daughter Olivia Robinson hereinafter 
mentioned I give devise and bequeath to my said Daughter 
Olivia Robinson one annuity or clear yearly rent charge of 
ten pounds sterling to be paid her yearly and every year 
during her natural life by two even and half yearly payments 
on every first day of May and first day of November in each 
and every year during the natural life of my said Daughter 
Olivia Robinson the first payment to be made on any of the 
said days which shall next happen after my decease and I 
hereby charge said annuity of ten pounds sterling yearly on 
my lands at Larkfield situate in the County of Roscommon 
hereby devised to my said Son Edward Larkan and in case said 
annuity or any part thereof shall be behind or unpaid by the 
space of twenty one days next after the said days specified 
then my Will is that the said Olivia Robinson shall and may 
enter upon said Lands of Larkfield and distrain for said 
annuity and all arrears thereof as in cases of nonpayment is 
usual I give devise and bequeath to my Grandson John Robert 
William Larkan only Son of my Son Edward Larkan my gold 
Watch and Seals And I hereby nominate constitute and appoint 
my Brother Robert Larkin of Greenwich Hospital Captain in 
his Majesties Royal Navy and my said Son Edward Larkan 
Executors to this my last Will and Testament In witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirty 
first day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty _ 
John Larkan
(Attestation Clause)
Richd James _ John Denniston _ Eneas Magrath
Proved at London 3 March 1831
PCC Prob11/1783