Will: Conry, Patrick July 4, 1835

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: July 4, 1835
Recorded: July 10, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Pat Conry of Mosshill in the 
County of Roscommon being of sound mind altho weak in body 
do make this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all 
other Wills heretofore made by me Should my daughter Matilda 
Conry die without lawful issue I hereby bequeath the 
property settled on her at my marriage to my three Sisters 
and their children Viz Mrs Masterson Mrs Morton and Mrs 
McCaffery excluding Mrs Booth to be equally divided between 
them I bequeath to Mrs Masterson the brood Mare and foal 
together with a Car …… and other Appendages belonging to it 
I also bequeath to her the young Mare and …. To my Servant 
Maid Mary Dolan I bequeath my two Cows for her fidelity and 
attention to me during my illness I order and bequeath to my 
other Servant Maid Mary Beirne the flax she now has growing 
on my land free of rent I order that my Gold Watch and Seals 
together with the entire of my plate & knives and forks be 
placed in the hands of the Revd Mr Keogh my Parish Priest to 
be disposed of by him to the best advantage and the amount 
of money which they shall bring I order to be deposited by 
him in some Bank or in the purchase of debentures the 
principal or interest to be given to Mrs Masterson and her 
family according as Mr Keogh or his successor sees that they 
stand in need of it I except out of the above for Mary Dolan 
one table spoon one desert spoon & three tea spoons in 
addition to the few old spoons now in common use at my house 
I bequeath to Mary Dolan all my beds and bedding My Sadlery 
together with all my farming utensils I order for Mrs 
Masterson together with all my Winnowing sheets sack and 
sacking I bequeath my Clock to my Sister Mrs Masterson I 
will and bequeath to the Revd Edward Keogh my Portfolio 
together with all apparatus belonging thereto I order that 
all the remainder of my furniture together with my Guns & 
Pistols etc. together with my Kitchen furniture be sold to 
the best advantage in order to meet and defray my funeral 
expences and pay any small debts I may owe One Ass and Car I 
bequeath to John Dolan Mary’s brother I order ten pounds 
should there be provision for it for my Sister Mrs Morton 
Dated this 3rd day of July 1835 P Conry I name and appoint 
the Revd Edward Keogh the sole Executor to my Will Witnessed 
by E Keogh _ J N Morton _ Michl Kelly _ A true copy attested 
by me J H Kenney Reg:
The following is a Codicil to my last Will and Testament The 
three Quarters half pay at present due to me I empower my 
Executor the Revd Mr Keogh to apply for and receive together 
with all rents and arrears of rent due by my tenants and to 
apply the same to the benefit of Mrs Masterson and that of 
my other Sisters as he may deem fit July 4th 1835 Pat Conroy 
_ A true copy attested by me J H Kenney Reg:
Proved at London with a Codicil 11th September 1835
PCC Prob11/1851