Will: Kelly, Edmond  January 29, 1792

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Source: National Archives London
Written: January 29, 1792
Recorded: December 20, 2019

This is the last Will and Testament of me Edmond Kelly of 
Mount Gray in the County of Roscommon in the Kingdom of 
Ireland Esquire and late of Grays Inn but now of Princes 
Street Bedford Row in the County of Middlesex being of sound 
and disposing Mind Memory and Understanding and hereby 
revoking all former and other Will or Wills by me at any 
time or times heretofore made do make and publish this as my 
last Will and Testament I give devise and bequeath unto my 
very Affectionate Cousin Hugh Kelly Gentleman now living 
with me in Princes Street aforesaid All that my part of my 
farm and Lands of Mount Gray otherwise Farbreago and 
Lisnisky situate in the said County of Roscommon and Barony 
of Athlone in Ireland aforesaid which I hold by Lease for 
lives renewable for ever made by Francis Heaton Esquire with 
their Appurtenances and all my right title and Interest 
therein and thereto together with all benefit and advantage 
of renewals thereof and all the Rents Issues and profits 
thereof subject to the rent payable thereout to the Landlord 
To hold to the said Hugh Kelly his Heirs Executors 
Administrators and Assigns I desire that all my Just Debts 
may be Paid I give and bequeath unto my said Cousin Hugh 
Kelly All my Plate Gold and Silver and all my Household 
Goods furniture and Implements of Household and also all my 
Books together with all the furniture of my House of what 
nature or kindsoever the same shall be together with all 
Debts that shall be due and owing to me at the time of my 
decease by Bonds Judgments simple Contracts or otherwise 
Whereas the Sum of five hundred Pounds four Per Cent 
Consolidated Bank Annuities now stand in the Books of the 
Governor and Company of the Bank of England in the Names of 
James Neale and me the said Edmond Kelly In Trust for the 
proper use and benefit of Mary Neale an Infant Daughter of 
the said James Neale who has constantly lived And resided 
with me for several Years before and I have received the 
Dividends thereof for and towards her Maintenance and 
Education and which the said James Neale by his last Will 
and Testament in Writing has bequeathed to her and appointed 
me her Guardian and Sole Executor thereof and the said James 
Neale is supposed to be dead not having been heard of for 
several years Past Therefore I do hereby declare that the 
Principal Dividends and Interest thereof is the sole 
property of the said Mary Neale and I direct my Executor 
hereinafter named to take care of her and from time to time 
to receive the Dividends thereof for and towards her 
Maintenance and Education until she shall attain her Age of 
twenty one Years or day of Marriage which shall first happen 
All the Rest Residue and Remainder of my Real and Personal 
Estate whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature soever 
the same shall be I give devise and bequeath the same and 
every part thereof to the said Hugh Kelly his Heirs 
Executors Admors and Assigns for ever And I hereby 
constitute and appoint the said Hugh Kelly sole Executor of 
this my Will confirming and allowing this only to be my last 
Will and Testament I give to my friend Jasper Kelly in the 
Strand my best Saddle and Bridle together with the Ornaments 
thereon which he formerly gave me In Witness whereof I have 
to two parts of my last Will and Testament each part 
contained in one sheet of paper set my hand and Seal the 
thirtieth day of March in the Year of our Lord One thousand 
seven hundred and ninety two and in the thirty second Year 
of the Reign of King George the Third E Kelly
(Attestation Clause)
Christopr Kelly Bellew Morgan Hugh Kennedy _ John Hust Moore
Proved at London 29 January 1794
PCC Prob11/1240