Will: Kelly, Laurence January 28, 1852

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: January 28, 1852
Recorded: March 30, 2018

I Laurence Kelly of Elphin being of sound mind & memory do 
make this my last will & testament
1st I will that my just and lawful debts be paid out of any 
assets that I may be possessed of at the time of my death 
2nd I will and bequeath that the sum of Three hundred pounds 
for which my life was insured in the London Mutual Life and 
Guarantee Society to be devided into three parts of one 
hundred each between my wife Delia Kelly alias Farrell and 
our two children Laurence and Kate Kelly and out of which 
sum the renewal fines of the fields which I hold from the 
Commissioners near the Town of Elphin is to be paid out of 
said sum
3rd I will that the above fields be either sold or let 
according to the wish of my Executors for the benefit of my 
wife and children
4th That all my furniture shop fixtures medicine & chattell 
property be sold according to the wish of my Executors for 
the benefit of my wife and children
5th That any interest I now or hereafter may possess in the 
lands Carrow Reel in the Parish of Creeve be divided 
according to the will of my Executors share and share alike 
between my wife and children 
6th That any of afore mentioned shares intended for my wife 
Delia Kelly alias Farrell be not given to her unless she 
remains unmarried and in case she marries or forsakes her 
children she forfeits any claim to any property I may die 
possessed of
7th I hereby appoint the Revd Wm Hughes P.P.Elphin and John 
Walker Esqr Ardmore my Executors to this my last will & 
testament Given under my hand this 28th day of January 1852 
Witnesses Present Hugh D Lynch _ Thos Gaffney
21 Sept 1853 Administration with Will annexed to Delia Kelly 
the Executors having renounced
PCC Prob11/2178