Will: Kelly, Daniel December 13, 1847

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: December 13, 1847
Recorded: November 17, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Daniel Kelly of Cargins in the 
County of Roscommon Esquire being of sound and disposing 
mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament 
hereby revoking all former or other Wills at any time made 
by me I devise and bequeath all my Estate in my several 
lands tenements hereditaments and premises (except those in 
and about Athlone) and all my Personal Property of every 
kind and description whatsoever and wheresoever including my 
Insurances on my life unto the Reverend John French of 
French park Clerk and John Richard French of Cargins Esquire 
both in the County of Roscommon and the survivor of them 
upon Trust as soon as may be after my decease to call in and 
realise the amount of my personal property save the 
furniture in my house at Mountjoy Square and either by 
private sale or public auction to sell and dispose of all my 
Estate in lands tenements hereditaments and premises except 
as hereinbefore excepted and in such parts as they may deem 
necessary or expedient and out of the monies arising from 
such sale or sales to pay off and discharge my funeral and 
testamentary expences and all my just debts of every kind 
whether mortgage Judgment or simple contract and to give 
receipts and obtain releases as may from time to time be 
necessary then upon Trust to form a fund in such manner as 
they or the survivor of my Trustees shall think most for the 
benefit of my estates for the purpose of releasing them or 
such part as may be deemed advisable from the payment of the 
jointure or annual charge of five hundred pounds late Irish 
currency provided for Anne Kelly the Widow of my late Son 
during the term of her natural life and to make such 
agreement with the said Anne Kelly as may be necessary for 
such purpose And whereas I have on the marriages of my 
Daughters Mary Jane and Elizabeth given them such portions 
as I was then enabled to do and did intend to have increased 
and my property diminished so that I am unable to do what I 
did intend I therefore appoint the sum of three hundred 
pounds to be raised off my said Estates under the power I 
had of charging seven thousand pounds for younger Children 
and direct that the same be divided into three equal 
portions and paid one hundred pounds to Mary one hundred 
pounds to Jane and one hundred pounds to Elizabeth and that 
same shall be in full for their claims on said sum of seven 
thousand pounds And all the rest residue and remainder of my 
said property whether real or personal after payment of my 
debts to go in equal shares and proportions amongst my 
unmarried Daughters Louisa Harriott Fanny Anne and Helena 
share and share alike and in case of the death or deaths of 
any of them unmarried and without having made any 
disposition by Will their share and proportion to go among 
the survivors or survivor of the said Louisa Harriott Fanny 
Anne and Helena GallagherI Devise to my Daughter Elizabeth 
her heirs and assigns for ever all my lands tenements and 
hereditaments in and about the Town of Athlone in addition 
to any provision I have made for her I devise my house in 
Mountjoy Square and the furniture to the Honorable Charles 
Handcock in trust for the use of my said unmarried Daughters 
in hope that they may reside together paying the rent in 
proportion I devise to Miss Clements now living with me the 
sum of two hundred pounds and I appoint the said John French 
 and John Richard French to be the Executors of this my Will 
In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and 
affixed my seal this fourteenth day of December one thousand 
eight hundred and forty seven the words "unmarried" and 
"paying the rent in proportion" being first interlined and 
also the words "and without having made any Disposition by 
Will" Daniel Kelly
(Attestation Clause)
Richard Pennefather Lloyd 14 Herbert Place _ Thomas 
Gallagher December fourteen 1847
Proved 7 July 1849
Proved at London 3 January 1850
PCC Prob11/2106